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General Information about Aizawl Hill Station


It is the capital of Mizoram state in India, Aizawl. The largest city of Mizoram with a population of 291,822. All important government offices, state assembly houses and civil secretariat are located in Aizawl. Population consistsof special Mizoram people’s different communities

In 1890, soldiers of Colonel Skinner were involved in a British military campaign against the tribals. At that time, the Assam Police and its 400 men’s officers, to support the troops who arrived at presently Aizawl. The order was passed for Colonel Skinner to make a reserved post in Also.

The soldiers constructed enclosures and houses on the site.
A tribal revolt took place in Aizawl in 1890. This took place from September 9 to 28. Robert McCabe, the Deputy Commissioner of Lakhimpur district, was set up to re-establish the system and possible surrender of 15 tribal heads. There was no other rebellion in 1982 and it was also suppressed by McCawbe.

Later, Aizawl became the headquarters of Assam Rifles (AR). In March 1966 Mizoram national Front revolt took place. At that time the members of the city Mizoram National Front and the AR headquarters were surrounded by them. They fought with the Indian Air Force and thus they went away.

Places to see in Aizawl Hill Station

Durtlang Hills

Durtlang Hills

Offering a panoramic view of the hill station, Durtlong Hills is famous for breathtaking views that they provide on Rocky Trek Trail.

Mizoram State Museum

Mizoram State Museum

Located in the center of the right city, this museum displays the rich heritage of Mizoram.

With a series of archaeological artifacts, photographs and natural history samples, here is a whole gallery dedicated to the Mizoram tribes.



At 1600 meters, Reiek Tang is one of the highest mountains of Mizoram. To find peace and tranquility, Reich Tlong tells nature lovers, adventures and lovers of romance. Located approximately 35 km from Aizawl City, Reiek Tang provides the opportunity for trekking to its visitors with the background of borrowed pictures from Mizoram Hills.

It is a unique place to stay on the rugged rocks of Reiek Hills on one side and standing rocky rocks on the other. During climbing the hill, you use the humming and chirping of countless birds in the area. This place is also a paradise for birdwatchers.

Hmuifang Tang

Hmuifang Tang

One of the most beautiful places in Mizoram, Hmuifang Tang, is a wonderful hill station to present discerning travelers. Located 50 km from the capital Aizawl, Hmuifang Tang is located in the center of Mizoram state. Hill Station is known for its adventure and wildlife activities which attracts its lover on several hills.

It is a place full of promises for a paradise for tourism and related activities and adventure lovers. In the month of November, the Mizoram government is giving special attention to the ability of the space to become a major tourist center by organizing an annual Cultural Festival named Thalfeng Kut.

Vantawang Falls

Vantawang Falls

The highest waterfall in the state and the 13th highest waterfall in the country, the Vantong Waterfall is one of the most attractive water bodies in the northeast. Vantawang Falls is a pride of Mizoram and one of its major attractions, which is located 137 km from the capital city of Aizawl, is a gem in itself. Tucked between white valleys with thick greenery around the spring, like a river of white milk from the distance. People flock from all directions in the state to see their strength and beauty.

Aizawl hil station Driving Directions From Mamit


South side headquarters
3.7 km

Turn left
700 meters
Turn right
5.0 km

Continue on REC RD
Near by Anne Anon (left to 700 meters)
1.4 km

Reek RD gets a bit right and becomes Reiek – Ailawng Rd
3.2 km

Continue on the Allwong RD / Aizawl – Reike RD / Tallong RD
Continue adherence to Aizawl – Reike RD / Tlong RD
Passed by Vayyonfo Falls (6.7 km left)
16.5 km

Turn left

Turn left at Loypu Veng RD
600 meters

Maukok Wang – Turn right at Lollipu RD

Maubawk Veng – Lollipu RD leaves a little and becomes Bangkun Veng – Maubok Veng RD
Woodland Engineering Passed by Industry (1.1 km Leftwise)
2.4 km

In Muan Pui Chinza, continue on Khatla Kayan
63 meters

Left a little on the bridge
Pass by Hungree Restaurant (left)
850 meters

Turn right onto Temple Square
13 meters

Aijol, Mizoram

How to reach Aizawl ?

By Air

The nearest airport is Aizawl associated with Kolkata (1 hour 45 minutes) and Imphal (30 minutes). Indian Airlines (Alliance Air) Flights Kolkata – Aizawl – Kolkata (daily service) and Kolkata – Imphal – Aizawl – Kolkata (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), Guwahati – Aizawl (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday).
Inquiry phone: 2573355
Reservation phone: 2341265, 2344733

By Railway

The nearest railway station is Silchar which is in Assam (184 km away) From Guwahati, Barak Valley Express, Cachar Express or Tripura passes for Silchar. The journey takes about 19 o’clock.

By Road

National Highway – 54 connects with Aizawl with the rest of the country through Silchar Buses and taxis are available from Aizawl (6-8 hours) from Silchar. Night services are also available. Can also be reached by road through Shillong and Guwahati.

Different distance For Aizawl Hill Station in Mizoram

From Distance / Time Vai
Kolasib 84.6 km/2 h 37 min NH306
Lawngtlai  247.5 km/7 h 53 min  NH2
Lunglei 170.0 km/5 h 14 min Thenzawl Rd
Mamit 36.3 km/1 h 37 min Tlawng Rd
Siaha 304.1 km/9 h 54 min NH2
Serchhip 108.1 km/3 h 36 min Serchhip Rd
Champhai  185.5 km/7 h 9 min  Champhai Rd

Eating facilities in Aizawl Hill Station

Aizawl restorant

Dawood’s Kitchen

Central-based David’s kitchen is a multi-cuisine restaurant, including Thai, Indian, Chinese and Continental food. Different types of mocktails are also available. If you travel, use smoked pork with mustard leaves with rice and mizoram chutney.
Address: G-16, Chandni-Chatral Road, Chatalang, Aizwal, Mizoram

Curry Pot

Located next to the popular Arini Hotel, Curry Pot is famous in Chinese and Indian dishes. The quality of food is the key element known to it.
Address: MG Road, Upper Corridor

Hi Five Restaurants

In the Hi-5, delicious burgers, pizzas and other mouths are serving Chinese dishes that are used for drinking water.
Address: Millennium Center, Dourapui, Aizwal, Mizoram 796007

Speciality for Aizawl Hill Station

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Attraction around the Aizawl Hill Station

Mizoram State Museum

Mizoram State Museum

It is on the McDonald’s hill in the heart of Aizawl city. This small museum is a collection of historical relics, ancient costumes, weapons, musical instruments and Mizoram traditional tools. This is also a gallery to show the tribal textiles of mizoram. From Monday 9:00 am to 5 pm Monday to Monday. Saturday at 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. , Entry fee: adult Rs 5, children Rs 2

Bar market

Bar market

This is the main shopping center in Aizawl. Get clothes, cosmetics, vegetables, handicrafts etc. from here. From the knitting center above the Bata Shoe Store, your looms can see women in traditional shawls knitting.

Luang Mual Handicraft Center

Luangmual Handicraft Center

Formal bamboos cap is made in ‘Khumbeu’ Luang mual handicraft center, using waterproof wild ‘Hnahthial’ leaves. Located in Luang mual village 7 km away from the weaving center, it offers its Mizoram’s handicrafts items to see visitors.

Durtlang hills

Durtlang hills1

The mountain situated on the northern side of Also offers a fine view of the Also settlement.

Mini zoo garden

Mini zoo garden

Located on a hill called Bethlehem Venthlang, it is a home to the species of animals and birds which are mostly found in the mountainous regions of Mizoram. The main attraction is the endangered sun bears.

Photography How to Get Great Photos of Aizawl hill station


Aizawl is a magnificent and grating 112-year-old city situated on the top of the hills and provides many holiday destinations with visitors and residents alike. There are many types of forest items, monuments and monuments available with mythology and folklore. This enthusiastic and annoying city is definitely delectable and worth a visit.

1. Mini Zoological Garden:
Mini Zoological Garden also known as Bethlehem Vethalang, is situated on a hill. Zoo Zodiac offers some unique and rare varieties of wildlife and is a popular tourist destination in the vicinity.

2. Tamdil Lake:
The Tamdil Lake is an ideal place to experience the beauty of nature. This place is surrounded by lush green forests and offers a tranquil atmosphere for those who love to spend minutes from the bustle and bustle of the city.

3. Mizoram Science Center:
Mizoram Science Center is one of the city’s important holiday places because everyone here appreciates learning about science with amazing.

4. Dartlong Hills:
Located in the northern part of Aizawl, Dartlong Hills is Dangdar Hills which offer a fine view of the hill station. This destination is exceptionally popular among trekkers, photographers and nature lovers

Aizawl Geography

Aizawl is located on the central part of the state and is connected to rivers and rapids. It is 466 km from Guwahati, 366 km from Shillong and 140 km from Silchar. Durtlang Hills immediately establish a natural barrier to the south of Aisol, their high ridges to stop between Mizo villages and Christian mission, and provide pleasant tourism country. Aizawl straddling the watershed between Tlawng and Tuirial river valleys at a height of 1100 meters, perches on the steep slopes of a sharp ridge of uncertainty.

Although it may be the lack of an ice Himalayan background, it is not about the feel of a Himalayan hill station. It is generally quiet during the summer months with temperatures ranging from 20 to 30’C and heavy rains during the months of May for the month. In winter the temperature ranges from 10 to 20’C. Fog is normal, and the sun’s first rays drive away the mountain peaks-a vision that often make the way to attract many tourists.

Climate of Aizawl Hill

Weather in summer

Aizawl experiences mild summer temperatures range from 20 ° C is between 30 ° C heat March and tourists arrive during this season to last to May.

In the monsoon season

Aizawl has received heavy rains in the months from June to September. This place is horrible through these months.

In the winter season

The beginning of the winter session in the month of October. The temperature is comfortable and is usually in the range of 10 degree Celsius to 21 degree Celsius. Last winter of winter lasts until February.

People from Aizawl

People from Aizawl

People from Aizawl1

People from Aizawl3

People from Aizawl4

Aizawl Hill station images

Aizawl Hill station images1

Aizawl Hill station images2

Aizawl Hill station images3

Aizawl Hill station images4

Aizawl Hill station images5

Hotels in Aizawl hill station

David’s Hotel Clover

David’s Hotel Clover is located 1 km away from Mizoram State Museum. In Aizawl, the hotel offers multi-dishes-convenience and free breakfast. The accommodation has 10 rooms with a TV, wardrobe, desk and bottled water.

Each room has a power back-up and bathroom supplied with hot and cold water. David’s Hotel Clover also includes a gymnasium and banquet, in Aizawl, Laosomodation is provided laundry, wake-up calls and medical services.

It is 3 km from the Champai West indoor stadium, Ramlun Presbyterian Church and 5 km from Sikkim Manipal University.

Hotel Ritz

Hotel Ritz offers free breakfast and free internet access to its patrons. This hotel is located within walking distance of the Bar market bus stop in Aizawl. This 3 hotel has a total of 24 well-appointed rooms.

Services available with this hotel include room service and medical assistance. Facilities available are tour desk, banquet facilities and front desk. Tourist attractions are RamatharVeng Presbyterian Church (2 km), Aizawl Mosque (1 km) and Tuilouil Presbyterian Church (2 km).

Hotel Sangchia

By providing free internet service for your hotel in Aizawl, this hotel offers comfortable accommodations for its guests. Hotel Sangia can be reached from Langagui Airport, which is located 31 km away. There are 27 spacious rooms in this hotel.

In-room amenities include wardrobes, bottled water, reception facilities, toiletries and en suite bathrooms with hot and cold water 24 hours. Hotel Sangchia has a restaurant, which has a wide range of dishes.

Facilities available at this three-storey hotel include room service, front desk, backup generator, medical service, business center and luggage storage. This can be reached by the Charkarkukan Taxi Stand (3 km) and Ramlun South Bus Stop (1 km).

Hotel Sangchia offers airport transfers to its guardian at an additional cost. Tourist attractions located near this hotel include Blue Mountain National Park (70 km), the Tuickal South Presbyterian Church (3 km) and the Mizoram State Museum (0.6 km).

Shopping place in Aizawl hill station

1. Bar market:

AIA’s heart is the market. This is not only the largest but most colorful market in Aizawl, there is everything from a huge vegetable market to roadside shops in the market that sell clothes and accessories. This is the place where you wear local people in your traditional. Experiencing excitement with the search of Baya Bazar will surely be rich.

2. Millennium Center:

The Millennium Center in the Twelve Market is the only shopping mall in Aizawl. The three-story high-rise building is a new place for the youth and it has more than 300 shops, you get everything from traditional apparel to electronic gadgets.

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