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General Information about Almora Hill Station


One of the popular hill stations in Uttarakhand, almora is a city located in uttarakhand state. scenic beauty and attractive weather make it an ideal tourist destination. this city is situated at the height of 5,417 feet between the kumaun hills of the southern part of the himalayas.In Uttarakhand, almora was established in the 16th century.The best time travel almora is between the months of march and october. when the weather is pleasant nature and adventurers can also make tripsduring the winter months.Being a hill station.Almora experiences a temperate climate throughout the year.Summer is pleasant during the months.while the winter months are chilly.Hundreds of tourists come to Almora to feel the charm of beautiful beauty and enjoyable life.The city is surrounded by beautiful pine,fir and rhododendron trees.There are many tourist attractions in Almora.which travelers should travel


Places to see in Almora Hill Station

Located in the kumaon region of uttarakhand, almora is famous for its wildlife, culture and cuisine.The city is situated at an average elevation of 1,646 meters above sea level and was known as ‘rajapur’ during the reign of few kings.The city is surrounded by dense forests of pine and pine trees and visited mahatma gandhi and swami vivekananda, who mentioned almora in his writing.unlike neighboring hill stations like Nainital and Ranikhet. which was developed by the british,almora kumaoni was developed by the people.The city is also known as the city of temples.Here is a list of the best places that you can see in Almora.


Kasar Devi Temple

kasardevi Temple2

Famous for: religion, nature
Tickets: No entry fees.
Opening Hours: Open All Day
Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours.

This is understood till second century AD and is dedicated to the goddess kaiser. the temple is located at an average elevation of 2,100 meters above sea level, and it is popular among the most hikers because it presents the surrounding natural scene. this place is situated between the thick coatings of pine and pine forests and it is a species of different birds.It is said that swami vivekananda was arbitrating here for a few days and many mediators,the leader of spirituality also used them in the 60’s. one of the three places in the world,which belongs to the von allen belt.two other places to come in this two parts include machu picchu in peru and stone hungess in england.

Things going near Kasar Devi Temple:

Bird watching (seasonal)
Stop in the crank ridge

Catarmal Ravi Temple

Jageshwar Temple

Famous for: Religion, Architecture
Tickets: No entry fees.
Opening hours: Open all day
Duration: 1-2 hours

Located 16 kilometers from Almora city, Katarmal Ravi Temple is the second most important temple dedicated to Sun God in India.In the 9th century AD the temple was built by medieval caterers kings.The temple is known for its unique architecture and various carvings on the walls and its terrace.There is a temple in the temple complex and it is surrounded by 45 small shrines which have been made of stone.

Things to do near Katarmal Sun Temple:
Visit nearby Kosi Village
Travel to Ranikhet, 17 km away.

Binar Wildlife Sanctuary


Famous for: Wildlife, Adventure, Vegetation, Creatures
Tickets: Rs 150 (adult) and 250 rupees additional for vehicle entry.
Opening Hours: Open all day from sunrise to sunset
Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours.
Distance from Almora: 1 hour (23.7 km)
This place was the summer capital of the few kings and in 1988 it was established as Forest Reserve. The height of the Binar Wildlife Sanctuary is between 900 to 2500 meters, with its highest point, ‘Zero Point’ which provides some great ideas of nearby peaks. Forest was established for the protection of a particular type of oak, which is called shrinking wide leaf oak and over 200 species are resident and migratory birds.

Things to happen near the Binar Wildlife Sanctuary

Pay your honor in Bisar Mahadev
To see the peaks of the Himalayas, go to zero point.

Kumaon Regimental Center Museum

Kumaon Regimental Center Museum

Famous for: history, war remnants, Indian Army
Tickets: person Rs 20 per person
Opening hours: Open all days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Duration: 1 hour
The Kumaon Regimental Center Museum is located on the upper side of Mall road in Almora and it was established in 1970. The museum is known for various war treasures and weapons surviving during various wars such as World War II and China with the war of 1962. The main objective of setting up the museum was to honor the brave soldiers and to protect the culture of the Kumaon region.

Things to do near the Kumaun Center Museum:

Enjoy natural scenery around.
Relax in nearby restaurants



Famous for: Nature, Himalaya, Garden, Approach
Tickets: No entry fees.
Opening hours: Open all day
Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours
Located 10 kilometers away from Almora, between lush green forests, Matarla is a popular tourist destination. Known for its gardens and it is a house for many tourists, which can be decided here due to the picturesque places here, which can be seen here. The city is located 520 meters from the sea level with the backdrop of the great Himalayas.

Things to do near Martola:

Take a stroll.
Visit Katarmal Sun Temple


Almora hil station Driving Directions From Jaipur

614 km approx 12 hours 32 minutes
1. Head of South-West on NH109
Pass by Sunil Royal Enfield Garage (on the right)
46.5 km
Turn right to stay on NH109
Near by Punjab National Bank (at 5.7 km right)
17.2 km
3. Turn right on the mall road, right on top of the house toilet
Floating Taitital Pass (on the left)
2.0 km
4. Turn right onto the Chicken Corner
Pass by ISoft (on right)
0.2 km
5. Turn left at Nainital high CTD in Sarasvati Shishya Vidya Mandir School
0.5 km
6. Turn left into the Chocolate Cyber ​​Cafe at UAT SH41
Stay behind the petrol station (700 meters left)
33.3 km
7. Turn on police check post at Nainital RD
Near by Hanuman Mandir (on the left side of 350 meters)
14.7 km
8. Continue on Nainital RD
Passed by Mahalaxmi Traders (right at 3.0 km)
9.9 km
9. Continue at Bank of Baroda ATM, at Bazpur Main Road
Near by Mr. Krishna Associates (left)
4.3 km
10. Continue at Doraha bus stop, on MDR 49W
Passed by CSC Public Service Center (right at 3.2km)
5.8 km

Almora hil station Driving Directions From Jaipur

11. Keep the right to continue on MDR 65W
Close by Muslim Kabiristan (8.8 km right)
32.1 km
12. A little left on Kashipur RD / Moradabad-Kashipur road
Moradabad – Kashipur continue to follow RD
7.4 km
13. At the crossroads, continue on Rampur road directly
2.2 km
14. Turn right to stay on Rampur road
57 meters
15. Turn right on NH9
Partial toll road
Rana Institute of Technology and Management (128km right on)
16. Continue straight on NH 24
Stay behind the petrol station (6.2 km left)
12.1 km
17. Keep left
0.3 km
18. A little bit right
19. At the crossroads, take another exit
1.1 km
20. A little left towards NH 24
0.3 km
21. Continue straight on NH 24
Close by the lake (6.9 km to the left)
13.7 km
22. Stay straight for staying in NH 24
23. Turn right on NH44
1.6 km
24. A little left towards Bhairon Road
0.2 km
25. Slight left on the Bhairan route
26. Turn left on Mathura RD
0.4 km
27. Turn right after lake (on the left)
Parts of this road can be closed at some time or a few days
0.6 km
28. Slight left on Si-Hexagon / India gate Sir
0.1 km

Almora hil station Driving Directions From Jaipur

29. Continue to remain on Si-Hexagon / India gate Sir
0.2 km
30. Little Right of Living on C-Hexagon / India Gate Circle
Near by Bikaner House (left)
0.4 km
31. A little left on Akbar RD
0.4 km
32. At the crossroads, take another exit and stay at Akbar RD
Parts of this road can be closed at some time or a few days
0.7 km
33. On the roundabout, take the third exit and stay at Akbar RD
Parts of this road can be closed at some time or a few days
0.9 km
34. At the intersection, take the third exit and stay at Akbar RD
May be closed at some time or on certain days
0.7 km
35. At the crossroads, take third exit on the three idol paths
May be closed at some time or on certain days
0.8 km
36. On the Teen Sculpture Circle, take another exit and stay on three idol paths
May be closed at some time or on certain days
Police station near Chanakyapuri (on the left side of 350 meters)
0.6 km
37. At the crossroads, take third exit on Kautilya road
0.9 km

Almora hil station Driving Directions From Jaipur

38. Leaving the Lebanese Embassy (on the right)
2.6 km
39. Continue on NH48
Go back to Petrol station (on left)
1.1 km
40. Proceed directly to stay on NH48
0.9 km
41. left to live on NH48
2.0 km
42. Keep the right to live on the NH48
8.5 km
43. Keep the right to live on NH48
Partial toll road
Stay behind the petrol station (12.8 km to the left)
23.5 km
44. Continue on Delhi-Ajmer XPI / Delhi-Jaipur XP
0.1 km
45. Take the SW 48 to the SWIP Road
Pass Corporation Bank ATM (500 meters left)
10.1 km
46. ​​Proceed directly from Bansal Petro to stay on NSH 48
Partial toll road
Stay behind the petrol station (1.6 km left)
18.9 km
47. Keep left to stay on NH48
Partial toll road
Close by KLP College, Rewari (right 9.0 km)
143 km
48. Keep left to stay at NH48
Partial toll road
34.1 km
49. Exit
0.5 km

Almora hil station Driving Directions From Jaipur

50. A little left towards Jaipur RD / Sikar RD
67 meters
51. Little left on Jaipur RD / Sikar RD
IndusInd Bank ATM Pass (Left at 4.3 km)
6.5 km
52. Take second exit on Chomu Pulia Sion, Jhaowada RD / Sewer Marg / Sikar Road
Passed by Government Senior Secondary School (1.3 km to the left)
1.4 km
53. Turn right on the Pani Peach / Ram Temple Road
Continue to follow Ram Mandir RD
Go back to the petrol station (on the right)
0.8 km
54. Turn left on Sawai Jai Singh HV
Bani Park near Municipal Corporation Fire Station (on left)
55. Take third exit on MI road in Sai Jai Singh Circle
Sri Jangaleeshwar Mahadev Temple (500 meters left)
0.8 km
56. Continue to stay on MI Road
Passed by the Burlington Trade Center (at left)
0.8 km
57. Turn right after TVS showroom (left side)
0.3 km
58. On the roundabout, exit for the first time on the Malviya route
0.4 km
59. On the fore side, take another exit and stay on the Malviya route
0.4 km
60. Turn right on the Sarojini route
0.3 km
61. Proceed on the Tilak road
The destination will be on the right

How to reach Almora?

By Air

By flight
There is no airport in Almora, the nearest airport is Dehradun Airport
173 km away
Dehradun Airport (DED), Dehradun, Uttarakhand
262 km away
Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi), New Delhi, Delhi

By Railway

From the train
Instead of Almora, you can get a train for Kathgodam on a regular basis.
38 km away
Kathgodam (KG), Kathgodam, Uttarakhand
45 km away
Haldwani (HDW), Haldwani, Uttarakhand

By Road

Just by
There are regular buses from other major cities of the country to Almora
Bus station: Almora


Different distance For Almora– Hill Station in Uttaraakhand

From Distance / Time Vai
Bageshwar 73.3 km/2 h 37 min NH309A
Chamoli 96 km/9h 37 min
Champawat 132 km/4 h 7 min NH9
Dehradun 349 km/9 h 24 min NH109
Haridwar 295 km/7 h 41 min NH109
Nainital 62.9 km/2 h 1 min  NH109
Pithoragarh 115 km/3 h 34 min Almora Rd

Eating facilities in Almora Hill Station

Bansal Cafe

While in Almora, you can join the delicious and authentic local dishes of Uttarakhand. Try these dishes, because these are some of the most unique preparations that are almost unique to the Indian plate and region. Try items here that include popular and traditional local desserts. Sweet dessert, Almora, a famous milk dessert of choplate – a dense milk like sweetness and singulari – a type of milk that is used for sweetness is wrapped in a green merry leaf; it is some popular behavior in Almora that just remember Can not do.
Other local cuisines include cannabis, mixed Dal salad, kappa (a green curry), cissoac greens (a dish prepared with green leafy vegetables and many local ingredients), potato cloves (potato dish), potato dal pakora, The juice (preparation of many pulses) and much more ‘Adrak’ (Ginger) tea is also a famous welcome drink.

Bansal Cafe

$ 100

This café near the Lalal Bazaar is a simple cafe that makes for a good breakfast with good coffee, lasari, chaat (breakfast is made with chutney) and samosa.

Lal Bazar, Almora

Chawlas Veg and Non Veg


09: 00-10: 00

US $ 300-400

A popular restaurant known for its aromatic and delicious food in vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Not so expensive, but there is a quality place to travel.

Glory Restaurant


8: 30-09: 30

INR 120-340

Jai Restaurant is a family run place that works in both North Indian and South Indian food. It works in good biryani and is a great place to enjoy specific Indian dishes.

LR Sah Road, Almora 263601

New Soni Restaurant


$ 50

This is a popular dhaba in Almora which makes good North Indian food and delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian curry.

Mall Road, Almora

Silver Oak Restaurant

Chinese, continental

11-3 PM and 7-11 PM

Rajat Oak Restaurant is probably the most preferred restaurant in the city located on Bageshwar Road. This is especially known for its delicious Chinese cuisine, providing amazing atmosphere with the best quality of food

Club Mahindra Valley Resort, Manipur Villa, Binsar Village and P.O. Bhainsori, Almora Bageshwar Road, Almora


Specialty for this Hill Station

Tourist attractions

There is a charm in the sound from the sound of the temple’s bells and sounds coming from hymns. Other forests and peaks include extended greenery in nature, newcomers, as well as those coming here, have been caught in the magic of Almora tourism. Some of these should be seen and enjoy the site:

Templebinder Mahadev Temple

Rudreshwar Mahadev Temple – Located near Lord Shiva and near Sarra Gania on the banks of River Ganga, it is as if paying a visit to Almora is mandatory here.
Binder Mahadev – Here again, Lord Shiva is situated, which is located 19 km from the main city, near Ranikhet.
Other important temples include Nandadevi Temple, Garnath, Baijnath, Kosi Temple, Chitra Mandir, Katarmal Sun Temple, Jhula Devi Temple, Kalimut and Kasar Devi.

Nature’s attraction

Deer Park – Just 3 km away from Almora, place to enjoy the soft forest.
Martola – Ideal for picnic with family or friends for a great time in Almora
Simatta – For any of the scenes of hills and forests of Sal and Devdahar, no formal place can give better eyes.
Bright and Corner – This is the ideal place to see sunrise and sunset in the city.


Attraction around the Almora Hill Station



Famous for: Scenery, Photography, Nature
Tickets: No entry fees.
Opening Hours: Open all day from sunrise to sunset
Duration: 1.5-2 hours
Kalimut is a picnic spot located 3 kilometers away and located between pine and pine trees. This place was already a diamond mine and a granite hill. The small village town is located at the end of the horse-creek hill and it is known for its quiet and picturesque surroundings and is one of the best places to go with family or friends.

Things to do in Kalimut:

Go near the black turn

Binsar Zero Point

Binsar Zero Point

Famous for: Scenery, Photography, Nature
Ticket: Sanctuary for vehicle entry – 155 (adult) and entry for 250 rupees additional.
Opening Hours: Open all day from sunrise to sunset
Duration: 1 hour from 30 minutes
Located inside the Binisar Wildlife Sanctuary, zero point is the best way to see the Himalaya in its full glory. It offers a nostalgic view of Himalayan peaks like Kidarnath Peak, Shivalinga, Trishul and Nand Devi. Apart from this, it also offers a picturesque view of the surrounding valleys and even the areas near the Wildlife Sanctuary are also there. An ideal place for all nature and photography lovers, zero point Almora is an important journey for all those who come

Things to do in Binzer Jiro Point:

Visit the Wildlife Sanctuary

Chitai Golu Devta Temple


Famous for: Pilgrimage
Ticket: Access-free
Opening hours: Open all day
Duration: 1 hour from 30 minutes
Here the deity is the famous “God’s justice” and in Uttarakhand the chief god of the Kumaon region. The temple is associated with many famous legends and so thousands of devotees ask God to visit this temple to get justice for them and their families. The letters are presented to God while explaining their problems and when their desires are fulfilled, devotees hang the bell here. Thousands of bells can be hanging here in different sizes and shapes. Someone must travel for someone looking for some moments of peace.

Things to do with Cheetah Golu Deity Temple:

Travel to the Dana Golu Deity Temple in the route.
Enjoy great views

Gobind Vallabh Pant Museum

Gobind Vallabh Pant Museum

Famous for: history, Kumaun painting, artifacts
Tickets: No entry fees.
Opening hours: Open all days from 10:30 to 4:30 pm.
Duration: 1 hour
Gobind Vallabh Pant Museum is located on Mall road in Almora and it is named after freedom fighter Govind Vallabh Pant. The museum has an impressive collection of antiques that relate to the medieval dynasties of Chatur and Chandra kings who ruled the area. The museum is also famous for its folk paintings and has extensive information on the culture and history of Uttarakhand.

Things going to the Govind Vallabh Pant Museum:

Go to a historical temple
Eat local dessert on Mall road

Bright End Corner

Bright End Corner

Famous for: mountain range, approach, sunrise, sunset
Tickets: No entry fees.
Opening hours: Open all day
Duration: 30 minutes
“Bright and Corner” represents a convenient point that offers some of the most beautiful scenes of sunrise and sunset between the powerful Himalayas, this is a symbol of the beginning of Mall Road in Almora and its name is named after Mr. Brighton. It is also known for its various meditation centers and the famous Swami Vivekananda Library.

Things to do in the bright end corner:

Picnic spot
Eat in the cafe
Go to the library
Relax in the meditation centers
Under the caterers and reigns of the few kings in the medieval period, Almora district is known for its rich cultural heritage and various types of handicrafts and specialty dishes. If you want to experience real culture and nature, then you have to go to Almora’s tourist places in the aforementioned place.

Photography: How to Get Great Photos of Almora hil station



Located in the district of Bageshwar, the town is the last in the hill beauty, which is specially remembered for the picturesque views of parts of the 300-km Himalayan peaks, such as Trishul, Nanda Devi and Panchchuli. Enjoy any trekking


Various fruits like a famous hill station, apple, walnut, etc. are conceived for their beautiful gardens. Golf lovers can have a memorable time here in the golf course. Biking on the edge of the road is quite fun while enjoying Almora holidays.


With this sanctuary, this hill station makes a great holiday, if there is a tilt towards natural tilt, in which wildlife is being concluded without fear of human encroachment. The sanctuary is called trekking adventure aspect, no other experience can be matched with.


One of the twelve Jyotirlinges representing Lord Shiva is situated in this holy city, which has more than 124 temples dedicated to this god of destruction. The rich population of devotees contributes to manifold manifold for Lord Shiva and nature enthusiasts.


The name of the place indicates that the path to heaven is not a small thing. More than 55 temples in this city have made believers of faith holy. It is the nature of nature, it is naturally related to divine.
Chaukhatia – The Ramgunj river gives visitors the perfect pleasure on the arrival of this city. History and religion attracts visitors to Alpara nearby places to search for places.


Geography of Almora

Almora’s city is located on a horse-mounted ridge of a horse. The eastern part of the ridge is known as Taliphat and the western is known as the Selipat. The market is at the top of the ridge, where these two, talapat and salifat jointly expire.

The market is 1.25 miles (2.01 km) long and is covered with a stone slab. The location of the present camp was formerly known as Lalmandi. At present, where the collector is present, the ‘Mahala Mahal’ (High Court) of Chanda kings was located. The site of the present district hospital was the ‘Talla Mahal’ (Lower Court) of the Chand rulers. [Citation needed]

The Simukkat is a village situated in the border between Almora and Chamoli. People of this village can speak both Kumani and Garhwali language. [Citation needed] There is a temple called Bhairav ​​Gadi on the top of a hill.

Gomori river flows through Almora district.


Climate of Almora Hill

In the summer season

Summers are slightly warm in Almora and generally last between the months of April to July. Temperatures reach 12 degrees Celsius – 28 degrees Celsius in these months and the comfort of the cold air raises the spirits in the evening.

In the monsoon season

Almora experiences moderate rainfall in the months of August, September and October. Greens and freshness get in place in the rain.

In winter season

The winter season starts in November Almoda and it lasts until the month of February cold water-3 ° C. With temperature diving, the winters are very quiet here, in the month of November after fresh wash with water from heaven. Looks ethereal


People from Almora

almora people2 almora people 1 almora people


Almora Hill station images

almora hill station5

almora hill station4 almora hil station3 almora hill station2


Hotels in Almora hill station

Kasar Himalaya Holiday Home 4 stars

This property has agreed to become part of our preferred property program, which thanks to its excellent service and quality / price ratio with competitive prices. To participate in the program, there is a need to meet specific criteria and keep account responses from the previous guests.


Kasar Himalaya Vacation Home is located in Almora, 30 km from Nainital. Free WiFi is a special place to sit in all units. Free private parking is also available in this holiday house.
Possible reservation without credit card
Booked 2 times in the last 24 hours

Hotel peak


Offering hill terraces and views, Hotel Shikhar is situated in the heart of Almora in Uttarakhand region, 30 km from Nainital. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant.
Possible reservation without credit card
Booked 8 times in the last 48 hours

Om Resort 3 stars


With free WiFi, Om Resort offers pet-friendly accommodations of Nainital, 33 kms away from the resort. Free private parking is available on site. Some rooms have a seating area where you can relax.
Possible reservation without credit card
Booked once in the last 48 hours

Raj Rajeshwari Almora 3 stars


Set in Almora, Raj Rajeshwari Almora has a garden and terrace. Nainital is 32 km away from the property. Free private parking is available on site. All units include a satellite flat-screen TV
Possible reservation without credit card
Booked 4 times in the last 48 hours

Hotel Himsagar 2-star hotel


Located in Almora, 30 km away from Nainital, the hillside and view of the hill station are located in Hotel Himsagar. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant.
Possible reservation without credit card


Shopping place in Almora hill

Located between the Dhan and Deer Kumaon Himalayas, Almora near Nainital is one of the beautiful tourist attractions of Uttaranchal. Almora is a beautiful hill town with excellent beauty and nature loves all over the world. Removed in the middle of the Himalayas, this city is the perfect mix of old taste with rustic charm.

For all tourists who are planning to visit Almora, they should not forget about shopping in Almora. Almora has a beautiful mall, which is a repository of strange looking souvenirs for the craftsmanship designed for the craftsmen.

Almora has different shopping areas or markets which are quite popular. They are Lala Bazar, Factory Market, Khajchani Mohalla, Jauhar Mohalla, Malli Bazar and Thana Bazar. For shopping in Almora, you can visit some of these shopping areas in Almora.

If you want to shop for wool in Almora, then go to showroom mall road, go to Tamata mohalla for copper work and for Almora’s excellent local handicrafts in Almora’s weekly markets.


Almora hil station Weather


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