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Anjuna Beach Goa

  • General information about Anjuna Beach Goa
  • Anjuna beach Goa viewable place
  • Anjuna Beach Goa Driving Directions
  • How did Anjuna Beach reach Goa?
  • Separate distance to Anjuna beach Goa
  • Parking and facilities in Anjuna Beach Goa
  • Anjuna beach facilities to eat in Goa
  • Anjuna beach specialty of Goa
  • Anjuna Beach Attractions Nearby Goa
  • How to get great photos of Anjuna Beach Goa
  • Geography of Anjuna Beach Goa
  • Anjuna beach Goa season
  • People from Anjuna Beach Goa
  • Images of Anjuna Beach Goa
  • Anjuna beach replaces shopping in Goa
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General information about Anjuna Beach Goa

Anjuna beach is a favorite hippie resort that used to organize the famous Rev Beach parties. In the mid-1960s, in the mid-1960s, the hippies had started going on the Anjuna beach and since then, the aditional interest of the trance was made popular with the parties, which were now made to the beaches of Goa. Is the specialty. Anjuna Beach is an ideal place for specially organized full-moon parties during Christmas and New Year. The tourists are enjoying the delightful atmosphere of shiny full moon, who perform magic magic and kiss their feet and enjoy the soft phineu waves.

The beach is surrounded by Chapora Fort. The nearby “Albuquerque Haveli” is one of the main attractions of this beach. In the north of Anjuna, its famous Pisu Bazaar, is organized on Wednesday, where there are rows of small cafes, bars and cashmere handicrafts stalls. This area offers a pleasant shopping experience with quality products on the appropriate awards.


Anjuna beach Goa viewable place

Wednesday Flea Market

Wednesday Flea Market

This market is located on the beach side, which attracts a large number of tourists for the crowd every Wednesday. While going inside the market, you will get a large variety from imported electrical appliances to other man-made objects. European markets include European breakfast, Tibetan, Kashmiri, Gujarati triangets and handicrafts, artificial jewelery carvings, Goa trans music, colorful T-shirts etc. This market is available for sale. If you are an expert in buying things while making a purchase, then surely you will find excellent deals in the market.

Mascarenhas mansion

Mascarenhas Mansion

Haveli is another tourist attraction which is located in Anjuna Beach. The balconies are quite panoramic and stunning-stained glass floral engravings. It is architectural entertainment available with rich balconies

Chapora Fort

Chapora Fort

Located in the lower part of Anjuna beach, Chapora Fort, Anguna and Vagator offers a beautiful beautiful view of the beaches. It is a necessary place where one should go and find hidden history behind this fort.

Albuquerque Mansion

Albuquerque Mansion

One of the most magnificent buildings in Anjuna is that the Albuquerque mansion representing the golden-style lifestyle of its formal owners. For tourists, the mansion is one of the scenes seen from an unearthed beach, which is located along Mangalore tile-roof and octagon tower appeal.

The Acid House Party

The Acid House Party

Compared to all the famous attractions of Anjuna beach, there is only one thing which is full moon trans parties in many waves of strollers and strollers, which are also popular as acid house parties. This party is one of the best places for fun, fun and glee. Until the early hours of the morning below the moonlight sky, this place also enjoys great pleasure for local people and foreign tourists. Enjoying a drink with Campfire is another memorable experience that always admires travelers.

Anjuna Beach Goa Driving Directions

Surat 863 km/16 h 40 min NH48
 Nashik 629 km/12 h 7 min NH48
 Hyderabad  672 km/13 h 32 min Bachi-Raichur Hyw
 Karnataka  278 km/5 h 58 min NH748
 Gujrat  1231 km /20 h 21 min NH48
 New Delhi  1836 km/32 h 00 min NH48
 Mumbai  561 km/10 h 10 min NH48


How did Anjuna Beach reach Goa?


The nearest airport is Dobolin, which is 29 km away from Panjim and 47 km from Anjuna. Direct flights to Goa are also available from major cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc.


Karmali is the nearest railway station, 11 km from Panaji and 29 km from Anjuna. The other station is Thivim, 19 km from the beach.


The NH17 is well connected to Panaji and Mapusa. For tourists coming from Mumbai, Manusa has the option to settle down to reach Anjuna.

Separate distance to Anjuna beach Goa

Located 8 kilometers west of Mogusa (North Goa), Anjuna Beach is spread over 30 km long. It forms part of Goa’s coastline along the Arabian Sea border and is located in Bardes taluka, 18 kilometers away from Panaji.

Curved between the Arabian Sea and the hills overlooking the beach, it covers an area of ​​five square miles. It offers a rejuvenating view of natural beauty with palm palm trees and soft white sands. The beach is marked with the presence of lush unusual rocky structures, which encircles a small entry of white sand and black rock which is spread over the sea. This area was known as Anjuna’s Jewel or ‘Ozaran’

It becomes the center for the buyer on Wednesday every Wednesday due to its flea market in Anju. There are many big roads in the café, bars and cashmere handicrafts.

It is also known as Goa’s favorite ‘Hipi beach’, hippies, in the mid-1960s decade of 1960, started traveling to Anjuna Beach. Since then, it has become famous for wild birds with Rev. Music. This provides an enchanted atmosphere especially for the full-moon parties during Christmas and New Year.


Parking and facilities in Anjuna Beach Goa

All the hotels and restaurants are located on the Anjuna beach of Goa. You can find stunning parking and other amenities on every hotel and restaurant.


Anjuna beach facilities to eat in Goa

The Tamarind

Tamarind Hotel is about 2.5 km from the beach and offers comfortable accommodation. The price of the rooms is 600 to 2,500 rupees. The hotel features a swimming pool, mini golf and billiards.

White Negro

With the humiliating and politically incorrect name in the name of White Negro, this hotel exits for reasons other than its name. Accommodation is beautiful and priced between 300-1000 rupees, the hotel is only a short distance from Saint Anthony’s beautiful church.

Hotel Bougainvilla

Set on a wild property in an old mansion, this hotel has a fantastic soothing atmosphere. Not even close to the beach, although it offers spacious and acceptable accommodation for 400 and 3,800 rupees.


Anjuna beach specialty of Goa

Thanks to the nightlife kill-happy attitude, there is a place here for Anjuna Big Rave parties, that is the reason that from time to time, especially the Christmas-New Year, the full moon period can take place. Apart from small incidents whenever it comes up there is some occasion or festival.

Music Amusement When it gets to work together in the end, Alkov, Vagator will be more than Ozran Beach, looking for a more meaningful nightspot. More mainstream music entertainment is on offer at Temptation in the Red Taxi Inn, just below the cover of Starco’s intersection, where the Indian classical singing and guitar-based band covers the fire dancers on Monday, starting at 7am.

The second time, on the noisy times, between the night centers of life, the beach, which is a fast sound system. With the largest gathering trance mixes from London to the latest surrounds. The music gain winds up at around 11.00 am in the evening as the evening blows, there is a run out for the Guru Bar, there is further on the beach, or the Primrose Cafe in Vagator, which both remain open till midnight.


Attractions around Anjuna Beach Goa

This is the reason why Anjuna is for such a large South, Central and North Anjuna beach. Most of the hotels, bars and restaurants are collected around North Beach area. St. Anthony Church makes a trip and fly market, village color is worth every lively fit with Wednesday. This colorful market was started by WHO Hippie lived here in the 1970s, however, today finds a large number of Tibetans, Kashmiris and Lamani women from all over India are trinkets and all kinds of clothes negligible. A generous array of gifts can be found here, so do not be surprised to come across some good quality hummus and yak cheese


How to get great photos of Anjuna Beach Goa


One of the most beautiful places to come to the world, Anjuna beach is a foreign Indian holiday destination. Blue water, clean beach, green hills and amazing people make it the most attractive destination for tourists and honeymooners. Check out these pictures of Anjuna beach how beautiful they are.


Geography of Anjuna Beach Goa

Goa covers an area of ​​3702 km2 (1,429 square miles). It is located between latitudes 14 ° 53’54 “N 15 ° 40’00 and” N and longitude 73 ° 40’33 “E and 74 ° 20’13” E.Goa coastal country Konkan known as a part , Which is a slope mounted mountains, which is rising above the Deccan Plateau for the Western Ghats series. The highest point is Sonsogor, with an altitude of 1,167 meters (3829 feet). Goa is a beach of 101 km (63 miles).

Goa’s seven major rivers are gamblers, Mandovi, Terekhol, Chapora, Galgibag, Kumbarjua canal, Talpona and Salt. Gambler and Mandovi are the most important rivers, interspaced by the Kumbarjua Canal, build a major premises complex. South-west Monsson of these rivers are fed with rain and 69% of the geographical area of ​​their basin state is included. At the mouth of river gamblers, the Mormugao harbor is one of the best natural seaports in South Asia.

These rivers are some of the busiest rivers in India. Goa has about forty estuarine, eight sea and ninety islands about rivers. The total length of Goa’s navigable rivers is 253 km (157 miles). Goa has more than 300 medicinal springs tank and more than one hundred medicinal springs during the rule of Kadamba dynasty.


Anjuna Beach Weather of Goa

Cavalosim Beach Weather of Goa


People from Anjuna Beach Goa

Anjuna Beach Goa people

People from Anjuna Beach Goa


Images of Anjuna Beach Goa

Anjuna Beach Goa hd images


Anjuna beach replaces shopping in Goa

Saturday Night Market in Arpora

No better way to go to the night market in Arpora than to spend Saturday evening in Goa. We strongly recommend this place for shopping in Goa on our next visit. The market is full of kiosks offering plenty of spices, carpets, embroidered fabrics, swings, clothes and accessories.

This market is somewhat more expensive and offers a part of handicrafts that produce local sellers great deals. Difficulty and the market mostly foreigners come to the WHO heritage and culture of Goa to eat exlore. Stop by the boutique house bar for some fresh cocktails, Strawberry Daiquiri is highly recommended.

Mikey’s night market

The night of amckie should be a must-do market, proffer one hundred stalls, that is why many recipes, eco-friendly items, handicrafts, a wide range of live music and a dance floor makes the esta market this one Very unique experience This knight market, which is held from November to April on the banks of River Baga, should definitely go on any trip to Goa.

Located at the most happening nightlife in Goa, it is lined with market stalls selling a wide range of souvenirs and gifts. Many food present there are joints offering lip-kill recipes from various dishes. To add to the fun, there is live music done by the local band.


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