Baga Beach Goa

Baga Beach Goa

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Baga Beach Goa

  • General information about Baga Beach Goa
  • Baga Beach Goa Location
  • Baga Beach Goa Driving Directions
  • How to reach Baga Beach Goa?
  • Separate distance to Baga Beach Goa
  • Parking and facilities at Baga Beach Goa
  • Convenience of eating at Baga Beach Goa
  • Baga Beach Goa specialties
  • Attractions around Baga Beach Goa
  • How to get great photos of Baga Beach Goa
  • Geography of Baga Beach Goa
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General information about Baga Beach Goa

Baga Beach is a popular beach and tourist destination in North Goa.Baga is located on the northern end of the adjoining beach section, which begins with the Sankarim, Candolim, Kangut and then goes to Baga.Parasailing in Baga Beach,There are rows of lid and fishing boats on the beach, and narrow on the high tide on the beach.

The name of the seafront is named after Baga Creek, which is empty in the Arabian Sea at the northern end of the beach.Baga Beach is also famous for water sports such as Parasailing and Banana Rides, and Dolphin Cruises.In Baga Beach, new parking has been built for about 800 cars or more, and there is Baga Creek Bridge which connects the northern part to Aropa, Anguilla etc.


Baga beach Goa viewable place


There is not enough to see the shores of the sea, but you will find some old fortresses made of local lighthouse stones, which is the name of the stone called Letterite and looks at the sea.


South Goa is one of Goa’s districts. It is famous for natural beaches, temples, water fall, mountainous areas, paddy fields, coconut gardens.


Old Goa or Velha Goa, Goa is a historic town in North Goa district in the Indian state. The city was built in the 15th century by the Bijapur Sultanate, and served as the capital of Portuguese.


Baga Beach Goa Driving Directions

From Distance / Time Vai
South Goa 81 km /2 h 14 min NH66
North Goa 35 km/1 h 2 min NH748

How did Baga Beach reach Goa?

By Air

Goa International Airport, also known as Debalol Airport, fulfills the entire state of Goa. The airport is located in Dabolim and about 30 km from Panjim, the capital city is the airport meets domestic flights from major cities in India and also caters to international flights. Prepaid taxis and buses easily benefit from the airport. can go.

By Railway

There area unit 2 railway lines in Goa state; One south west railway is operated and second is go by Konkan Railway. the most train station is Madgaon station in Madgaon. There area unit alternative railway stations within the state like Pernem, Thivim, Karmali and urban center that area unit well connected to the trains.

By Road

Goa is well connected with NH 66, 4A, 366, 566 and 768. Goa has a total of 224 km of national highway, 232 km of state highway and 815 km district highway.


Separate distance to Baga beach Goa

There is no direct flight or train or bus between Bhagalpur and Goa. The convenient way to reach Goa from Bhagalpur is to take Indigo from Patna to Goa to take Intercity Exchange from Bhagalpur to Patna. The fastest way to reach Goa from Bhagalpur is

Take a taxi from Bhagalpur to Lakhisarai and take GDR link from Lakhisarai to Patna and take it from Indira to Patna. The cheapest way to reach Goa from Bhagalpur is to take intercity expansions from Bhagalpur to Patna, then take PNB Vosges Exports from Patna to Goa. .

This road route finder provides maps and driving directions for the city / city located in the area of ​​India. We give them the opportunity to find petrol pumps and restaurants in the country, where they are going to Goa from Canacona.

Users can use to create customizable driving direction maps for their diverse uses. This functionality provides a specific road driving map to showcase the route from Cancona to Goa for any city / city given in the region of India. You can also use Goa Goa time from our real time Cancona.


Parking and facilities in Baga Beach Goa

Baga Beach Resort is 20 km from the railway station resort and within Goa International Airport 40 km. Ram facilities: Baga Beach Resort offers you free parking in the ground before the main entrance, offering well-equipped rooms and suites with views, and poolside cottages with different climate control, TV With a set top box, mini fridge, electronic safe and high speed Wi-Fi access, the TV specializing in Jacuzzi at home for relaxation, attractively decorated A. Contayord rooms are housed in front of the resorts fish pond.

Facilities for eating at Baga Beach Goa

Baga Beach Resort

Baga Beach Resort

Situated on the charming Titos lane of the beach, Baga Beach Resort offers guests the opportunity to experience their Goa hospitality. This 4-star boutique resort is less than 2 km from Calangute Beach and about 6 km from Anjuna Beach and Anjuna Fali Market.

The suites are cotton towels and bathrobes in the bathroom, which have special cosmetics. Hotel amenities: A health enthusiast can work at the gym or swim in some laps in the swimming pool. Various outdoor activities such as water sports, fishing, dolphin watching campaigns, sunset cruises, yoga sessions, historical / beach / market tourism and wood shaft rides are provided in the hotel so that guests can stay completely during their stay To be captured

Facilities on offer include 24-hour express laundry service (charged) and parking. Meals: Guests can taste fresh seafood, Goa cuisine, soup and green salad in the restaurant at the restaurant. The hotel has signature dishes such as Sea Food Pizza, Karnal Kadai Chicken, Lobster Thermidor and Rosemary Long Burgers!


Specialty of Baga Beach Goa


Night Life

Thanks to the Mar-Anand attitude reputation, Anjuna is a busy place for large parties from time to time, especially during the full-moon period of Christmas-New Year. There may be small incidents even after some incidents or celebrations occur.

Musical Amusements

Musical Amusements

When it finally works together, Alkowe, Ozran Vagator, in search of the coast, another meaningful night-song will be just below the crossroads of Starka, offering more mainstream music entertainment in Tempestations, where on Monday the Indian classical Singing and guitar-based wrapper band starts with 7.00 p.m. with fire dancers.

Adventure sports

adventure sports

There are many opportunities to enjoy water sports at the vast beach of Goa, Baga beach. Adventure sports such as cruising, sailing, parasailing, wind surfing, scuba diving, knee-wake-boarding, jet skiing, water skiing, catamaran sailing, snorkelling etc. are a beating case of fun filled lush.

Apart from this, enjoying other leisure activities such as sunbathing, hiking, mikelite flight, go-karting and bird watching are other main activities which keep in mind the beautiful moments for a long time.

Fishing on Baga Beach

Fishing on Baga Beach

With angling or fish on Baga beach, you can enjoy the pleasure of going there because a large number of fish return after you return, you will get a large number.

Enjoy the carnival – Goa’s Carnival celebrates festival and festivities. Travelers of all ages get good opportunities in dancing, drinking, eating and forging. It is celebrated every year in the month of February, so those who are looking for holidays in Goa can plan their trip during this month. And can experience what the carnival will bring in Goa.


Attractions around Baga Beach Goa

aga beach is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. It is situated on Bank of Baga river in Kalangut village of North Goa, which is 10 km away from Mogusa and 17 km from Panaji. This beach is sandwiches between two other famous beaches of Goa; One of them is Kalgaon Beach, which is situated just 2 km south of Baga Beach and the other is Anjuna Beach by the North.

This is a small beach, which is a grouped beach for its beautiful scenery and a small beautiful hill in the river Baga is included. It is also popular for many activities for fishing, water sports, sailing, brown sandy beach on the beach, kite surfing, windsurfing, shopping (flea market) and dolphins. The name of the beach is taken from the river Baga, which is connected to the Arabian Sea.


How to get great photos of Baga Beach Goa

Take Photoooo

About 125 kilometers (78 miles) of the beaches of Goa’s beaches, these beaches are divided into north and south Goa. North Goa is more commercial and tourists, which is more than the abundance of tourist accommodation with mostly low and medium budgets; Whereas the highest hotel and private beach situated in South Goa, Palolem Beach is one of the notable exceptions in South Goa which facilitates basic accommodation and is one of the most known beaches in Goa.

Further north or south you get, get more different beaches. Some of the more popular beaches are Colva, Kalangut, Baga and Anjuna. These beaches are standing by the pond, which provide fresh seafood and drinks. Some Shakes manage special events to attract more customers.

Geography of Baga Beach Goa

Goa covers an area of ​​3,702 km2 (1,429 square miles). This latitude is 14 ° 53’54 “N and 15 ° 40’00” N and length 73 ° 40’33 “E and 74 ° 20’13” E. Is located between E. Goa is a part of coastal country called Konkan, which rises above the Western Ghats range of the hill, which separates it from the Deccan Plateau.

The highest point is the sensor, its height is 1,167 meters (3,829 feet). The seven major rivers of Nagoya, Tejrekhol, Chapora, Palgbag, Kumbharuya Canal, Talpona and Sal, are the seven major rivers of Nagoya, 101 km (63 miles) in Goa.

Zuari and Mandvi are the most important rivers in the Kumbarjua canal, which are the major estrogen complexes. These rivers are fed with south-west monsoon rains and their basin contains 69% of the state’s geographical area.

At the mouth of the Zuari River, the Mormugao harbor is one of the best natural ports in South Asia. These rivers are some of the busiest rivers in India, Goa has more than forty Estuaarine, eight sea and nin river banks.

The total length of Goa’s rivers is 253 km (157 miles). There are more than three hundred ancient water-tanks built during the rule of Kadamb Dynasty in Goda and during the construction of more than one hundred medicinal springs.

Baga Beach Climate of Goa

Summer at Baga Beach

Generally, this season continues in Baga Beach for a long time (March to early July). With high humidity in May, temperature can reach up to 34 degrees Celsius. The average temperature during this season is around 28 degrees Celsius

Monsoon at baga beach

Generally, the Baga beach continues in the monsoon from mid-June to September. Due to the proximity of the Arabian Sea, this city receives heavy rains and some thunder storms during this season. The average annual rainfall of Baga beach is about 291 centimeters

Winter at Baga Beach

Usually, the winter season of Baga Beach is maintained for a short period (December to February) with a pleasant period, during this season the average temperature ranges from 14 degree Celsius to 26 degree Celsius.


People from Baga Beach Goa

Baga Beach Goa of people

Baga Beach Goa people


Images of Baga Beach Goa

Baga Beach Goa 2

Baga Beach Goa 3


Shopping place in Baga Beach Goa

A shopping

Baga Beach Market

A visit to the garden will not be complete, unless you buy in the flea market, which is organized every Saturday evening. Although this market was primarily launched to combat the importance of Wednesday’s flea market in Anjuna, it has become quite vibrant and effective, and this is because under the interval of night, the lamp is being lit with .

Apart from this, the existence of the live band helps in creating a festive atmosphere in the market that makes the place very pleasant, it can not be as popular as the unbeatable flea market in Saturday market visitors, but Baga, Goa on this Very proud.

In the Baga beach market, anyone can get different items from fish, meat, groceries, earthenware, home furnishings and other provisions. There are all kinds of brick-a-breaks, toys and trinkets, exotic cuisine and delicious goose dishes in the market. Stalls also sell sweeps of all types of traditional and rural products such as pint, chicken, eggs, and others. Walking through the market is definitely certain to find a number of handicraft shops.


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