Pachim Bangal Tourism : Best places to visit Pachim Bangal


Pachim Bangal Tourism : Best places to visit Pachim Bangal

Pachim Bangal Tourism : Area of ​​West Bengal is 88,752 sq. Km. Is there. Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal. There is a total distribution of 18 districts. The population of West Bengal is 8,02,21,171, in which the number of men is 4,14,87,694 and the number of women is 3,87,33,477. West Bengal has a sex ratio of 934, population density 904; (Highest in India) Growth rate (91-100) 17.84% Literacy 69.22% (male 77.5% female 60.2%) Bangla Legislative Assembly is unitary assembly member 294, Lok Sabha member 42, Rajya Sabha member 16.

Tourist places in West Bengal

Bengal has been mentioned since ancient times. During the time of Sikandar’s invasion, Bengal was ruled by Gangariday. King Shashank played an important role in north-east India in the full-moon day of the seventh century. After that Gopal established the Pall dynasty. Pala has ruled here for four centuries. This was followed by the Sen Dynasty. There is mention of the rule of many Muslim sultans on Bengal till the Mughal period in the sixteenth century. After the fall of the Mughals in West Bengal, the history of modern Bengal has started. The history of West Bengal started with the advent of European and English trading companies. The battle of historic Plassey in West Bengal in 1757 AD turned the current section of history when the British first deposited their feet in Bengal and then in India.

1. Kolkata paschim bangal


The answer to this question, which was the name of this city, Kolkata, still remains as a question. Regardless of where it may be, how can it be so sure that after leaving Hoogli in 1686 AD, Job Charanak went to the rural Bengal through the coast of Hooghly, Calcutta was born at that time.

Calcutta resides in the spirit of affluence. They happily adopt each other. The philosophy and excursion of a vast and diverse whole country like India remains incomplete without visiting the philosophy of Kolkata and it is necessary to travel and visit any place for the means of transport.

2. Rabindra sarobar paschim bangal


This is a man-made lake, in which water sports is very entertaining by the cadres. There is also a small island in the south of the lake. A wooden bridge has been built to come from the lake. Apart from this, there is also a toy train for Children Park and Entertainment. Swimming pool Japanese Buddhist temple and Ravindra Stadium are also the same. The Ramkrishna Mission located near it, whose library is unique in itself.

3. Birla taramandal paschim bangal

Birla Taramdal was completed on September 29, 1982 at a cost of 2 billion rupees. Those who want to see and understand closely the star-headed stars in space are presented here regularly. Due to this miracle of the philosopher’s science, the surprises are amazed. The commentator introduces the solar system to the curious and the observers in Bengal, English and Hindi. You can enjoy wonderful stars by paying nominal entrance fees.

4. Marble palace paschim bangal

Pachim Bangalmarble-palace-paschim-bangal-

This marble palace is built with 126 types of marble stones. This Palace 46 is located on Muktaram Babu Street. In the year 1855 AD there is a beautiful result of 5 years of 5,000 workers’ untiring efforts. This Marble Palace Marble Palace | Famous chakras, images of statues and glassware are famous, while engaging in the audience. An incomparable collection of unique items from 90 countries of the world is here.

5. Firingi kalibari paschim bangal


Here is the famous temple of Siddeshwari, the supreme Goddess goddess, which was constructed in 1110 by Shankar Ghosh. There is also an Achichala Shiva temple connected to the temple. Mother Siddheshwari’s temple is characterized by the fact that new calves are provided to the mother every year.

6. Howrah pul paschim bangal

Pachim BangalHowrah-pul-paschim-bangal

The amazing model of the erstwhile engineering is the bridge whose new name Ravindra Setu is constructed in 1914 AD. The credit goes to the nearest bridge of the world, for the nearly every million passengers passing through the Ganges. The length of this bridge is 1500 feet and width is 71 feet. In summer, this bridge increases by 4 feet and returns to its natural state at night. Howrah bridge is a wonderful gift of modern science. But if you can not, the picture of this bridge can not be taken.

7. Nakhoda masjid paschim bangal


This mosque was constructed in 1926 by Rahm Usman, the noble, costing 15 lakh rupees. This mosque is built in a saractic style. 10,000 Namasis can read prayers in the magnificent courtyard of this mosque. The main characteristic of this mosque made of red stone is its 46m. There are high minarets.

8. Parasnath jain mandir paschim bangal

Pachim Bangalparasnath-jain-mandir-paschim-bangal

This temple was constructed with colorful precious stones. It is easily hypnotized by the audience. In the Jain Tirthankars, 10th, the Vihara built by the white stone of the pilgrim Shitalnath ji Maharaj is established here. Priceless diamonds, rubies and beads, have beautified the beauty of the temple. The valves of the temple are open to the visitors from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. in the morning at 6:00 p.m.

9. Belur math paschim bangal


Belur Math was built in 1899 as the International Headquarters of the Ramakrishna Mission. This can be seen on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 6:00 pm. Belur Math Ji Located on T. Road. On December 9, 1896, Vivekananda, the disciple of Ramkrishna Paramahansa, brought the sacred incantation of Swami Pryay to the place. Ramakrishna Mission, established by Swami Vivekananda, conducts this monastery. The unique and main feature of this monastery is the temples, mosques and churches built on different angles.

10. Tarkeshwar paschim bangal

Pachim Bangaltarkeshwar-paschim-bangal

Distance from Howrah to Tarakeshwar is 50 km. Is there. This is an awakened temple. Taraknath Temple was established in 1729 AD. The credit for the fame of Tarakeswar goes to Shiva Temple. Thousands of Shiva devotees reach Gangesal and on foot on Tarakeshwar on every Monday of the month of Shravan. Shivratri is blessed with devotees from every corner of India for a large amount of eternal self-sacrifice, Dev Adinath. It can be reached conveniently by bus and rail route here.

11. Shahid minar paschim bangal

Talroi is a very suitable place for tourists looking for secluded and tranquil surroundings. Seeing the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset in clean water gives a different experience.

Travelers wishing to go to Jhargram go for private buses from Howrah. Buses of the C-S C (Kolkata State Transport Corporation) are also available from the Martyr Tower to Jhargram. Jhargram can be reached by rail.

12. Kalyani devi mandir paschim bangal

Pachim Bangalkalyani-devi-mandir-paschim-bangal

Kalyani’s journey from Kolkata to 48 km Is of This place is full of various supernaturalities. People in the temple of Goddess here ask for mercy and bundle. Mother fulfills her mentality. Bowls of Bengal’s famous Bowl community also come here. The water of the Himsagar lake is famous for the treatment of incurable diseases. Traveling by rail can be reached conveniently by Sealdah here.

13. Palashi paschim bangal

Pachim BangalPalashi-paschim-bangal

You C.S.T.C. Riding on the bus of 39 km Can travel to Plassey. By the way, Sealadah Lalgola’s rail also passes through Plasia to Bhuja. This is a historic war land. By defeating Nawab Sirajuddaula, Lord Quive had taken Plasia into his possession. That was the seed of defeat of Bengal.

14. Durgapur paschim bangal


Durgapur is known as the modern steel Shilpa Nagari. Many types of machines and other items made of steel are made. 2480 km The 692 meter long Durgapur dam, which supplies irrigation water to the canal trail, is a major tourist attraction. The power plant can be seen here but it is very necessary for the approval of the concerned public relations officer. There is no problem of traffic due to regular bus service.

15. Malda paschim bangal

Pachim Bangalmalda-paschim-bangal

This city was expanded along with the fall of the Mughals. For the business of silk in 1680 AD, East India Company bought a small village and converted it into Kothi and started the business of silk. Instantly, the tents and weavers settled the settlements around the Kothi. The protected archaeological archive in Maldah Museum, established in 1937, is especially visible. Today Maldah’s Falji mango is also very famous.

16. Baksa paschim bangal

Pachim BangalPachim Bangal

At the height of 3000 feet above sea level, reaching Baksa mountain on the border of Bhutan and reaching Baaksa road, 4 km. Flat and 4 km Moving on the high low and hinge terri skirts on the hill, Sambari has to be reached on foot. There is indigenous jail in Baksagiri fort. In the British rule, freedom fighters were imprisoned here. The Baksa Tiger Reserve, which was declared a National Turbine in 1992, is a tribute to its empire 765 class. Km Spread over vast areas of.

17. Kurseong paschim bangal

Pachim BangalKurseong-paschim-bangal

This place is 32 km from Darjeeling. Located at a distance of. Here the view is very picturesque, here is the climate health. Nepali word is Kharsag’s abnormal word. The natural beauty here is incomparable. The houses of the Kurseong have been painted with the colors of flowers. It is the third place in the world’s highest cities.

18. Mirik paschim bangal

Pachim Bangal

The climate here is pleasant because here it is not cold to shake the bones up to the inner like Darjeeling. But you can see the peak of Kanchanjunga covered by heme across the lake. This lake is unique in nature on 5 acres of land. Sit in tourist boats and enjoy the lake promenade. The Arad Somali temple is on the banks of the lake.

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