8 Best Places to visit in Jordan 2020


Jordan is an Arab kingdom situated in Western Asia and can be quite centrally situated between Asia, Africa, and Europe. This little, ironic state of roughly 9.5 million people, 92 percent of that practice Sunni Islam, is home to several important spiritual landmarks such as the Dead Sea and Jesus’s baptism website and beautiful enjoy in Best places Jordan.

It is home to the famous archaeological site of Petra, the Nabatean capital relationship to about 300 B.C. Place in a narrow valley with tombs, monuments and temples carved into the neighboring pink sandstone cliffs, Petra makes its nickname, the”Rose City.”

Country Jordan
Capital city Amman City
Population 2020 population 10,203,134 people
Currency Jordanian dinar

For example, Petra in Jordan is just one amazing place to research. On top of that, it is so varied with so many distinct cultures, landscapes and, of course, yummy foods to gorge on!

Anyhow, hopefullywe could fill up a couple more areas we think you may like. Listed below are 8 other motives and a number of the greatest areas in Jordan you should not overlook.

List of 8 Best places Jordan

  1. Petra
  2. Dead Sea
  3. Amman City
  4. Aqaba
  5. Iraq Al Amir
  6. Jerash
  7. King’s Highway
  8. Madaba

1. Petra


Petra town is a southen Jordan nation historic and archaeological town. It’s located around Jabal Al-Madbah at a basin surrounded by hills that form the southern flank of the Arabah valley which runs from the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba.

The area around Petra was inhabited as early as 7,000 BC, and the Nabataeans might have settled in what would eventually become the capital city of their world, as early as the 4th century BC.

But, archaeological work has just found signs of Nabataean existence dating back to the second century BC, in that time Petra had been their funds.

2. Dead Sea

dead sea

The Dead Sea is a salt lake bordered by Jordan to the east and Israel and the West Bank to the westCoast.

It is located at the Jordan Rift Valley, and its chief tributary is the Jordan River in Best places Jordan.

Its shores and surface are 430.5 metres beneath sea level, the planet’s lowest elevation on earth. It’s 304 m deep, the deepest hypersaline lake in the world.

This salinity makes for a harsh environment where plants and animals can’t flourish, thus its title. The Dead Sea’s primary, northern basin is 50 kilometres long and 15 k.m. wide at its broadest point.

The Dead Sea has drawn people from across the Mediterranean Basin for centuries. It had been among the world’s primary health hotels, and it’s become the provider of a vast array of merchandise, from asphalt to get Egyptian mummification into potash for fertilisers.

3. Amman City

amman city

Amman, the capital of Jordan, is a modern town with numerous historical ruins. Atop Jabal al-Qala’a mountain, the historical Citadel contains the pillars of the Roman Temple of Hercules and the 8th-century Umayyad Palace complex, famous for its grand decoration.

It’s regarded as one of the very updated Arab cities and also a significant tourist destination.

The first evidence of settlement at Amman is at a medieval website called’Ain Ghazal, in which a number of the earliest human statues found relationship to 7250 BC were discovered.

Is Best places Jordan secure in 2020?

In comparison to many of its neighbors in the Middle East, Jordan is a exceptionally safe country to see. In a nutshell, while individuals may have some trepidation about the area, Jordan is among the safest places to go to in the area, and probably little will go incorrect.

4. Aqaba


Aqaba is a Jordanian port Town in the Red Sea’s Gulf of Aqaba. Inhabited since 4000 B.C., it is home to the Islamic-era Aqaba Fort. Its beach hotels are famous for windsurfing and other water sports, and the region is a leading destination for scuba divers, with impressive dive sites such as the Yamanieh coral reef from the Aqaba Marine Park, south east of town.

Now, Aqaba plays a significant part in the maturation of the Jordanian market, through the lively tourism and trade businesses. The Port of Aqaba also functions other nations in the area.

Aqaba’s strategic location in the northwestern tip of the Red Sea between the continents of Asia and Africa, has made its own interface significant within the course of centuries.

What’s Eilat famed for?

The calm surface of the sea can also be perfect for sailing activities: sailboats, rowboats, kayaks and motor ships. The most important appeal of Eilat is diving into the Red Sea.

Eilat Beach


Eilat is a southern Israeli port and resort City on the Red Sea, near Jordan. Its shores are known for their calm seas, such as Dolphin Reef, where the aquatic mammals are most usually seen.

Known for diving and snorkeling, Coral Beach Nature Reserve contains buoy-marked submerged paths among fish-filled reefs.

5. Iraq Al Amir

iIraq al amir

Iraq al-Amir is your name shared by a city and neighboring arenas over the municipality of Amman from the Jordan Valley. Situated about 15 km south of the town of Wadi as-Seer, it has a population of approximately 6000 people.

Throughout the Greek Macedonian job, Iraq al -Amir was famous under the Greek title Tyros. Ptolemy Philadelpus constructed the town, moving population from Tyre in Phoenicia. It’s found on the hills with medium and high altitude, the region includes several springs, and is famed for its olive trees, along with other forest trees.

Around 0.5 km south east of town is situated the so-called Al-Iraq historic website, marked with the partly restored palace possibly an ironic reference to this title located in the caves nearby, considered to be the title of the proprietor of property.

6. Jerash


Jerash is a town in Jordan, north of the capital Amman. Inhabited since the Bronze Age, it is famous for its ruins of the submerged Greco-Roman payoff of Gerasa only outside the contemporary city.

These include the 2nd-century Hadrian’s Arch, the Corinthian columns of the Temple of Artemis and the enormous Forum’s oblong colonnade. The Jerash Archaeological Museum exhibits artifacts excavated from the website.

Jerash was then deserted before it reappeared by the start of the Ottoman rule in the early 16th century. At the census of 1596, it had a population of 12 Muslim families.

7. King’s Highway

king’s highway

The King’s Highway was a trade course of critical significance from the ancient Near East, linking Africa with Mesopotamia. It ran from Egypt throughout the Sinai Peninsula into Aqaba, then turned northward across Transjordan, to Damascus and the Euphrates River.

After the Muslim conquest of the Fertile Crescent from the 7th century CE and before the 16th century, it had been the darb al-hajj or pilgrimage street for Muslims from Syria, Iraq, and outside going into the holy city of Mecca.

In contemporary Jordan, Highway 35 and Highway 15 follow this course, linking Irbid in the north west with Aqaba in the southwest. The southern area crosses a few deep wadis, which makes it a very scenic if curvy and quite low-speed street.

8. Madaba


Madaba is a historical city in Jordan, south of the capital Amman. It is known for its 6th-century mosaic map of the Holy Land from the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George.

The Madaba Archaeological Park Asserts the mosaic-rich Church of the Virgin Mary and artifacts from the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Islamic eras.

How Can I get from Amman to Madaba in Best places Jordan?

The town is 25 kilometers from Queen Alia International Airport and also 35-40 km in the Dead Sea, possibly making it the perfect spot to begin or finish your visit to Jordan.

By Bus:

Madaba is approximately 1 hr from Amman. Buses from Amman’s Tabarbour Station price 1.20 JD (October 2018). Additionally, there are regular minibuses in the 7th circle in Amman (1 JD)–that they come in the middle management and have a turn south on the airport road, right and you’ll discover the bus stop.

By Taxi:

A cab is a great alternative, particularly if you’re in a bunch. The price is dependent upon your bargaining skills but it may go from 8-12 JD. Or you also go by volcano, which will be roughly 12 JD. From northern Amman.

By Car:

The centre of town has narrow, crowded roads, but only a couple of hundred yards off, you will discover broad roads with loads of parking.

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