8 Best places You have to visit in Portugal


The Best places Portugal nation is a Southern European country in the bordering spain.

It’s a fascinating and diverse country, with lively cities, magnificent beaches and fantastic climate. Geographically, Portugal can just be small but there is a lot of diversity between it is landscapes, cultures and individuals.

This Nation traces national source to 24 June 1128, the date of the Battle of São Mamede. Afonso declared himself Prince of Portugal following this conflict and at 1139, he assumed the title King of Portugal.

Capital city Lisbon
Prime minister
António Costa
Since 2015
10,196,709 people
Currency Euro

List of Best Places visit you can’t miss in Portugal

Portugal could be on the smaller side, but you would not know it considering the wide variety of the listing below: enchanting cities, bustling towns, rocky mountains, rolling valleys, pristine shoreline, and lush jungle islands. These will be the 8 greatest places to see in Portugal.

  1. Belém Tower
  2. Park and National Palace of Pena
  3. Jerónimos Monastery
  4. Castelo de S. Jorge
  5. Óbidos
  6. Luís I Bridge
  7. Rossio
  8. Praça do Comércio

1. Belém Tower

belém tower

Belém Tower is a fortification that served as a point of disembarkation and embarkation to Lisbon and as a gateway for Portuguese explorers.

It was constructed during the height of the Portuguese Renaissance, also is a prominent illustration of this Portuguese Manueline style, but in addition, it incorporates traces of other architectural designs.

Since 1983, the tower Was a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Together with the Jerónimos Monastery. It’s frequently depicted as a sign of Europe’s Age of Discoveries and as a metonym for Portugal or Lisbon, given its landmark position.

What’s the Best places Portugal at Belem Tower Involving Significant?

The Belem Tower is Lisbon’s most renowned landmark, standing at the center of the Tagus River. It had been assembled between 1514 and 1520 as a fortress to guard the entrance into Lisbon’s harbor and watch over the city.

2. Park and National Palace of Pena

park and national palace of pena

The Pena Palace is a Romanticist castle in São Pedro P Penaferrim, on the Portuguese Riviera, by the municipality of Sintra. The castle stands on the top of a mountain at the Sintra Mountains above the town of Sintra.

This Park and National palace is one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s also used for state events by the President of the Portuguese Republic and other police officers.

The castle’s history began from the Middle Ages when a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Pena was built on the top of the mountain over Sintra.

How Can you get into the National Palace of Pena?

Walk into the right from the channel and find the 434 bus that does a round to historical center, castelo dos mouros, pena palace. You walk into yhe gardens in the historical center. The bus is 5 euros and hold tight!

3. Jerónimos Monastery

jerónimos monastery

Jeronimos and Hieronymites monastery is a former of the Order saint jerome near the Tagus river in the parish but at the Lisbon cumminuty, Portugal; it was secularised on 28 December 1833 by state decree and its ownership transferred to the charitable institution, Actual Casa Pia de Lisboa.

The monastery is one of the most obvious examples of this Portuguese Late Gothic Manueline style of buildings in Lisbon. It had been classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the neighboring Tower of Belém, in 1983.

4. Castelo de S. Jorge

castelo de s. jorge

São Jorge Castle is a historical castle from the Portuguese capital of Lisbon, situated from the freguesia of Santa Maria Maior.

The mountain where São Jorge Castle stands has played a significant role in the history of Lisbon, having served as the place of fortifications inhabited Founded by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, and Moors, until its conquest by the Portuguese from the 1147 Siege of Lisbon.

Since the 12th century, the castle has served as a royal palace, a military barracks, house of the Torre do Tombo National Archive, and as a national monument and museum.

5. Óbidos


The city proper has roughly 3100 inhabitants. The municipality inhabitants in 2011 has been 11,772, in a place of 141.55 square kilometres 54.65 square kilometers.

The title”Óbidos” is a Latinised derivation of the elderly Celtic”Eburobricio”.

The Area of Óbidos, extending from the Atlantic into the Inside of Estremadura Province across the lakes and ponds was occupied since the late Paleolithic. A settlement was assembled by ancient Celt tribes, which was later a center of trade to the Phoenicians.

6. Luís I Bridge

luís i bridge

The Dom Luís I Bridge, or Luís I Bridge, is a double-deck Metallic arch bridge That Spans the River Douro Between the Cities of Porto. In its structure, its 172 metres length was the longest of its kind in the entire world.

Back in 1879, Gustave Eiffel introduced a project to build a new bridge across the Douro, with a large single deck so as to facilitate boat navigation.

This endeavor was rejected as a result of dramatic increase of the urban populace, which necessitated a re-thinking of the constraints of a single-deck platform.

7. Rossio


The Rossio is the most popular name of this King Pedro IV Square from the city of Lisbon, in Portugal. It’s found in the Pombaline Downtown of Lisbon and continues to be among its most important squares because the Middle Ages.

It is the favorite name of this King Pedro IV Square from the city of Lisbon, in Portugal. It’s found in the Pombaline Downtown of Lisbon and continues to be among its most important squares because the Middle Ages.

It’s become the setting of popular revolts and parties, bullfights and executions, and it’s presently a favorite meeting place of Lisbon sailors and tourists alike.

The Column of Pedro IV is at the middle of the squarefoot.

What’s famed for the best places Portugal Rossio city?

House to many UNESCO World Heritage sites, Lisbon’s best attractions include the historical Rossio Airport?

Rossio Airport

rossio airport

The airport is the main hub of Portugal’s flag carrier TAP Air Portugal including its subsidiary TAP Express as well of being a hub for cheap airlines Ryanair and easyJet.

It’s a focus city for Azores Airlines, euroAtlantic Airways, Hi Fly, Orbest, and White Airways.

8. Praça do Comércio

Praça do Comércio

The Praça do Comércio is located in the town of Lisbon, Portugal. Located close to the Tagus river, the square is still generally called Terreiro do Paço since it had been the place of this Paços da Ribeira till it had been ruined by the great 1755 Lisbon earthquake.

Then, The earthquake has been planted as part in the pombaline Downtown. 1st marquis of pombal, which was the Minister of the King of Portugal european country.

What do you need to know before traveling to Best places in Portugal?

  • Wear comfy footwear
  • Brush up on a Portuguese vocabulary
  • Keep Your Eye on private things
  • Know how to correctly Request java
  • Recall the amount 112
  • Discount drug retailers
  • Remain in a group at night
  • Use a G.P.S, while driving through the country side

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