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Romania is a country Situated in the crossroads of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe and there Best places Romania from holiday..

Romania Country is famous for its forested area of Transylvania, ringed by the Carpathian Mountains. Its capital and biggest city is Bucharest.

Its preserved medieval cities include Sighişoara, also you will find lots of fortified temples and churches, especially clifftop Bran Castle, long connected with the Dracula legend. Romania is the 8th largest country as well as the 6th most populous member nation of the European Union, with nearly 20 million individuals.

Country Romania (Europe)
Capital city Bucharest city
Population 19,286,095 as of Tuesday, February 11, 2020
Prime minister Ludovic Orban
Since 2019
Currency Romanian leu

We’ll be supplying an information about listing of top 8 spot destinations in Romania. That means that you may read the content carefully and revel in your trip with beautiful Romania.

List of 20 Best places in Romania

    1. Bucharest City
    2. Brașov
    3. Constanța
    4. Sinaia
    5. Oradea
    6. Alba Iulia
    7. Făgăraș
    8. Curtea de Argeș

1. Bucharest City

bucharest city

Bucharest is the capital and largest city of Romania, along with its own cultural, industrial, and financial center. Its arrangement is a combination of historical, interbellum, Greek era and modern.

The Historic Lipscani district is home to a Vibrant nightlife scene together with Mini Eastern Orthodox Stavropoleos Church.

Mogosoaia palace around the amazing and spectacular destinations

Mogosoaia Palace

bucharest trip

Mogoșoaia Palace is located about 10 kilometres from Bucharest, Romania.

It had been assembled mid 1698-1702 out of Constantin Brâncoveanu, In what is called the Romanian Renaissance layout or design.

The palace conveys the title of the wolf of the Romanian boyar Mogoș, who possessed the land it was assembled.

2. Brașov


Brașov is a Town in Romania and Also the administrative Center of Brașov County, ringed by the Carpathian Mountains. It is famous for its medieval Saxon walls and bastions, the towering Gothic-style Black Mirror and vibrant cafes.

It’s surrounded by the Southern Carpathians and is a part of this historic region of Transylvania.

3. Constanța


It was founded around 600 BC. Constanța is a town on the beaches of the Black Sea, in southeastern Romania. The City is located in the Northern Dobruja region of Romania, on the Black Sea shore. It’s the capital of Constanța County and the biggest city in the area of Dobruja.

It’s among the biggest metropolitan regions in Romania. Its long history, which extends back over 2,000 decades, is documented in the National History and Archaeology Museum, close to the interface.

The adjoining Roman Mosaics complex shows tiled flooring dating back to the 4th century A.D. Nearby, the Great Mahmudiye Mosque is supplied with a huge Persian carpet, whereas its towering minaret overlooks town for Best places Romania.

4. Sinaia


Sinaia is a City and a mountain Hotel in Prahova County, Romania. It’s located in the historic region of Muntenia. Sinaia is a city in central Romania’s peak.

Its 17th-century Sinaia Monastery was formerly a royal household residence. German neo-Renaissance Peleș Castle, now a hall, has Klimt frescoes and stained-glass aperture.

Sinaia near location in Prahova Ski hotel

Ski hotel

sinaia hotel

The ski hotel Sinaia is situated in Prahova. For ski and snowboarding, you will find 17.9 kilometers of slopes and 5 kilometers of ski paths out there.

9 lifts transport the guests. The winter sports place is located between the elevations of both 1,006 and 2,090 m.

How do are you going space sinaia to budapest?

There are 6 ways to get from Budapest to Sinaia from:

  1. Bus
  2. Train
  3. Night train
  4. Vehicle
  5. Shuttle
  6. Plane

5. Oradea


Oradea is the capital town of Bihor County and also Crișana area and among the very important economic, cultural and social facilities in the western region of Romania.

It is known for baroque and art nouveau architecture, remnants of this Austro-Hungarian empire. Secessionist buildings lineup fundamental Strada Republicii. Nearby, the neoclassical State Theater overlooks King Ferdinand Square.

6. Alba Iulia

alba iulia

Alba Iulia is a town which functions as the chair of Alba County at the west-central portion of Romania. Situated on the Mureș River from the historic region of Transylvania.

Considering that the High Middle Ages, the town has been the chair of Transylvania’s Roman Catholic diocese. At one stage it also was a middle of Eastern Orthodox Metropolitan of Transylvania with suffragan into Vad diocese.

7. Făgăraș


Făgăraș is a town in central Best places Romaniaa, situated in Brașov County. It is located upon the Olt River and has a population of 28,330 as of 2011. It is situated in the historical area of Transylvania, also is the first town of a subregion, Țara Făgărașului.

Făgăraș is a town in central Romania, situated in Brașov County.

8. Curtea de Argeș

curtea de argeș

Curtea de Argeș is a municipality in Romania on the left Hand Bank of This Argeş River. Where it on the Railroad flows through a valley of the Reduced Carpathians.. It’s a part of Argeș County. The town also administers a single village, Noapteș.

Seeing All The Best places Romania With Auto Europe

At a place where the people today commemorate their rich culture, continue to folklore of their last, and invite beginners; Romania has ever been a country worth seeing. Together with the forest area of Transylvania, the preserved medieval cities and castles, along with the well preserved medieval structure.

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