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Bihar Tourism

Bihar Tourism : This eastern state of India is surrounded by Nepal in the north, West Bengal in the east, Jharkhand in the south and Uttar Pradesh in the west. 94,168 sq km The capital of this state is Patna. After the new state Jharkhand, which was cut from the original state of Bihar on November 15, 2000, there has been a significant decrease in the area and mineral wealth of this state.

1. Patna city bihar


The present capital of Bihar is situated on the banks of river Ganga and Son. This city was founded by Sher Shah Suri in the 16th century by revolting Humayun. In the century, when India was British rule in the year, then the ruler had planted opiate in Patna. 15 km on the southern coast of Ganga Patna city has expanded its expanse in the area of. Remains of glorious history of past times are still scattered in Patna city. The information office of Bihar State is located on the Majhaal Haq road near the railway station. Autorickshaw, copper, bicycle rickshaw and taxi traffic are available for city tour.

2. Bodh gaya bihar

Bihar Tourismbodh-gaya-bihar

105 km from Patna 15 km from Gaya This spiritual city is situated on the south side at a distance. 2500 years ago on the bank of the Niranjana river, under the tree of the Peopal tree, in the village of Uru Vilva, Siddhartha of Kapilavastu had done penance. The full moon of the month of Baishakh was attained in the penance of rigorous penance for 49 days.

Peepal tree in Bihar is today known as Bodhivraksh. Buddha jayanti is gathered from many countries around the world for the worship of Lord Buddha, a group of Buddhist devotees here. In the Buddhist temple Lord Buddha has a pedestal posture on which he used to meditate on meditation. Sheila’s impression of her feet is permanent. It is one of the four major pilgrimage sites of Buddhist religions. Three other places are Lumbini, Sarnath and Kushinagar. Siddhartha was born in Lumbini village, Sarnath where he gave the first knowledge and Kushinagar where he received Mahaparinirvana.

3. Barabar gufa bihar


This cave is built in the third century AD. Emperor Ashoka had done it. There are also other caves here. These caves have made three types of texture. Some punch is in the shape of the Pandava, in the shape of some Hata Kiva then there is some natural shape produced. Nagarjan caves are huge. That is, their size or area is elaborate, the voice is very resonant here. The area of ​​Pandavakar caves is smaller than Nagarjuni caves. Hut-Cave is open on one side and closed on three sides, according to the original inhabitants of this region, these great works of history are a temporary shelter for dacoits today. Visitors visit here only on Monday.

4. Vishnupad mandir bihar


As is evident from the name itself, it is Lord Vishnu’s temple. The specialty of this temple is that there is no worship of idols here. 40 cm The Lord’s face on the long Sheila is also revered. Devotees and devotees bath here in the water of the holy river Phalgu and leave Lord Vishnu’s temple for Darshan. The restoration of this ancient temple was done in 1789 AD by Queen Ahilya of Indore.

5. Chhath puja bihar

Outside Chhath Puja, he is a popular festival of eastern India. It is celebrated after 6 days of Deepawali, in which devotees stand in the water of Ganga Maiya, and produce new crop fruit, and worship the sun and offer sacred Ganga water.

6. Brayyani pahad bihar

Bihar Tourismbrayyani-pahad-bihar

Ramayana Yugin has 1000 stairs in this temple. They can be seen by Shiva temple and Vatvriksha. Travelers wishing to visit Gaya can travel here by bus and train.

7. Rajgir bihar


15 km south of Nalanda And 102 km south-west of Patna Located at a distance of Rajgir district, which was known in ancient times as Rajghar. Rajgir has a glorious history of its own. Lord Gautam Buddha and Mahavir have given religious discourses and lectures here. Mahatma Buddha initiated the Maurya emperor Bimbasar to Buddhism on the hill of the mountains located here. After the Mahaparinirvana of Gautam Buddha, the first Buddhist Kaosil was held in Satparani cave located here. Rajgir or Rajgaura, which is visible only by its name.

8. Kala mandir bihar


95 Mahavira’s life story has been mentioned on the support of 95 idols. Paradise reserves, Maniyar monastery, Ghrudrakud mountain, Saptaparni cave are also visible. At the same time, Jain temple, Burma temple, Buddha temple, Anandamoyi Ma’s ashram, Sri Ramkrishna Math etc. are also special. Sara Rajgir can be roaming in the 4th hour of royal ride.

9. Sonepur bihar

Bihar Tourismsonepur-bihar

The Mela of Sonpur is a famous fair of India, in which the State Tourism Association engages in the business of tents for the stay of devotees. In the context of this fair, the adage is famous that the buyers can buy from the animal here to the human being. There is a lot of crowd in the fair. By worshiping God in the Ganga, worshipers of God and worshipers of the devotees worship the devotees. Another attraction here is a rail bridge for a length of 10,052 feet. This fair takes place in Kartik Purnima everyday.

Apart from Kolkata, other states of India can be reached by rail here. 65 km from Patna At the distance of the sacred river is situated on the other side of Ganges, Sonpur. This place is also the main pilgrimage site of Hindus due to the Ganges Gangak river joining here. The talk of sonpur and the name of the world famous fair can not be so.

10. Pavapuri bihar


This place is 80 km from Patna Patna is located on the Ranchi Highway in the west direction. According to the historical story, when the holy incense of Lord Mahavira’s body was lifted by his devotees. There were innumerable number of devotees. The result was that when the consuming was finished, the devotee started taking the holy soil with the touch of the incense.

Soon the site became a huge pothole and water came out. Kamal Sarovar was constructed in the same memory. This sarovar is full of lotus flowers. This lake is constructed with white marble. Shadow of this footprint on Lord Mahavir in the temple is revered. The samadhi of Bihar and Sharif personality Peer Makhdoom Shah, built by Gopal, famous by the Pala dynasty of Bengal, is also visible.

11. Vaishali bihar

Bihar Tourismvaishali-bihar

This place is 55 km north of Patna Located at a distance of. Its initial name was Vishalpuri, which has now become Vaishali. Vaishraman Mahavir was born in 1550 AD in the suburb of Kumbh village of Vaishali. Mahavir first was Jain tirthankar. Mahatma Gandhi Setu connects Patna with the city of South Bihar. This bridge is an outstanding sample of construction art. Near Ashoka Pillar, Buddhist stupas, quadrilateral Mahadev, consumed Buddha Museum, Copper currencies, gold pieces, etc. Abhishek Pushpakrini, King Giant’s Castle, Mirjni shrine, Hari bowl Temple, fifty-two of the sail era Pokhara etc. Well | Vaishali can be visited by rickshaw. It can be reached by bus by rail.

12. Nalanda bihar

Bihar Tourismnalanda-bihar

It was built in the third century by Emperor Ashoka, which has become a renowned educational center. It is believed that Nalanda is the oldest university in the world. Chinese traveler Hansang studied for 12 years in this center. The remaining remains of Nalanda are the residence of students, stupa, monastery, temple etc. The center of the university is the Manumant wall, Bagh, Nav Nalanda, Mahavihar and Art Gallery. The Archaeological Museum, Indira Gandhi Muktangan University is also here.

13. Simultala bihar


Simulatla is surrounded by mahadis. Visitors visit here to enjoy natural sights here and to take health benefits through clean air. From here on, the sacred task of providing healthcare is given here. On the right is the House of Commons. It is nearby Latu Mountains. The Rajbadi, the tennis courts of the Sen sahibs can be seen on this hill. Otto, tractor ride is available for illusions.

14. Munger bihar

Bihar TourismBihar Tourism

Munger was the capital of the last Nawab of Meerakasim in Bihar. Even today the ruins of the fort built by Mirakasim are available. It is also mentioned in the Mahabharata Kaliyuga era. At that time it was named Modagiri. There is currently a court, jail and office. Mir Kasim’s cave is right in front of the ghat. Along with it is the offerings of Sahasujah. There is a Sita Charan temple on the island between water. Narayan Bagh is an excellent environment for children’s entertainment. The ancient Shiva Temple is situated near Dharamsala.

The time of the Kunda was inaugurated in the time of the fire test of Sitaji. It is 6 km from the city. Located at a distance of. There are also other hot tubes. Nearly the temple of Goddess Chandi is there. The second floor has statues of Shiva and Durga. 10 km from Sita Kund Is located far away, is the Rishikund or the hot water reservoir. This area is surrounded by dense jungle. Due to its concentration, the residents here make it to Bihar’s chambal. Visitors can reach Jamalpur via Sealdah.

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