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Calangute Beach Goa

  • General information about Kalangut Beach Goa
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  • Kalangute Beach Goa Driving Directions
  • How to reach Calangute Beach Goa?
  • Separate distance Kalangut beach for Goa
  • Parking and facilities at Calangute Beach Goa
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  • Characteristic of Calangute Beach Goa
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  • Geography of Kalangut Beach Goa
  • Calangute Beach Goa Weather
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General Information about Calangute Beach Goa

The Calangtut beach in state is additionally referred to as Queen of Beaches. the amount from Gregorian calendar month to Gregorian calendar month is that the most pleasurable time to go to here. The capital is fifteen kilometre from the capital Tejim, the beach itself isn’t significantly special, during which sand is being unbroken during a cold shelf, though its capability is giant enough to accommodate the massive variety of tourists of the massive season.

The Kalangute beach is typically crowded and through the vacation season little resorts ar prosperous within the business. it’s one in all Goa’s preferred beaches during which there ar several amenities for tourists, together with beach and water sports with golden sands.


Kalangut beach is set on the banks of the sea of ​North state, India. Calangute is that the preferred vacation destination in state. glorious accommodation is out there, particularly in traveller resorts and cottages. it’s become a decent investment theme for purchasing property in state.

The beach is additionally the proper traveller destination in Kailagut, that is stuffed with lid and stalls below the roof of palm trees by marketing everything from palm springs and brewage, that is created from trunk of gastropod shells. Its iridescent poetry poetry has continuously welcome everybody, though hippies became common throughout the globe by looking it within the 60’s.


Places to see in Calangute Beach Goa

Church of St. Alex

Church of St. Alex

The Church of St. Alex, founded by Francis, is popular among tourists for its architectural beauty. The church has two towers, altars and a white dome, which can be seen from the entrance. This church was originally founded in 1595, which makes it one of the oldest living churches in Goa. The church standing on this site was built by local people in 1741. In 1765, the towers of this church were established, while the sanctuary was rebuilt in 1916.

Medicinal Springs

Medicinal Springs

Medicinal springs are a flow which is believed to have properties. Located in Mottant, these springs are an ideal place for a picnic, where tourists mainly bath in medicinal water. After the Bom Vijam Convent, after narrow road, tourists can reach these springs.

Kerkar Art Complex

Kerkar Art Complex

Kerkar Art Gallery is the popular Art Gallery of Kailgut, which exhibits images and paintings created by Subodh Kerkar. The exhibition in Gallery also exhibits the artwork of contemporary artists from all over India.

Calangute Beach Goa Driving Directions From Mumbai

566 km about 9 hours 54 minutes
1. South side towards AH Wadia Marg / Kalina Kurla Road on CST Road / Tamsi Band Road
0.2 km
2. A little bit of staying on CST Road / Tamasya Bandt RD
31 meters
3. Bangalore – Mumbai High / CST Road / Mumbai – Pune HV / Santacruz – Walk directly to Chembur Link Road
Bangalore – Mumbai HV / Mumbai – Pune HV
3.5 km
4. Bengaluru – Turn on Mumbai Air / Ghatkopar – Mankhurd Link Road / Jijai Bhosale Road / Mumbai – Pune HV
0.5 km
5. Go directly to Ghatkopar – Mankhurd Link Road / Jijai Bhosale Road
Hanuman Temple Garden (1.3 km to the left)
1.8 km

Driving Directions

6. Keep right on Ghatkopar – Mankhurd Link RD / Jijai Bhosale Road
1.7 km
7. Bangalore – Mumbai HV / Mumbai HV / Mumbai – Exit Pune HV
partial toll road
Food passes by carnival (106 km to the left)
117 km
8. Get to the right of NH48
0.4 km
9. Keep it accurate and merge with NH48
Near by Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering (4.9 km to the left)
27.1 km
10. Continue straight to stay at the NH48
partial toll road
21 9 km

Driving Directions

11. Keep the right to live on NH48
partial toll road
Near by Hindustan Steel (7.7 km right)
46.0 km
12. Turn right on the Grade Gredging Lodge RD
Hotel Dreamland on Goa RD, near Shippur (3.2 km to the left)
10.0 km
13. Continue on the Knitna Ajra link RD
Go through the sunrise to the hotel (on the left)
11.0 km
14. Nipani goes left to stay on Ajra Link Road
Pass by Hotel Saj Restaurant (on the left)
9.3 km
15. Turn right on Amboli Gadhinglang RD
Close by Madilage (1.7 km to the right)
8.6 km

Driving Directions

16. Turn right at Durga Sweet Home on Amboli Azhra Road.
Near Matoshree Pure Veji (on the right)
26.3 km
17. Redi-Belagawi RD / Sawantwadi RD / Vengurla – Turn right at Tita bus stop on Belgaum RD
Nearby by Park (8.8 km to the left)
23.9 km
18. Turn left
19. Turn left
5.7 km
20. Proceed directly
Close to the superstars store (7.9 km left)
8.0 km

Driving Directions

21. Left at NH66
partial toll road
Close by Happy Punjabi (right at 13.4 km)
35.5 km
22. Turn right at Xell Bastora Rd
1.3 km
23. Turn left on super glass on carangue- Mapusa RD
Stay at the apartment (on the right)
0.6 km
24. Stay ahead of Royal Steel and Hardware to stay at Calangute- Mapusa RD
By Palmmarrinha Resort & Suites (right at 3.4 km)
4.4 km
25. At the crossroads, take second exit on Chougua Road
Pass by Little Giant School (on the right)
0.8 km
26. Turn left on Aguada-Salim Road / Candolim road on Chirayu La Funis Italian resto bar and multi dishes.
Pass by Pizza Hut (left)
0.6 km
27. Bottega right turn on 7/99
Destination will be on the left.


How to reach Calangute Beach Goa?

By Air

There is only one airport in Goa, from where Dabolim is located about 49 km from the Kalgaon beach. It is an international airport and international flights of Qatar, Dubai, Sharjah, Kuwait, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Russia and major cities of India are available here. After reaching the airport, you can easily reach Kylant Beach with a four-wheel car.

By Railway

Nearest railway station near Kalangut beach located in Thivim (Thivim railway station), approximately 16 km away. It takes about 21 minutes to reach Kalangut beach from Thivim railway station. Other important railway stations are located in Madgaon and Vasco da Gama.

By Road

The Kalangute beach is directly connected to Panaji (14 km away) through Mapusa. There are many governments here (Kandamban Transport Corporation, KTC) and private bus operator from Panaji Bus Station to Kailung Town. You can also hire a private taxi to reach here.


Different distance For Calangute Beach Goa

From Distance / Time Vai
North Goa 43 km /1 h 14 min NH748
South Goa 38 km/1 h 1 min MDR47


Eating facilities in Calangute Beach Goa



A great name, it’s a no-binder, as I came to know that when I had to wait 40 minutes for the table at 9:30 am. In the counter there is an attractive display of refreshing bacca like shrimp patties, beef samosas, quacks and more. The egg section on the menu is wide. With so many options in hand, we recommend that you start choosing some things from the counter. Add them to the fresh berry chin or frappe and you enjoy yourself a delicious breakfast.

Café Chocolatti

Café Chocolatti

Breakfast Paradise If you do not pay attention to the candlelight, this beautiful garden cafe which is superb and coffee, there are dishes out of omelettes, you will be taken back. Waffles are trying to make crispy yet fluffy and freshly baked ginger bread. Whatever you do, leave your home-made chocolate accessories without trying

Beach shacks

Beach Shacks

The idea behind sluggish holidays in Goa is that you relax the beach and meals of food and drink with a hut. There are very good people and after some attempts, you will know who to avoid whom we love pork ribs on TGIFReads (not shock and global series) and go ahead to St. Anthony’s goose fish curry curry. Most lid charges for the use of sunbed, however, there are many where you can relax and order from the menu without extra fees for sunlight when you want change in the scenario, like para-sailing and jet skis like There are lots to choose from many water sports.



Not like your typical restaurant in Goa, Bora do not come in geographically Kalangut, but we thought that for good food, no boundaries can spread a little, away from Fort Aguda Road, the Bomra is the best Burma restaurant in the country The argument is. The acclaimed writer Amitav Ghosh famously said about this restaurant – “If it was in New York, there would be a line with the block”. We recommend Beef Corpuscio salad, boiled snapper with lamograss, Eat needle for sweets and coconut and jackfruit panna cottage.


Specialty for this Calangute Beach Goa

The best part of the candolim is that it is the distance to walk in the park, which runs from the main train road to Agauda, ​​in Paralli. According to our budget there are plenty of private places to rent and you have two-level activity for only one thing, to rent a taxi main road and also to house rent. Here you can rent candleim and Lavade Super Market claims car from where you can buy all. A good place for beach-flying dolphins Savos, demands blue design and good food.

A shack and a tree tree shack is moving forward. The best swollen lobo is eaten in the calangut. South Goa beaches are good for beaches or the rest of the majors are fine and dirty. Kangalgute and Baga, where action is. Vegator and Anjuna are good for the Arambamol north, for good waves and rocks. Located in the north-south, all for ‘peaceful five-star resorts’ are far from the beach excepettes in Maajorda.


The beach is also the perfect tourist destination in Kailung, which is full of lid and stalls under the roof of palm trees by selling everything from palm springs and beer, which is for trinkets made of shells. Its rainbow poem Kaavas has always welcomed everyone, although hippies became popular throughout the world by searching it in the 60’s.

One of the places to visit is St. Alex Church. Church of St Alex congratulated the visitors with their two towers and a magnificent dome sang the people. Inside the church is its exhibition of its architectural style and charming charming arches and beauty.

Kalangut’s nightlife is surprisingly subdued and offers a good break from wild parties in Anjuna. A handful of bars run till 10:00. A notable exception is at the end of the tragedy of Tito beach, which is open until midnight in the off-season and at the end of December and December for a few hours in the morning.

Attraction around the Calangute Beach Goa

In addition to the activities mentioned above, beach lovers should also visit some of the major attractions surrounding the Calangute beach, if they travel for a pleasant holiday trip in this coastal paradise.
There are some prominent attractions in Kalangute Beach:

Colva beach

colva beach

Located in southern Goa, Kolva Beach is one of the oldest yet fascinating beaches, with nightlife as well as great and long lasting memories. The huge availability of many lid spread over this beach is the best choice for food.

 Baga beach

Baga beach

This beach is one of the most famous attractions in Goa, which is located 10 km from the west of Mogusa. This is the expansion of Kalangut beach because there is so much confusion in saying that where the garden starts and Kalung beach ends. This beach is sandwiches between two famous beaches, an Anjuna and Kalangut.

Saint Alex Church

Saint Alex Church

The architecture of the church is quite attractive and it is different from others. It is popular because of its towers and Vedas next to the magnificent dome inside the church’s premises.

Baga Retreat House

Baga Retreat House

Built on Baga Hilltop, the Baga Retreat House, built for the construction of St. Francis Xavier, is adjacent to the Arabian Sea, this house has always been a famous tourist destination.
Other prominent attractions are attracting the attention of local mupassas, nature lovers, Morizim Beach, Arambol, Ashwam Beach, Agawada Lighthouse and Aguada Fort, Splashdan, Teeto Club, Nerul River, Keri (Kaimar) Beach, Candolim Beach, Salgao Beach, Friday Market, River Betul and Betul Istaha, and so on.


Photography: How to Get Great Photos of Calangute Beach Goa


Nurturing the ambitions of your photography and going behind the lens to capture priceless themes like wildlife, foreign flora and fauna hidden in the forests of Goa.This course in wildlife photography is perfectly suited to its taste. By shooting the snake to the birds, you can make your selection.

You will start at around 6:45 and stay wild around four or four hours. Great Outdoor as Your Classroom And With A Professional Guide Learn the techniques for capturing a shot of a broken Malabar trogon. Wait for a diving kingfisher flight Tilt that hidden rock dragon into your camera, which will be a good memory for you.Finish this exciting day at around 10:15 and return home with many memories.


Calangute Beach Goa Geography

A study on Kalangut’s geography shows that the beach is located in North Goa on the shores of the North Sea. It is situated about 15 km from Goa’s capital Panaji. Kailung Beach is surrounded by the Saligao, Candolim and Epora-Nagpoa.

Kailung beach is one of the most crowded beaches of India. The best time to visit the beach is between November and February, during this period, the beach experiences a pleasant atmosphere. However, it is noteworthy that Kalangut season is pleasant throughout the year, except for the slightest variation only. The beach experiences mild summers during the summer months, the temperature is between 24 ° C and 32.7 ° C.

In the winter season, light woolen cloth is required in the winter season, the temperature is 21.3 degrees Celsius and 32.2 degrees Celsius. Between Apart from this, during the monsoon, Kalangat experiences heavy rainfall, when tourists are advised to avoid the beach.

Climate of Calangute Beach Goa


Tourism is considered as the Goa Season, from October to March, with thousands of tourists in Goa, despite the caste, creed and languages, holidays all over the world, during this period of the year, to immerse themselves in the beauty of Goa. Love. Between October and March, the temperature of Goa is higher than the cooler and there is a clear sky throughout the day.

This period is ideal for hanging on foreign beaches or trapping through the colonial monuments of the anterior or on the turquoise waters of the vast Arabic sea, for themselves in various types of thrilling water sports. But, if you are fond of nature and want to count the nature, then try to explore the state during off-season.


Summer in Goa starts from the middle of March and ends by the end of May. During this period of Goa’s climate, it is hot and very damp and attracts fewer crowds. Therefore, the tourists who wish to stay away from the bustle and bustle for some time, compared to spending summer holidays in Goa.
During this period of the year, explore the city of Mandago and the nearby beaches like Colva, Benaulim, Cavalosim, Mober and Palolo or visit ancient temples and Catholic churches.


As the title reflects, the monsoon in Goa is an ideal season to have fun among nature’s unusual attractions. The monsoon season in Goa is from June to September. Every year when there is rain in the first rainy plains of the monsoon and small rivers are tilted with rain water, then you should be ready to see a separate Goa. Due to the constant rain of the monsoon season, the thirst for the earth is satisfied and all its filth is cleared.


People from Calangute Beach Goa

Calangute Beach Goa2

Calangute Beach Goa3

people of calangute


Calangute Beach Goa images

Calangute beach1

Calangute beach2

Calangute beach


Hotels in Calangute Beach Goa

Nagoa Grande Resort

Nagoa Grande Resort

Enjoy a relaxing holiday in this resort’s beach shuttle, full-service spa, guided city tours and three dining options. Location: Surrounded by palm trees and open spaces, Nagoya Grande Resort offers easy access to the world-famous beaches, including the Baja Beach and Cullen of North Goa.

Goot Beach (4 km) Titos Lane, charming party and nightlife area, and less than 15 minutes from Mapusa Market Resort. The fort of Aguada is about 10 km away. Guests can use the property for about an hour from Thivim railway station (15 km) and 30 minutes from Goa International Airport (37 kilometers). Room Facilities: Show floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the garden or pool, there are premium luggage in all the gorgeously appointed rooms and suites.


Each room includes modern amenities such as air conditioning, LCD TV, tea / coffee maker, mini bar, electronic safe and free Wi-Fi access. In the area, more than 440 square feet away, there is also a spacious living room in the suites. Hairdryers and toiletries are available in the private bathroom. Hotel Facilities: Nirvana The Nagua Spa offers all types of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy, massage, scrub, nails and hair services, and provide facials to guests. Beach lovers can take advantage of complimentary shuttle service to the popular Calangute beach.

Visitors who want to see Goa’s popular tourist attractions can contact the front desk to visit guided tours. Sahara offers a swimming pool, game room (indoor games), meeting room, and bike / driver-driven AC car rental and 24-hour room service. Dining: Enjoy the magnificent Indian and international cuisine at the Baywatch multi-cuisine restaurant while enjoying views of the gorgeous gardens and the pool. In-house dining options include the poolside deck bar and a library café which includes fresh hot / cold drinks and snacks.

Keys Ronil Resort

Keys Ronil Resort

Location: The Key Ranil Resort is 40-meter drive from Thivim Railway Station, just 500 meters away from the famous Titos lane and just 500 meters from Baga Beach. The voradants are surrounded by greenery resort. Room Facilities: Guests can choose from the deluxe and executive rooms offered at the resort. Rooms are equipped with tele-modern bathrooms with views, tea / coffee maker, work desk, ergonomic chair, and modern hot shower / cold water, essential bath amenities, and shower units. Most rooms offer a balcony with pool views.

Hotel facilities: For recreation, guests can swim some lap in the outdoor pool, play a lounge or pool table near the pool with your favorite drink. For business events and social activities, the resort offers conferencing and banquet facilities. Apart from this, the resort offers currency exchange, laundry, travel assistance and Wi-Fi. Dining: A multi-dishes restaurant, known for its seafood, a tasty meal on the Golden Net. This restaurant also serves Indian, Chinese and Continental food. Enjoy the premium wine and drinks offered in the Rodeo Bar.


Shopping place in Calangute Beach Goa

Calangute Market

Calangute Market

Kalangut is not only famous for its beach, but it is also for the market which is the paradise of a shopkeeper. You can buy all kinds of things in this market from clothes to jewelery to memento. You can buy things made from leather, metal or mud as decorative pieces. In this market you have to give a lot. Kailung Beach is one of the very busy beaches in Goa and this is why sellers are fresh in the store for buyers. And keep new items.

Mackie’s Night Bazaar

Mackie’s Night Bazaar

Emekee’s night market should do just that one hundred stalls which offer many recipes, eco-friendly accessories, a wide handicraft, live music and a dance floor, making this market a very unique experience. Organized on the banks of the Baga River from November to April, this night market must definitely travel on any trip to Goa. Located at the most nightlife location in Goa, this market is selling a wide range of souvenirs and gift items along with stalls. Various dishes are also a combination of many food lip-skaking recipes. To add to the fun, the live band is performed live by the local band

If you are planning for a long weekend trip to Goa, then these tips will come in handy!
where to stay? Check out these popular hotels in Goa for a memorable holiday.
Budget: Rs 2,500 per person (2-night included in 3-star hotel)
Distance from Mumbai: 425 km (1 hour by flight)
Traveler Type: Friend, Solo Traveler, Couples
Add these hangouts to your travels on your next trip to Goa and you are sure to be an exciting shopping competition!


Calangute Beach Goa Weather

Calangute Beach Goa whather


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