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Canacona Beach Goa

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General Information about Canacona Beach Goa

Cancun is an administrative region in South Goa, India.One of the five Talukas that formed the South Goa district is Cancun.It is located in the north by the Taluka of Quepem, south by Sangham, in the south by the state of Karnataka and near the Arabian Sea in the west.

The city of Choudi is the administrative headquarters of the taluka of Kanakona.Kanakona name Konkan is a correction.This area was one of the former State of the Sudan states, which was a remaining part of the former Vijayanagar empire.

When Sundara was attacked and partially occupied by Hyder Ali of Mysore, the dismembered King handed over the remaining parts to Portugal and it was included in Goa as Coepem, Sangham and Kanakona districts.Canocona was included in Goa in 1794.Like most parts of Goa, the district’s culture shows an Indo-Portuguese fusion, yet Canacona has experienced less lucrative comparison than Central Velha Conquistas.


Places to see in Canacona Beach Goa

Patnem beach

Patnem Beach

There are several beach shaks and restaurants in Pattam Beach which attract many travelers who come to this area. This beach is ideal for enjoying traditional seafood, as well as for swimming and sun-terrace. Many chairs and parasols are available along the beach, where tourists can sit and relax. The beach of Putnam is famous for selling street spices, coffee and trinkets.

It is an ideal beach to relax and learn yoga in health clubs standing along the main road. Nightlife on this beach is also exciting due to the presence of various bars, pubs, discotheques and beach shocks. Tales and local buses are easily available to travel to this beach. Visitors can also walk to the beach, which is 1.5 km from Palolim Beach

The Mallikarjun Temple

The Mallikarjun Temple

Sri Mallikarjuna Temple is a 16th century temple, which was rebuilt in 1778. In this temple, Lord Mallikarjuna is the main deity, which is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva. There are more than 60 idols of various Gods and Goddesses located in this temple. There are beautiful wooden pillars beautifully carved.The main festivals are celebrated in this temple, which include Rathaspati or chariot festival and Shigmo. In the month of February, Rathasapati is celebrated annually, while Shigmo is celebrated in April.

Shri Navdurga Temple

Shri Navdurga Temple

The Sri Navadurga Temple is located in Ponguni, which belongs to Kanakon Taluk.This temple is situated about 31 km north-west of Karwar and about 66 km from Fonda city. Tourists can travel through the Margao-Karwar road to reach this temple of Shri Navadurga. The main idol of this temple is of Goddess Navdurga and can be reached by climbing about 81 steps.This temple is situated near five major temples, which have been named Panchayat. Of these temples, Parashuram Temple is one of the oldest temples in this area.


Canacona Beach Goa Driving Directions From Mumbai

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
634 km about 11 hours 4 minutes
1. South side towards AH Wadia Marg / Kalina Kurla Road on CST Road / Tamsi Band Road
0.2 km
2. Bangalore – Mumbai High / CST Road / Mumbai – Pune HV / Santacruz – Little Right on Chembur Link Road
Bangalore – Mumbai HV / Mumbai – Pune HV
3.5 km
3. Bangalore – Mumbai Highway / Ghatkopar – Mankhurd Link Road / Jijai Bhosale Road / Mumbai – Pune HV
0.5 km
4. Go straight on Ghatkopar – Mankhurd Link Road / Jijai Bhosale Road
Hanuman Temple Garden (1.3 km to the left)
1.8 km
5. Right to stay on Ghatkopar – Mankhurd link RD / Jijai Bhosale road
1.7 km

Driving Directions

6. Bengaluru – Mumbai HV / Mumbai HV / Mumbai – Exit Pune HV
partial toll road
Near by Food Carnival (106 km to the left)
117 km
7. Go to the right of NH48
0.4 km
8. Keep it accurate and merge with NH48
Near by Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering (4.9 km on the left)
27.1 km
9. Continue to stay on the NH48
partial toll road
21 9 km
10. Keep the right to live on NH48
partial toll road
Passed by Hindustan Steel (right at 7.7 km)
107 km

Driving Directions

11. Turn left on Khanpur road
11 meters
12. Turn right to stay on Khanapur RD
13. Turn right
Go through 1 roundabout
1.9 km
At the crossroads, take a third exit on NH748
Go through 1 roundabout
Near Sri Panchavati Soy Maruti Temple (on right)
15. At the intersection, take the second exit and stay on NH748
Passed by the Setiya Complex (at left)
27.2 km

Driving Directions

16. Leave Taraine
Close by Hotel Art Narayan (33.7 km left)
33.8 km
17. Turn right at NH748 at Hotel Jolly Goa
Pass by Goa Entry Tax (right at 19.7 km)
32.2 km
18. Turn left at Hathkarmba-Goa RD / SH7
Continue following SH 7
Gas station pass (17.1 km right)
17.1 km
19. Wind pump at the Kravoram left on the Sanowodem petrol pump at the bus stop.
Passed by Jai Mata Di Scrap (850 meters left)
1.4 km
20. On the roundabout, take the second exit and stay at Kurcham – Fonda RD
By Ravindra Bhawan Cochramem (450m in right)
0.6 km

Driving Directions

21. On the roundabout, Quepem – exit 1st on the Turco road
Passed by the Dakkal Panchayat (5.5km right side)
6.6 km
22. On the roundabout, take second exit on MDR 45
Close by HDFC Bank (at right)
3.2 km
23. Continue on MDR 46 / MDR 47
Continue to follow MDR46
Near by Somnath Temple (3.7 km right)
7.4 km
24. Left at left Bali bus stop at NH66
Close from Canacona Bus Station (20.4 km to left)
20.7 km
25. Turn right onto the old bus stand
0.7 km
26. Turn left onto MDR 48
Near by the stagnant theater (right at 850 meters)
Canacona, Goa, India.

How to reach Canacona Beach Goa

By Air

Find flights from Margao to Cancona, find availability and book flight tickets from Margao to Canacona. Many flights fly directly between Madagua from Cancona via Flight. It takes about 1 hour to travel by taxi Many taxi and taxi services are available in Hawaii Outside the airport are available to travel from the airport to other parts of Cancona. Goa airport is the nearest airport near Cancona, which is approximately 57 kilometers from Goa airport to Cancona.

By Railway

Find out the train timelines and availability to reach Cancone of Margo You will reach the Cancún by train route for 1 hour. Lolim is the nearest railway station. It is about 13 km from Goa Airport.

By Road

Many buses run on this route on different routes, which are very convenient for the passengers. There are several different types of buses operating in this route. E. G. Non AC Airbus, AC sleeper (2 + 1), non AC sleeper (2 + 1), Volvo A / C deluxe semi-sleeper, Volvo A / C Multi axle semi-sleeper. TNSTC, Paulo Travels, Seabird Tourist are the main operators of Margao, which are from Cancona route. Want to book bus tickets for cancona from Margao? To reach Madagao from Canacona, you can land in any government and private bus on this route.


Different distance Canacona Beach Goa

From Distance / Time Vai
North Goa 82.2 km / 2 h 5 min SH 7 and NH66
South Goa 45.8 km / 1 h 12 min MDR34


Eating facilities in Canacona Beach Goa

Here is a list of the best places to eat canacona beach, eat, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It is the time of year that everyone wants to move towards Goa, the country’s informal party’s capital, Goa, what you want is what you want. If you like the party, then move one leg in several places. If relaxation is on your mind, then just sew a cocktail from the sun lounger on the beach. And what we say about food, food is the corn of good food. If you like to join seafood or prefer tangy cuisine from Goa, then you are going for a treatment.

Unless you are staying in the beautiful resort of South Goa, then it is likely that you will choose Calangute Beach for you. This is the hub, where all the verbs are a little crowded, but there is a lot to do and you do not have to reach here. Where was the idea of ​​eating nearby? We have searched places from down the road to Kandolim this quick guide should help


A great name, it’s a no-brainer, as I came to know that when I had to wait 40 minutes on a table at 9:30 am. At the counter are the attractive exhibitions of freshly brewed liquor such as shrimp patties, beef samosas, quicks and more. The egg section on the menu is wide. With so many options in hand, we recommend that you start choosing some things from the counter. Add them to the fresh berry chin or frappe and you make yourself a delicious breakfast.
2. Cafe Chocolatty – Breakfast heaven If you do not mind reaching the candlelight, this beautiful garden cafe has omelette dishes, which are superb and coffee, you will go back. Waffles are trying to make crispy yet fluffy and fresh-baked ginger bread. Whatever you do, leave without some of your home-made chocolate items

Beach shacks

The idea behind sluggish holidays in Goa is that you relax the beach and meals of food and drink with a hut. There are very good people and after some efforts, you will know who to avoid whom we love pork ribs on TGIFrides (not shock and global chains) and go ahead to St. Anthony’s goose fish curry curry.

Most lid charges for the use of sunbed, however, there are so many where you can relax and order from the menu without extra fees for the sunshine, when you want a change in the scenario, such as para-sailing and jet skis Select many water sports.


Not like your typical restaurant in Goa, Bora does not come in geographically Kalangut, but we thought that for good food, no boundaries can spread a bit, located far away from Fort Aguda Road, Bomra is the best Burma restaurant in the country The argument is. The acclaimed writer Amitav Ghosh famously said about this restaurant – “If it was in New York, there would be a line with the block”. We recommend for a boiled snapper with sweet beef carpasis salad, lamoraj, sweets and coconut and jackfruit panna cotta.


A non-linear restaurant in the lane marked by De Baga Deck, Races provides delicious Indian food. The menu has an interesting selection of recipes from all over the country. We love Golden Fried Prunnes, Methi Mutton and Honey Glazed Ham. Another great place for breakfast is Leela’s cafe on the Baga River, under the street.

If you want a good outdoor location with live music, good food and a great stretch, then check Opescadors on the main street. And for the club’s view, leave everything in Tito, Mambo and that lane, rent a taxi and go a little further for Koh Goa towards Fort Aguad. The music is spectacular, a respectable crowd and you do not want to go off on a large scale dance flop.


Specialty for Canacona Beach Goa

The Kigangaon Wildlife Sanctuary has its own accommodation, the Forest Retreat House is simple and attractive, while the herd of beach along the coconut tree is a specialty that is known for Canacona. Cancona’s first luxury hotel, Goa Grand Intercontinental, has just come in the Seag Bag.

Agunda Sunset Bar and Restaurant SEAFRONT Val Afrando, Agada 403702 Tele 647381 10 Double Rooms 200-300 per day. Some A / C valid until the end of the open season from October to March (March 2003) Facilities: Restaurant, laundry arrangement, cooked food for the requirement. Restaurant dishes: Tandoori, fish-curry, beef steak, beef window, in a quiet area, pointing to the beach.

Dunhill Beach Resort, Safront Val, Agonda Beach, Canacona Facilities: Dolphin sailors, sightseeing, sunset view, arrangement of ticket booking, attached toilets. Food: Sugar, Continental, Indian, goan special dish: Fish Tandoori style Good location from 6.30 to 11 o’clock Newly renovated / newly renovated rooms for its food
Beach Orem, Paloleem Beach, Canacona Facilities: Hi-Tide Beach Hut on Restaurant, Laundry Restaurants: Indian, continental, Chinese, Mexican beach-hut, peaceful on the sand Owner or 24-hour presence of security call on the Internet from the doctor beach

Maria Guesthouse is located on the southern tip of Palolim Beach and is just 5 minutes’ walk from Orem, Paloleim, Cancona.


Attraction around the Canacona Beach Goa

Fresh water springs

Fresh Water Springs

Fresh water springs are mainly located in Puraurar and Gogel.Water springs in Purunar is situated on the property of Lord Gavkar family and is used for irrigation purposes. These water springs also have some medicinal values ​​which can cure some diseases. Similarly, tourists also gathered Gogal water springs, which is characteristic of crystal clear water.

Shree Sanusthan Gokarn Parthagali Jeevotham Math

Shree Sanusthan Gokarn Parthagali Jeevotham Math

Sri Sankaran Gokarn Parathgali is situated in Biathotha Math, Parthagali, a famous monastery of the Godd Saraswati community.In 1475 Swami Smt.Narayantheth created this special mathematics.In mathematics there are 23 different Swamiji or the history of the saints led by Visitors can see an old banyan tree on this math, which is located in the penance zone.

The math complex also includes some ancient temples of religious importance. It is situated on the banks of Kushavali river and it is called locally Brahasthasthan.Parthagali city is situated at a distance of 45 km from Madgaon and is connected to the Cancona Railway Station.

Cotigo Wildlife Sanctuary

Cotigo Wildlife Sanctuary

Kotibo Wildlife Sanctuary is about 10 km away from the district capital Chaudi and south-east from Pololom, about 12 km away. This sanctuary is located about 60 km from state capital Panaji. It was established in 1969 and covers about 86 square kilometers of land. The main animal species found in this sanctuary are monkeys, gaurs, lazy bears and many others

It is also a species of bird species, such as henas and goose with migratory birds. The ideal season to visit this place is from October to March, when the weather is pleasant. The local forest department offers comfortable accommodation along with the convenience of food in the jungle rest houses. All buses traveling to Karwar through Chouvar are just 2 km away from the main sanctuary gate.

Rajbag Beach

rajbag beach goa

The Rajbagh beach is located in the South Goa district and is known for its beautiful stretch of white sand, sand dunes and cowsurina trees.It is a separate beach which is situated close to the village of Kailam. This beach stretches across the River Talpona, which is about 2 km from Palolem. Meanwhile some of the major beaches of the beach are also located on this beach.


Photography: How to Get Great Photos of Canacona Beach Goa


We are a large island and our population is scattered along the coastline, so the beach is a natural place for us, which is why we have to go on both day trips and long holidays.

There are many wonderful opportunities near the beaches, digital camera owners are present because they are the places of natural beauty, color and interesting light. Although they also offer many challenges including camera damage, privacy issues, and make the open space interesting.

Although this is not really going on the beach in its part of the world, but I know that many readers of this site are coming closer to summer and beach photography, higher on many people’s agendas (I am very envious) .


Canacona Beach Goa Geography

Goa is very similar to geographically in neighboring states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Geographical geography divides the state into three geographical divisions. This mountainous region is composed of Sahyadri mountain in the east, plateau region and valleys and coastal plains of the low-river river in the center.

With an average height of 800 meters, the Sahyadri range is spread over an area of ​​about 600 sq. Km. Some of the major peaks in the ranges include Sonsagar, Vaigurem, Morlakkogar and Catalanmauli. Almost all the rivers of Goa have emerged from this region. In the central region of Goa, the plateau between the height of 30 meters to 100 meters in the central area of ​​the state is spread.

Among the rivers of the Mandovi and Zuari are the main part of the plains. The rivers with thermal valleys include Chapora in the north and the year and Kushavali in the south. Due to having alluvial flats near coastal areas, these valleys make prosperous agricultural fields. Some other major rivers that come out of the state include Baga, Tiranakol, Talpona, Mandovi, Zuari and Gallagabag.

Climate of Canacona Beach Goa


The best time to visit Goa is in the winter season which lasts from November to March. Clearly, this is the peak season of the state. Weather is the most suitable for enjoying on ancient beaches Goa’s most popular festival is celebrated in the month of February in the Goa Carnival festival.Christmas and New Year are celebrated here with the rare amount of enthusiasm.Night parties are organized at beaches and hotels.


Monsoon is between June and September, this is the main feature of the Goa climate. This state is located on the south-west monsoon route. As a result, dry spell of six to eight months is followed by annual rainfall in four months.Humidity increases with the onset of monsoon, it continues for almost two months.During this period the skies become cloudy and then the clouds will remain cloudy.During the monsoon, about 250 cm to 300 centimeters of rainfall is normal, although the rain on the Western Ghats is quite high compared to the coast.


However, it may be inconvenient for you to walk on the beaches in summers. But you can visit wildlife reserves and spice plants. You will get benefits with heavy off-season discounts on food, food, sights or beverages. The sky is clear and the weather is pleasant after four to five months of monsoon. During the summer and cool seas during the October-February summer near the summer, the climate-perfect cloud is near the blue sky. As the monsoon arrives, the humidity in the middle of March is increasing.


People from Canacona Beach Goa

Goa People

People goa

people of goa


Canacona Beach Goa images

canacona beach goa1

Canacona Beach Goa images

canacona bech


Hotels in Canacona Beach Goa

Cupids Heaven Resort

cupids heaven resort goa

The Kapadayam Haven Resort is situated in Goa, a small paradise on earth is a package full of surprises and contradictions, the vast expanse of clear blue sea and silver sandy beaches, evergreen mountains and magnificent grand forts and churches.The hotel is 61.9 Km away from Goa International Airport, 61 km away from Dabolim railway station and there are many buses that connect with different parts of the city.The hotel is located in and around Asoda Beach (600 meters), Cola Beach (3.9 km), Paloleim Beach (8.9 km) and many more famous tourist destinations.In addition to being beaches and nightclubs in the northern and southern districts, many unexplored beaches, unaccounted caves and other secret places are being explored in Goa.

In order to meet the individual needs of the guests, adequate facilities are provided in the hotel.The rooms and housekeeping service ensure the comfortable stay of the guest with long after cleaning the hotel.According to the taste of the guests, they enjoy relaxing and relaxing comfort to provide fully-designed and prepared rooms.Clean and airy rooms are well-appointed in the hotel and come with various facilities.The Kapadayam Haven Resort is an ideal choice to spend a peaceful holiday away from the city!

Jayans Boutique

Jayans Boutique

The Jains Boutique, Goa, is a modern property which not only offers great space for guests, but provides quality accommodation and also takes full care of guests. It has Wi-Fi, power backup, doctor on call, currency exchange, pickup and drop, parking and many more. T is an amazing atmosphere in the in-house restaurant that provides guests a sense of comfort and comfort, which looks good in everyone’s dining.

The stylish on-site terrace has a top bar and lounge bar, which offers a large variety, which is an ideal place to end the day after busy activities.The children’s play area is the place where fewer loved ones will be at the top of the adventure.In the room, bathing is done to create a cheerful atmosphere in daylight and bright colors.To stay comfortable for the patrons, they are connected with facilities such as TV, air conditioner, work desk, tea coffee maker, attached bathroom.Each room is designed to accommodate guests, which is available with comfortable beds for dinner.

The hotel offers the opportunity to stay close to Goa’s tourist attractions. Guests can explore Palolem Beach (4 km), Sri Mallikarjuna Temple (7 km), Butterfly Beach (8 km), Cola Beach (14 km), Galgiga beach (17 km) and many other places. This property is situated at a distance of 37 km from Madgaon railway station. Goa International Airport is a convenient distance from the property. Enjoy in the Jams Boutique!

The PentaCon a Resort

The PentaCon a Resort

Pentecostal Resort is located in Goa between the exotic beaches and the rich green surroundings.It is 61 km from Goa International Airport, 36 km from Madgaon Railway Station and 4 km from Gullom bus stand.The property has been well appointed and there are spacious rooms with amenities such as air cod.Airyear, telephone and attached bathroom with regular supply of hot and cold water.Room service is available for guests’ convenience.The hotel has a conference room for sightseeing, car rental services, laundry services, Wi-Fi access, generator backup, kitty party, birthday party, seminar and social gathering.Call on the doctor is available for any medical emergencies calm and relax in the Pentecost Resort!


Shopping place in Canacona Beach Goa

Ingos night market

Ingos night market

Saturday night’s market in Arpora is essential for sightseeing, where every tourist should travel while traveling to Goa. On Saturday evening, entertainment spots are usually empty because tourists come to the market. Travel agencies organize exclusive visits to Saturday Night Market for tourists visiting South Goa. The number of European and European traders in the night market in Arpora is very high.

The range of products includes almost everything you can think of starting from Penny Boubles and Trinkets and also start with high quality branded products and jewelry. Prices are usually much higher than shops and markets of the day, but still you will have a great opportunity in trying to deal with the prices under your own in vain to try your skills.

Anjuna Flea Market

Anjuna Flea Market

The market is held every Wednesday in Anjana and is one of the oldest and best markets for shopping in Goa.You will find hundreds of stalls from here, from where you can buy many clothes, silver ankle chains, coconut wood necklaces, the popular trance music CDs of Goa and cashmere shawls for your loved ones.Can be done in the form of bargaining because their prices are not fixed so, in funny conversations, funny and sometimes loose shop owners have to interact with.

Mapusa Friday Market

Mapusa Friday Market

Mapusa Friday Market is a major weekly market in Mogusa, North Goa and is a major tourist attraction. It is located outside the Mogusa town market on Friday, many vendors of Bardez and Tiswadi were seen to sell a wide variety of local produce brought by farmers and small entrepreneurs throughout Goa to sell directly to the consumers at the stalls.This market shows the essence of Goa and it is a riot of color and noise.The Goa vendors who have their colorful best sell their locally developed or manufactured goods from the surrounding villages, which include all types of spices.Fresh fruits, which are being grown on a large scale, are sold in abundance.The market is well known for its jewelery, utensils, spices, and carpet shops.


Canacona Beach Goa Weather

page.goa climate


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