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General Information about Churachandpur
Places to see in Churachandpur
How to reach Churachandpur?
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General Information about Churachandpur

General Information in churachandpur

Churachandpur is the headquarters of Manipur district of Gujarat and an advanced tribal town where local handicrafts are abundantly available in the market. Is the fast-growing district headquarter and hill city of Manipur. In Manipur, The indeed an island of peace, prosperity and progress.

Famous celebrities are known as Manipur Churachandpur or Lamka. Here a mosaic of tribes of more populous tribes of Chin Kuki in all communities of Manipur was well kept out and shining with life. About 15 out of 29 different tribes in about ten other communities from the rest of India are each with their separate dialects and languages.

Places to see in churachandpur

Khuga Dam

khuga dam churachandpur

Which is located near the city of Churachandpur. It is located in the south of this city. Construction started in 1983, but the work was ignored for many years of 2002 when it was started again. Finally, in 2010, Sonia Gandhi inaugurated the dam. However, it has not yet worked for its full capacity. The dam is 38 meters high and spreads at a distance of 230 meters. People go to this dam to enjoy the wonders of nature. This is not just a popular tourist destination but it is also a famous picnic spot for locals.

How to reach Churachandpur?

By Air

By Air manipur

The nearest airport to Churachandpur is the Tulihal Airport, Imphal, which is about 60 km away. Travelers from the airport can rent a taxi to reach the city. Many private and government buses are also available.

By Railway

By Railway manipur

This is not a railway line in Churachandpur, the nearest railway station is in Dimapur in Nagaland, which is 270 km from. From the railway station, the tourists can rent a taxi to reach the city. Many private and government buses are also available

By Road

Churachandpur is well connected to the city of Imphal, which is also known as National Highway 150. The highway connects with other cities of Manipur like Darlvan, Sakvady, Palmjal, Moirang, Bishnupur, Nambol. The roads are in good condition and Manipur has been constructed by Road Transport Department.

Different distance For churachandpur

From Distance / Time
 Surat, Gujarat  61 h (3,228 km)
 Banaskantha, Gujarat  58 h (3,110 km)
 Mehsana, Gujarat  57 h (3,107 km)
 Vadodara, Gujarat  59 h (3,076 km)
 Patan, Gujarat  57 h (3,096 km)
 Gandhinagar, Gujarat  58 h (3,075 km)
 Himmatnagar, Gujarat  57 h (3,017 km)
 Bhuj, Gujarat  61 h (3,387 km)

Eating facilities in Churachandpur

Sumo’s Hotel

Sumos Hotel

Vegetarian dishes, especially for pork and chicken based dishes, this small eating place in Imphal’s Singjami area is an important place for all food items. This very small place you have a regular restaurant can be seen by the number of locals who take place from noon to night.

Nikheel Cafe

Nikheel Cafe

Imphal is one of the most popular restaurants in the city, nikheele cafes always stir with the young crowd of the city. This multi-dishes restaurant is famous for its Chinese cuisine, especially the dumplings and noodles. Most of the dishes in the menu are non-vegetarian, from which this restaurant is made a paradise for non-vegetarian food items. In addition to its Chinese cuisine, nikheele Cafe is famous for its Chicken Biryani Pork Macronoi and Chicken Noodles Soup.

Attraction around the Churachandpur

Tipaimukh dam

Tipaimukh dam

Nature is a popular place for lovers. This Tippera name comes from two words: This beautiful scene of the confluence of the river and the main rivers has been congratulated by the low-lying green hills. Sailing is an option. Some people like to walk long on the banks of the river and absorb the beauty.

Tribal Museum

Tribal Museum

There is a place for those people who are interested in the history of this city. This gives them a detailed knowledge of the early human settlements and tribal life styles of the people of this region. There is a good collection of ancient objects which were once traditional tribal people. It includes Tribal apparel religious goods cane and bamboo crafts and many other cultural artifacts. The museum also has a wide variety of old jewelry and weapons.

Tonglon Caves

Tonglon Caves

The most famous caves of Churachandpur are considered as one of the city’s best cultural and historical highlights. The carvings and sculptures present in these caves give good information about an early settlement. The scripts and carvings written here helped many historians to understand Manipur’s past, this city is also an important commercial center of the state. Weaving and animal husbandry are quite common.

Churachandpur Geography

churachandpur Geography

Churachandpur District is located in the south-western corner of Manipur, in the area of ​4570 km². Its location is 23055, ‘24030’ north and 92059 ‘to 93050’. It is a hilly district where there is very small percentage of area. According to 1994-95 satellite imagery, the total built area is 6726. And the crop area is 9928. A large part of the area is zoom current or left zoom 29323 is 19447. There is no primary forest in the district and 118090 in the secondary forest of mixed bamboo forest. Area under barren land is 98424. The total area of ​​the water bodies is 2144 hectares. The road network covers an area of ​​3581 hectares around the district headquarters. The maximum temperature is 370 degrees, while the minimum is 10 celsius. The highest rainfall is 3080 mm and the lowest is 597 mm.

Climate of Churachandpur

The climate in Manipur district is moderate in the month of November, December, January and February and the remaining eight months are more or less rainfall. January is very cold in winter and it is hot in the summer of May-June.

People from Churachandpur

People from churachandpur

People churachandpur

Churachandpur images

churachandpur images
churachandpur girl

Churachandpur Districts
Churachandpur Wallpaper
Khuga Dam
Ngaloi Waterfall Churachandpur

Manipur hd images

Churachandpur hd photo

Dimasa people

Songtal Village

Hotels in Churachandpur

Hotel Venus

Hotel Venus

Address: New Lamka Churachandpur Manipur 795128

Classic Hotel

The Classic Hotel

Address: Near EOC Petrol Pump, Imphal Manipur 795001
Phone: 03852443967

Restaurants in Churachandpur

Jessie Restaurant

Jessie Restaurant

Address: NH 2 Seelamat Churachandpur Manipur 795128
Phone: 09862135980

Buong’s Kitchen

Buongs Kitchen

Address: Churachandpur Manipur 795128
Phone: 09862163163

Shopping place in Churachandpur

Shopping place in churachandpur

Manipur’s treasured culture and tradition is also displayed in its handloom fabric and handicrafts. Manipura handloom and handicrafts, artifacts of simplicity, colorful, colorfulness and utility with Manipalshilp are world-famous for handloom cloth.

People are artistic and creative in their thinking and attitude. Every house has a loom, and Manipur are weaved with a passion and style, which is unique by any other state. Manipur bed cover Morangfi and flower designs, silk and cotton sarees, scarves, blankets and shawls, to create attractive collections in specific colors. A wide array of artistic handicrafts from bamboos, paper march, ornamental ivory, dolls and ornaments make for precious souvenirs.

Main shopping attractions of Manipur are traditional Manipur textiles. With its beautiful attitude, the Manipur dance doll is a beautiful souvenir to buy for family and friends. Handicraft items are sold in the market, which is the largest women market in the country, which will be required on each visitor’s travel event.

Popular shopping outlets

Address: Handloom House, Wage Market
Phone: 2220340

Manipur Handloom and handicrafts development corporation

Wage market
Tel 2221495

East Handloom & C Handicrafts

Address: Manipur Development Society, Uriopok
Phone: 2222968

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