Colva Beach Goa Places

Colva Beach Goa Places

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Colva Beach Goa Places

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  • How to reach Colva Beach Goa?
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General Information about Colva Beach Goa

Kolva Beach is located on the southern end of the long, continuous strip of Goa.It is located just 6 km from Madagao city.It is wide and beautiful, through which a stream is running and supported by palms The frilly movement of the sea looks like this: Sea waves are enjoying sensational pleasures spreading through waves.In this way you can describe the sea at the Cola beach.You go to the Colva beach just to be lazy, lazy and lazy.Many people choose to go to the Colva beach so that they can get a change from the crowded Anjuna beach or Calangute beach.

Sadly, the beauty of the Colva beach has collapsed because the surrounding beach shops and restaurants have densely populated areas, which make the area shine bright and crowded.As a result, it feels a lot rather than a calm, steady beach.This is essentially the paddling beach of our domestic tourist.It is very safe to swim on this beach and visitors can actually get a one-time festival at this beautiful place.

With the rise in tourism in Goa, Kolva Beach has gained popularity. A few years ago in Goa, Kolva was a simple village, which was a fishing community. Tourists living in the tourist surrounded by beauties of the Colva beach arranged their accommodation.

Our Lady of Mercy Church is on the route of Kolva, it is a simple church, but an interesting history is associated with it.This magnificent church was built in 1630 and the Bishop was erected in the vigilant church by the governor.Child Jesus or infant Jesus (Menino Jesus) is worshiped in this church with special devotion.


Places to see in Colva Beach Goa

Benaulim Village and Beach

Benaulim Village and Beach

Bonolim village and beach area unit the foremost frequent traveller spots settled within the 2km south of Kolva.Vision is additionally a prestigious place for Hindus and Christians in state space. in keeping with Hindu mythology, this was the place wherever Associate in Nursing arrow shot by Lord Parashuram descended from Sahyadri mountain in Konkan adjacent.

For Christians, non secular significance is that this place is that the birthplace of father Yusuf Vaz. guests travel this website as a result of it’s peaceful compared to the Kolva and is that the natural attraction of the ocean shore.Due to non secular significance, this village is additionally referred to as the Barnhalli or Banvalli, the village of Arrow. when the arrival of the Portuguese, the name was modified to Benaulim, besides the attractive temple of Lord Shiva and Annapurna in ancient Banavalli.The ruins of the Katyani Banshwar temple area unit still found within the village.

Church of Our Lady of Mercy

church of our lady of mercy goa

Our Lady of Mercy Church is one of the biggest evidence of the village of Kalva, which was built in the colonial era. The ancient church, also known as Nosa Sánhorno de Merseys, was started in 1581, but it was founded in 1630.

The highlighting feature of this worship site is believed to be the statue of the infant Jesus, that this purpose of praise can be found by Father. A Jesuit priest Bento Ferreira on the Mozambique coast, he brought the statue to Goa in 1648 and placed it in the church.

The church also organizes the annual FEMA Festival in the month of October during this celebration, the statue takes out the procession for the procession with a procession for the procession on the streets. Church is located on the Margo-Colva Road at the entrance to the village.

Colonial Style Villas

Colonial Style Villas

Colonial style villas are one of the main attractions of the colony with the coastal strip of Colo. These beautifully preserved colonial villas are a reminder of British architecture and craftsmanship.

They are available for tourists with some grand villas who turn to the resort. Travelers can stay in the villa, which is located in the shade of palms with the Colva Beach Road for the bus stand.

Burnzam Ghor

Burnzam Ghor

Burnjam Ghor is one of the tourist attractions located in Mongoo. The mansion is structured similarly to Portuguese houses, with a double-storey mask. In ancient times, it was the initial private chapel in Goa, which was built in 1790. Bernasm Ghor, known as the house of seven gables, has been left with only three gables.

Due to its beautiful architecture and design of the terrible, the site is seen by a large number of tourists.

Colva Beach Goa Driving Directions From Mumbai

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
1. South side towards AH Wadia Marg / Kalina Kurla Road on CST Road / Tamsi Band Road
0.2 km
2. Bangalore – Mumbai High / CST Road / Mumbai – Pune HV / Santacruz – Little Right on Chembur Link Road
Bangalore – Mumbai HV / Mumbai – Pune HV
3.5 km
3. Bangalore – Mumbai Highway / Ghatkopar – Mankhurd Link Road / Jijai Bhosale Road / Mumbai – Pune HV
0.5 km
4. Go straight on Ghatkopar – Mankhurd Link Road / Jijai Bhosale Road
Hanuman Temple Garden (1.3 km to the left)
1.8 km
5. Right to stay on Ghatkopar – Mankhurd link RD / Jijai Bhosale road
1.7 km
6. Bengaluru – Mumbai HV / Mumbai HV / Mumbai – Exit Pune HV
partial toll road
Near by Food Carnival (106 km to the left)
117 km
7. Go to the right of NH48
0.4 km

Colva Beach Goa Driving Directions From Mumbai

8. Keep it accurate and merge with NH48
Near by Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering (4.9 km on the left)
27.1 km
9. Continue to stay on the NH48
partial toll road
21 9 km
10. Keep the right to live on NH48
partial toll road
Passed by Hindustan Steel (right at 7.7 km)
107 km
11. Turn left on Khanpur road
11 meters
12. Turn right to stay on Khanapur RD
13. Turn right
Go through 1 roundabout
1.9 km
At the crossroads, take a third exit on NH748
Go through 1 roundabout
Near Sri Panchavati Soy Maruti Temple (on right)

Colva Beach Goa Driving Directions From Mumbai

15. At the intersection, take the second exit and stay on NH748
Passed by the Setiya Complex (at left)
27.2 km
16. Leave Taraine
Close by Hotel Art Narayan (33.7 km left)
33.8 km
17. Turn right at NH748 at Hotel Jolly Goa
Near by State Bank of Mysore (42.0 km left)
45.0 km
18. Turn left at NH566
Pass gas station (on right)
5.6 km

Colva Beach Goa Driving Directions From Mumbai

19. On the roundabout, exit for the first time on the Margao-Fonda dominant / Panaji-Faragundi-Margo High Bypass road / NH 566
Madagao – Fonda Hawaii / Panaji – Faragundi – Continue to follow the Margao High bypass RD
Pass by Basquein Robbins (10.9 km to the left)
12.6 km
20. At the crossroads, take the second exit and stay at the Margo-Fonda High / Panaji-Pharmagudi-Margo High Bypass RD
Near Ravindra Bhawan, Margao (left side)
0.8 km
21. At the crossroads, continue straight on the Colva Beach Road
Close by Hotel Colva Plaza (2.3 km right)
4.0 km
22. At the intersection, first exit and stay on the Colva beach road.
Close by Basquein Robinson (on the right)
Destination will be on the left
Colva, Goa, India.


How to reach Colva Beach Goa Places?

By Air

Dabolim is the nearest airport to reach Kandolim, which is 46 km away. From the airport, you can hire a car or taxi to reach the beach.

By Railway

The nearest railway station is located in Thivim (Thivim railway station), which is 21 km away. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the Candolim Beach; other railway stations are Karmli (about 21 km), Madaru (44 km) and Vasco da Gama (approximately 31 km).

By Road

Candolim Beach is well connected to Panaji Bus Station, which is located at a distance of 12 km. Many KTC (Kadamba Transport Corporation) and Panaji Bus Stop are Kandolim’s private bus operators. You can also take buses from Mpaquan to reach Candolim in a maximum of 15 minutes.

Different distance For Colva Beach Goa Places

From Distance / Time Vai
North Goa 82.2 km / 2 h 5 min SH 7 and NH66
South Goa 45.8 km / 1 h 12 min MDR34


Eating facilities in Colva Beach Goa Places

Wine and dining are important parts of Goa’s lifestyle, so do not go out on Goa’s food favorites during some of your holiday holidays in Goa. Among the most popular local drinks, beer, port wine and spirits such as URACC and Pheni

Goa may be a place for meat lovers, in which there is a proposal with the choice of non-vegetables like chicken caffeine, mutton zakuti and pork window, but do not be surprised that it is a good food to suit all the changes .

Popular among locals, but there are few known Goa-Hindu vegetarian preparations for tourists who will keep you accustomed, such as vegetable caldinha and shrimp and ladyfinger curry. Order to go with your food, order a poo roti, a local poe or a strenuous sanna. Of course, no Goa trip is complete without trying to seafood. There are recommendations for all the finest places in the skyscrapers, where you can get these recipes.


Specialty for Colva Beach Goa

When it comes to beaches in the south, there are excellent facilities in Kolva Beach. There are plenty of hotels, pubs and leisure in this area, with good atmosphere and panoramic dishes available at reasonable rates. Although at a much higher price on the beach, drax snacks and many food providers can find lids. If you move to the northern part of the beach, then the area is vacancy and the prices are more appropriate on the stains.

At the beach, you can spend a time like Waterlocks, such as paragliding, parasailing, jet skis, and kayalas. Apart from this, dolphin-seen cruises are available, but when the sun is high, there is less reflection than the surface in the afternoon, resulting in better viewing opportunities. Most operators charge for similar costs for activities. However, if the passengers get more than four or more of these groups, the rebate can be obtained.

In the morning of about 10 people, local fishermen were covered in their traps, which they were about 8 AM.But get out on the beach It is a good sight to look at the fish in the net, grab the catch and send it to Madgaon to be sold.


Attraction around the Colva Beach Goa Places

Trek To Todo Waterfalls

Trek To Todo Waterfalls

Go Goa in this trekking expedition and get a chance to see history, heritage and adventure again with a twist in this area. Leave digam at 7:00 and reach the starting point at around 9.30 pm. After the quick briefing from the guide, start trekking around 9:45 pm. Trek through green-green bushes and pass some small rivers when you continue your journey.

Arrive at the waterfall at around 1:00 am and click on some excellent pictures with a stunning background. Delight at a delicious meal at approximately 2:00 pm and then continue the trek. Enjoy the wonderful view of the journey, in a quick bath Happiness. Reaching the road at 4:00 p.m. before an exciting day.
Go back to the mountains at 4:15 p.m. while enjoying the sky.At this exciting day, around 6:30 in the evening and with many memories, head back home.

Monsoon Water Sports Combo

Monsoon Water Sports Combo

Specialize your monsoon with a full day trip to Tsunami Island in South Goa and enjoy four different water sports.We travel this specially for the people who want to play water in the months of July, August and September.In a shared vehicle, start your journey at 8:30 after being picked from the hotel in Candolim, Bala, Arpora, Kalangut and Panjim in North Goa.

Visit Tsumani Island and see wonderful places on the way like the Old Goa Church, Dona Paula Beach, Miramar Beach. Enjoy some of these activities for your friends every 10-15 minutes while trying for exciting activities like fish aquariums, colva beachspeed boat rides, banana rides, jet skis and ringo rides. A packed lunch, soft drinks Enjoy other refreshments. 6: 00 pm After returning to the hotel, end this exciting activity.

Scuba Diving And Water Sports Combo

Scuba Diving And Water Sports Combo

Start your tour after being picked up in a shared vehicle from your hotel in North Goa and after arriving at the location of the tour.Train your professionals and train your diving for about 15-20 minutes inside the crystal blue water in the Grand Island.Jump deep in between 20 to 35 feet in the middle of the sea, where you will find varieties of corals, aquatic animals and sea fishes. can see.Our team of specialist paddy certified guides is taking care of you throughout your dive while paying special attention to safety.Enjoy snacks and other snacks after finishing your scuba diving, back home with lots of pictures of you Enjoying diving and scenery.This tour is a group tour and its time can be taken from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, which is a scuba dive The normal time for Ng.


Photography: How to Get Great Photos of Colva Beach Goa


Goa’s beaches are one of the main components of the holiday for the state.Once the sun shines in Goa, there is no better place for herds than the stunning beach and one or more brilliant beaches, which is so famous that this Indian destination.Whatever support you take, you choose to stay in, you can find yourself a lot from one of Goa’s most famous and rewarding beaches along with eateries, bars and entertainment options.To get you excited about Goa’s coastal offer, we have kept a small collection of photos from the coastal edges of the state, which exhibits some of the finest beaches that await people who go on holiday in Goa.

Colva Beach Goa Geography

The average height of the Colva is 1.1 meters (3.6 feet), its main village market is located behind the church, which is about 2.3 km (1.4 miles) from the beach;

There are many other shops on the cross road near the beach; Colva recognizes three beaches;First of all, the main Colva beach which is the main beach, the second sunset beach (towards Beatlebittim) which is less condensed,And the third unannounced beach (towards Benaulim in Sarnabatim).Kolva is 8 km (5.0 mi) from Madgaon and 40 km (25 miles) from Panaji.The nearest railway station is in Madararo, near Vasco da Gama, Goa.The airport is Dabolim Airport (GOI) in Vasco da Gama, Goa.Neighboring villages are Betalbatim and Benaulim and nearest city Mandago.


Climate of Colva Beach Goa


The best time to visit Goa is in the winter season which lasts from November to March.Clearly, this is the peak season of the state.Weather is the most suitable for enjoying on ancient beaches Goa’s most popular festival is celebrated in the month of February in the Goa Carnival festival.Christmas and New Year are celebrated here with the rare amount of enthusiasm.Night parties are organized at beaches and hotels.


Monsoon is between June and September, this is the main feature of the Goa climate.This state is located on the south-west monsoon route.As a result, dry spell of six to eight months is followed by annual rainfall in four months.Humidity increases with the onset of monsoon, it continues for almost two months.During this period the skies become cloudy and then the clouds will remain cloudy.During the monsoon, about 250 cm to 300 centimeters of rainfall is normal, although the rain on the Western Ghats is quite high compared to the coast.


Although summer may be uncomfortable for you to walk on the beaches. But you can visit wildlife reserves and spice plants. You will get benefits with heavy off-season discounts on food, food, sights or beverages. The sky is clear and the weather is pleasant after four to five months of monsoon. During the summer and cool seas during the October-February summer near the summer, the climate-perfect cloud is near the blue sky. As the monsoon arrives, the humidity in the middle of March is increasing.


People from Colva Beach Goa Places

People from Colva Beach Goa

People of goa2

goa people...


Colva Beach Goa Places images

Colva Beach Goa images

colva beach goa 3

Colva Beach

Hotels in Colva Beach Goa Places

Hotel Colva Kinara

Hotel Colva Kinara

Location: Hotel Cola Kinawa is located in Goa, which has its own attraction which can not be matched by any other. Hotel Colva is a standard accommodation that provides a good mix of prosperity and comfort in its best form. It is located 21 km from Goa International Airport and 7 km from M.Adgaon Railway Station Room Facilities: Hotel rooms are well appointed, airy and clean,

And comfortable beds come with linen. To reduce the stress of travel, the hotel offers facilities such as television, telephone, hair dryer, electronic safe hot and cold water, and many more. All rooms have attached bathroom facilities and attached bathrooms with toiletries.The warm and support staff ensures that any further and complete meeting is done as soon as possible. Hotel Facilities: The hotel offers services like Wi-Fi front desk, pickup and drop service, currency exchange, room service and many more amenities.

Phone facility is also available in the case of medical emergency medical practitioner by the hotel. The pools relax in summer and spend some quality time with friends and family. Guests can find tour desk assistance to find popular tourist destinations around and around the city. Meals: Guests can enjoy some exotic and freshly prepared dishes at the home restaurant. Guests can often relax and enjoy your favorite cocktails, mocklets.

Williams Beach Retreat

Williams Beach Retreat

Budget property, Williams Beach Retreat is located 20.6 km from Goa Airport, 6 km from the railway station and 2.7 km from the bus stand.Guests can visit some of the city’s famous tourist attractions, including the Goa Chitra Museum (3.7 km), the Fatord Stadium (5.8 km), Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa (7.2 km) and many more. For accommodation, the property offers spacious, airy and well-lit rooms, which include simple décor and furniture.

They come with rooms and amenities such as television and bathrooms, with hot / cold water and essential toiletries. The services required for the hassle-free of the hotel include laundry, luggage storage, doctor on call, tour desk and internet.

The hotel’s support staff ensures that all the guests’ needs are met from time to time. In-house restaurants are all kinds of dishes to suit all the bars. Guests can take a fresh dip in the on-site swimming pool, which is full of the best spirits, to spend some time with friends in the evening drinking and drinking at home. It’s all about who goes beyond normal!

The Zuri White Sands Goa Resort & Casino

The Zuri White Sands Goa Resort Casino

Location: 850 meters from Varka Beach, 3.3 km from Frederand Beach, this hotel was awarded ‘Best Hotel’ by the Carlson Presidents Awards.One of the most exotic 5-star beach resorts in Goa, The Zurichi White Sands Resort and Casino is located near Varca Beach.Room Facilities: In the vast 37 acres area, this resort has 158 housing units,

Available in five options – Superior Room, The Zurich Premium Room, The Zurich Deluxe Room, The Zurich Executive Suite and The Zurich Suite. Decorated with attractive accessories, rooms include 32 “LCD TVs, electronic safe, mini bars and Wi-Fi internet access.

Have the latest amenities.Hotel facilities: A unisex beauty salon with gymnasium and pool table, some important features of the gym, spa and an activity center resort are: Two well-decorated banquet halls, four meeting rooms and a sophisticated business center do business and party events only at Zurichi White Sands Resort and Casino.The hotel’s restaurants and bars include the SAC-Pan Asian Restaurant and Lounge, Waterfall Cafe, Tanzirin, Feather and Ramboze and Blue Lagoon.

This resort has a delicious casino, where guests can try their luck. It is a 20-minute drive from Madgaon train, from the Juri, the White Sands Station, as well as the Colva and the Benallim Beach. Dabolim Airport is 45 minutes’ drive away. Free private parking is available.


Shopping place in Colva Beach Goa Places

Saturday Night Bazaar

Saturday Night Bazaar

There is no better way to spend on Saturday evening in Goa by visiting the night market in Arpora. We recommend this place for shopping in Goa on your next visit.The market is filled with plenty of kiosks with spices, carpets, embroidered fabrics, hammock, clothing and accessories offered.This market is a part of the local product, offers some more expensive and difficult to find handicrafts.Sellers get great deals and are visited by most foreigners who highlight the heritage and culture of Goa.For some fresh cocktails, stop by The Boutique House Bar, Strawberry Diakiri is highly recommended.

Mackie’s Night Bazaar

Mackie’s Night Bazaar

Enjoy a delicious meal and select many dishes in the Mikey Night market, Amky’s night market should do just that, there are about a hundred stalls that offer many dishes, eco-friendly items, a wide range of handicrafts, live music and A dance floor that makes this market a very unique experience.

This night market, scheduled from November to April, on the banks of the river Baga, must definitely travel on any trip to Goa.Located at the most nightlife place in Goa, this market is selling a wide range of souvenirs and gift items along with stalls.Various dishes are also a combination of many food lip-skaking recipes.To add to the fun, the live band is performed live by the local band.


Colva Beach Goa Places Weather

Colva Beach Goa Weather

Colva Beach Goa Places

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