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Delhi Tourism

Delhi Tourism Since ancient times, the world famous city has been. This city has been the main center of the kings for centuries. Even today, this city is proud as the country’s capital. Humayun’s Tomb, Tomb Lodi, Qutub Minar, India Gate and innovative Bahai Temple, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Mughal Gardens, Parliament House, Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Tomb of Safdarjung, Jantar Mantar, Birla Mandir, Vigyan Bhawan, Rabindra Theater etc. view Come to see

Has excellent management of transport systems by the government in Delhi, so there is no difficulty for tourists to visit the tourist centers. The total road length here is 15,800 km. Five national highways are inclusive. About 2.75 million registered motor vehicles are run on the streets of Delhi.

168 km long railroad has also been expanded for facilitating tourists. In railway trains paths that trains coming from outside the state’s only run, as well as a location in the state for the second place is run | It has been taking advantage of local people as well as tourism.

Delhi Tourism

Delhi, New Delhi and Hazrat Nizamuddin are the main railway stations here. Apart from this, there is no other railway station.

Visitors from far away can also use the air service. It has Indira Gandhi International Airport, Palam Airport and Super Jung Airport.

Tourist places to visit in Delhi

1. Karnat place delhi

Delhi Tourismkarnat-place-delhi

Connaught Place is the soul of Delhi city. This is a place which attracts tourists towards you. In a way, this place is the capital of the city of Delhi. This place is famous for Palika Bazar and underground shopping complexes. When he had created an underground market then nobody believed it to be successful.

Perhaps the reason was that the cone sept was just new, but when the market became ready to open the shop, gradually the customers started coming into the underground market and seeing the unique market, seeing a large number of common purchases Began to come. Then it is the first ambition of tourists coming from outside the city. First visit to the market market. The market is full air condition.

2. Humayun ka maqbara delhi


Hamida Bano Begum constructed this tomb in 1565. Or the tomb is taller in 43, and is going to hypnotize tourists. On the eight-pointed mausoleum, the structure of the red dome and the twenty-four marble architecture is coordinated with the greatness. That is, when you see it, it is near to the tomb of Haji Begum. This samadhi site is built by Haji Begum. Shuja purport by both husband and besides the wife of Bahadur Shah Zafar and tombs of his son built here.

3. Purana qila delhi


This old fort of Delhi is famous for tourism. This fort was occupied by Mughal ruler Humayun, later Sher Shah Suri, the founder of Suri dynasty, captured this fort. After the death of Sher Shah Suri, his nefarious son, Islam Shah, was expelled from Kabul once again, Humayun waved his official flag on Delhi and started the construction work of the fort and completed it. There are three entrances to the castle to enter the fort with high walls, Humayun’s death was caused by falling from the stairs of this fort.

In the museum located in the eastern part of the fort, the archaeological significance of Rajput, Mughal, Muriya, Sunga carpet objects, not just anywhere, but the pre-Christian items are special. The mosque of Sher Shah Suri counting can also be seen near the end.

4. Chidiya ghar delhi


Like all zoos, different species of birds, wild animals in Delhi zoos, which have been kept in tiger, tiger, white tiger, monkey, langur, crocodile, snake etc. Livestock lovers will love this place.

5. Indira smriti delhi


Former Prime Minister of India, Smt. Indira Gandhi, was sacked by her security guards at her residence in Safdarjung Road in 1984. To maintain the integrity and integrity of the country, Indira Gandhi had chosen such a martyr death. On May 27, 1985, a national memorial temple was set up in memory of his great sacrifice, in which his residence site was converted into Indira Smriti Ekodh.

In the form of tribute to the great sacrifice of great leader of the great leader of India’s oldest and loyal friends of the year by the Czech government, the place has been given the form of natural water flow by putting crystals on the sheet of steel. This museum is divided into three rooms. The clothes are also kept in the hands of those who were martyred while on their body they have canteens, libraries and other facilities in the other. Yes.

6. Nehru museum delhi


At the time of British rule this building was the residence of the British monarch. Stay in residence of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, in the province of independence. Nehru ji remained in this building from 1954 to 1964 AD. Now this building is famous as the Nehru Museum. British rule was here during British rule. After the death of Nehru, this building was given a form of a museum in his memory and named after the Nehru Museum Museum. The gifts and awards received by Nehruji along with the library have been published here.

7. Vir bhumi delhi

Former Prime Minister of India, Smt. Indira Gandhi, also known as Priyadarshini, that the name of the place of birth of the eldest son, Rajiv Gandhi is a brave land. Rajiv Gandhi went to Madras on May 21, 1991 for some special work. Here the man of the LTTE attacked it with a bomb, which led to his death, at this time he was the Prime Minister of India. This brave place has been built in memory of his valor and has paid tribute.

8. Shakti sthal delhi


It was handed over to the fire on this site after the martyrdom of Patriot Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi. A huge boulder has been set up here as a symbol of the bravery and determination of that brave woman. Which shows the list of that great woman repeatedly.

9. Vijay ghat delhi


Where is the death of the second Indian Prime Minister Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri’s death in 1966.

10. Shanti vana delhi



On 27th May, 1969, the first Indian Prime Minister and peace envoy Jawaharlal Nehru was given fire on this site. The pioneer of peace has used the right of white material in the construction of this place to give true tribute to Nehruji.

11. Gandhi balidan sthal delhi


Swatant patriot and era leader Mahatma Gandhi was slaughtered in 1948 by firing three bullets. At this place, he merged Ram in Ram by calling Ram Ram Ram.

12. Raj ghat delhi


The great leader at this place is the meditation of Mahatma Gandhiji, the Father of the Nation. He was cremated at the same time after his assassination in January 1948.

All the memorial sites mentioned above are national monuments. These memorial sites are the main centers of attraction for visiting dignitaries and general tourists abroad.

The true tribute to the sacrifice of Mahatma Gandhi on the torture of the Father of the Nation is constantly burning. The heads of tourists coming to these places of worship are automatically bowed down to give true homage to these nationalists. Visitors visiting these places offer their floral wreaths and revolve and express their true feelings towards the devotees.

All the mausoleum above is the national pilgrimage, therefore all these places are marked in the first priority list by all tourists, the symbolic form of national pride.

13. Dolls museum delhi


Entry into the museum, the tourists, especially the child devotees, arrive in the dream people. Seeing the number of dolls and dolls gathered in more than 6000 numbers, the big ones are not less surprised. Well, here the country’s Dals have been kept and one is more than one. But the magic of Japanese Guudiyo is something else which comes out of everyone’s head.

14. Feroz shah kotla delhi


This place is also a tourist attraction. At this place is the tomb of Ruijia Sultan, daughter of Iltutmish, ruler of the slave dynasty and Firoz Shah. This place is also famous for the playground.

15. Rashtriya sangrahalaya delhi


In the museum, tourists can see different pastures of the past together at one place, such as various types of clothing, various accessories, handwritten powody of Baburnama, Quran, Bhagvadgita, written in golden letters, ornate Mahabharata, hill picture style Made of painted paintings, Mughal and Rajput paintings, Buddhist, Jain, Brahmin period, objects of archaeological significance of Indus Civilization etc. Everyone assumes preserved

16. Jantar mantar delhi


This place is currently located in old Delhi. In 1724 AD Maharaja Jaydev Singh had constructed this site. In ancient times, this place was used to measure the activity time of Sun, Moon and other planets constellations. Therefore, this site has also been associated with Indian astrology.

17. Sansad bhavan delhi


This magnificent building in British Range is built in the 171 meter hemisphere. Today this building is known as Parliament House.

19. Rashtrapati bhavan delhi


The building was built in 1929 by British rule. This building was the residence of Viceroy’s Governor General. It is built on a huge 330 acres of land. It has a Buddhist and Hindu architectural style on its domes. Within the Ashok Hole Darbar Hall are mainly used. So, this grand building has 340 rooms. The Mughal Gardens are special features. It is full of flowers of different races. An unnatural waterfall and reservoir has also been built here for the purpose of making the environment more natural. The atmosphere is very delightful. In the months of January and February, this money is given to you for the general public.

20. India gate delhi


This place is situated between the Parliament House, Secretariat, National Building. Built in 1913 AD, this India Gate is for height of 42m. Its specialty is the name of the Indian soldiers who had laid down their lives for the independence of India.

At night, the sight of this place is different. Long queues of vertical cars leased on the sidewalk, long broad green grass fields made for sitting, lying people sitting on the plains, playing near their jumps, their children shouting with excess voice, selling their belongings, bicuscus, monkeys Dancing etc.; Overall, the look feels great and enjoyable.

21. Kali bari delhi


This temple is located on the beach road. In this temple, Adi Shakti Jagdamba is sitting with full power for the trunks. From the corner of India, the Bengali devotees come here to visit the mother. Nearly every Shraddha people who come in near the area come to receive their Darshan and blessings every day. There are special crowds on Saturday.

The festival of Navaratri in Delhi is celebrated here with special glee. On the left side of the temple courtyard, the courtyard is closed by huge tents and kanats. On the front stage, a grand statue of Mahishmardini Mata Kali’s jewelery is set up. Due to the continuous burning of light, there is a variety of different forms of the mother worshiping for eight whole days. The Bengali family, wearing new clothes, bowed down to the mother with reverence and love for her mother and received the prasad.

On the right side of the courtyard, small tents are made with the help of tents and kanasas and shops are put in them. Where different types of goods are sold, worshipers of the devotees pay a visit to the shops. This cycle runs continuously for 8 days. On the eighth day, carrying the statue of the mother in timpu and truck, carrying her name is taken in Yamuna and duly immersed her, which is called Bhasan.

22. Laxmi narayan temple delhi


This temple was constructed in 1987 by King Baldev Das Birla. This temple is also located on the middle of the Kali temple. Hence it is also called Bidla Temple. It has a special identity by the same name.

23. Safdarjung makbara delhi


This tomb was constructed in 1745 AD by the son of Safdar Shujauddaula in memory of Nawab Mirza Muqim Abul Mansur Khan.

24. Tughlakabad delhi


Founder of Tughlaq Dynasty, Niyasuddin Tughlaq, settled in Delhi in 1321 AD for the third time and named it Tughlaqabad. This huge fort had 13 entrances which were on the ramparts protecting the fort from all around. This priceless heritage of Ata is taking its last churn in a dilapidated state. Archeology has taken this place of historical importance in its protection. This place is located on Delhi and Haryana border in South Delhi.

25. Qutub minar in delhi


In 1200 CE, Qutubuddin started the construction work of Qutub Minar. Kutubuddin Ebak, the first ruler of the Ghulam dynasty, is also known by the name of “Lakkhkhkhash” because of his grandson, this ruler has raised the height of this tower at 72.5m Is done. He completed his work in 1236 AD. Mineral diameter 14.40m in Nivan Which decreases along with altitude. Diameter of the top of the tower is 2.44 m. Is there.

367 stairs go up and down with the wall, in total it is 5 storey minarets. The above two-storey marble is built and the lower three floor is made of red stone. The repair of this tower and the construction of its dome is tied to the firojshah Kotla. The earthquake of 1803 AD was destroyed by it. In 1829 AD, the British government constructed the dome of compensation for this unique model of architecture, later, keeping the security in mind, the dome was taken off and kept in nearby garden. ( Delhi Tourism ).

Delhi Tourism

Nearly there is an iron pillar associated with legend. It is said that the person who revolves back and fills the column in his arms, he must be the king. This tower is 7.20m high, on the minar, the verses of Sanskrit are inscribed, which can still be read clearly, there is also an eagle statue on the minar.

26. Bangala sahib delhi

Delhi Tourismbangala-sahib-delhi

As a guest of King Jai Singh, the eighth Guru of the Sikh community was built by him in memory of Harkishan. It is the main center of the attraction of tourists from the Sikh and other religions coming from abroad. This place, located in central Delhi, is a unique example of universal faith.

27. Gurudwara rakab ganj delhi


It is built on the Gurdwara Masjid. It is related to the tenth Guru Guru Gobind Singh of the Sikh community.

28. Rail museum delhi


The collection of its old railway locomotives, the Salani Rail Museum, can be seen in the new of different models of country and abroad. In addition to Monday, this museum is continually open. Various items related to rail transport are also visible here. It is located in Chanakyapuri area.

29. Craft museum delhi


This Kraft Museum is located on Mathura Road near Pragati Maidan. Tourists can see India’s traditional craft and folk art in this museum. There is no entry fee and it is open from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.

30. Pragati maidan delhi


It is the center of national and international exhibitions. Here is the International Trade Fair every year from November 14 to 27. Apart from this, other fairs also take place from time to time throughout the year.

31. delhi haat delhi

Delhi Tourismdelhi-haat-delhi

Delhi Haat is the new form of the traditional weekly market. It is a combination of handmade craft and culture activities. Here, the feeling of rural surroundings is realized. Artisans from different provinces keep exhibitions here.

32. Lotus temple delhi

Delhi Tourismlotus-temple-delhi

This magnificent temple in Delhi is situated on the Kalka hill of south Delhi. This giant beautiful temple of Bahai sect, made of white marble, is the main center of tourist attraction. Here people of every sect come and participate in “peace prayer and meditation”. It is closed on Monday.

33. Chattarpur mandir delhi Delhi Tourism

Delhi Tourism

This temple has a significant place in Delhi’s tourist spots. Here is the temple of Delhi Kamakshi Mata and other gods and goddesses. Or south Indian building is built in style. Delhi is crowded here for years but on the day of Navratri and festivals, there is a lot of enthusiasm for the devotees. Located on Delhi-Gurgaon road, this destination attracts tourists for long.

Delhi Tourism

How to go to Delhi

Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport

Train: New Delhi Railway Station

By Road:

Ahmedabad to Delhi [14 h 44 min (943.9 km) via NH48]

Udaipur to Delhi [10 h 46 min (660.7 km) via NH58 and NH48]

Jaipur to Delhi [5 h 33 min (287.9 km) via NH48]

Goa to Delhi [32 h (1,871.0 km) via NH48]

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