Don Hill Station – Gujarat’s New Hill Station in Ahwa Dangs

don hill station in gujarat

Did you ever visit Don Hill Station in Gujarat? If not, it’s time to visit now.

Today I’m going to give you some exciting information about Don Hill station dang. After reading this article you will find all info to visit Don. I’m cover following points about Don – A beautiful hill station in Gujarat.

  • General Information about Don Hill Station Dang.
  • Don’s worth of things to see and enjoy.
  • How to reach Don?
  • Different distance For Don – Hill Station in Gujarat
  • Lodging facilities in The hill station
  • Specialty for this Hill station
  • Nearby Attractions and Don hill Station Ahva.
  • Don Geography
  • People In Don Village
  • Don Hill station images
  • Don hill beach resort.
  • It hotels.

What Is Hill Station?

Technically, a hill station in the town for more than a colder temperature, altitude and the pleasant atmosphere of the nearby plain or valley. Most of the Hill Station is located in India in Jammu Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat. In India Most of all of the Hill stations are Beautiful and Popular.

If you enjoy Holliday with your family So This article is very useful and best for you because we discuss about Best Beautiful and largest Hill Station in Gujarat.

You probably know about the Saputara Hill Station but we’ll give you information about a second new  Hill Station in Gujarat’s It’s Don Hill Station.

 Don Hill Station – Gujarat’s New Hill Station in Ahwa Dangs

don hill station gujarats new hill station in ahwa dangs

In Gujarat there is main Three Hill Stations you like…

  • Saputara
  • Wilson Hill, Dharampur
  • Don Hill Station  Ahwa, Dangs

We’ll Give you Information about last one is Don Hill Station Ahwa, Don is a one of the second Number Hill Station in Gujarat.

Don is the Best Hill Station in Gujarat. It’s Beautiful Hill Station in Gujarat they Near By scenic landscape around Saputara perched on the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra and 30km from Ahwa. The  headquarters of the Dang.

Don still insists is hidden to most tourists. Mouth publicity is the only thing that helps attract  tourists.

Don Hill about the many people still does not know if this information is available for them. If You are Planing for one day picnic with your Children  then One of the Best nearest fair Ahwa Don Hill Station. Here you can enjoy a special fun with breathtaking scenes.

Don’s worth of things to see and enjoy:

anjani mata temple

temples to visit at don

Hanuman, Anjanimata guru Drona, Lord Shiva, Lord Rama, Sita, Folklore and legends are connected with this place Dang. Here you go,Mussoorie, Nainital,mounting Abu is also possible to forget after that. It gives you a unique peace and natural beauty. Here are spoken in the local language, there is greater use of Dangi kukani languages or dialect .

How to reach Don Beach?

how to reach don hill station

First of  all you have to go to Dang Districts. Don situated in the Dang district in Ahwa is approximately 33 km away. Ahwa going through chinchli, There is going to Darken Darken the mountain village and take the road leading to the village Don. If you are going to take car so it’s best because The CNG Filling Station is situated in Vansda. Petrol, Diesel pumps are Available  in Ahwa Dang.

Different distance For Don Hill Station

From Distance / Time
Saputara  50 km / 1.5 hr
Ahwa 33 km / 45 mins
Mumbai 275 km / 5 hr
Bilimora 126 km / 3 hr
Surat 173 km / 4 hr
Ahmedabad 390 km / 6.30 hr
Navsari 140 km / 3.5 hr
Valsad 150 km / 3.5 hr
Vansda 82 km / 2 hr

Lodging(hotel) facilities in Don

Unfortunately, no luck foods section. The ball is then the possibility of a hotel or food at Don Ahwa. There is only small food stall and hotels available.

hotel facilities in don hill station

There is a Not very large five-star hotel But tourists are here to stay in the tent. Don is a great pleasure to stay in a tent on the hill. There is Special attraction for tent. Because You have enjoyed the sunset for setting your tent.Furthermore, the atmosphere is pretty cool to be a fun night at the Camp Fire and natural cooling.

Don Hill Station is also called Natural beauty treasures

don hill station is also called natural beauty treasures

Because Don in The four core green groves and freezing – cold winds have flown. Nature – Lover does not leave a place of The mind is a New Don  hill station in Gujarat. The hill station situated in the Dang district of Gujarat Thus the ADI – eternity But in the last half year The place was hot.This is a Good place for tourist.

 Specialty for Don Village

specialty for don hill station

The Don Hill Station is Situated at an altitude of 1000 meters. This place is the very best for trekking and raliyamanum place for fresh air. Small streams trickling streams and mountains are seen in many places.If you see the watercourse should go there after the rain

Nearby Attractions and Don hill

1). Saler Fort, Maharashtra

2). Gira waterfalls, Waghai

3). Botanical garden, Waghai

4). Artist village

5). Saputara, Gujarat’s own hill station

6). Shabaridham and Pampa Sarovar

7). Mahal eco-tourism campsite

Etc.. And  any other attraction is nearby Don village Ahwa Dang in Gujarat

Unlike Saputara, the government is putting efforts to develop a sufficient Don Village. However, the government has recently approved 39 million. To promote it as another hill station in.

 People In Don Village

In a Don Village Most of all the People are Adivasi. Don has a tribal population of around.They are popularly referred to as ‘tribal’. Don Village is a tribal people is rich in bio-diversity and natural relics and has a rich ‘Dangi’s legacy.

people in don village

Recently, after several farmers offered their farm land for the construction of the 8km long way on a hilly terrain. If you visit the hill station during the rainy season, you will see the farmers.

The highest point in Gujarat  is announced as  Don

the highest point in gujarat is announced as don hill station

Don Village Survey and officially declared as the top point of the state of Gujarat.Don came out just after the Festival, a castle was announced by the administration of a long festival night, Don leverage as a great tourist destination. Before place Saputara hill station, which was occupied by working 900 meters above sea level

A Fortnight Long Tourism Festival – Don Mahotsav From February 7, 2015

don mahotsav from february

A fortnight Long Tourism Festival is stated from February 7, 2015 is also called Don Mahotsav. A fortnight Gujarat government and tourism administration plans to organize a “Festival Don”7 February from a two-week festival will feature scenic beauty of this hill station. Professional paragliders and other Adventure Games’ organizers have invited Don Festival.

Tourists tribal cuisine, will be their traditional songs and dance experience. This Don Mahotav is a best Mahotsav for Dom Village and most of the people are enjoying the Don Mahotsav in February.

Don Geography

don geography

Don Dang district at a height of 1070 meters, lies on a plateau in the vicinity of the Sahyadri mountain range. In Dang District available for the Best Don Hill Station.The Maharashtra state border is only 3 km away from Don.

Interaction with the locals Don Hill is a hill named after a character in the Mahabharata, Dronacharya. Also, there is a village that has been blessed with old caves Pandavas Water Falls

Which Time is Best for enjoying The Don?

which time is best for enjoying the don hill station

The holiday is the Best time to enjoying don hill station. And the second best and beautiful time is monsoon. Rainy season. Mid-June to the end of September. It’s Best time to enjoying Neturaly and original Beauty of Don Hill Station.

That’s all about Don that you want to know. I hope you enjoy it very much. Let me know your comment if I missed anything that you know.

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