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  • General Information about Elephant Falls
  • Places to see in Elephant falls
  • How to reach Elephant Falls?
  • Different distance For Elephant Falls
  • Dining facilities in the Elephant Falls
  • Speciality of Elephant Falls
  • Attrecation around Elephant Falls
  • Geography of Elephant Falls
  • Climate of Elephant Falls
  • People from Elephant Falls
  • Pictures Of Elephant Falls
  • Shopping Place in Elephant Falls
  • Elephant falls Weather
  • Elephant falls Maps
  • Video for visiting Elephant falls


General Information about Elephant Falls

elephant falls
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Elephant Falls is located in the outskirts of the main city of Shillong, Meghalaya, India, about 12 kilometers from the city. Elephant Falls – Elephant Falls is a combination of 3 rivers. One of the British officers saw it as a rock named elephant, designated as an elephant. This rock was later destroyed due to the earthquake.

The unique part of Elephant Falls in Meghalaya is that it has a two-level waterfall in the dingle of the rocks. The beauty of Meghalaya Elephant Falls increases manifold by two falls-wire fang falls and Wei Adam Falls. Elephant Falls in Meghalaya is the center of attraction for the entire Upper Shillong. Especially in the rainy season people come here with elephant falls.

Places to see in Elephant falls

Air Force Museum

air force museum
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Air Force Museum – Air Force Museum, attraction for both adults and children located in Meghalaya, India, is part of Eastern Command of Indian Air Force in Shillong, in the Air Force Museum. The museum located at the headquarters of this Command provides an insight into the glorious history of the Indian Air Force.

Visitors who visit this museum can see fighter aircraft, old aircraft, rockets, missiles and uniforms. The series of things to be displayed here include photographs of two major wars between India and Pakistan and Indo-China war. Caribou – The fighter used during the Indo-Pak war in 1971 is the main attraction of this place. The museum has a special section that stores many musical instruments.

Shillong Peak

shillong peak
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Shillong Peak is the highest peak of Meghalaya. It is located at an altitude of 1965 meters above sea level. It is said to be the best destination for nature lovers, it is said that the name of Shillong is named after this peak. The view from the summit is intriguing because it defines Shilong city and reflects the Himalayan scene.

There is also a holy place on top of the summit, which is dedicated to U Shulong. In every spring, here is an honor or a ritual in Yu Shulong also organized. But according to mythology, it has been found that the guardian god ‘Leishalong’ used to live on the hill. This is the god who protects the city from evil. His place is on this peak.

For security reasons, the Indian Air Force radar station has been placed here.

Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures

don bosco centre for indigenous cultures
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don bosco centre for indigenous cultures images
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The Don Bosco Center at Shillong has an impressive collection of pre-historic artifacts spread over many galleries, a place that preserves the culture and heritage of northeast states. In some of the galleries given here you can see language galleries, photo galleries, agricultural gallery and musical instruments gallery, display different categories and can display different sections of striking artifacts.

The Don Bosco Center in Shillong, which familiarizes you with the vast culture and traditions of all North Eastern states, is a reputable museum for indigenous cultures under the control of the Celestian Order of the Catholic Church, and Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland There is also a lot of information about the states.

The museum includes a library, the Otto Hopemluore library, where you can get many books and many records related to Northeast India.

Umiam Lake

Umiam Lake
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Umiam Lake photo
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Umiam Lake images
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One of the popular tourist destinations in Shillong, Umayam Lake is a huge and beautiful reservoir that attracts tourists from all over the country. It is a man-made lake which covers an area of ​221 sq km, which is built as the first Hydel Power Project in this northeast Indian state. This lake is also known as “twelve water” or Big Water.

Umeam Lake water became a major site for cycling, sailing and scooting. Tourists also enjoy riding along boats, pedal boats, sailing boats, cruise boats and speed boats.

Its beautiful, panoramic setting, surrounded by abundant and high-eastern Khasi hills, Umium Lake is often compared with beautiful and reflective lakes of Scotland. There is also a beautiful garden named Lum Nehru Park in the lake which is near its beaches, which connects its charm.

How to reach Elephant Falls?

By road

Three major bus terminus in Shillong can go to different parts of the country, from Meghalaya Transport Corporation, NEHU Bus Stop and Sacred Heart bus stop, Shillong’s beautiful place. A host of private operators offers affordable rates to make tourists able to enjoy their Shillong tour by bus. With so many advantages, Bus Shillong tour of Bus makes an ideal choice for a well-planned Shilag Yatra.

By train

There is no such proper railway line in Meghalaya, Guwahati Railway Station, the nearest railway station, which is located 105 kilometers from Shillong. The city is well connected to all the other major cities of the country via rail. There is also a taxi and bus facility in Shillong.

By air

Shillong Airport in Umroi is a small airport available for flights through Alliance Air and it is situated at a distance of 40 km from Shillong. Meghalaya Transport Corporation (MTC) provides bus services to various cities of the state from the airport. There are regular flights from Shillong to Ahmedabad, Aizawl, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and various other destinations.

Different distance For Elephant Falls

From Distance / Time Vai
Shillong, Meghalaya  12.5 km/ 0 hr 36 min  NH 106
Guwahati, Assam 103 km/ 2 hr 58 min  NH 6
Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya 42 km/ 1 hr 9 min  NH 206
Diphu, Meghalaya  315 km/ 6 h 21 min  AH1, AH2, NH 27

Dining facilities in the Elephant Falls

City Hut Dhaba

city hut dhaba shillong
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city hut dhaba
photo credit: cityhutdhaba.com

Highway Shacks Restaurant

highway shacks restaurant shillong
photo credit: tripadvisor.com

Speciality of Elephant Falls

A popular tourist attraction near Shillong is a combination of elephant falls 3 rivers which are located about 12 km from Shillong. One of the British officers saw it as a rock named elephant, designated as an elephant. This rock was later destroyed due to earthquake. This waterfall was named by the locals of ‘Lai Pateng Khoshias’.

One of the most popular tourist attractions of Shillong is called. It is a 2-tireled rugged waterfall that is between thick greenery, finally reaching a small lake. A clear view of clear water and greenish green color becomes more valuable.

Attrecation around Elephant Falls

Bishop and Beadon Falls

bishop and beadon falls
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Beadon Falls and Bishop Falls, two twin brothers located in Shillong City. In India, the 22nd largest waterfall is believed to be, Bishop Falls is a three-third waterfall that has a height of 443 feet. Bishop falls down with Beedon and these two falls are generally known as twin brothers because they fall into the deep valley of the Umium River, which revolve through the valley heard.

Lady Hydari Park

lady hydari park images
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lady hydari park

One of the most famous tourist spots in Shilong, is dedicated to Lady Lady of the Park Prefecture – this lovely park includes a lovely mini zoo as well as various types of flora, with 73 species of birds and more than 100 reptiles. The beautiful bed of the rose is the main attraction of the park. A special game area is also a part of the park.

A well-organized garden with a mini zoo and children’s playground – This park is now run by the forest department and managed right in the city center. Crinolin falls near this park and is the only swimming pool in the city which is known by the same name, Crinolin Swimming Pool.

Crinoline Falls

crinoline falls
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Located in the heart of the city, Crinolin Falls is a picturesque waterfall that attracts many tourists. This waterfall is surrounded by abundant greenery. Falling from a height of 13 meters, this waterfall creates a natural swimming pool down below. This pool includes beautiful orchids, which lend rich natural beauty at this place.

To promote this as a major tourist destination of Shillong, State Tourism Department organizes many events and cultural events on the site. The Travel Administration runs a small zoo at this place, making it popular among the children .

Ward’s Lake

wards lake shillong
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Ward Lake is locally called Pollock Lake or Nan-Polok, Ward Lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Shilong. This artificial lake is located in the center of the city amidst well-maintained lush botanical gardens offering attractive views of orchids and other colorful flowers.

Lake Ward is a horse-shaped lake, which is a charm for Shillong during your visit. This lake is equally popular in tourists, local picnics and honeymooners. The name of this lake is named after the Chief Minister of India, William Ward, who raised the idea of ​​making the place. It was later made by Colonel Hopkins in 1894.

Geography of Elephant Falls

Beauty, capital of the beautiful state of Meghalaya due to the beautiful landscape, Shillong has been entitled as the ‘Scotland of the East’. Elephant Falls is located on the outskirts of the main city of Shillong, about 12 kilometers from the city. The unique part of the elephant falls in Meghalaya is that it has a two-level waterfall in the dingle of the rocks.

Meghalaya Elephant beauty of the falls is multiplied by two false-wire Phang Falls and V Iapm Falls. In Meghalaya, Elephant Falls attracts completely upper Shillong. In Jalalai and August months, there is a large crowd in this place.

Climate of Elephant Falls

Summer Season

The summer season starts from the month of March and continues till the month of June. The average temperature is 24 degree Celsius to 15 degree Celsius. The weather is very pleasant time to travel to this place.

Monsoon season

The monsoon season starts from the month of June and continues till September. Especially in the monsoon season, Shillong is known for its extraordinary beauty. When you can see the real beauty of this foreign land, then the monsoon season is considered as the best weather for Shillong.

Winter Season

The winter season in Shillong is very cold and the temperature reaches 2 degrees Celsius. The months of November to February have been recorded as the coldest place in this place. Shillong is quite cold during December and January.

People from Elephant Falls

people of shillong
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shillong people
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people of elephant falls
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Pictures Of Elephant Falls

elephant falls photos
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elephant falls images
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Shopping Place in Elephant Falls

Bara Bazar


images of bara bazar
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bara bazar
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This is the center of trade and commerce, where most shopkeepers are women, it comes under direct management of the Syllame of Myell. Some rituals are held in the market area called “Khalih Lev”, where huge monoliths are erected Are there.

Religious Celebration ‘U Bali Shilong’ – Shilong represents the blessings of God and god of the market ‘Ie-lei hat-lei Khardoop’, here you can buy many things from here including seasonal vegetables, fruits, exotic spices and handicrafts.

Police market

police bazar shillong
photo credit: holidayiq.com
police bazar
photo credit: holidayiq.com


The police market of Shillong is a famous shopping place, which is in the list of local people as well as priority list of tourists. To meet the diverse needs of every migratory, it is a modern market which has many hotels, shops and food joints. There is enough facilities for everyone, in contrast to its modernity, there are many old shops that sell exquisite handicrafts in Meghalaya. .

Elephant falls Weather

Elephant falls Weather
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Elephant falls Maps

Video for visiting Elephant falls

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