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EME Temple

  • General Information about EME Temple
  • Places to see in EME Temple
  • How to reach EME Temple?
  • Different distance For EME Temple
  • Dining facilities in the EME Temple
  • Specialty of EME Temple
  • Attraction around EME Temple
  • Geography of EME Temple
  • Climate of EME Temple
  • People from EME Temple
  • Pictures of EME Temple
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  • EME Temple Weather
  • Map of EME Temple
  • EME Temple Video

General Information about EME Temple

EME Temple

EME Temple or “Southmural Temple” is located in Vadodara city in the western Gujarat state of Gujarat. This is an unusually modern looking temple, these temples have been made from holy symbols from different religions. This temple is a Shiva temple run by the officers of the Indian Army. It was built by the Indian Army’s Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (EME) Corps.

EME Temple
photo credit: 1.bp.blogspot.com

This temple is a great attraction for both tourism and devotee. It is run by Indian army officers, and the sacred symbols of all religions have been included in one place because they do not have different places of worshiping different religions. Referring to the architecture of the army, 106 ancient statues have been collected from the 6th to 16th centuries in the Aluminum Building of this temple.

Five main religions in India represent EME temple by various symbols of structure and design. On the top of the dome, ‘Kalash’ Hinduism, ‘Dom’ for Islam, ‘Tower’ of Christianity, ‘Golden-Structure’ Buddhism on the top of the tower, the ‘entrance’ of the temple represents for Jainism.

EME Temple Timings – 9:30 to 5:00 all days of week except Sunday

Places to see in EME Temple

Sayaji Baug

Sayaji Baug photos
photo credit: gujarattourism.com

Sayaji Bagh is a garden located in the Vadodara city of Gujarat state in India. Sayaji Bagh was dedicated to the citizens of Vadodara by Maharaja Sayaji Rao Gaikwad III (III) in 1879. Sayajirao III (III) has built Sayaji Bagh on the river Vishwajit, which is known as Kamati Bagh. Sayaji Bagh is the largest garden in western India, spread over 113 acres (0.46 km 2). It has a rich vegetable of more than 98 species of trees.

This garden is home to Vadodara Museum and Picture Gallery, Sardar Patel Planetarium, and Sayaji Bagh Zoo. It is one of the best parks in India, and it is maintained by the Vadodara metropolitan corporation. Thousands of citizens of the city come here every morning for the morning walk as well as the pleasant scenery of the garden.

Laxmi Vilas Palace

Lakshmi Vilas Palace was built in 1891 by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaikwad III (III) at the cost of GBP 1, 80, 000. Major Charles was an architect, it is the largest private residence so far and is four times the size of the Buckingham Palace. This is the residence of the royal family, which is held in high esteem by residents of Baroda.

Laxmi Vilas Palace

Its ornate durbar hall, which is sometimes the site of concerts and other cultural events, has a vanini mosaic floor, Belgian colored glass windows, and complex mosaic decorative walls.An Italianal fountain of water fountains outside the Darbar Hall Patio is there.

Palace is a remarkable collection of old arsenal and statues in Bronze, Marble and Terracotta by Felici in the palace.The Palace “complex” is over 500 acres and many buildings, especially LVP Banquets and Convention, Moti Bagh Palace and Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum There are buildings. The most notable of these is the magnificent collection of paintings of King Ravi Varma, which was specially appointed by the then Maharaja of Baroda.

Kirti Mandir

kirti mandir
Photo credit: gujarattourism.com

This temple is also known as Temple of Fame, it is situated near the picturesque Vishwamitra Bridge in the memory of the deceased members of the royal Gaekwad family. Maharaja Sayajirao Gaikwad III (III) Kirti Mandir was built to maintain the glorious memory of his beloved ancestors. It was built in 1936 as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebration of Maharaj Sayajirao Gaikwad III.

The marble decorated in the inner parts of the Kirti temple is decorated with luxuriously carved statues. The ‘Sikhara’ of this pupil memorial represents the sun, moon and bronze with India’s undivided map. Inside the Kirti temple, there are beautiful murals like the Battle of Mahabharata, Nitir Pooja, Meerabai’s life, Bengali artist of Gangawatan – Nandlal Bose. Apart from this, the statue of the last Maharaja and Maharani can also be seen.

How to reach EME Temple ?

By Air

Vadodara has its own airport, although it currently operates only domestic flights. All major cities of India are well connected to this airport. For international flights, the nearest airport is Ahmedabad’s Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, which is located 100 km away. From here you can get a taxi or any vehicle to go to the EME temple.

By Railway

Vadodara junction railway station is one of the largest railway stations in India and the busiest in Gujarat state too. Premium and super fast trains like Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express have added Vadodara to cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

By Road

Vadodara city is located on National Highway 8 in Gujarat. 112 km from Ahmedabad and 420 km from Mumbai, Vadodara is located. All state transport (ST) buses and private luxury coaches are from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Rajasthan. Ahmedabad-Vadodara intercity buses run in 2 hours and every 15 minutes. There are also many private bus companies on or near the station road.

Different distance For EME Temple

From Distance / Time Vai
Ahmedabad, Gujrat  110 km/1 h 55 min   NE 1
Godhara, Gujrat 79.2 km/1 h 34 min  SH 5
Surat, Gujrat 156 km/ 2 h 59 min  NH48
Anand, Gujrat  45.2 km/1 h 0 min  NH947

Eating facilities in EME Temple

Hotel Suba Elite

hotel suba elite
photo credit: subahotels.com

Hotel suba elite is situated about 0.9 km away from EME Temple in Vadodara city. Listen to this from the best hotel in Baroda. This hotel also has the convenience of staying with the food.

Gazebo Restaurant

Gazebo Restaurant
Photo credit: gazebobaroda.com

This is specially made for special evening dinner. It’s a beautifully landscaped landscape between lush greenery and exotic leaves. Nothing better than sitting between the beautiful date palms, the fine touch of cold winds and the instant culinary dishes.

Enjoy a full vegetarian, from delicious Lebanese to delicious Italian and buffet with non-vegetarian living food counters and stations, which complement your classic moments and celebrations. There is a separate party lawn for a special celebration to accommodate more than 200 guests.

Specialty for EME Temple

This temple is situated in the famous Vadodara city of Gujarat. This temple is a symbol of secularism in the country because it displays various characteristics of various major religions of India. Lord Ganesha statue has been brought from Mahabalipuram near Lord Shiva. Behind the idol of Lord Shiva, there is the command of pure silver, engraved with ‘Om Nama Shiva’ on it.

Specialty of EME Temple

  • At the top of the dome – Kalash represents Hinduism
  • Dom is designed according to Islamic architecture.
  • The tower at the bottom, the statue of Lord Dakshinamurthy, represents the Christian religion
  • According to the Tower’s golden top Buddhist principles.
  • The entrance to the temple has been done according to the Jain religious tradition.
  • Fire in the temple represents parasitism.
  • Attraction around EME Temple

Baroda Museum And Picture Gallery

Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery

Located in Baroda, the Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery, Maharaja Sayajirao Gaikwad III founded the museum in 1887 and opened it to the public after completion of the year 1894. The transfer of special pieces from Europe, which was to decorate the walls of the gallery, was delayed due to World War I.

This building was designed by Major Charles Mant and R.F. Chishammala preserves a rich collection of art, sculpture, ethnography and ethnic science. The painting gallery has various works of art in both India and abroad, in which British painters J.M. W. Turner and Jo Konstable, a gallery of Tibetan art, Akota Bronze dating to the fifth century AD, and a collection of Mughal miniatures.

Here are the clothes of Maharaja Sayajirao Gaikwad and Empress Chinabai etc. Military dresses worn by Maharaj are also mentioned here.

Iskcon temple

iskcon temple
Photo credit: vadodara-baroda.city

Iskcon Temple is a beautiful temple, located at Vadodara on Iskcon Temple Gothi Road. The temple is surrounded by beautiful gardens and greenery. This is where the ancient culture of Vaishnavism is worshiped – worship of Lord Krishna, especially Radha Shyamsundar, Jagannath, Baldev and Subhadrao Devi and Gour Nityai.

The temple is decorated with hand-painted pillars, externally and internally.

Here, hundreds of devotees gather daily during religious “arti”, which are regular times throughout the day. Apart from this, whenever the temple is open, devotees enter the temple for Darshan.

Hathni Mata

hathni mata
photo credit: image3.mouthshut.com

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in India, Hathni Mata Falls, is 100 meters long and is surrounded by flowers and vegetation from green hills of greenery. Hathni name was taken from the rock by the local population community, which looks like a baby elephant on the basis of the waterfall. Mainly in the winter the tribal community firmly believes in Hathni Mata, so fairs are organized here on some occasions. Elephant mother waterfalls are very popular in the youth and in the locality.

EME Temple Geography

The EME temple or “South Temple” is a Shiva temple run by the officers of the Indian Army in Vadodara city of Gujarat state of western India. It is unique in concept and design, Geodesic structure covered with aluminum sheet. It was built by the Indian Army’s Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (EME) Corps.

The structure of the EME temple is a symbol of secularism, because the two domes of the temple are devoted to Hindu and Islam respectively, entrance shows Jainism, the tower is a symbol of Christian religion and the Golden Top Tower is dedicated to the top Buddhist religion.

Climate of  EME Temple

Summer Season

Summer weather in Vadodara is dry in nature. The climate of Vadodara is hot between March and July. The maximum temperature of the city is 36 degrees Celsius or 97 degrees Fahrenheit during these months. Between March and July, the minimum temperature is 23 degrees Celsius or 73 degrees Fahrenheit, from November to February, the maximum temperature in Vadodara is 30 degrees Celsius or 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Monsoon season

In monsoon season the climate is humid in Vadodara. From mid-June to mid-September, the city experiences monsoon season. The average rainfall of Vadodara has been recorded as 93 cms. Vadodara weather also has disappointing humid rainfall which causes flooding in the city. Due to heavy rainfall between June and September Vishwa Mitri river, and other rivers of Vadodara cause floods. The maximum temperature of the city during the monsoon is 46 degrees Celsius or 116.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The lowest temperature during this season is 1 degree Celsius or 41 degree Fahrenheit.

Winter Season

The average minimum temperature in these months is 15 degrees Celsius or 59 degrees Fahrenheit, the climate is marked by dry weather between November to February. In the month of January, colder northern winds are responsible for light cold.

People from EME Temple

baroda people
photo credit: media-cdn.tripadvisor.com
people from vadodara
image credit: cdn.narendramodi.in
vadodara people
photo credit: images.indianexpress.com

EME Temple images

eme temple photo
photo credit: barodarocks.com
eme temple image
image credit: vadodara-baroda.city

eme temple hd photo
photo credit: 4.bp.blogspot.com

Shopping place in EME Temple

Centre Square Mall

Centre Square Mall
photo credit: static.panoramio.com

Center Square Mall is a complete entertainment area for the whole family, which is a fun and entertaining option for people of all age groups. This multi-dishes food shopping mall has many lifestyle and clothing choices, many to choose from in the mall, there are many international and local brands present here. Popular place.

7 Seas Mall

dev star mall
Photo credit: static.panoramio.com

7 Sis Mall is the best mall in Vadodara with which you can buy anything. There are many outlets in this hard mall, which are perfect for you to shop at once. This multi-storey mall is beautifully designed with an interesting interior and there are also many food outlets where you can make a fine meal.

EME Temple Weather

eme temple weather
photo credit: google.co.in


EME Temple Vadodara map

EME Temple Video



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