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Sabarmati Ashram

Gujarat Tourism

Gujarat is a state in western India. Very religious site is worth visiting in Gujarat. Gujarat is known for tourism. Today we will tell you about the famous places of Gujarat.

1. Somnath Temple, Somnath

Somnath Temple

Somnath temple falls on Gujarat’s west coast in Gujarat Somnath is a beautiful place to visit. Among the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva, Jyotirlinga is in the Somnath temple. This is a scenic spot of attraction for the important site and the audience and this temple has come on the beach.

Somnath Temple is considered as a very ancient and holy star. Somnath temple is named after the “God of Som”, this temple is a symbol of rise and fall of Hinduism.

According to Shiva Purana, the first Jyotirlinga of Lord Somnath is believed to be in this temple that this temple was founded by Chandradeva himself.

2. Gir National Park, Junagadh

Gir National Park


Gir National Park is located in Junagadh district. This park is a jungle sanctuary. This lion is more. These people go to see the wild life. It is found in many wildlife like lions, gudkhar and blue cow. There is a very beautiful place of worship and apart from this there is a lot of places to watch.

3. Dwarkadhish Temple, Dwarka

Dwarkadhish Temple

Upon hearing the word of Dwarka, you will know that Dham is the Dhamma of Lord Shri Krishna, Dwarka is one of the four main religious offerings of the Hindus. There is Lord Krishna’s place in Dwarka. Dwarka is also known as Devanagari. Lord Krishna is the ancient and ancient temple. Dwarka town is a city situated by the sea. There are ancient buildings in Dwarka where the art of art gives knowledge.

Lord Sri Krishna’s temple is one of the religious tourist spots. Everyone here goes to visit. Lord Sri Krishna’s temple is on the banks of the sea. That is why there are lots of fun in Dwarka only for the philosophy of the main Lord Shri Krishna. It is believed that Lord Krishna was settled in Dwarka from Mathura.

4. laxmi Vilas Palace, Vadodara

laxmi Vilas Palace

Lakshmi Vilas Palace Yamal is an exemplary ancient Indian art of art. White marble glass is made of wood stones. This palace looks very like tourists. The beauty here was built by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaikwad before it was the palace of Maharaj. There is a lot of craftsmanship on the artisans of Ismail which people come from far to see.

5. Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad

Sabarmati Ashram

The Sabarmati Ashram is on the banks of the Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad. Its name is also named after the river Sabarmati. Mahatma Gandhiji started here the satyagraha from Gandhiji here. Even today, Gandhiji’s yard is in this Ashram. This place is also worth seeing.

6. Axardham Mandir, Gandhinagar

Axardham Mandir

Akshardham Temple has come to Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat. Akshar Mandir is a Swaminarayan Sampraday Dam Temple. Akshardham Temple is the highest point in the Gandhinagar district of Gujarat state. And that temple is the God of Swaminarayan, God’s Prasiddha and full moon. When its garden is also worth seeing, this place in Gandhinagar is an ancient temple worth seeing.

Nilkantha and Sahajanand Hall, Mystic India Exhibition (45 minutes), Bliss Hall (45 minutes) It is also worth seeing.

7. Rani ki Vav, Patan

Rani ki Vav

These rituals in the Patan state of Gujarat are charming and beautiful. The Queen’s Wave was built by Queen Udayamati in the form of the love of her husband, King Bhimdev. Even today, people are taken to rotate here. Most of the carvings on the walls and pillars of the Vav, are the statues of Lord like Ram, Vaman, Mahishasurmardini, Kalki, etc.

Patan is first known as Anhilpur. And the capital of Gujarat is considered to be the capital of the queen more than 500 and there is more than 1000 small murtis. In the Patan district of Gujarat there is a visit to the place of rainy season.

8. Kankaria lake, Ahmedabad

Gujarat TourismKankaria lake

This lake is the most beautiful lake of Ahmedabad. this lake was built by Sultan Qutubuddin, in the middle of the lake there is a palace and a garden called Nagina Bari. This lake is the most beautiful place for a picnic. Around the lake is the Vatika, zoo, aquarium and a very beautiful place to attract. This place is the most beautiful place for children’s picnics. There is a beautiful garden near the lake.

The Lake Kanarkia has come to Ahmedabad district in Gujarat and the city of Ahmedabad is named after Sultan Ahmed Shah. More people like to visit the summer season of Konarkaria lake, Konarkaria lake is considered as a place to watch. And the best place for children is to see. In the darkness of the night, the colorful scenes of the colorful waterfalls of Nagina Wadi are rug bay rangi Roshanya. And the lake of Konarka lake, gold shines with colorful waterfalls of Nagina Wadi in the darkness of the night of Kanarkaria lake of Ahmedabad city.

9. Sayaji Baug, Vadodara

Sayaji Baug

Sayaji Garden This garden is also known as Kamati Bagh. Beautiful is Ayurvedic Plant in this part. Hence it is also called after Ayurvedic. Here is the zoo creature museum Sardar Patel Planetarium and toy car which attracts tourists. This garden is situated on the banks of the River Vishwamitra. This garden is a beautiful garden. It is very old.

10. Girnar Parvat Junagadh

Gujarat TourismGirnar Parvat

The hills of Junagadh district of Gujarat state of India are known as Girnar. Bhadas, Rohjah, Shatrunji and Ghello rivers flowing west and east with hills of Girnar. Girnar is also a hill station. Here, the Navdhan Kwao, Ju, Voter Park is also the place to look for. One is the highest mountain in Gujarat.

11. Jama Masjid, Ahmedabad

Jama Masjid

Ahmedshah city of Gujarat state is an ancient sight-seeing tourist destination. It was built by Ahmed Shah in the middle of the city, in the mosque there are 206 and 15 villages. It is counted in the most beautiful mosques of the country. On the walls of the mosque, beautiful scenes of Hindu architecture are seen. This mosque is made of yellow sandstone.

12. Prag Mahal Bhuj

Gujarat TourismPrag Mahal Bhuj

Parag Mahal is the beauty of an Italian style. In this palace, people of the film industry are more likely to come. This palace is located in Gujarat’s Bhuj district. In Parag Mahal, “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” and “Lagaan” have taken some part in the film. Parag Mahal is the best place to visit in Bhuj.

13. Palitana Temple Bhavnagar

Palitana Temple

Palitana is situated in the foothills of Shatruenjaya mountain on the banks of the enemy enemy. There are more than 900 Jain temples here Palitana temple is considered as the most sacred pilgrimage place for Jain religion. Rows get from Palitana to the foothills of the mountain. The entire climb of the mountain is about 4 km. is. This is also a sight point.

14. Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum

Gujarat TourismMaharaja Fateh Singh

Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum This museum has a wonderful collection of ancient paintings and art works. Here many paintings are old ones, there is a collection of famous oil paintings of Rafael T. Yan and Prices. Here is a wonderful collection of Roman krish Chinese art which tourists from far away to see. This palace is very beautiful, here is an old painting that explains painting very happy. Therefore, to see this palace, you must argue.

15. Ambaji Temple Banaskantha

Gujarat TourismGujarat Tourism

The Ambaji Temple has come to the Banaskantha District of Gujarat. The Ambaji Temple is a scenic spot on the day of Ambaji Temple, Bhadravi Poonam is a fair day and the future devotees come to take advantage of the philosophy. This temple has come to the hill.

Gujarat Tourism

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