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General information about Guruvayur

Guruvayur is Sri Krishna Mandir is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, which is located in the city of Guruvayoor in Kerala of India. It is one of the most important places of worship of the Hindus of Kerala and it is often called “Bholok Vaikunta”, which translates “the holy abode of Vishnu on Earth”.

Lord Vishnu presiding over the Guruvayoor Temple, the central symbol of worship in the form of Krishna is a four-armed Krishna, which takes a lotus with conch panchanjanya, discus sudarshan chakra, gada komodki and holy tulsi garala. Krishna’s parents Vasudev and Devaki are shown in the form of Krishna’s birth that this image reflects the glorious form of Vishnu; Therefore this place is also known as “Dwarka of South India”.

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He is currently worshiping according to the daily routine prescribed by Adi Shankaracharya, and later, formally written in a tantrik manner, a spiritual religious movement born in medieval India in medieval India, which was born in 1427 in Kinas Narayanan Namboodiri ). Senas is the hereditary tantry of the Nambudiri Guruvayur Temple (High Priest)

About Temple

Guruvayur as a statue of Guruvayur Temple, according to legends, it can be 5,000 years old. There are no historical records to install it. It is also believed that Lord Krishna took a statue from his temple in Dwarka and told two saints that the city was destroyed and it was established in Kerala. The idol of Lord Krishna was brought by Vayu Dev and Brahpati and was kept in place.

This place is the name of both his names (“Guru” Brahpati and “Vayu”), in the 14th century, reference is given about the Tamil literature ‘Kokasandesham’, a place named Kuruyur.In the 16th century, many The reference is seen in ancient Dravidia, in ancient Dravidia, Kuruvah means sea, hence the village can be called Kuruvayur. Famous historian Professor K V Krishna Iyer According to R, the Brahmins performed Chandragupta Maurya

Places to see in Guruvayur

1) Mammiyoor Shiva Temple

Mammiyoor Shiva Temple
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This temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, famous for its large murals, connects the teachings of this place. It is believed that Lord Shiva was the original owner of Guruvayaru Temple and decided to shift the statue of Vishnu to the present place in the this temple.

2) Parthasarthy Temple

Parthasarthy Temple
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Located within one kilometer from this Temple, Parthasarathy temple is situated in Lord Krishna’s temple as an episode from Mahabharata, where Lord Krishna tells Arjun about the Gita on the huge chariot.

3) Punnathurkotta Elephant Palace

Punnathurkotta Elephant Palace
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Located about 3 km from the western gate of Temple, it was established with the beautiful priests from the ruins of Punathur.

4) Institute of Mural Painting

Institute of Mural Painting
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Established by the famous Master of Mural painting Shri Mmuhur Krishnanakutty, this institute is located on the eastern gate of this Temple. Established in 1989, the institute is managed by Guruvayoor Devasam.

How to reach Guruvayur?

By Air

Kochi International Airport (Nedumbuseri) is 80 km away from Guruvayur and Calicut Airport is 100 kilometers away. All major international flight services are operated by these airports.

By Railway

Guruvayur found a railway station on the east side of the temple, which is connected to the main line of Madras-Mangalore in Thrissur. It has computerized ticket booking facility and ticket can be booked at any place from here. Mangalore may land at a Kuttapram station. From there there are regular bus service to Guruvayur. People of Madras / Trivandrum side can land in Thrissur

By Road

This place is well connected by road and rail to other parts of the country. The National Highway is passing through Kunnamkulam, which is just 8 km from temple, the private bus stand is near Manjulal (Banyan tree), towards the east of the temple. It is half an hour’s drive from Thrissur car and buses ply from Thrissur to temple every 5 minutes.
Kerala Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) runs bus services from all major places of the state and some inter-state services. The bus stand is 500 meters west of the temple.

Different distance of  Guruvayur

From Distance / Time
 Kollam, Kerala  223 km / 5 h 57 min
 Idukki, Kerala  173 km/4 h 32 min
 Kottayam, Kerala  150 km/4 h 3 min
 Kozhikode, Kerala  92.2 km/2 h 37 min
 Malappuram, Kerala  387 km/9 h 17 min
 Palakkad,  Kerala  72 km /1 h 58 min
 Pathanamthitta, Kerala 209 km/5 h 16 min
 Wayanad, Kerala 169 km/4 h 37 min

Facilities for eating food in Guruvayur

Ganapathy Bhavan

Ganapathy Bhavan
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Food indian, asian
Breakfast breakfast, lunch, brunch
Takeout, seating, waiting staft in the restaurant
Good for kids friendly
Location and contact information
Address: West Nada, Guruvayur, India
Location: Asia, India, Kerala, Thrissur District, Guruvayur

Saravanaa Bhavan

Saravanaa Bhavan
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Recipes Indian, Asian, Vegetarian Friends, Vegan Choice
Breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner
Takeout, seating, waiting staft in the restaurant
Children friendly, group, good for kids
Location and contact information
Address: | Eastern Nada, Guruvayoor, Thrissur,  680101, India
Location: Asia, India, Kerala, Thrissur District, Guruvayur
Phone Number: +91 487 255 0862

Souparnika Restaurant

Souparnika Restaurant
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Recipes Indian, Asian, Vegetarian Friends, Vegan Choice
Meals breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner
Restaurant convenience waitstaff
Good for kids friendly
Location and contact information
Address: West Nada, 680101, India
Location: Asia, India, Kerala, Thrissur District

Attractions around Guruvayur

1) Vallabhatta Kalari


Vallabhatta Kalari
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Located very close to the city, Vallabhatta Kalari is one of the most visited ancient martial centers. It is a great place to learn many different martial arts which keeps several centuries before and is happy to see.

2) Devaswom Museum

devaswom museum
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Devaswam Museum, situated on the East Gate, collects a large collection of antiques, temple materials, murals, musical instruments, ornaments of famous elephants, and stores valuable items in the temple.

3) Harikanyaka Temple

Harikanyaka Temple
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It is believed that protected by the Archaeological Survey of India, this temple has been built by Perumthachan, the word Hariñanu translates the word ‘Lord Vishnu’s virgin’.

Weather of Guruvayoor

Summer Season

Guruvayur’s summers are hot and generally avoid tourists. The months of March are the marks of the beginning of the summer season and it lasts till June. The temperature is between 25 degrees Celsius to 38 degree Celsius in these months.

Monsoon season

In Kerala experiences monsoon between June to September. These months are characterized by heavy rainfall.

Winter Season

Kerala winter season starts in december month . In Guruvayur temperature ranges between 17 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius , this is the best weather to visit the last Winters this place as it is clean and beautiful after rain. Looks. The temperature remains ideal to enjoy nature.

People from Guruvayur

People Guruvayur Photos
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People Guruvayur
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Photos of Guruvayoor

Photos of Guruvayoor Guruvayoor

Photos of Guruvayur image

Guruvayoor Hotels Guruvayoor Elephant Race

Shopping place in Guruvayur

The most expected shopping for any holiday / trip is shopping. Shopping in this place is a complete joy. After a few good sightseeing tours and other activities, it is natural to be involved in some parts of the shopping. The question is, who do you buy for? When you ask another question, the answer becomes obvious – what is the most famous Guruvayur? And there is your answer! Explore the shops and gurus’ markets.

Guruvayoor Shopping PhotosGuruvayoor Shopping

All the temples around, many shops, shops selling high-end electronic items to traditional puja material are available in many. The east gate of the Guruvor temple has been packed with many hotels, lodges and shops. Shops are fully open within 24 hours.

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