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General Information about kashmir Hil Station

kashmir Hil Station

Jammu and Kashmir, India is pleasant; in some places, indeed, there is a paradise for tourists for Jammu and Kashmir, India, travel to Jammu and Kashmir hill stations and experience outstanding heights and make the atmosphere attractive. Join in the most challenging wild game of travel and light surroundings for Kashmir’s hill stations. Enjoy the tour of Sonamarg and Patnitop in Kashmir, which is still translated. Enjoy every bit during your most delicious tour of Jammu and Kashmir, reach some of the world’s highest points in Kashmir and get the highest privilege to see this magnificent crown of India – J & K

Places to see in Kashmir Hil Station

Srinagar: Nature at its Best !

Srinagar Nature at its Best
Initiative Kashmir

Srinagar is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit Kashmir as well as in India. From sailing to trekking, looking at bird skiing, everything is in place of Srinagar.

Best time to travel: June to October, and December and January will be the best for the snow
Things To Do: Stay In The House Of The Boat!

Gulmarg: For An Adventurous Journey

Gulmarg For An Adventurous Journey
Journey 2 Kashmir

Known as the famous ‘Mado of Flowers’, Gulmarg has treated the eyes, in which the lively flowers are spread with shady mountains of snow.

Best time to travel: June to October, and December and January for the snow will be the best work to do: mountain biking, trekking, skiing If you travel for a panoramic view of the valley in the winter and Gondala ride.

Sonamarg: The Expanse Of Exemplary Beauty

Sonamarg The Expanse Of Exemplary Beauty

Sonamarg, as the name suggests, is known as ‘Mado of Gold’, an endless stream of stunning flowers and a trekking route with humidity. Its attraction is the Sonamarg in its list of visitors, its horrific glow and breathtaking views in Kashmir. To travel

Best time to travel: from June to October, December and January to snow
To do the work: trekking, camping and nature walks.

Leh: The Land of Pure Adventure

Leh The Land of Pure Adventure

Leh is one of the best places to go to Kashmir in the summer. Leading mountains, alpine lakes and fantastic settings are able to see Leh one of the best places. This place is a world of dreams of every biker, worn in the beauty and love of nature, Leh offers breathtaking views, no visitor leaves the disappointment

Best time to travel: April to June, September to October. Due to heavy snow, most of the tracks have been closed since November

Things to do: Trekking and mountain biking takes you to remember memories of life

Kupwara: The Crown of Kashmir

Kupwara The Crown of Kashmir
Initiative Kashmir

Rich Meadows, alpine mountains, and deeply clean water should travel to Kupwara in a certain destination in Kashmir. This city is a symbol of the beauty of Kashmir.

Best time to travel: April to October
Things to visit: Visit Lolab Valley, Kamarvasi Sahib Shrine, Sheikh Baba Behrram

Kathua: The city of Sufis

Kathua The city of Sufis
The Best India Tours

For history lovers preparing to see a glimpse of Kashmir’s past, Kathua should be in the list of places to come to Kashmir. Located on the edge of a river, Kathua offers a great view and tranquil atmosphere.

Best time to travel: Summer is the best time to visit Kathua. To work: Jasruta Fort is an important journey for history lovers. Picnic in Ujjad Barrage

Kargil: The unforgettable City

Kargil The unforgettable City

The city whose name brings a fever to Indian citizens, that city is a definite journey for everyone. Not only does it bring heart-touching memories but also provides a clear view. The atmosphere of this city flows through feelings.

Best time to travel: Things to do from March to June: Mountaineering in the Nou Mountains, Trekking Mulbec Gompa, Shergole, Uranz Zong and Wakha Riyagal Tours for Suri Valley


Kashmir hil station Driving Directions From Mumbai

From: Mumbai
Distance: 1,949 km, 1 day 4 hours
Taleasi bundt on the east side towards Lal Bahadur Shastri Road on RD
15m, 1 minute
1 save on Lal Bahadur Shastri RD
30m, 1 minute
Take the first right on office CST RD
Passed by WJT Trading Company (at left)
2.1 km, 5 minutes
Turn left onto Hans Bhaguara route
1.5 km, 3 minutes
Turn to Western Express HV
1.0 km, 2 minutes
Take the ramp on the Western Express HV on the right
partial toll road
Near by Borivli traffic police (at 17.6 km right)
21.2 km, 21 minutes
Continue to NH 8
partial toll road
Passed by Petrol Pump (left at 4.6 km)
190 km, 2 hours 27 minutes
Go straight to live at NH 8
partial toll road
Indian oil petrol pump (43.5 km left)
207 km, 2 hours and 43 minutes
Go to Ahmedabad – Vadodara XP / Mahatma Gandhi XP / NE1
partial toll road

Kashmir Driving Directions From Mumbai

Shree Shankaracharya Ashram (left at 41.4 km)
89.9 km, 58 minutes
Exit Sardar Patel Ring RD
0.2 km, 1 minute
Keep right on the fork and merge on Sardar Patel Ring RD
partial toll road
Go through 3 roundabouts
Near Peacock Restaurant 2 (7.5 km left)
17.4 km, 20 minutes
Take third exit on NH8 in Ranson Circle
partial toll road
Go through 2 roundabouts
Passed by IOC Fuel Station (left at 124 km)
538 km, 7 hours and 15 minutes
Hanumangarh-Kishangarh left on Mega High
1.9 km, 2 minutes
Continue on RJ SH7
partial toll road
67.0 km, 56 minutes
Slight left to stay on RJ SH7
25.1 km, 21 minutes
Continue on RJ SH 7D
partial toll road
23.8 km, 20 minutes
Turn right to stay on RJ SH 7D
28.2 km, 22 minutes
Turn right at NH 65
Passed by petrol pump (550 meters in right)
2.0 km, 3 minutes
Turn on the right to stay at the National Highway 65
Passed by Laden Police Station (450 meters left)
14.0 km, 14 minutes
Slight left at RJ SH 20 / RJ SH7
4.7 km, 4 minutes
A bit fine bypass RD
8.8 km, 7 minutes
Continue on RJ SH 7 / RJ SH 7C
Continue to follow RJ SH 7
partial toll road

Go through 3 roundabouts
186 km, 2 hours 25 minutes
Continue to SH 36
Near by Verma Bicycle Store (600 meters left)
0.7 km, 1 minute
Continue on RJ SH7
partial toll road

Kashmir Driving Directions From Mumbai

Radha Somami Satsanga Beas Center-2 (Nearly 42.3 km)
43.0 km, 38 minutes
Turn right onto Sangia RD / RJ SH7
Continue to follow RJ SH 7
partial toll road
Passed by LPG Gas Pump (900 meters in right)
20.9 km, 20 minutes
Continue to Chautala Bypass
Passed by LPG Gas Pump (400m in right)
2.4 km, 2 minutes
Continue on State Highway 7
2.4 km, 2 minutes
Continue on Sangria Bypass
1.4 km, 1 minute
Continue to MDR 105
Office of the Agriculture Department (26.1 km left)
28.2 km, 28 minutes
Take a second exit on the NH 64 on the roundabout
Passed by HP Petrol Pump (26.0 km in right)
35.7 km, 31 minutes
At the roundabout, exit 1 and stay at NH 64
Near BP Petrol Pump (2.5 km to the left)
2.7 km, 4 minutes
Take another exit on Goniya Road, on the Fauji Chowk
Near by Gurudev Hospital (900 meters left)
2.6 km, 4 minutes
At the roundabout, exit first
0.5 km, 1 minute
A little power on NH 15
Pass by the park (left side)
10.4 km, 9 minutes
Left to the sharp bypass
0.2 km, 1 minute
Take the first right on the bypass
1.5 km, 2 minutes
Turn right on Goniana Jaitu Road

Kashmir Driving Directions From Mumbai

Pass by Easyday (13.4 km to the left)
13.8 km, 13 minutes
Continue to the Railway RD
0.4 km, 1 minute
Continue on Kotkapura Jaitu Rd
14.9 km, 13 minutes
Continue on Jaito Road
Passed by New Kataria Electronics (1.1 km to the left)
1.2 km, 1 minute
Continue to NH 15
State Bank of India passes by ADB (400 meters left)
9.8 km, 10 minutes
Turn right at Faridkot Bypass
Pass by Desmess Dental Hospital (3.4 km to the left)
3.5 km, 5 minutes
Turn right at NH 15
Go through 2 roundabouts
Passed by Shehzada Filling Station (left at 43.3 km)
97.2 km, 1 hour 23 minutes
Turn to MDR
7.7 km, 8 minutes
Continue straight to MDR
1.1 km, 1 minute
Sharp left
0.3 km, 1 minute
Take the first right on the Grand Trunk Road
9.0 km, 11 minutes
Turn left onto Grand Trunk Road
1.7 km, 2 minutes
Turn right to stay on Grand Trunk Road
6.5 km, 6 minutes

Kashmir Driving Directions From Mumbai

Take the third exit on NH 15, at the roundabout
Passed by Essar (left at 6.4 km)
36.1 km, 37 minutes
Turn right to stay at NH 15
Pass from DESEL / Petal Filling Station (600 meters in right)
24.9 km, 24 minutes
Turn right to stay at NH 15
Passed by Rana Filling Station (8.8 km to the left)
36.8 km, 43 minutes
Turn left onto National Highway 1A
partial toll road
Near Indian Oil (5.6 km to left)
98.3 km, 1 hour 32 minutes
At the intersection, remove 3 exits
3.1 km, 4 minutes
Turn left onto the Tavi Bridge
0.6 km, 1 minute
Little Right on Jammu Flyover
0.5 km, 1 minute

How to reach Kashmir Hil Station?

Numerous stories about the beauty of the tourist spots in Kashmir, to see a large crowd of tourists to enjoy a cold holiday. Apart from this, many well-built hotels in Kashmir Valley need urgent help to stay comfortable, thereby reminding Kashmir of life for psychology. However, this fear of excitement has been given to those travelers who want the right solution to their strange question of going to Kashmir.

Kashmir Valley

By bus: Bus: The name of the three most important bus stands in Kashmir – Justin bus stand, Jammu, Katra bus stand and mini bus stand, which are constantly witnessing a large number of buses and passengers. A couple of popular private bus operators just make sure to visit satisfactory K. To facilitate tourists booking tickets, ensure hassle-free Kashmir journey by several online platforms supported by the Mannine counters.

By Rail – By Train: There is no railway station in Kashmir and Jammu Railway Station is located 263 km away. Many trains coming from major cities end at Jammu Tavi Station, giving a Kashmiri an attractive travel option. One word of caution comes in the form of continuous investigation of the Kashmir Train Timetable; At the time of a train for Kashmir, there is to be informed about any last minute change in the program.

Jammu Railway Station

By Air- Flight: Kashmir Airport has no direct flight due to absence of Kashmir Airport. However, those wishing to go to Kashmir can land at Srinagar International Airport or Jammu Airport, from which many cabs work for the convenience of tourists coming to Kashmir.

By Car- Cab: By choosing between low-cost and affordable taxi, a host of Kashmir car rental packages can be made by tourists planning to reach Kashmir from the streets. There is no need to mention, there is always an opportunity to get into Kashmir by enjoying carto in the natural settings of the most protected holiday destination. In this way, a right solution for quirky questions about how to reach Kashmir is to book a cab in advance or have the option of going down in their own vehicle.


Different distance For Kashmir Hil Station

From Distance / Time Vai
Doda District  118 km
Jammu District  198 km
Kathua District  183 km
Kishtwar District  91.2 km
Poonch District  229 km
Anantnag District  132 km
Bandipora District  192 km


Eating facilities in Kashmir hil station

Nedous Dining Room

On the second day, I was talking to somebody and I realized that despite having the most memorable and delicious food in my life in Kashmir, I have never written about them. Apart from this, it is the time of year when everyone in Delhi is suffering from heat and running to the mountains. That is why the time was right for me to repeat memories for ‘Paradise on earth’ from my journey.

It has been 2 years and I still can not stop talking about it. I was traveling with my friends for the first time in Kashmir. After being on the budget, we opted for a break journey, Delhi – Chakki Bank – Udhampur – Srinagar

Nedous Dining Room

Food indian
Meals breakfast, lunch, dinner
Restaurant facilities sitting, weightstaff
Good for the kids, children friendly
Location and contact information
Address: Nedus Hotel Gulmarg, Gulmarg, India
Location: Asia> India> Jammu and Kashmir> Kashmir> Gulmarg

The Chinar at The LaLiT Grand Palace, Srinagar

Recipes Indian, Asian, Vegetarian Friendly
Meals breakfast, dinner, lunch, brunch
Restaurant offers reservations, outdoor seating, buffet, seating area, waiting staff, parking available, valet parking, available high chairs, wheelchair access, serving alcohol, full time, acknowledges, American Express, accepts mastercard, acceptance visa , Valid parking, television
Good for the group, children friendly, special occasion meals, local dishes, see, kids
Location and contact information
Address: Guru Road, Srinagar 190001, India
Location: Asia> India> Jammu and Kashmir> Kashmir> Srinagar
Phone Number: +91 1194 250 1001

Jade Dragon, Vivanta Taj Hotel

Food Chinese, Asian, Vegetarian Friendly
Lunch lunch, dinner
Restaurant seats, waitstaff, reservation
Children friendly, good for the group
Location and contact information
Address: Kilsangri, Brain, Srinagar, India
Location: Asia> India> Jammu and Kashmir> Kashmir> Srinagar
Phone number: +91 194 246 1111

Alchi Kitchen

Recipes Indian, Asian, Vegetarian Friendly
Banquet Dining, Dinner
Good for kids friendly, cheap food
Location and contact information
Address: Math Marg, Alchi, India
Location: Asia> India> Jammu and Kashmir> Ladakh> Alchi
Phone number: 919419438642

Specialty for this Kashmir hil station

Former King of Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar in his politics, the state of Kashmir is a paradise on this earth. These are the words describing the Indian Crown, which affect the White Holes in the Himalayas, snow, beautiful people, and white valleys with clear and shining lakes. With an exceptional beauty in the sky and around the sky, Kashmir is incredibly one of India’s best tourist destinations.

Ladakh region

Famous for providing the heavenly peace to the visitors, the Kashmir Valley also acts as a paradise for adventure tourists and explorers. Kashmiri tourist cities and cities are packed with gorgeous ponds, gardens with a brightness and floral appearance and vertical mountain ranges. The area of ​​Jammu is no different, while the Ladakh region borrowed its culture from Buddhism, resulting in the snowy hills protecting innumerable monasteries which are present in the desert in the sky.

Specialty for this Hil Station

The amazing beauty of Mother Nature surrounding the state of Jammu and Kashmir is beyond the expectations of this world. People are accustomed to the adventures and adrenaline rush brave snow snowed mountains to bless themselves with this extraordinary experience. Generally pleasant and cold weather in Kashmir invites tourists from all over the world who come here to surrender themselves in their Divinity.

There are still many unchecked valleys in Kashmir, the tourist destination is a paradise for those who seek the difference between them. Enjoy the adventure and peace in each pot of travel on your most travel trip during the visit to the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Reach the highest point of the world, which is glorious in Kashmir.

Attraction around the Kashmir hil station

Srinagar Redefines Beauty

Srinagar Redefines Beauty
Tour My India

The capital of Srinagar, the valley of Kashmir is a precious possession. While implementing many colors of the state, it shows the authentic Jammu and Kashmir that the city sits quietly on the banks of Jhelum and considers contemplation. To bring the life of authentic Srinagar, the sparkling boats, the spectacular houseboats, the snow-covered mountains, and the springs of the Dla and Nageen lake can be gathered.

Nageen lake

Hazrat Shrine and Jama Masjid, the divinity of Shankaracharya temple, glimpse of the floating vegetable market and the blessings of the Prophet Mohammed with the glimpses of eclectic flora and fauna, honor the capital with the title of Paradise heaven on all earth. Srinagar Bird Activities (Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary) Water Skiing (Dal Lake, Nagin Lake and Bodding), Golfing (Kashmir Golf Course), Trekking (89km from Srinagar for Pir Panjal, and a great choice for sailing) (The party runs a shikar on lake and Nagin lake) and thus runs a successful campaign in Jammu and Kashmir.

Leh Land of Queer Beauty and Sheer Adventure

Leh Land of Queer Beauty and Sheer Adventure

Appreciating the Northern Perimeter, Leh is a land of lust and beauty and sheer courage. Strong mountains, alpine lakes, divine gompa and odd setting make Leh one of the best places to go to Jammu and Kashmir. Located 434 kilometers away from Srinagar, it is a conspiracy of artistic inclinations of major enthusiasts and minds.

divine gompa

Alki Monastery, Hemis Monastery, Mtho monastery, Spituk monastery and Thikse monasteries dazzled the architectural grandeur visitors of spiritual places such as the General decuman fort, is likely to surprise the audience in Stoke Palace and Jama Masjid. Leh, get the courage and the right mix of spirituality, which is the natural scenic beauty. Trekking and mountain biking could not excite the adventure seekers; Great Adventure are many beautiful trails to promote opportunities for experience with the beauty of nature, Leh also provides an opportunity to view the Himalayan Panoroma.

Jammu City A Blessed Land

Jammu City A Blessed Land
Tour My India

Protected and blessed mother Vaishno Devi, who has found her earthly residence on Trikuta hills, Jammu city is actually one of the top places to come in Jammu and Kashmir. Dubbed in the form of temples of the city, Jammu invites all those seeking peace and tranquility, Raghunath Temple, Ranbareshwar Temple, Mahamaya Temple, Pir Baba and Peer Khoo, unrivaled divinity attracts all the visitors of Jammu.

Mahamaya Temple

A Bahu temple, which is situated inside the royal palace fort, should visit. This temple is dedicated to the god worshiping the mother of Jammu, Goddess Kali or Bava, because they are called popular in this area. Apart from the temple, a travel enthusiast can see the architectural splendor of Bahu Fort and Mubarak Mandi Palace. Aquarium in Bag-e-Bahu (Bahu Ki Fort) also catches the eyes of tourists because it is the largest underground aquarium in the country. A journey for Jammu is not less than a campaign for a holy land.

Udhampur Recalling the Glorious Past

Udhampur Recalling the Glorious Past
Tour My India

In the name of King Udham Singh, Udhampur city is the second largest city in the Jammu region. Located in the middle of the tropical green surroundings and the Eucalyptus trees between Fringe, Udhampur is one of the best tourist attractions in Jammu and Kashmir. A pleasure for the history lovers, the city offers many relics along with the time of the epic of Mahabharata. The order of the order of temples is called the oldest structure in the city.

Udhampur city

Udhampur is also famous for the underground river Devika, which is considered as the sister of the Ganga. Ramnagar Fort, located approximately 40 km from Udhampur and traveling by King Suchet Singh. The Mangrri Cave Temple, Pingala Mata and Sudha Mahadev Temple are other important places to go to Udhampur.


Photography: How to Get Great Photos of Kashmir hil station


Arrival at Jammu, Jammu to Patnitop (2-3 Hrs/120 Kms)

Arrive in Jammu and check the hotel at Katra and refresh. Later, visit Patnitop, a famous hill resort (95km from Katra), which is situated on a beautiful plateau at an altitude of 2024 meters, where the Jammu-Srinagar highway passes. On arrival, proceed to Sansar, which is a cup-shaped grassland surrounded by a large conifer. Visit Nathopop on the way, another famous tourist point. Later in the evening till Katra. Enjoy staying at the hotel overnight

Arrival at Jammu, Jammu to Katra (1-2 Hrs/50 Kms)

After arrival at Jammu Airport, proceed to Katra and check in the hotel and visit the local sightseeing in the evening and return to the hotel. You can visit if the time permit goes to Jhajjar Kotli, it is a picnic spot about 15 km from Katra, which is known for its natural beauty with clear, cold water throughout the year. Overnight hotel

Arrival in Srinagar

Cool summer breeze, romantic houseboats on alpine scenery and cool lentils lake – you are just a few things on this exciting holiday in Kashmir. You will be at Srinagar Airport and welcome by a McMaster Representative outside the airport, who will assist you with your transfer in the hotel or houseboat (according to your booking) in Srinagar. For a quiet and soothing experience check-in for some time before leaving for Shikara Ride (Self Expenditure) on Lake lake and open; You can take advantage of the ride on the basis of direct payment. Finish the day with a cozy dinner in the hotel

Srinagar to Gulmarg: (60 Kms /2-3 Hrs) One side – Day excursion

“After breakfast on this day, proceed to Gulmarg. Travel 60 km will be through interesting twist and will be with picturesque surprises in every corner, you will take 3 hours to about 2 to reach their destination. Average altitude of 2,690 meters, Gulmarg is easily one of the major mountain resorts in the country. You can explore this place yourself, visit the highest golf course in the world, which led to the British once were once home to pay the charges of their summer (golf kit and caddy extra cost) . You can enjoy an exhilarating Gandola or cable car ride (self expenditure).

Kashmir hil station Geography

Jammu and Kashmir is home to many valleys like Kashmir Valley, Tavi Valley, Chenab Valley, Punch Valley, Sindh Valley and Leader valley. In the main Kashmir valley area, 100 km (62 miles) wide and 15,520.3 km2 (5, 992.4 square miles). The Himalayas divide Kashmir Valley from Ladakh, while the Pir Panjal border, which encircles the valley from west and south, separates it from the great plains of northern India. The main boundary of the Himalayas is in the northeast region of the valley. The average height of 1,850 meters (6,070 feet) above sea level in this densely populated and beautiful valley, but the average height of the nearby Pir Panjal range is 5000 meters (16,000 feet).

Kashmir  Geography

Due to the wide range of Jammu and Kashmir, its biology is diverse. Northwestern thorn forest is found in the jungles of forests and Himalayan sub-tropical pine in the low altitudes of southwestern distances. These give way to a wider band of forests in the western Kashmir valley of the Western Himalayan Browlif in the Kashmir Valley. Growing forests in the mountains, the square of forests widened in the western Himalayan subpopular coniferous forests. The north-western Himalayan alpine bush and grasslands are found on top of the tree line. Most of the state’s north-east is covered by Karakoram-West Tibetan Plateau Alpine step. Around the highest elevation, there is no vegetation, just rock and ice.

Climate of Kashmir hil station


The spring season starts in March and lasts until the beginning of May. During the spring, the average temperature ranges from 23 ° C to 6 ° C. Short rain, light winds and flowers are the characteristics of this season. Along with this, the whole Kashmir is tilted in green colors.


Starting in May, the summer season extends up to the end of August. The climate of Kashmir is not very hot in summer. In Srinagar, you can also apply light wool in the summer season. The average temperature in the daytime temperature varies from 25 degree Celsius to 35 degree Celsius. The highest demand after the Kashmir hill station during summers is summarized.


With the onset of September, the time comes for the autumn season. In the entire area, the first gold, then the racet and then the color of red color is covered. During the autumn the average temperature ranges from 23 degrees Celsius (maximum) to 10 degree Celsius (minimum). The weather lasts till the end of November, by that time the need for heavy wool is increasing.


There is a winter season in Kashmir by dragging from December to early March. Covers with full snow, K looks like a picture like a story.


People from Kashmir hil station

People from Kashmir Hil Station


People from Kashmir Hil Station1
Kashmir Travel & Tourism


People from Kashmir Hil Station2


Kashmir hil station images

Kashmir Hill station images 1
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Hotel in Kashmir hil station

Hotel in Kashmir hill station
Kashmir Hills

Lake Victoria Houseboat

Lake Victoria Houseboat is a 3-star accommodation located in the famous Dal Lake. This property provides internet service and is located 7 km from Royal Springs Golf Course and 15 km from Srinagar Airport. In total 30 well-designed rooms, Housing, Srinagar, this hotel offers basic facilities such as television, in-room safe, telephone and enclosed bathroom attached with modern amenities. R>
Additional amenities available in the hotel premises in Srinagar are laundry and doctor on the phone. The Lake Victoria Houseboat also offers guests cooked dishes for the home. This property is located 12 km from Srinagar railway station and 2 km from Khyam bus stand.

Places of attraction include Srinagar Botanical Gardens (8 km) and Nishat Mughal Gardens (11 km).

The Lalit Grand Palace Srinagar

Located about 2 km from the Sherry Kashmir International Auditorium, Lalit Grand Palace Srinagar provides internet access to its guardians. In Srinagar, this property can be reached from Srinagar railway station 12 km away. Guests are offered accommodation in 113 well-ordered rooms spread over 2 floors.

The rooms are equipped with TVs, a work desk, wardrobe, makeup mirror and attached bathroom with hot / cold running water. The Lalit Grand Palace Srinagar has a restaurant, swimming pool, nightclub, gym, beauty salon and conference room in the premises.

Car rental, daily newspapers and room service are also provided for its guests, a list of transport modes that include Shivopara bus stand (5 km) and Srinagar International Airport (16 km).

Tourists can explore tourist destinations such as Shalimar Bagh (9 km), Shankaracharya Temple (7 km) and Dal Lake (7 km).

Impex Hill Resorts – Impex

Impex Hill Resorts is located 10 km away from Dalgate Bus Stop and the Dal is 3 km from Lake. This resort in Srinagar provides breakfast and internet access to its guests. There are 10 spacious and well-appointed rooms spread over 4 floors.

Each room has facilities such as television, wardrobe, make-up mirror and bottled water. It also has an en suite bathroom with hot and cold water facilities. Impex Hill resorts have a restaurant, coffee shop, garden, swimming pool, gift shop and travel counter.

In this property, front desk facilities are also available with services like medical assistance, laundry and room service. This resort is located 21 km from Srinagar Railway Station, and 23 km from Srinagar International Airport (SXR) in Srinagar.

Some tourist attractions include Tulip Garden (4 km), Nigins Lake (9 km), Shalimar Bagh (4 km) and Nishat Gardens (1 km).

Heevan Resort

The Heaven Resort is situated under the powerful mountainous mountain, only a few minutes from the majestic Dal Lake, along with the Nishant and Shalimar gardens. This resort has 35 spacious and elegantly decorated rooms and suites with all the modern amenities.

all rooms are specially equipped with wall-to-wall rugs and offer proper seating and dining areas. The rooms are equipped with many modern amenities such as satellite television, telephone, refrigerator and hot and cold running water.

Heevan Resort

In-house multi-cuisine restaurant offers a wide selection of delicacies, Continental, Indian, Chinese, Gujarati and Kashmiri dishes. Guests can try chewing on some foreign snacks and tasting the famous Kashmiri drinks cava in the center, coffee shop.

They can also get 24-hour room service to get their food in their room. Business Travelers can organize meetings and seminars at Banquet Hall which can accommodate a meeting of 250 guests.

The resort offers an option of indoor games to make the best of leisure time. Other amenities by the resort are the tour desk, safe deposit box, doctor-on-call, laundry service, car parking, power back-up and business center.

Peacock Houseboats

Peacock Houseboats offers internet access and 24-hour room service. It is located on the beautiful Nagin Lake, 1 km from Bagh-e-Shagupta. Houseboats in Srinagar have 15 well-equipped rooms. It has antique wooden furniture and spacious living rooms, bedroom and decorating bathroom and dining room.

Houseboats are full of amenities like internet access and cable television; Houseboats provide a padded vendor for views of Lake Firozi, sky-scrapping mountains are partly covered with clouds and green valleys.

Breakfast includes authentic Kashmiri, Indian and Continental dishes and cooked domestic food between 7 to 10 degrees in the dining room. srinagar International Airport is 19 km away, while Srinagar railway station is 17 km away from Peacock Houseboats.


Shopping place Kashmir hil station

shoping in kashmir
Kashmir Hills

jammu and Kashmir is a treasure house of traditional handicrafts, which is in any way found in the rest of the country. That is why shopping in Jammu and Kashmir is about choosing from elephants and silk rugs with their hands in the Persian tradition, which are famous with their highly complex decorations and strong Islamic fluctuation. The less expensive but very unusual and attractive are the chain-sewing carriages called “Namdas” from Srinagar. Another craft which is perfect as a souvenir is the paper mitters of all beautiful hands, such as boxes, bells, vas, samowers, houseboat models, and paintings to create memories of Kashmir.

beautiful hands

The list of Kashmir’s craft exhibitions includes soft, woolly shawl which are excellent embroidery, Kashmiri and Pashmina scarves, stalls and sweaters. Kashmir is the only state in India where the walnut tree grows and local artisans display the rich flora of this region, especially the symbols of the state – screens, bowls, drawers, bars, sofas, kachas and tables on the leaves of birds or maple

Hari Market

Famous for delicious barfish and dried fruit, without buying Hari’s sweets can not return home from Jammu, which is bustling with sweet lovers. The name of the market is on the name of Maharaja Hari Singh, the last ruler of Jammu and Kashmir.

Maharaja Hari Singh was a leader who took care of the city and played an important role in merging with Jammu and Kashmir in the Indian nation. This Dogra leader is lovingly remembered by the old people in the city. Green Market Authentic Dogra keeps dogra’s tradition alive by making jewelry and handicrafts.


Pashmina Shawl is one of the most successful items we produce. are proud to claim that the 16th and 17th Century pashmina embroidery shawls are reproduced. It takes 4-12 months to complete each shawl and we receive continuous orders on these shawls. We are proud of our highly skilled craftsman who made this possible for us.

Raghunath Bazaar

Located in the heart of Jammu, Raghunath Bazar is an important market. More than 150 years old, this market symbolizes the rich cultural heritage of Jammu. From Traditional Dogra Jewelery to Ladaki and Kashmiri Handicrafts, Basholi Items, Shoes, Sweets Fashion Accessories etc., you seem to be selling on endless numbers of products.

One of the characteristics of the Raghunath market is Pashmina Shawl which is decorative, is good in quality and not more expensive. These shawls are worn by the finest Kashmiri wool, dyed in vibrant colors and are designed with precision. Complex embroidery on this fabric is a work of excellent artistry. There are also old stores of dried fruit in the market, where you can take steps to collect walnuts and almonds.

Nagrota Bazaar

The Upper Bazar, Nagarata God’s Pin Code, Kangra’s area is 176047. The Upper Market, Nagrata Bhagwan, Kangra of Kangra is located in the Indian Post Office Upper Market, Nagrata God, Kangra, Kangra, Dehra Gopipur, Kangra. Kangra is one of the famous districts in the state of Himachal Pradesh. We have explored the upper market, Nagarata Bhagwan, Kangra on Google Map.

Gole Market

Gobble Market, which is named immediately after the circular area of ​​this market in Gandhinagar area of ​​Jammu, is one of the most popular local markets in the city.This is the center of modern shopping in Jammu and you will find multi-brand showrooms and franchise stores in many markets for eating in this market.Famous concierge shops such as Couple Sons, Apesaru Shopping Complex, Wrestler are located in a famous area like The Elephant and since the decades Jai Hind Bakery has existed. Quick shopping after the shopping, in the famous wrestler De Haiti and Jai Hind Bakery.

Bahu Plaza

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