Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary

Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary

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General Information about khijadiya bird sanctuary
Places to see in khijadiya bird sanctuary
How to reach khijadiya bird sanctuary?
Different khijadiya bird sanctuary
Eating facilities in khijadiya bird sanctuary
Specialty of Khijadiya bird sanctuary
Attraction around the Khijadiya bird sanctuary
Khijadiya bird sanctuary geography
Climate of Khijadiya bird sanctuary
People from Khijadiya bird sanctuary
Khijadiya bird sanctuary images
Hotels in Khijadiya bird sanctuary
Restaurants in khijadiya bird sanctuary
Shopping place in khijadiya bird sanctuary

General Information about khijadiya bird sanctuary

Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary

This protected area packs in an incredible variety of ecosystems in a relatively small area of 6 square kilometers. Created in the 1920s and 30s, the sanctuary is made up of two man made dices, which separates fresh water from the sea water, as well as creates an opportunity to follow the species related to each ecosystem. .

There are also marine and freshwater habitats along with marsh land, mangrove, prosopis areas, twigs, salt roofs, bay, wild scrub, sandy beaches, and even field boundaries. It provides paradise for more than 220 species of migratory birds and migratory birds, including the species of globally threatened species.

There is no night lodge with a great opportunity to see the rare birds in a large number. There are no lodge, but facilities include surveillance, trails and paddleboats to help visitors connect with this diverse community. As a visitor, keep in mind that conservation is a difficult process in any field.

There are complexities in Khijidiya that how water is used by local farmers, which affect the ecosystem in small protected areas, so if you are interested, you can ask about the issues, and find out the process But what is the effect of your own journey?

Places to see in khijadiya bird sanctuary

khijadiya bird sanctuary hd photo

If Jamnagar is a paradise for bird watchers, then the Khijidiya bird sanctuary is home to birds. Bird scientists from around the world travel to this sanctuary which visits rare coconut such as Gray Franklin, Common Queel, Northern Pintail, Little Blue Kingfisher, Barn Owl, Brown Crack and many others.

The sanctuary is also home for some foreign creatures, offering a lot to the lovers of the forest. You can climb to any of the three clock tower, choose the pedal boats, or walk on any trails to see the jungle in all its splendor. Do not forget to pack some of those telescopes, where some bird-watching hours have to be absorbed.

How to reach khijadiya bird sanctuary?

By Air

By Air

Jamnagar has a domestic airport, so it is easy to get here and can take flights to Mumbai. Then from there you can keep a taxi or auto rickshaw to reach the Khijidiya bird sanctuary.

By Railway

By Railway 1

The Jamnagar has its own railway station, from where one can get a train from Mumbai and other cities of Mumbai. From there you can hire a taxi or auto rickshaw to reach the Khijidiya Bird Sanctuary.

By Road

By Road 2

Jamnagar is well connected to all the major cities through the road, so it is easy to get here via a taxi or private car for rent.

Jamnagar connects to different centers of Gujarat, 92 km away from state transport buses and private luxury coaches from Rajkot. If you are coming from Rajkot on the bus, just before reaching the station, bus passes through the city so that you can ask to leave on Bedi Gate.

Different distance For khijadiya bird sanctuary

From Distance / Time
Mehsana, Gujarat 5 h 31 min (333 km)
 Ahmedabad, Gujarat 4 h 38 min (298 km)
Gandhinagar, Gujarat 4 h 58 min (322 km)
Patan, Gujarat 5 h 45 min (350 km)
Vadodara, Gujarat 5 h 41 min (372 km)
Banaskantha, Gujarat 5 h 50 min (368 km)
Amreli, Gujarat 3 h 35 min (193 km)
Bhuj, Gujarat 4 h 11 min (249 km)

Eating facilities in khijadiya bird sanctuary

7 Seas

If you feared that you would be craving for non-vegetarian recipes in Jamnagar, then you should leave that fear! 7 The sea is not less than those for heaven. Besides the offering of Jewish chicken and other muscles, which you come here, there is also Chinese, continental and Punjabi cuisine, all are prepared efficiently.

Attraction around the khijadiya bird sanctuary

Lakhota Fort

Lakhota Fort

This small palace is situated on an island in the middle of Lakhota Lake, it was the Maharajah of Navananagar. In this fort-like castle there is a pavilion with semi-circular patrols, guard room accommodation sword, powder flask and gun loop. A bow bridge connects Lakhota Palace with the city with a bullstreet. Today it is a small museum. There is a good collection of statues in the fort museum, which extends from the 9th to the 18th century and the pottery in the ruined Medieval villages are found in the surrounding area. The museum is reached by a small route from the northern part of the lake.

Bhid Bhanjan Temple Jamnagar

Bhid Bhanjan Temple

Address: Jamnagar Municipal Corporation, NR Lal Banglo Circle, Vinoba Mankad Road, Patkar Colony, Jamnagar, Gujarat 361001
Phone: 0288 255 6367

Complex silver work in the crowded temple brings people to entice people far and wide. It is situated right on behalf of Swaminarayan temple and has visited both for architecture with its religious value.

Another notable feature of the temple is the underlying Indian effect, although most of the temples built during that time were behind Western themes. The doors are decorated with beautiful silver work, catching eyes of photography lovers.

khijadiya bird sanctuary Geography

khijadiya bird sanctuary Geography

It is located 22 ° 28’N 70 ° 04’E 22.47 ° N 70.07 ° E with average height of 20 meters above sea level. The climate is hot and wet during the summer. Generally, the climate of Jamnagar district is pleasant; the summer season lasts at the end of March and ends in June and the maximum temperature is 42 degrees Celsius. The monsoon starts from July to September, the winter set in October and ends in February. Winter temperatures range from 10 to 24 degree Celsius.

Climate of khijadiya bird sanctuary

climate table

There is a hot semi arid climate in Jamnagar. There are three defining seasons: “hot” season lasts from March to May and is very hot and humid, which occurs before the “wet” season with extremely irregular monsoon rains, which is around 630 millimeters but with 100 Less than 1,500 millimeters in the district in 2010 in millimeters in 1911 and 1939. Occasionally tropical cyclones affect this region during this period. From October to February the “cool” weather remains warm during the day, but there is cash rains, low humidity and cold nights, so this is the most comfortable time of the year.

People from khijadiya bird sanctuary

khijadiya bird sanctuary photos
khijadiya bird sanctuary hd image
khijadiya bird sanctuary hd photos – hd photos
People from khijadiya bird sanctuary – Hd images

khijadiya bird sanctuary images

khijadiya bird sanctuary jamnagar

bohra hajira jamnagar
khijadiya bird sanctuary image
khijadiya bird sanctuary gujarat
Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary hd images
khijadiya bird sanctuary hd photo

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Hotels in khijadiya bird sanctuary

Hotel Aram

Hotel Aram

Address: Nand Niwas, in front of DCV Circle, Pandit Nehru Marg, Jamnagar, Gujarat 361008
Phone: 0288 255 1702

The hotel offers accommodation in Aram, Jamnagar, 3.9 km from Khijidiya Bird Sanctuary. Guests can enjoy the restaurant. Parking is available at the Hotel Aram. This hotel is air-conditioned in every room and comes with a flat-screen TV. Some days offer a seating place to relax after a busy day. Rooms come in private bathrooms. The hotel also provides car rental.

Hotel Kirti

Hotel Kirti

Address: Anupam Talkies, Tin Betty Chowk, Jamnagar, 361001
Phone: 0288 255 7121

Hotel Kirti is ideally located on the Sameer Club Road, which is one of the most popular places of the city. From here guests can easily reach all of them to offer a vibrant city. With its convenient location, the hotel offers easy access to the city’s must-see destinations.

This hotel offers all the necessary amenities that will give travelers a boost. The hotel’s major facilities include 24-hour room service, free Wi-Fi in all rooms, 24-hour safety deposit box, daily housekeeping.

Hotel Kanku

Hotel Kanku

Address: Nav Nagar, Jamnagar, Gujarat 361001
Phone: 0288 267 5400

Restaurants in khijadiya bird sanctuary

H J Vyas

H J Vyas

Address: Central Bank Road, Near Central Bank of India main branch, Mandvi Tower Road, Jamnagar, Gujarat 361 001
Phone: 0288 255 1555

If you think that you have taken a lot in all these Gujarati cuisines, then this is a sweet twist of the story. HJ in Jamnagar Diameter is one of the most famous sweet places. When you walk and you can get the joy of Kiglag, then there is enough room for the group to sit and enjoy it all. Chocolates, desserts and desserts are available here. You have the right to treat sweet tooth.

fresh point

fresh point

Punjabi, South Indian, Chinese or more, you name it and they have it. One of the most beloved restaurants in Jamnagar, this one is known for its cheap food, generally stirring with food items, fresh point, idli’s most soft and most of the Punjabi food is an ideal place for butter, Which includes crisp parathas.

Shopping place in khijadiya bird sanctuary

Shopping Plaza

Shopping Plaza in Jamnagar

Address: Town Hall Circle, Grain Market, Grain Market, Jamnagar, Gujarat 361001
Phone: 0288 266 2501

Mahavir Bandhani

Mahavir Bandhani jamnagar

Address: Jain Temple, ChandiBazar, Jamnagar, Gujarat 361001
Phone: 0288 255 3018

If you want to avoid the hassle of roaming in the streets and bother with dealers for that sandy saree, then go to Mahavir Bandhani. With 106 years of experience, it is a pioneer in the field. In addition to sari, see Chinya, Chola, Dress Material, Kumkum (Vermilion) and more. Do not forget to see satin sari here, come with the famous Goth and Kuchi work.

Shopping in Jamnagar

Shopping in Jamnagar

Jamnagar is famous for its Bandhani (tie-dyed) fabric, embroidery and silver utensils. Lindy Bazaar and Chandi Bazaar are more popular markets.

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