Manipur Tourism : Best places to visit Manipur


Manipur Tourism : Best places to visit Manipur

Manipur Tourism : history has been quite variable and glorious, it is believed that a brave man named Parabanga ruled over this area and established a large dynasty. In 1074, the king named Loiyamba was strengthened to a great extent. In later years Kabaab Rajo tried to join the south-eastern part of the Manipur Valley in his state. The 1470 Kabaab Valley became part of Manipur. The state was expanded in 1542. In 1762, the King of Manipur had a treaty with British rulers to get rid of the growing infiltration of the Burmese people.

Subhash Chandra Bose

In 1826, the Treaty of Yandubhi resulted in the fighting stopped, but the problem of Manipurans was not solved. After much deliberation, the British government granted Manipur status as a local state. At the time of World War II, Subhash Chandra Bose had reached the state of “Manipur” defeating the British with his free Indian army. INA in langalable Memorial is made in memory of those soldiers. After the merger of the Indian Union in 1949, it was made the state of ‘C’ class. Again it was made a Union Territory under the Reorganization Act of 1956. Eventually, on January 21, 1972, Manipur was given full state status.

Geographically there are two types of land area in the state. Mountain region, which has five districts and plains, of which there are three districts. In the east, Myanmar (Burma) is Mizoram in the south-west.

Dailtala, Lai-Haraoba, Hikru Hittongbas, Raslila, Chiaraoba, Ningolayak-Codeba, Rathayatra and Christmas are the main festivals of the state.

The natural beauty of this state offers a beautiful view to the tourists. Mounting hillside, covered with greenery sheet, trees planted with colorful flowers, trees planted in the beauty of the mountain. And among all these fast paved rivers are known as the white velvety kalina has been laid for the reception of tourists in Manipur Paradise.

1. Imphal Manipur


This city is the capital of Manipur, which is 790 m from the sea level. Located at the height of. Its area is 17.48 sq km. Is there. Here is the double language of the specialty language. It is written here in Bangla language and spoken in Manipur language. They do not have any original script. This place is connected by road from Guwahati (Leisure) to National Highway 53 from National Highway 39 and Silver.

2. Bird house orchid farm Manipur

National Highway 39 to 21 km This Orchid Farm can be seen by visiting. The zoo close by is also visible.

4. vishnupuri vishnu mandir Manipur

Manipur Tourismvishnupuri-vishnu-mandir-manipur

27 km from Imphal Vishnu Temple built from the Chinese architecture built in 1467 AD on the southwest, is the main center of tourist attraction due to its unique architecture.

5. Shri govind ji mandir Manipur


Govindji Temple is the chief shrine of Vaishnava goddesses. This temple is made up of 2 golden domes and large hall. Special dance programs are organized on this occasion of festive occasions. Here the chief Adarsha is Dev Balaram, Shri Krishna and Jagannath. Taking a closer look at the monkeys’ mischief, Lord Mahabali’s temple can also be seen. The doors of the temple are opened after 3:00 pm before 12:00 pm.

6. Bazar Manipur

Manipur Tourismbazar-manipur

This is the only market in India where the woman handles all the work. Manipuri handicrafts, textiles and other attractions attract visitors to their attention.

7. Loktang Manipur


This is a beautiful city, which is situated on the banks of the lake. It was here that Azad was the head office of the Fighter. The leader of this army was the world famous Indian revolutionary leader, Subhash Chandra Bose. In 1945 AD, a copy of the prestigious stone script has been established here in Singapore. The lake which is growing by the side of the lake, its area is 64 square kilometers. Is there. Drepe grown in the lake like dumb picnic attracts visitors. The task of realizing the dreams of tourists is to do boats.

8. Kaina Manipur

Manipur Tourismkaina-manipur

This is the prevailing popularity that Shri Govind had appealed to Maharaja Jayasinh at this place. Their temple built here is also beautiful.

9. Mao Manipur


Here the Mao Nagaon is inhabited, the climate is healthful. The distance of this place from Imphal 106 km Is there.

10. Churachandpur Manipur

Manipur Tourismchurachandpur-manipur

This is a transitional city. This place is the residence of Mao Nagas. The climate here is healthy for tourists interested in health benefits.

11. Keibul lamjao Manipur

Manipur Tourismkeibul-lamjao-manipur

This was in the year 1977 AD in the register of national origin. Here is the natural habitat of tigers. Endangered naray (deer) is found here.

12. Ukhrul Manipur

Manipur Tourismukhrul-manipur

This Tangkal is the residence of the Nagas. Due to being located at a higher altitude, the climate here is cold.

13. Thoubal Manipur

Manipur Tourism

This subdivisional city is a memorial. The glimpse of the conflict with the British Government is found here clearly.

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