meghalaya tourism places to visit


Meghalaya tourism places to visit

Tourist places to visit in Meghalaya

meghalaya tourism : After attaining the independence of Meghalaya, special attention was paid to the tribal development of these areas. Various committees and sub-committees were formed. Later, the movement for the separate state started. The demand for separate state was also placed in front of the State Reorganization Commission in 1956, which was rejected by the Commission.

In 1960, ‘All Party Hill Leaders’ Conference’ was constituted with the aim of keeping this demand in peaceful manner. In 1970, the Government of India gave status of autonomous state under the Assam State of the hill districts. Eventually, on 21 January 1972, Meghalaya was established as a separate state. Meghalaya literally means ‘House of the Clouds’. Here the main species of Khasi, Jaintia and Garo are inhabited. Meghalaya is rocky area. In the north, Gopalpur, Kamrup, Nagaon and Karbi Anglong districts of Assam, in the east, Assam’s Cachar and Northern Cachar, are in the south-west Bangladesh.

The highest peak of this state, Shillong is 589.50 meters high. The highest peak of the second number is the Nokok, which is in the Garo Hills Garo Hills, in the western most of the state, Khasi in the middle and the hills of the jubilee.

The state is rich in forest terms, here it is forest in 15,760 hectare which is 703 percent of total geographical area. There is also very rare wild life and disease.

1. Shillong Meghalaya

Shillong Meghalaya

In the city of Shillong, natural beauty is beautiful. The population here is around Uttarakhand. The time from March to June and from October to November is very good for Shillong tour. 6436 work km Spread over 1496 m from sea level At that height Shilong Kaviguru was very dear to Rabindranath Tagore and Dr. Vidyanchandra Rai.

The residents here can have a profound influence on Western culture. It is clear that this beautiful area is losing its true glory in the darkness of the gloom of modernity. Reflecting on the pilgrimage to Shillong, Meghalaya, state transport and Assam state transport, can go to Shillong and sit in ordinary and Samedelix buses.

2. Tura Meghalaya


This area is located at an elevation of 657 meters. The highest peak of this mountain, which is 1400 high, from there the view of the sunset is very pleasant. Natural scenes are adorable. This is the residence of the white people. This community can also be married to insured and mother-in-law. Marriage, then, is of strange nature, as well as the last person’s funeral is done in a different way.

Tobacco and alcohol are very popular here. This caste is also muscular. There is no harm in war art.

Buses depart from Shillong to 7:00 in the morning to get to Tura. At 10:00 p.m., there is relaxation at Guwahati. From here, the bus reaches Tura at 7:00 p.m. Apart from Meghalaya state transport, private buses are also torn apart. Tara can be reached from Kolkata too.

3. Balpakram Meghalaya

The scenic beauty here is visible. The Garo tribe believes that there is a temporary resting place of dead souls.

4. Cherrapunji Meghalaya

cherrapunji-meghalayameghalaya tourism

56 km from Shillong Located at a distance of, this place has been renamed Sohar. Situated at 1300 feet above sea level, this region is the most rainy area in the world. 500 -inch rain has been recorded here, this historic record is a full year. In the month of 1861, it has risen most 905 in the month of July.

Shivalinga is located in the ancient cave of the Masinarram near the south. The length of this cave has not been found till today.

This area is also famous for sentry stone and coal. Even here the arrangement of stay is good.

5. Siju gufa Meghalaya


Located in the middle of the forest or in the cave. This cave is made of limestone.

6. Mosman jarna Meghalaya

mosman-jarna-meghalayameghalaya tourism

Seeing the water falling from a height of about 2000 feet, the mind starts to creep. Not only this, around one and a half km A slight distance from the Mohammedan cave is also less awkward. These caves are not man-made. Or they have a specialty. The trap keeps the trap in the cave. Inside these caves, the dark dark empire is established.

7. Janeshwar mandira Meghalaya

This is the residence of Jayantian caste, considered to be Manglolian blood. Jayanteshwari Temple of Hot Water Kund and Narang is a major center of tourist attraction.

8. Mawphlang Meghalaya

meghalaya tourismmeghalaya tourism

It is 24 km from Shillong Located at a distance of. The natural scene here is very attractive. Tourists are feeling paradise at this place, with unique scenes of nature. This place is the main attraction for tourists.

Meghalaya Tourism

How to reach Meghalaya

Airport: Shillong Airport

train :

Mendipathar railway station

By Road:

Ahmedabad to Meghalaya [45 h (2,559.0 km) via NH27]

Udaipur to Meghalaya [41 h (2,300.6 km) via NH27]

Jaipur to Meghalaya [35h (1,969.1 km) via NH27]

Goa to Meghalaya [59 h (3,258.4 km) via NH27] Bus Booking

Meghalaya from Mumbai [50 h (2,828.0 km) via NH27]

Indore to Meghalaya [41 h (2,247.5 km) via NH27]

Meghalaya from Delhi to [33 h (1,926.1 km) via NH27]

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