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Mount Abu Tourism

mount Abu Tourism :India is a hill town on the western coast of India, near Mount Abu Gujarat Mount Abu comes in Arvali Giri Malo of India and the largest mountain is Mount Abu, Mount Abu is a beautiful hill station.

Abu is also called ‘Arbudaranya’. The name of the serpent is named after ‘Urbuda’. Nagdevas had come under this hill to protect Lord Shiva’s bull Nandi.

The name of Urbudrenya was later changed to ‘Abu Mountain’ or ‘Mount Abu’. Historically this place has been inhabited by Gujjars or Gujjars.

Saint Vashishta organized a yagna here for the destruction of the Asuras from the earth. Lord Mahavir, the 24th birth anniversary of Jainism, also came here. Since then Mount Abu Jain has remained a holy and revered pilgrimage place for the followers.

Places to see in Mount Abu

1. Nakki lake

mount abu travel and tourismnakki-jheel-mount-abu

It is known in ancient times that a person named Rasia Balam had constructed a lake from his nails.

Rasia Balam went to work in Mount Abu in ancient times and she fell in love with the princess and then the father of the princess’s father laid the ground that if she could make a lake in her own nails, then I should marry her daughter with you.

To get Dunga and Virki, Rasia Balam constructed this lake.

In today’s era, exactly lake is a sight-seeing and beautiful tourist destination. People go there to vote there. They go there to roam there. In this lake, people go mostly during the summer season.

2. Sunset point


On the sunset point Mount Abu, tourists can see the construction of natural beauty in the evening and morning. That is why during the sunrise and sunset, people go to look special, and this is why Sunset Point is an attractive and worthwhile place.

3. Tod rock

mount abu tourismToad-rok-abu

Looking at the rock that meets the size of the frog, it appears to be true, as this frog will now jump into the lake.

There is another rock near this that is known as Nun Rokk, which looks like a rectangular woman. Both of these rocks attracts tourists from a distance. That’s why this attraction is more visible.

4. Museum art gallery


There is a royal palace in the Raj Bhawan, there is also a variety of art galleries and museums and art galleries.

5. Guru shikhar

mount abu tourismguru-shikhar

Aravali is the highest point in the range. 15 km from Mount Abu. The master guru is the highest peak of the Aravalli mountain range. The peace of this temple on the top of the mountain touches the heart.

Guru Dattatray Temple is an ancient temple situated on top of this mountain.

God is dedicated to Dattatreya, which is believed to be the incarnation of the divine Trinity, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Other temples located on this mountain are Shiv Mandir, Meera Temple and Chamundi Temple.

6. Achalgarh


Mount Abu is the hills of Achalgarh in the north. And there is the temple of Lord Shiva. There is a number of ancient temples of Lord Shiva in Mount Abu. According to the Skanda Purana, Varanasi is the city of Shiva, then the suburb of Mount Abu is Lord Shankar.

Achaleshwar Mahdev Temple is located about 11 kilometers away from Mount Abu.

7. Delvada jain temple

Mount Abu Tourism

It is a temple of the people and there are five temples and this temple is made of marble map. And most people visit this temple.

These five temples have been named after the name of the village of Rajasthan. These temples get old artwork and beauty, hence this temple is attracting tourists.

How to reach mount abu

Air port :

Udaipur is 185 kilometers from the airport.

Ahmedabad Airport is 225 kilometers away.

Train :

Proximate railway station is 28 kilometers from Abu.

By Road:

Mount Abu from Jaipur [7 h 23 min (494.2 km)] Bus Booking

Abu from Udaipur [2 h 48 min (163.3 km)]

Mount Abu from Ahmedabad [4 h 31 min (225.4 km)]

Mount Abu from Mehsana [3 h 4 min (151.7 km)]

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