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General Information about  Nainital  Hill Station


Have you been in the eyes of Nature between Nainital Hill Station- Himalaya?
The clever appeal of eye-shaped Naini Lake is attractive only on that day when boating goes on full swing or in the night when the bank lights the lights with many lights highlighting its border. Naina Devi temple is enough to guide anyone in search of the voice direction of the bell. From here, most tourists go on their journey after British occupation capital to learn more about this trip.

If the schemes go up to the nearby places, then busy people can organize the fields for roof farming in Ranikhet. Every day no human can see such hard work

Legends tell about the eyes of the goddess Sati, where Naini Lake stands today, while Lord Shiva was unhappy with his body; The goddess who represents the power is worshiped in the temple situated on the northern bank of the lake. It’s just a myth; After the planning of Nainital tour, many other popular stories can be heard. The quiet and quiet atmosphere is modest, the medical soul is right in the heart of faith

Nainital Hill Station

The credit goes to British to build a city around the lake of ether. P. Baron, a Chinese businessman, is associated with the establishment of this place in 1841, but since then people (known as residents and tourists), are called Divine particles in more ways than one.
There are many faces of rituals, festivals, myths, beliefs, devotion, romance-Nainital tourism, which gives more inspiration to a tourist, places itself in an ideal host. Bound by beautiful peaks, lush greenery, valleys and Balia river, the city is dishonest in providing rejuvenation of the soul. Ride a boat in the lake and the spirit has become more powerful than ever before. The decision to spend a holiday in Nainital can be irritable in memories for life.


Places to see in Nainital Hill Station

Take a trip to the lake

Take a trip to the lake

Obvio! If you are in Nainital, you will have to see the lakes located around the city. Nakuchiatal (lake with 9 corners), Bhismal (with small islands in the middle of the lake) and satel (there are 7 lakes in this area), Khurpattal (hoof-shaped lake) should be seen in Nainital. Each lake is situated at a distance from one another, so it only takes half a day to see all of these. You can decide to stay for lunch for any of these lakes because most of the lakes are full of small and big eating joints except in some of the lakes in the hotel.

To talk about satel, this place is single (except for the official lake, which has been commercialized). Salty is actually a place where fishing is allowed; This is the perfect takeaway for those who want to spend some time between extreme peace and real nature. Here are some separate lakes like Panna Lake, Sita Tal and Ram Tal. One should see the island aquarium in Bhimtal, which has diversity of fish.

Eat at Chandani Chowk: Savour the Taste of Delhi on Nainital Budget

Eat at Chandani Chowk

No, it is not one of those busy market areas in the form of Chandni Chowk in Delhi, this place is an attractive restaurant on the Mall Road of Nainital. Inspired by architecture and interior Chandanani Chowk, do you inspire tourists to confuse? It is actually the trick for this restaurant to get some out of the box completely out of the box and eat out to get out with a stomach full of delicious food. This restaurant serves lots of Punjabi cuisine along with the famous Delhi chat. The best part of the restaurant is the moving mint, which apparently seems like cooking different items. The interior is also a scene that waits for a busy road signaling vehicles for the busy road of Chandni Chowk in Delhi.

Himalaya View from Snow View: Awe at Gleaming Himalayan Mountain Range

Himalaya View from Snow View

Take a cable car / ropeway to see one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nainital, which is called the snow view. This place is a little fun park, which is perfect for some family fun. There may be weather with you, if you are a nature lover, on a clear sky, you will be able to see part of the Himachal mountain range remote Himachal mountain range. The scene is only excellent and the experience can be pleasurable, the number of other activities that you can indulge in and the picture taken with a snake / dragon around my personal throat (cruise right! But it is worth experiencing! BLINK)

Visit the Nainital Zoo

Visit the Nainital Zoo

Yes, I know, in fact the zoo was actually one of those places where we were children, but those who did not want to live again in those childhood days … you are right! I should work more on my solid skills … LOOL is actually an important place in Nainital and I believe it is considered one of the best-maintained zoos in India. I am sure that when you go to this beautiful place you will agree with me. Apart from the number of animals and bird species which you can see here, here you will get a glimpse of the city.

Cave Garden: Give Adventure a Way

Cave Garden Give Adventur a Way

This place will give you a sense of being in the world to run the temple, okay, except you are leaving the eagle-facing animals. Adventure and fun for a short time to travel to Eco Cave Gardens in Nainital is a group of interconnected natural caves, which can be crawled. There are about six caves that you can choose; The easiest Tiger Cave and the most difficult bulb cave in which one has to literally crawl.

This place is well maintained by KMVN, which has decorated the place with the small beautiful park for the visitors to relax the idols of the size of the rural men and women and to relax. It’s a new experience for tourists all together (unless you have not tried this way anywhere else) and one of the best places for some great time in Nainital.

Learn Rock Climbing

Learn Rock Climbing in nainital

It is not that there is a stone or twelve plateau away from the cave garden, behind which there is a rock climbing place. No, amateur mountaineers are not welcome here, you have to do at least a 7-day course in which you can learn asylum, bouldering, climbing, scrambling and crossing the river. Now, physical agility and your period here is the main question, if you have been in the city for a long time and you are actually trying to do a lot, rock climbing in Nainital is the right thing to do. Being the origin of Nainital, I can honestly tell you that to climb a mountain and feel best to reach up.

Row RowYour Boat

Row Row Row Your Boat

It is important to sail in Naturally, why do you think God created this big, beautiful lake in the middle of the city? Absolutely for boating! Seriously, sailing in Nainital is one of the best experiences that goes to this beautiful city. You can select rowing boats or pedal boats and sail for at least an hour between the coolest beauty.

Capture the Beauty of St. John’s Church

Capture the Beauty

This 1844 is one of the best places to come to Nainital. Tucked in a separate hill in Mallital, this Gothic-style church is indifferent to all noise and city bustle. Although there is a school near it, this place is completely peaceful. The architecture is beautiful and it is a lonely one for some beautiful pictures, if you are in Nainital, then it is absolutely necessary!

Corbett national park

corbett national park in nainital

It’s worth every price! One of the oldest national parks in India, Corbett is one place that you will never forget. The park is located about 65 km from Nainital and thus is one of the best places to look closer to the city. Spread over a large area, Corbett National Park is home to many species of animals and birds. Apart from opening wildlife, staying in a lazy lodge is made inside the park and takes a safari on the jeep, the canter and elephant combines excitement and courage.

Nainital hil station Driving Directions From New Delhi

Go to Nizamuddin West on the Motilal Nehru Marg, Archbishop Makaris Road and Lodi RD to Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Bridge
13 minutes (6.0 km)

East side for Motilal Nehru Marg on Rajpath Marg
Parts of this road can be closed in some time or in a few days

Turn left onto Motilal Nehru route
May be closed at some time or on certain days
Near the Indian Air Force (on the left)
290 meters

At the intersection, take the third exit and stay on the Motilal Nehru route
Parts of this road can be closed at some time or a few days
700 meters

At the intersection, take the third exit and stay on the Motilal Nehru route
Parts of this road can be closed at some time or a few days
800 meters

Take the third exit on Prithviraj RD, on the roundabout

Nainital hil station Driving Directions From New Delhi

Turn left onto Prithviraj LN
180 meters

Turn left after Naroj Bagh (Parsi graveyard) (left)
260 meters

Turn right on Humayun RD
Raghubir Singh passed by JR Modern School (on the left)
450 meters

Turn left on Rajesh Pilot Marg / Subramanyam Bharti Road

Turn right onto Archbishop Makaris route
150 meters

Continue to stay on Archbishop Makaris route

Turn left onto Lodhi RD
550 meters

Turn right
230 meters

Nainital hil station Driving Directions From New Delhi

Leave on the fork and merge with Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Setu
650 meters

Continue on Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Setu Noida Toll Bridge, Delhi Noida Direct Flyway and Dadri Main Road Sector 38, Exit Noida-Greater Noida XP for Amrapali Road in Area of ​Noor
13 minutes (11.0 km)

Meet Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Setu

Use any lane to exit NH44

Use the left lane to turn slightly NH44 on the left side
60 meters

Leave on fork, follow signs for ring road and merge onto Noida toll bridge
partial toll road
2.8 km

Continue on Delhi Noida Direct Flyway
86 meters

Keep right on the fork to stay on Delhi Noida Direct Flyway

Keep Right
400 meters

Nainital hil station Driving Directions From New Delhi

Use left 2 lanes to pick slip road on Dadri Main road.
2.4 km

Continue to Noida-Greater Noida XP
200 meters

Exit to Amrapali Road
500 meters

Captain Shashi Kant Marg, Vikas Marg, Noida-Greater Noida Link Road and Crossing Republic Road for NH24 in Crossing Republic, Ghaziabad
34 minutes (15.6 km)

Continue on the Amrapali road
600 meters

Use left 2 lanes to exit for Amrapali passage
200 meters

Continue on the Amrapali road
450 meters

Jump straight on the Capt Shashi Kant Sharma route
900 meters

At the crossroads, take the second exit

Continue straight
550 meters

Nainital hil station Driving Directions From New Delhi

Continue on the Golf Route
Go back to petrol station (on left)
600 meters

Skip the captain Shashi Kant route
350 meters

Go straight to the captain Shashi Kant route
400 meters

Go straight to the captain Shashi Kant route
240 meters

Go straight to the captain Shashi Kant route
130 meters

Go straight to the captain Shashi Kant route

Go straight to the captain Shashi Kant route
300 meters

Continue straight on the development path
Near by Baba Balakshand Temple (on the left side of 550 meters)

At the crossroads, take another exit and stay on the development path

Take the second exit on Noida-Greater Noida Linked Rd on the roundabout

Nainital hil station Driving Directions From New Delhi

At Crossroads, exit Crossing Republic RD 1
Close by King Furniture (at 1.6 km right)
3.4 km

See NH9 near Bensia
2 hours 28 minutes (149 km)

Turn left at NH 24
260 meters

make a U-turn
Stay behind the petrol station (2.8 km in the right)
9.0 km

Merge on NH9
partial toll road
Go back to petrol station (on left)
140 km

Take NDR 65W in Tamil Nadu and Nainital RD in UT SH 41 in Tamil Nadu
2 hours 50 minutes (112 km)

Little left over Rampur road
49 meters

Turn left onto Rampur Road
2.2 km

Nainital hil station Driving Directions From New Delhi

At the crossroads, take the second exit
150 meters

Turn right
1.9 km

Continue to Moradabad-Kashipur RD
5.4 km

Turn right turn for Kashipur at MDR 65W
Near Mango and Gua Farm (at 8.0 km right)
32.1 km

Meet on MDR 49W
Jamia Maulana Azad Education Academy Sema Larpur (2.0 km to the left)
8.2 km

Continue on Bazpur Main Road
Near by Harihar Agro Seeds (950 meters left)
2.6 km

Continue to Nainital RD
Passed by Mahalaxmi Traders (6.1 km to the left)
14.3 km

Continue to Nainital RD
Near by Hanuman Temple (9.1 km right)
9.5 km

Turn left on police check post on UT SH 41
Computer World Pass (33.5 km in right)
35.7 km


How to reach Nainital?

By Air

Being a hilly station, Nainital does not have direct air links. The nearest airport is located in Pantnagar, which is 65 kilometers from Nainital. Most airports from Pant Nagar Airport include private chartered flights here and there are no commercial flights from here.

The second nearest airport is in New Delhi, which is about 290 km from the central city of Nainital. Delhi Airport is well connected to various cities around the world. You can rent private taxis from the airport, which will cost you around Rs. 4000 to 4500. If you are looking for an affordable option, you can run a train from Delhi Railway Station.

By Railway

The nearest railway station is located at Kathmandu on the foothills of Kumaon hills, 34 kilometers away in Kathgodam. Kathgodam Railway Station enjoys good connectivity at important places like Delhi, Lucknow and Howrah, with the daily trains running in New Delhi.

Some popular trains run from Kathgodam station are: Ranikhet Express, North contact, Kranti Express, Bagh Express, Dehradun Kathgodam Express and finally KGM Shatabdi Express. Outside the railway station, you can rent either a shared taxi or a private taxi board that will take you to the city.

By Road

Nainital National Park is well connected to all the places near a network of well-built roads, including 87, which connects it to Rudrapur and Rampur. On a 6 to 7 hour drive from New Delhi, Nainital can be reached easily by road, with some vacancies on the route. Tour operators provide regular taxi services to Nainital and even, and after being careful about climbing, nobody can drive in any way.


Different distance For Nainital Hill Station in Uttarakhand

From Distance / Time Vai
Dehradun 285.8 km/7 h 31 min NH34
Haridwar 232.4 km/5 h 46 min NH734
Pauri Garhwal 286.0 km/7 h 35 min NH534
Rudraprayag 220.9 km/7 h 2 min NH109
Tehri Garhwal 348.8 km/9 h 31 min  NH534
Udham Singh Nagar 61.3 km/1 h 52 min Nainital Rd

Eating facilities in Nainital Hill Station

Lazy leopard

Nainital is a popular tourist destination, a variety of dishes that are tasted from local cuisine from North Indian, Chinese, Continental, Italian to Thai, Tibetan and Uttarakhand. So you can enjoy popular Indian cuisine like Dalam Makhani, Tandoori Roti, Nan, Paneer dishes and also enjoy many continental cuisine. Local dishes Ras (a dish made with many dals), Bati, Bhatt’s Chasharani, Potato Gutka (A spicy preparation of steamed potatoes, Arsa (a sweet dish), Gulugula (a sweet breakfast) and much more.

Lazy leopards
Bakery, Cafe

Located in the middle of the dense oak trees and isolated from the crowd, Lajia leopard offers great global cuisine in the city. For a very calm and soothing eating experience, this restaurant is highly recommended.
Palace Belvedere, Awagarh Compound, Mallital, Nainital 263001, India

Loft restaurant

Indian, Italian, Thai
11: 00-10: 00
INR 150-200
The perfect combination of good food and a decent atmosphere, located on Mall road, this joint is usually crowded by visitors, but it is a place that is waiting for.
Mall Road, Mallital, Nainital

Sakli Restaurant

Asian, indian, italian
09: 00-10: 00
US $ 100-425
The best bakery with one of the most interesting menus in whole of Nainital, if you are a fanatic non vegetarian, this place must be an important trip – Thai curry, honey chicken, bread wolf, black pepper stacks, non-vegetarian ceslers, etc. . The unforgettable chocolate world will be in your moments in a moment. Many other, equally attractive desserts are served here.
Mallital, Closed Mall Nainital


Specialty for Nainital Hill Station

Nainital Shopping-famous

Mall Road
Tibetan Market
Bar market
Bhotia Bazar
Nainital Famous Places

Take a lake tour

Tanning Delhi on Nainital Budget
See Himalaya from Himalayas: Wonders on the Himalaya Mountain Range
Travel to Nainital Zoo: Answer the Call of Original Nature
Cave Garden: Give Adventure a Way
Know rock climbing
Drive your drive
Capture the beauty of St. John’s Church
Corbett National Park


Attraction around the Nainital Hill Station



Ranikhet is a hill station and cantonment town in Almora district of the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is home of Military Hospital, Kumaon Regiment (KRC) and Naga Regiment and it is kept by the Indian Army.

It is 1,869 meters (6,132 feet) above sea level and is in the eyes of the western peaks of the Himalayas.

Ranikhet is a place belonging to the legends of the Himalayas. Historical articles tell us that Kumani’s queen Padmini was doing magic from this small mountainous paradise. The area around Ranikhet was ruled by local Kumari rulers and later came under British rule. The British developed Ranikhet as a hill station for its troops and in 1896 established the cantonment.



Almora is a Cantonment city in Almora district in the municipal board and Uttarakhand state of India. It is the administrative headquarters of Almora district. Almora is located 365 kilometers from the national capital and 415 km from the state capital Dehradun, located on a ridge situated on the southern edge of the Kumaun hills of the Himalayan range. According to the provisional results of India’s 2011 National Census, Almora’s population is 35,513. Set within the high peaks of the Himalayas, Almora enjoys a one-year-old temperate temperate climate.

Almora was founded in 1568 by King Kalyan Chand, although the Hindu epic Mahabharata (8th and 9th century BC) contains descriptions of human settlements in hills and surrounding areas. Almora seat of Chandan kings who ruled the Kumaon empire It was considered as the cultural heart of the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. A nearby plant found in Almora’s name “Kilomora” was found. A small plant, which was used to wash the dishes Katriml temple. Kilmora bring people had called Kilmori and later “Almori” and came to the place known as “Almora”.



Located 11 km from Nainital city, Bhavani is the most famous for its TB hospital, established in 1912, [2] where Kamla Nehru stayed for a while It is now an important fruit market for all the neighboring areas, and is an important road junction for neighboring hill stations like Nainital, Bhimtal, Mukteshwar, Ranikhet and Almora.

Uttarakhand Judicial and Legal Academy (Ujala) is the latest addition to the city’s infrastructure. This foundation was instituted on 19th December, 2004 by Hon’ble Justice Justice R.C. The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Hon. Mr ND Tiwari and Hon’ble Mr. Justice V.S. In the presence of the then Chief Justice of India, Lahoti Sirpurkar, the then Chief Justice of the Uttarakhand High Court and now the Administrative-cum-training section of the Judge Academy of the Supreme Court of India was created. Academy’s mess and hostel has also been built.
Nearby is a popular temple, Golu Deity Temple of Gharkhal, which stands on a hill above the school of Army, was established in the Gharkhal Estate of the Nawab of Rampur in Sainik School Ghorkhal, in 1966.



In 1816, the British defeated the Gorkhas, Gardner was appointed Commissioner of Kumayun. Later George William Trial took charge as Commissioner and in 1834 named him as Haldwani. Although British records suggest that this place was established in 1834, which was in the form of a business for the hill people, who used to visit Bhabhar (Himalaya Mountains) area during the cold season.



Mukteshwar was the first Mukteshwar (as described in Jim Corbett’s book “The Tiger Tiger”); The name was changed after 1947. Until 18 9, this animal was known for its temples and temples before being selected for serum production to protect animals from cattle plague. On the recommendation of the Cattle Plague Commission, the origins of the Imperial Bacteriological Laboratory were held in Pune on December 9, 1898 and transferred to Mukteshwar in 1893, to facilitate the separation and quarantine of highly infectious organisms.

Initially, the laboratory in Mukteshwar was completed in 1898 but it was destroyed in 1899. It was resumed in 1901. Then annual expenditure on research is about Rs. Was there. 50,000 Later, it was developed in the Indian Veterinary Research Institute (IVRI), which later went to its headquarters in Izantnagar. Mukteshwar still works as a hill campus of IVRI, which includes facilities like experimental goat farming.

Mukteshwar Temple

Famous Nobel laureate Robert Coke visited this place at the request of the Government of India. The microscope used by IVRIs and other historical articles has been kept in the museum. There is a place of attraction for tourists in the cold room in 1900 in the hill. It was made to store biological materials
The famous savior of eunuchs, from Man-eating tigers and writer Jim Corbett, visited Mukteshwar. He wrote about Mukteshwar in Mane-eater of Kumaon. Carbat has written true and thrilling articles of his experiences in the wilderness. His books can be downloaded freely online.


Photography: How to Get Great Photos of  Nainital  hil station


Naina Devi Temple –

Presented by the ‘eyes’ of the Goddess, Devata is worshiped with emotions and rituals

St. John in the forest –

A church was founded in 1844, when the city was developed as English, now it has become a place of respect for another religious belief.

Sita Bani Temple –

In connection with the incident of Ramayana’s wife Sita, after giving sons to the sons, going inside the earth – Raja Ram was given love and Kush

Hanuman Garhi –

Devotees of the King Ram-Hanuman and devoted to the devotee, the temple is built on a hill by a local saint, 3 km away from Nainital.
Nature’s attraction

Lake Naini –

Natural reservoir of water, lake, hill city life, bread and butter because it is with Nainital tourism.

Naina Peakanena Peak –

Also known as the China Peak, is wonderful as beauty because the majestic Himalaya can allow it to happen. Trekking at the top of the summit is worthy of all the efforts required for the tourist.

Snow View Point –

Another place to admire nature with eyes, it displays the peaks of Trident, Nanda Devi and Nanda Coat. Both the cable car and the motorway road are the best options for enjoying this experience.

Tiffin Top –

On Eyrepatta Hill, this place is considered for some breathtaking clicks of the Himalaya’s grandeur. A convenient point called Drory Seat is also located here.

End of land –

The magic of the water of the Khuttal can be there – this is the first time when it is the first thought in mind. Neighboring hills and valleys can literally make a compulsory sense of ‘end of land’

The lake around –

There are some of the Sattal (Seven Floor), Khurpa Tal, Bhima Floor, Nuku Atital, Lakes, which are never remembered for different occasions from sailing to parasailing and do not mention pictures.
Other places in the list include Kunjkar, Guano Hills, Thundi Sark, Pandit etc.

Echo Cave Garden –

This natural park is a relatively recent addition to the Nainital tour packages located in the city of Mallit.

Governor House –

Architect F.W. Stevens used the Victorian Gothic style well in 1899 when designing this summer house so that it can be appreciated for its work till now.

Kilbury –

A type of picnic spot, this place is enchanting with fir and palm trees for the forest of Oak and Nain Peak.

Gurni House –

Gym missed as the residence of Carbet who played an important role in the establishment of India’s first National Park, now it has turned into a museum that light some life on a hunter’s life.
Nainital Yatra, Nainital Yatra, The Mall, Nanda Devi Fair, Nainital Zoo and Gym Corbett National Park can be covered during the Grand Raj Bhavan, State Observatory, Nainital.


Nainital Geography

Geography of Nainital district The geographical representation of Nainital district contains both large mountains and plains. Nainital district in Uttarakhand state, is located in the Kumaon division of the state. Almora district lies to the north whereas Udham Singh Nagar district is situated in the south. The eastern part of the district is on the side of Champawat district and Pauri gives it to Garhwal district on its western boundary. The Himalayan range is located on the north side and the southern part of the district is surrounded by plains. This combination makes the climate very pleasant

Nainital district is spread over a geographical area of ​​4251 square kilometers. Two geographical regions divide the district, i.e., Hali and Bhabra. The outer Himalayan region is called the Hili area. Geologist says it is called Krol, by increasing the height of 2623 meters above sea level, the highest peak of Bodhanasthali district is formed. It is located near Vinayak, near Nainital town. There are many big and small sized lake in the hill region of Nainital district. Some of the major lakes in the district include Lokghat, Harishatal, Malvatal, Nainital, Khurpattal, Naukuchilal, Sat Tal and Bhimtal. Bhabar region refers to the crores area of ​​the district. There is a tall grass in this area which is found in this area. Bhabar area is known for its deeper level of ground water.

The main river of the district is Kosi which passes through the rim of Kusini. River flows on the western part of the district. Many rivers flowing in Nainital district like Bayer, Dabka, Bhakra, Gaula etc. For irrigation purposes, most of these rivers are dams. Rainfall is very high in Nainital district.


Climate of Nainital Hill

in summer

From the months of March to May, this city has a summer season marks. Day is hot and with night temperature reaching up to 27 degrees Celsius is very good, in this season scenic views can be experienced and the trees are covered with fruit.

In the monsoon season

Monsoon brings light rainfall and runs from July to September. Greenery is amazing in this period

In the winter season

Winters see fluctuations in temperature up to 3 degrees Celsius and hence it can be very cold. The maximum temperature reaches 17 degrees Celsius. During this period, the city experiences heavy snowfall. At this time of year, the mountains of Laden with the snow in the Mukteshwar are a normal sight.

People from Nainital

People from Nainital2

People from Nainital3

People from Nainital


Nainital Hill station images

Nainital Hill station images4

Nainital Hill station images3

Nainital Hill station images2

Nainital Hill station images1


Hotels in Nainital hill station

The Pavilion

The Pavilion

This 19th century cottage-style residence, on the basis of Chena Shikhar hill, has a 2 star rating. There are independent suites and standard rooms on the offer to stay guests, surrounded by a well-maintained garden and located on the banks of the dodgers, guests get an opportunity to rejuvenate their quiet surroundings. There is also a play ground for children’s play, corporate is also provided with a conference hall, which can reach up to 80 guests. By well-maintained gardens in its premises

Designed, the hotel has a large badminton court and a clean restaurant, there is also a banquet hall with a capacity to accommodate up to 80 people, and is an ideal place to keep events related to any business. It also offers guests with Bon-fire nights, which is full of barbecue dishes. Guests can also be part of outdoor trips, i.e. sailing and sailing, fishing trips, nature walks and horse rides.

The Manu Maharani Less

So far from the hustle and bustle located in the city center, Manu Maharani Hotel N Spa, Nainital is just a short walk from the mall in Nainital. Manu Maharani Roadways Bus Stand is located 3 km from Nainital and 2 km from Nainital Lake. This Nainital house has 67 well-appointed rooms spread over 3 floors. Each room has facilities such as a TV, work desk, reading lamp, separate sitting area and an attached bathroom. Apart from good accommodation in Nainital, Manu Manu has a business center, restaurant, lounge, conference room and parking area within the parking area. In addition, laundry and room service are also provided.

Places to visit Snow View Point (2 km), Tiffin Top (2 km), Naina Devi Temple (2 km) and Naina Peak (7 km). Tourist centers near Nainital’s property are Tallilat Bus Station (3 km), Kathgodam Railway Station (27 km) and Haldwani Railway Station (33 km). This hotel offers comfortable accommodation in Nainital. Manu Maharani also has spa, gym and Wi-Fi connectivity (lobby area). Apart from this, guests can choose from 3 different dining options available on the property. Guests can enjoy the ghazal evening at the hotel. Naina Devi temple is 2 km from this property. This property can be reached from Kathgodam railway station (40 km) and Pantnagar Airport (58 km).

Traveler’s Paradise

Situated at 1 km from Sukhatal Bus Stand and 0.5 km from Nainital Lake, the passenger’s paradise is a 2-star budget hotel in Nainital. This property provides free Wi-Fi connectivity within the premises. There are 9 rooms in Nainital, this hotel features amenities like a cupboard, television, tea / coffee maker, dressing table, room heater and toiletries and an attached bathroom with geyser. Additional desks, amenities like cab rentals, laundry on the property, power backup and tour desk are also available. Bar-The-clock room service is also available in Traveler’s Paradise. Kathgodam railway station is 26 km and is 60 km from Pantnagar airport property. Major attractions include the GB Pant High Altitude Zoo and the seat of Dorothy (3 km).

Ashoka’s Naini Chalet Resort

Ashok’s Naini Shail Resort has a multi-dishes restaurant with a variety of dishes. This resort is 17 km from the roadways bus stand. There are 32 rooms for accommodation. Each room has a heater, tea / coffee maker, TV with premium channels, makeup mirror, reading lamps, cupboards and en-suite bathrooms. In Nainital, this resort offers currency exchange, luggage storage space, travel counters, front desk, medical service and room service. . There is a coffee shop which includes light snacks, a fully equipped conference hall, a spa room with various therapists and a game room for entertainment. Attractions in Nainital include Lake Nainital (16 km), Dorothy’s seat (14 km), Naini Peak (7 km), GBPaint High Altitude Zoo (13 km), Jim Corbett Girni House (17 km) and Naina Devi Temple (16 km. )

The Earl’s Court

The Court of Earl is a 4-star property located just 2 kilometers from the Nainital lake. Guests can benefit from adequate attached parking space. The hotel has 24 rooms in 2 floors. Each room includes a heater, a telephone, a television, internet access, daily newspaper and en suite bathroom with room service. Guest can take advantage of additional mattresses on request (surcharges), a multi-dishes restaurant consisting of Bengali, Gujarati and Marwari dishes.

The hotel has a spa center, conference hall, boat house club and a tour desk. The facilities offered are fruit basket on arrival, parking, laundry on the same day, live entertainment in the evening and washing of cars. Such activities that can be organized include indoor games, rock climbing, roping, local sightseeing, nature walks, boat ride or cable car Kathgodam railway station 32 km and airport 70 kilometers. A tetraction of China Peak (4.8 km), Ghorakhal Temple (19.8 km), Hanuman Garhi (3 km), Dorothy Seat and Tiffin Top (4.5 km) and Keve Garden (1 km)


Shopping place in Nainital hill


Just like many major cities of Uttarakhand, Nainital is also a place where one can shop for various goods. There are many things in Nainital that you will find worth buying. Shopping at Nainital is a great experience. Anyone who loves to shop, it is really impossible to return from Nainital trip without shopping.

Clothing and woolen garments are the most popular for shopping in the city of Nainital. These wool items are specially woven in Almora. Nainital can get many types of sweaters, cardigan, caps and shawls. These are made in some exquisite designs and beautiful colors and are sure to get your attention.

Apart from woolen garments and various garments, you can purchase deeply detailed cane sticks and many other multicore candles while shopping at this beautiful place, which are made in unique designs. If you prefer fresh fruit or fresh fruit juice, you will find all the fresh fruits like garden apples, peaches, cherries etc. in the fruit market. Then, there are malls for those who like different artifacts and souvenirs.

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Mall Road in Nainital

Nainital, one of the main attractions of the lively Mall Road, was built during the British rule in India and is the center of all activities in the city. There are many shops, restaurants, hotels and cafes on Mall Road and any trip to Nainital is complete without walking around here.
Film connect
Mall Road is a shooting spot for many captive films, including Kite Kang and some got it.

Bhotia Market

If you are feeling cold cold and you need woolen clothes to keep warm and comfortable, then head to the bhoti market. These garments are women of Almora, famous for woolen clothes. You can choose beautifully with samples and shiny colorful sweaters, jackets, gloves, caps, mufflers, shawls etc., all of which are necessary to avoid harsh Nainital winter. This place is also famous for its artificial ornaments and other artifacts. Shopkeepers often increase prices, so make sure you make the best use of your bargaining skills. There are also many restaurants and meals in this area, where you can enjoy traditional North Indian cuisine as well as snacks like Tibetan street food and breakfast such as Momos and Noodles at cheaper rates.

Bara Bazaar

Located in the vibrant Malayalam region, the Bar market is not only a shopping hub, but also a major tourist attraction. It is especially famous for its handmade candles and wax items, which come in many patterns, colors and designs. Choose from a wide range of candles and souvenirs or gifts for your loved ones area is also famous for selling beautiful wooden artworks and cane sticks, as well as decorative objects to enhance the beauty of their drawing room. is.

Foods sold here focus on freshly prepared jams, squash and fruit. Make sure that you buy in bulk so that you will never go back to the delicious food home. If you are looking for woolen fabrics such as jackets and cardigan, then there will be space in the twelve market. It’s a great place to perform amazingly with your family, as you wander around the markets and make purchases until you drop.

Fruit Market

Treat yourself with delicious fruit in the fruit market. Proper name, this place is full of fresh fruit-selling stores and vendors. They say that one day an apple keeps the doctor away. If you are a health-conscious person, the fruit market is the right place for you. The fruits that are sold here are not only healthy but also taste very good. You can find a wide variety of fruits here, which are unique to the area. With an adventurous activity, nature garden and freshly available fruits and vegetables, Nainital is a great place for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.


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