Nohkalikai Falls

Nohkalikai Falls

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Nohkalikai Falls

  • General Information about Nohkalikai Falls
  • Places to see in Nohkalikai Falls
  • How to reach Nohkalikai Falls?
  • Different distance For Nohkalikai Falls
  • Dining facilities in the Nohkalikai Falls
  • Speciality of Nohkalikai Falls
  • Attrecation around Nohkalikai Falls
  • Geography of Nohkalikai Falls
  • Climate of Nohkalikai Falls
  • People from Nohkalikai Falls
  • Pictures of Nohkalikai Falls
  • Shopping Place in Nohkalikai Falls
  • Nohkalikai Falls Weather
  • Nohkalikai Falls Maps
  • Video for visiting Nohkalikai Falls

 General Information about Nohkalikai Falls

Nohkalikai Falls
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Nohlikikai Falls is the largest waterfall in India. These cascades fall from 1,115 feet altitude. About 5 km from Cherrapunji and the fourth largest waterfall in the world, is the most wild places on earth, the fair is one of Meghalaya’s biggest tourist attractions.

Through the drive elevated basement Nohlikika Falls which is on the side of the cliff and then increases to a point a short distance from beautiful Nohkalika can see the amazing sight of the waterfall down several hundred feet into a Altrarmin pool Fall.

Nohkalikai Falls Story & Nohkalikai History

According to the legend of “Lekaii Leopard”, Ahhakshi means that a married woman named Likai was married to a married woman, who had a daughter and her husband died. Later she married another, her new husband hated her step daughter because she was not in favor of the girl to live with her.

From jealousy, she decides to kill him when Lekai was working, then she killed the girl and used her meat to eat. After returning home from work, Lekai was surprised that her husband prepared a meal for him, she ate food for no doubt, later she saw her daughter’s fingers in the betel chair. Troubled with grief and repentance, he jumped near the nearby rocks and jumped into waterfalls. After falling, Nohalkikai is known.

Places to see in Nohkalikai Falls

Double Decker Living Root Bridge

Double Decker Living Root Bridge
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Located in the thick tropical jungle of Meghalaya, most of the rain is battling rain, it is a wonderful man-made and natural miracle to hear the Living Route Bridge. These roots formed by the people of Khasi tribe grow from ancient rubber trees, which are only seen in the North-Eastern region.

These roots are trained to develop by Khasis in such a way that as a bridge over the river, it is built.Double Decker Living Route Bridge is the most popular tourist attraction of Cherpunji, there  are 2 bridges which stand on each other, which are formed due to the complexity of the roots.

It takes approximately 15 years to strengthen a new Root Bridge so that it can bear the weight of those who cross it. During the next few years, the roots also become strong, it is believed that some of the root bridges are five hundred years old. One of the most popular is the Umshing Double-Decker Route Bridge. Not built but grown, these living root bridges are like a surprise and are absolutely unique.

Mawsmai Cave

mawsmai cave
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Caves of Meghalaya The Meghalaya state includes a large number of caves in Jantia, Khasi Hills and Garo Hills districts, and it is the longest cave in the world. Of the ten largest and deepest caves in India, the first nine are in Meghalaya, while the tenth is in Mizoram.

Located approximately 6 km from Cherpuni, Maavsamai caves are a big cave that captivates tourists. The Cemetery Cave is one of the most popular and notable destinations in Cherrapunji, this cave comes in large numbers by visitors.

It is one of the best places for history lovers and seekers who claim to have a wide and wonderful entrance with dark and magical secrets inside the Maavsamai cave in Cherrapunji. Made from cave limestone.

About Mawsmai Cave

Within the cave, you can see the continuous dripping of water from the rooftops of the cave and see about the formation of stellactures and stellgummites. Apart from this, with great observations, you can also note that the cave and floor of the cave have been combined together to make prestigious pillars.

In addition, some of the cave openings are quite large but some are so small that someone has to kneel and turn their head. However, the entry door is quite large, the exit is small. It is very fun to stay in the Mashamai cave in Cherrapunji.

Sa-I-Mika Park

Sa I Mika Park
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Locally known as Cherrapunji or Sohra, is adorned with its beauty of nature, which is a boon for the tourism industry in the state of Meghalaya. Since the early days of tourism, the Sohar landscape has played an important role in deciding the tourism site. In an attempt to avoid a simple moving world, tourists are attacked on a spectacular landscape.

Sa-i-Mika Park is located in the Misty Hills of Cherrapunji, which is heard from the largest place in the world where the clouds and rain have made it their home.

Seven Sisters Waterfall

seven sister water falls
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There is a seven-segment waterfall located in the south of Mawasamai village of Khasi Hills district of the Indian state of Meghalaya. Here the water falls from 315 meters, 1,033 feet height and its average width is 70 meters, 230 feet. High on the beauty quote, seven sister waterfalls are a famous waterfall in Meghalaya.

Meghalaya is a land that has bishops and beadons falling, elephant falls, spread eagle falls, meat falls, crinolin falls and many other fountains, but it is a unique attraction in seven sister waterfalls. During good weather, one can cascade the rock along with seven different shots, which gives the name of the waterfall.

Seven sister waterfall flows during monsoon season, so the best time to get to this place is from July to September. Seven sister waterfall attracts many tourists around the world. Its surroundings are lush green and provide a feeling of peace.

Eco Park

eco park
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An ecological park has been developed by the Government of Meghalaya to facilitate tourists to enjoy ‘Green Cayonans’ from Sohar and there are waterfalls located around it. There is a stream inside the park and one has to cross the bridge to get to the edge of the valley. The edge is pretty inspirational.

Ecology Park is an approach point of view of Bangladesh plains on the other side of the park. Ecological Park has a wide variety of orchids. There is a large variety of indigenous orchids given by Shilong Agricultural-Horticultural Society in the park. They are located in Orchid Park’s Green House.

This unique park is a newly developed one. Located on a plateau, this park offers good views of the Sylhet Plains of Bangladesh. The southernmost corner of Ecology Park is the starting point of the popular Nohsgnihthyang Falls.

How to reach Nohkalikai Falls?

By road

This 4 hour journey from Guwahati is from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, from where it is about 54 kilometers to Cherrapunji, it is a 10 minute journey to fall from Cherrapunji main city.

Three major Bus Termini O, Shillong, can reach various parts of the country, from Meghalaya Transport Corporation, NEHU Bus Stop and Sacred Heart bus stop, Shillong’s beautiful place. Any taxi can also be rented to reach the waterfall.

By train

There is no such proper railway line in Meghalaya, Guwahati Railway Station is the nearest railway station, which is situated 105 kilometers from Shillong. The city is well connected to all other major cities of the country by rail. There is also a taxi and bus facility in Shillong.

By air

About 166 km north of Guwahati, the Borjahar Airport, which is the nearest airport to Ahhokeyei, one can rent a taxi or go to a bus to reach Nohkachari Falls.

Different distance For Nohkalikai Falls

From Distance / Time Vai
Shillong, Meghalaya  54.2 km/ 1 hr 42 min  SH 5
Guwahati, Assam 145 km/ 4 hr 9 min  NH 6
Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya 7.2 km/ 19 min  Nohkalikai Road
Tura, Meghalaya  360 km/ 8 h 26 min  NH 31 and NH 217

Dining facilities in the Nohkalikai Falls

Orange Roots

orange roots
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Listen to Range Routes from Cherrapunji’s best restaurant. Orange Roots is a pure vegan restaurant, which has a pure vegetarian combo meal, plate food, the ability to sit for 150 people serving the plate, there you can find Indian food like Dosa, Puri Sabzi, Chol Batura and Snacks and a full Jain plate. Are there. The Orange Routes feature car parking in a great place and has clean relaxation facilities.

Nalgre Restarunt

nalgre restaurant
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It is a nice and clean place, located in the middle of Shillong and Sohra Nalgre Restaurant, very convenient restaurant for lunch breaks. Here you also get vegetarians, eggs, fish or chicken, Bengali and Chinese food. The quality of this restaurant’s food is good and the service is fast and efficient.

Speciality of Nohkalikai Falls

Listening from the best place of Cherrapunji is Ahokhariya Falls. O, one of the highest and most definitely the most beautiful falls in India, these folks fall down to the same place at an altitude of 1,115 feet (335 meters). This is a nature lover paradise, Nohlikakai Falls is the 5th best flower in India. Nohkikarya is divided into “Nah’s Likai”, which means “Lekai leap”.

Attrecation around Nohkalikai Falls

Ka Khoh Ramhah

Ka Khoh Ramhah
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Ka Khoh Ramhah image
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Known as the Khaaa Rathmah Mothorp and Pilar Rock, Khahe Ratha is one of Cherrapunji’s main tourist attraction. Here is the impressive shape of the rock as a huge cone, which is the main attraction here. This rock is surrounded by 2 small rocks in the same size. This place is also popular as a picnic spot.

According to the legends, this rock is a fossil cone shaped sachet which was related to an evil spirit. This giant man was very disturbed by the people of that area through his greed and antisocial behavior.

About Ka Khoh Ramhah

Therefore, to get rid of evil, people decided to invite them for food and mixed their food with sharp iron and nails, due to which they died. The huge baskets left in the same place have been turned into stone and it is considered as Khaas Ramah.

In spite of this, the beauty of the surrounding areas of Khaa Rathah increases with the stream of water which is flowing through the rocks which becomes a waterfall. From behind this huge rock, you can see a view of Cherrapunji’s winding roads. This place is the best place during the monsoon period.

Mawjymbuin Cave

mawjymbuin cave
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Mausnirram is a small village in the Khasi Hills of Meghalaya State in north-eastern India, 56 kilometers from Shillong. Located in the Mausniram – known as the largest place on Earth, the Mausambuin cave is a natural wonder that holds huge religious significance. A cave 209 meters high, also known as Krem Majmbuin, surprises every visitor.

This cave is made of calcium sandstone and contains many stagmites, which are due to the weather and the result of dripping of mineral solutions and the statement of calcium carbonate. Its specificity speaks of interest to geologists, who do many research here.

One of these sledmites is shaped like Shiva Ling and is considered sacred by the Hindus. A small stream flows beneath the eastern part of this cave and passes through the stone on a large scale. The entrance and way of many tilt is a part of this cave, some of which are difficult to enter.

Thangkharang Park

thangkharang park image
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thangkarang park
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Just at a distance of 12 km from Cherrapunji, Thangkharng park is one of the main attractions of Cherrapunji. From this park located next to Khaas Ramah Rock, you can see a good view of Bangladesh.

It seems amazing in terms of flat roads you can see the beautiful scenery of Kenarem Fols from there who come down into 3 levels. There are 2 foot bridges in the park, with spectacular views of the vast lush valleys and plains.

Another popular attraction located in Thangarang Park is Khoh Rama Rock, which is known as Shiva Rock. Located just above the entrance to the park, this huge rock is in the shape of a penile.

Thangkharang Park

A trip to the park during the monsoon is equally exciting because you can enjoy a good view of the flow of water from where you can walk to the small crossover pull you down.

This park is maintained by state forest department control. The park is a beautiful fountain, various species of garden plants and trees for small children in the greenhouse. A small bridge that visitors help to reach another part of the park and the plains and spectacular views of the valley.

Dain-Thlen Falls

Dainthelen Falls images
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dain thlen falls
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Located about 2 km from Cherrapunji and just 5 km from the road, Den-Tholen Falls is located. The view of this spring falling below the height of 80-90 meters is from its source and provides a good opportunity to follow all the paths of the path.

According to the local people, there was a huge monster dragon in the name of Thaln, this is a small legend associated with the name of this fall. Some brave men caught the animal and destroyed it with a huge stone near this fall. Some marks on the stones still remind us of the violent struggle of that snake.

Geography of Nohkalikai Falls

Climate of Nohkalikai Falls

Summer Season

With a moderate rainfall and a pleasant temperature of 14C to 23C, heat starts in March and ends in May.

Monsoon season

The monsoon season starts from the month of June and continues till September. This season has maximum rainfall in June, which receives the highest rainfall in the entire season with the prevailing low temperature. This is the best weather to visit this place.

Winter Season

From November to February, this place has been recorded as the coldest place. This season is shown by cold temperatures, which remains throughout the season and the temperature drops to a minimum of 7 degrees Celsius. That’s why Cherrapunji is not the best time to go.

People from Nohkalikai Falls

cherrapunji People
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People from cherapunji
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Pictures of Nohkalikai Falls

nohkalikai falls view point
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Nohkalikai Falls image
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Nohkalikai Falls images
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Shopping Place in Nohkalikai Falls

honny nohkalikai falls
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shopping place in cherrapunji
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Handicrafts and items made from sugarcane and bamboo are popular in Cherpunji. Besides, you will find many shops of honey, cinnamon and other spices, besides knitting many stalls and shops and bamboo gloves and furniture. Besides, Meghalaya’s tea was very good.

Nohkalikai Falls Weather

nohkalikai falls weather
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Nohkalikai Falls Maps

Video for visiting Nohkalikai Falls

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