Orissa tourism : Best places to visit Orissa

Orissa tourism

Tourist places to visit in Orissa

Orissa tourism has been named Kalinga in Orissa, a part of Dandakaranya has been made in epics, which is also known as the ancient period such as Kalinga Uttam and Uddad.

Third century BC (261 BC), Maurya Emperor Ashoka conquered Kalinga in his kingdom. In the second century, Odisha became a powerful state in Kharawal’s right. Samudragupta defeated the five kings of the fourth century and took it under his influence. In 610 AD Orissa came under the control of Shashank. after the death of Shashank, Pushybhai Deshshayya Ruler Harshavardhana of Kannauj was defeated by Orissa.


In the seventh century AD, Orissa was ruled by the independent Gang Dynasty, ruler of this dynasty, Narasimha Varman is famous for constructing a Sun Temple in konark, from the fourteenth century till 1952, the rule of 5 Muslim kings is going on in Orissa. After the importance of the rule of the Mughals decreased, the Marathas took over Orissa. They continue to rule over it until 1803, until the British took it under their control. In the British period, on 1 April 1936, Orissa became a separate province.

Orissa is located in the north-eastern coastal part of the Indian Peninsula. Its east is located in the Bay of Bengal, Jharkhand in the north, Chhattisgarh in the west, West Bengal in the north-east and Andhra Pradesh in the south-east. Presently the Chandipur missile testing center located in Balasore district has evolved into the country’s main launch site.

More than 64 percent of the state’s population is dependent on agriculture. Irrigation facility is available on 87,89 lakh hectares of land, rice, oilseeds, groundnut, pulse, jute, sugarcane, coconut, turmeric etc. are the main crops. The total area under forest cover in the state is 55,785 sq km. It is 35.8 percent of the total geographical area of ​​the state.

1. bhubaneswar odisha

Orissa tourismbhubaneswar-odisha

The capital of Orissa is Bhubaneswar, it is divided into two parts. In old Bhubaneswar, the souvenirs of the past seem to be said by saying the historical glory. So new dimensions of modern progress are being established in Bhubaneswar.

Due to Bhubaneswar’s temple covered with a temple, it can also be called the city of temples. This holy chain of temple construction was started by King Yayati Kesari. Over time, the number of temples also increased, but not all the temples could bear the irrevocable effects of time and only a few temples remained left for our Darshan. Only the Hindu religious people can get admission in the Lingaraj built by Lalat Kesari. Many more temples are also visible.

2. Anant vasudev mandir odisha


One of the oldest temples of Orissa is Vasudev Krishna, the temple’s founder.

3. parsurameshwar mandir shiv ki murti odisha

Orissa tourismparsurameshwar-mandir-shiv-ki-murti-odisha

A beautiful statue of Shiva’s son Karthik is installed in a temple built in 650 AD. The walls are equipped with stories of Mahabharata and Ramayana.

4. Bindu sarovar odisha


Since then, all the water bodies gave their water to the lake created by the mother Bhagwati Parvati ji to quench the thirst, hence the name of the lake was known as Sarovar.

5. kedareshwar mandir bajarngbaliji ki murti odisha

Orissa tourismkedareshwar-mandir-bajarngbaliji-ki-murti-odisha

This ancient temple is of Goddess Durga. There is reverence and happiness after seeing Darshan in the heart of the devotees. The idol of Bajrangbali ji and the Gauri Temple and Gaurikund are also revered. The miraculous water of Dudhganga is near the anesthetic. Raja-Rani Mandir Bhaskarshwar Shiv Temple, Madheshwar Bhoomi, Vandan Kanan, Museum etc. are also visible.

6. puri odisha


Holy Hindu shrine is the center of faith and faith. Lord Vishnu, Lord of the temple and 16 art-rich Lord Shri Krishna’s Avatar Jagannath Bhagwan is here. The vast sea, as it reflects the vastness of the creator, and the rising merging waves in it, tries to explain to the world in its silent language of irrefutable origin and immersion. It is believed – Paradise is attained by staying in 3 days and 3 nights in Puri.

At the end of the 11th century, four well-equipped doors were constructed to enter this grand temple built by King Agant. The statues of many gods and goddesses have been established inside the Makarkandi Temple, Radhakrishna Mangla Devi, Indrani, Lakshmi and Kali, Saramangala Pataleeshwar and Suryanarayana.

Mainly Jagannath is full. There is a valuable diamond on God’s forehead. The companion is Balabhadra and Bahit Subhadra. Nearly Mum Lakshmi, Saraswati is reclining towards Nilmahav and Brahmadas.

7. Daringbadi odisha

Orissa tourismdaringbadi-odisha

The are of Christian Dharmandhee tribals who consider Christ as their lord is known for their pleasant natural beauty.

8. Ganjam gram pani ka kund odisha


District is rich in natural wealth. There are many sights here. A hot water trough is for the power of destruction of skin diseases in between high and low highland peaks. There are lounge shops near the pool.

9. Marleshwar mandir odisha

Orissa tourism

Due to bathing in holy water, virtue is attained.Nearly Lord Shiva is situated in the Loknath temple.But they often reside in the holy water of a nearby pond.

10. Gopalpur odisha

The main reason for its fame is the beautiful beach of beautiful beaches and shores. Here you can enjoy a bath in the ocean.

11. Mahendragiri Orissa

Orissa tourism

It is a mythological hill area, which is located at an altitude of 5,000 feet. First 43 km After traveling the bus can be reached by Mahendragiri by foot. By reaching the peak and seeing the temples located there, fatigue is removed.There is a temple of Kunti, Bhima and Dharmaraj Yudhishthira.

How to go to Orissa.

Airport: Biju Patnaik International Airport

train :

Berhampur Railway Station

Baripada Railway Station

Rourkela Railway Station

By Road:

Ahmedabad to Orissa [28 h (1,608.5 km) via NH53]

Udaipur to Orissa [28 h (1,586.9 km) via NH53] Bus Booking

Jaipur to Orissa [29 h (1,661.8 km) via NH44]

Goa to Orissa [33 h (1,788.7 km) via 16 / NH16]

Orissa from Mumbai [27 h (1,568.0 km) via NH53]

Indore to Orissa [22 h 1 min (1,188.8 km) via NH53]

From Delhi to Orissa [27 h (1,525.5 km) via NH19]

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