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Palolem Beach Goa

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General Information about Palolem Beach Goa

Also known as “Paradise beach” located in South Goa, this beach is one mile long and offers unity and pleasant lifestyles. This beach in Goa is not very developed in terms of tourism. So if you are planning to live in Goa, then you can live in some huts, enjoy living in a simple way. The best time to visit Palolem Beach is from November to March.

This section of white sand on the southern coast of Goa is dominated by a few years ago, it was one of the virgin beaches of Goa. However, it can not be saved from the eyes of tourists, although some incidents have taken place, there is still soothing aura near the beach. A large area of the beach now comes with very small structures, where you move southwards. Dolphin trips and fishing trips are popular attractions that are offered at a fair rate

Accommodation is easily available here. Although there are some currency exchange hubs, however, Palolem does not have any bank. The nearest railway station is in Canacona, which is just 3 km from Palolem. There are also many buses which are available from Margao to Cancona, taxi and local buses are easily available from there.

There is a freshwater stream on the northern edge of the beach, there is a small, undeveloped island across this stream, which can be reached only by swimming in low tide. However, doing this during high tide is not very safe.


Places to see in Palolem Beach Goa

Yoga Class

Yoga Class

There is no better place to align the body and mind than the traditional Indian pastime, the nostalgic splendor of Palomel. There are many places to participate in the drop-in yoga class and many resorts offer morning and evening classes. Try Arunachal’s Yoga Retreat and immerse yourself in the Ashram lifestyle. Whether beginning or experienced yogi, the Palolim beach is the perfect environment to create that positive energy

Go Dolphin Spotting

Go Dolphin Spotting

Browse the shoreline and tilt for a well-priced boat trip An opening sailing boat in the sea ocean, even for the oceans in the sea, opening the dolphin is absolutely rewarding. Although they are hilarious beings in the heart, they do not affect their body and lively characters with simplicity.

Party At Silent Noise Disco

Party At Silent Noise Disco

Set in a sandy circus orchard with a rare arrangement of rocks, the silence noise disco comes in life after dark. Goa, a rare Indian state where drinking alcohol is legal, still tries to maintain local peace by imposing noise restrictions after 10 o’clock. Silent noise manages to overcome it with a technical; To provide headphones so that the painters are ready to design the disco properly under a blanket of stars that trickled away at night.

Palolem Beach Goa Driving Directions From Mumbai

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
1. On the south side towards AH Wadia Marg / Kalina Kurla Road on CST Road / Tamsi Band Road
0.2 km
A little right to live on CST Road / Tamasya Bandt RD
31 meters
3. Bangalore – Mumbai High / CST Road / Mumbai – Pune HV / Santacruz – Walk directly to Chembur Link Road
Bangalore – Mumbai HV / Mumbai – Pune HV
3.5 km
4. Bengaluru – Turn on Mumbai Air / Ghatkopar – Mankhurd Link Road / Jijai Bhosale Road / Mumbai – Pune HV
0.5 km
5. Go straight on the Ghatkopar – Mankhurd Link Road / Jijai Bhosale Road
Hanuman Temple Park (1.3 km to the left)
1.8 km

Driving Directions From Mumbai

6. Keep right on Ghatkopar – Mankhurd Link Road / Jijai Bhosale Road
1.7 km
7. Bangalore – Mumbai HV / Mumbai HV / Mumbai – Exit Pune HV
partial toll road
Food passes by Carnival (106 km left)
117 km
8. Get to the right of NH48
0.4 km
9. Keep it accurate and merge with NH48
Near by Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering (4.9 km on the left)
27.1 km
10. Continue straight to stay on NH48
partial toll road
21 9 km

11. Keep the right to live on NH48
partial toll road
Passed by Hindustan Steel (7.7 km right)
107 km
12. Turn left at Khanapur RD
11 meters
13. Turn right to stay at Khanapur RD
0.3 kilometers
14. Turn right
Go through 1 roundabout
1.9 km
15. At the intersection, take the third exit on NH748
Go through 1 roundabout
Near Sri Panchavati Soy Maruti temple (on right)
2.0 km

Driving Directions From Mumbai

16. At the crossroads, take another exit and stay on NH748
Near the Settleia Complex (at left)
27.3 km
Start on 17th of August
Close by Hotel Art Narayan (33.7 km left)
33.8 km
18. Turn right at NH748 in Hotel Jolly Goa
Goa entry pass (right at 19.7 km)
32.2 km
19. Turn left at Handkhand-Goa RD
Passed by Dabal Gram Panchayat (6.5 km left)
11.7 km
20. Turn right
21. Turn left
Goa, India.

How to reach Palolem Beach Goa?

By Air

The nearest airport is at Dabolim, which is 29 km away from Panaji. Daily flights from major cities are

By Railway

The nearest station is at Madgao (40 km), from which one can take a bus, taxi or rickshaw to Paloleem.

By Road

Buses take the buses directly to the beach from KTC bus stand in Margao. Apart from this, no one can take bus from Canakona, Chaudi, where the beach is 3 km away.

Different distance For Palolem Beach Goa

From Distance / Time Vai
North Goa 43 km /1 h 14 min NH748
South Goa 38 km/1 h 1 min MDR47


Eating facilities inPalolem Beach Goa

Restaurants in palolem beach


According to some opinion, the advantage of European cuisine is in favor of traditional Goa dishes as well as the dishes of the international lower regions, each in a great variety at Palolem Beach Resort Restaurant.

Nevertheless, tourists are suggested to try the dishes of the stunning Indian lower regions: Curry, Roti, Naan or Chitta, Rice – all these products and ingredients are served in a large variety and almost always very cheap .

The local economy is kept at the normal level due to the tourism sector’s development and fishing industry, so that it is guaranteed to catch just fresh tasty fish for your meal.

Hira Bar & Restaurant

Hira Bar Restaurant

It looks like something from the slums of Mumbai but with ordinary vegetable-bread (roti with curry vegetables) and a glass of chai, this is not a bad way to start the day and people with the budget know this .

Crystal Goa

Crystal Goa

An atmospheric restaurant uses fresh, locally produced production and offers live music in the evening, while Crystal Goa travels more than one place, while staying in Palolem.

Generally, the size portion makes it possible to share some options from the menu, recommended to give samples of quality recipes on the menu. With fresh seafood, some fine curry in Palolom beach, and brilliant evening entertainment; Crystal Goa will not disappoint.


Specialty for this Palolem Beach Goa


One can easily be seen irresistible with ms grs.en garden and giant palm – rspect of a beautiful natural surroundings. All cottage ARS mosquito nets, silent fans, equipped with electric and hot showers equipped with immaculate private bathrooms, they have ARS giant and all have some outside space which is good.

Meals at the restaurant are excellent and complimentary tea and cakes in the afternoon have a nice touch. Thunder is a well maintained library which is prs.tty useful. The most luxurious cottage has a double room, fully air-conditioned and rooftop sandwich and everyone has a private view.

And the best element of living in Ciaran was friendly staff which was not at all interfered. Yes, Marvin Manager and other service boy ARS very useful.


Chattai Palolem was designed by award-winning architect George John, whose intention was to “preserve the natural environment by reducing the effect on the ecosystem.” To get into a wild mood for a change as to what is known for the Palolem beach and then feeling like the stomach on the Andonda beach.

You will get a more environmentally friendly environment with all similar features. And no mors do not have a different one. Once.

Cafe de Mar Palolem Beach HutsCafé de Mar and Cafe de Soul:

To the left of the beach you will find bungalows of Cafe de Mar beach cottages and beach cottages like Cafe De Soul. Café del Mar is one of the hottest places if you go to ARS. As a seeker of some night’s life, it is one of the few places on the Palolim beach, which has late license.

All huts made of bio-ARS wood bamboo and cane-like bio-degradable materials are attached to the bathroom with Western toilets. This house has beach bungalows, log cabin, A / C and non A / C beach cottages, each of which is ARS. Different from the other. Thunder is an open bed, mosquito net and a ventilated window.

Other facilities such as laundry service, hot and cold baths, frames security deposit lockers, fry. To mention sun loungers and sun deck, doctor on the call and some. Especially for teenagers, this is really a good place to work on theostest barbecues and jacket potatoes.

And the well-appointed bar offers cocktails and drinks for the first hour running on the dance floor. Rates can be classified as follows in thrs.e categories.


Attraction around the Dawn Palolem Beach Goa

Some of the closest attractions include some of the nearby attractions of Saint Tereza of Isas, Pantem Beach, Sri Datta Guru Temple, Pantem-Colombian Beach, Pandava’s Drum, Bamupurush Temple. These are all in small places and there are good places for photography, small walks and memories to carry along. However, the main attraction is the Palolem beach.

Betul beach

Betul Beach

If you are looking for a romantic escape between natural peace, the Betul beach is an important journey. It has 60 huts available for accommodation at some strange prices near South Goa Beach.

The main occupation of the villagers is fishing, so it is not difficult to experience the ride of a boat. This beach is an ideal opportunity to meet local people and experience their lifestyles.

Butterfly beach

Butterfly Beach

Located between two hills, the butterfly beach is heaven. As the name suggests, this beach is home to some of the most exotic species of butterflies. It can be reached only through water- a boat ride from Palolim Beach is the shortest route to arrive here.

The butterfly between beaches in southern Goa, with no spherical, no resort and very few wanders, is the perfect escape for that extravagant weekend getaway.

Patnem beach

Patnem Beach

A lively alternative to the small but Palomax beach, a nice destination, which is sitting back and cooling down, is leaving madness behind all the Goa parties. Liking, sunbathing and yoga treatments provide the perfect bliss, disguised as a pastime holiday, suitable for the reappearance.


Photography: How to Get Great Photos of Palolem Beach Goa

Take photo

Agonda Beach is approximately 12 km away from the area of ​​Palolem and it is a clear water beach; the beach is popular as a picnic spot, but many accommodation options are not available here, this is why travelers stay at Palolem Find the option.

Goa is the largest wildlife reserve of Goa, 12 km away from the north-western part of the region, which is the Cripigao Wildlife Sanctuary. This Wildlife Sanctuary was established in the year 1969 with rare varieties of wildlife. But at present, wildlife has been reduced to a lesser extent, because at a largely prey that had been done earlier. Other wild animals located here include wildlife such as porcupines, goose, painters, lazy bears and honeyes who usually live in the area of ​​their natural habitat.

This wildlife sanctuary has a proper camp and living facilities for visitors but for a written permission of the Deputy Protector of Forest located in Panjim it will be necessary.

The best time of this wildlife sanctuary is between October and March. There is an environmental tourism complex inside the sanctuary, consisting of a translation center with library, reception area, rescue center and many other common facilities.


Palolem Beach Goa Geography

Located in the Konkan region, Goa is India’s smallest state. Known as tourism in India, Goa is one of the favorite tourist destinations for millions of people all over the world. Goa has been divided into two districts of North Goa and South Goa, in the context of the topography of the Arabian Sea in Goa, in reference to topographical beauty of Goa.

This small state is located in the western coastal region of the Indian peninsula. Geographically, it faces a similarity with its neighboring states, Maharashtra and Karnataka. It lies between 15 ° 48’00 “north to 14 ° 53’54” north latitudes and 74 ° 20’13 “east 73 ° 40’33” east. A unique feature of the geography of Goa is that it is the uninterrupted mix of hills, plateaus and coastal plains.

Panaji literally means land never flood. It is the capital city of Goa and the most popular city. Panaji is spread over 36 sq km area, Panaji is located in the Mandovi estuary of North Goa. It is the third largest city of Goa, which is home to a population of approximately 114,759 people. A bizarre small town which is completely built in Latin style, Panaji City in Goa is for all those who enjoy an English charm and experience.

In the name of the famous explorer Vasco da Gama, Vasco is the largest city of Goa. Located on the western edge of the Mormugao Peninsula, Vasco da Gama comes back in 1543 city. The distance between South Goa and Panaji is approximately 30 kilometers. It is a major port of the state which acts as an important business point for Goa and for many ships.


Climate of Palolem Beach Goa


The summer season here is very hot and humid. You will experience smelly climates which can be more than your tolerance. The starting level of heat starts from mid-February to May. The temperature gradually becomes high. In Goa, the maximum temperature in Goa is 38 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature is 27 degrees Celsius. During this season, heat stroke and heat fever are common diseases.

Although the plus point is in the coastal area, the gentle sea breeze is a welcome soother. Mainly you can relax the tourists under the lid of a quiet beach and drink water melt, fresh fruit juice and cold beer and drinks from 11 am to 4 pm are severely unmanageable.


The climate of monsoon starts from June to September, but if you are an enterprise and mad to try new things in the rainy season, surely your heart will not let you go from this place. The rainfall is very heavy compared to the coastal region of South Goa.

It is not suitable for swimming or diving in Goa’s beaches during the monsoon season because tides and waves are very big and are afraid that it will take away your breath. Well, a holiday visit came for fun and fun can be dangerous and can take away my life. So why not walk on the safe side and be busy in our jokes? When it rains, beautiful beauty is really amazing and attractive, which will last long in your mind.


The winter in Goa lasts from about late November to mid-February for approximately 3 months. This is the coldest in Goa at this time of the year, the temperature ranges from 21C to 31C. In the winter season it becomes very difficult for foreigners to maintain their life in cold countries, especially in Canada, Germany, Russia, Sweden, France.

America, Australia, Israel and many other temperatures make your body numb to stay in that environment. And this is the only reason that tourists from all over the world like to travel to beautiful places like Goa and just like to stay calm and pleasant for months.

People from Palolem Beach Goa

People from Palolem Beach Goa

People from Palolem Beach Goa 3

People from Palolem Beach Goa 2


Palolem Beach Goa images

Palolem Beach Goa 4

Palolem Beach Goa 2

Palolem Beach Goa 3


Hotels in Palolem Beach Goa

The Park Calangute Goa

The Park Calangute Goa

This property is a 4-minute walk from the beach. Situated on Calangute Beach, Park Calangute Goa is a cozy luxury boutique hotel offering 5-star contemporary rooms with a 40-inch flat-screen TV. It offers 2 dining options and an outdoor swimming pool.

In front of the city, stylish air-conditioned rooms come with white walls and furnishings. Each elegant room has a minibar, a seating area and a private bathroom. Toilets, bathrobes and slippers are included.

Currency exchange services are provided at the 24-hour front desk.

Available for all-day dining, the Luv restaurant serves local and western dishes. Light snacks and refreshing drinks can be enjoyed at the Peace Bar

Park Regis Goa

Park Regis Goa

Park Regis offers accommodation in Arpora in Goa. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant and bar, free WiFi is available.

Each room is air-conditioned and is equipped with a flat-screen TV in this resort. Some rooms include a seating area to relax after a busy day. All rooms include a private bathroom. For your comfort, you will find free toiletries and hairdryer. You will find a 24-hour front desk on the property.

Baga Night Market Park Regis is 500 meters from Goa, while the Club is 800 meters from Cubana property. The nearest airport, Goa International Airport, is 22 km from the property.

Shopping place in Palolem Beach Goa

Market: Palolem Market Goa

Palolem Market Goa

Palolem Markets are really entitled to words of praise. The market is much larger than the other big beaches and the role of the Palolem market in attracting tourists, plays a major role in attracting tourists, creates vibrant atmosphere for each special tourist.

You can also see Tibetan shops displaying handicrafts products on the path of Palam beach, for clothing and apparel you will show many shops outlets on the road side of Palolam beach.

The quality of the material is quite good, but in the choosing season the rate is high and the low in the off-season. There are many cafés and souvenir stalls in the village, which are catering for day-trippers, who come to the towels on the sightseeing of the beaches.

In many shops you need to look at it for a few hours. The tourist is missing and nothing will be found out because they can easily get all the necessary items that you may need. Palolem market is also a big business chain to supply others.


Palolem Beach Goa Weather

goa weather


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