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General Information about Roing

Roing ArunachalPradesh

Roing is located in the lower Dibang valley district of Arunachal Pradesh. Geographical coordinates are located 28 ° 8’34 “N and 95 ° 50’34” E and above sea level, at an altitude of 914 meters. Advani river flows through the city and it is very much excited about the overflow of water. The bridge is often washed on this river, causing many losses and damage. This city is located on the top of the Mishmya hills of eastern Himalayas.

Lower Dibang Valley district is built by East Dibang Valley district, by the Lohit district and the Mach Mohan line in the west by the eastern and upper Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh and the district of Tinsukia in the south.

In the foothills of the district Himalaya, Mayudaya is situated at the height of 2655 meters as the highest point in the form of a peak. This district is composed of snow-covered peaks, windy river valleys, dense forests and many rich flora and fauna.



History of Roing

The ancient history of roing is not very clear. But there is no concrete historical or literary evidence about the place. The area and its neighboring areas have been mentioned in the 8th century Kalika Purana. The area is also mentioned in the Purana, the only known history of this place is that this important kingdom was ruled by the chief economic problems of the tribes after their struggle with the ruling tribes of Assam.

Places to see in Roing

Mehao Lake

Mehao Lake roing

It is located within the Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary at an altitude of about 3000 meters. It is considered as the largest tourist attraction of the vast lake and ArunachalPradesh. The lake attracts many ducks and other birds covering an area of about 4 square kilometers.


How to reach Roing?

By Air

By Air roing

Roing has its own airport, but there are fewer flights from here once a week. Tourists can check availability for convenience.

By Railway

By Railway roing

The nearest railway station of roing is Tinsukia in Assam, which is about 100 km away. From the station, tourists can reach through a taxi or bus.

By Road

There are two check gates on the path of roing: Shantipur and Paglam. The distance from Tinsukia to Shantipur check-gate is about 70 kms and it is about 23 kms from Shantipur to the ring.

Different distance For Roing

From Distance / Time
  Bhuj, Gujarat   61 h (3,387 km)
 Himmatnagar, Gujarat   57 h (3,017 km)
 Mehsana, Gujarat  57 h (3,107 km)
 Vadodara, Gujarat  59 h (3,076 km)
 Patan, Gujarat  57 h (3,096 km)
 Gandhinagar, Gujarat  58 h (3,075 km)
 Banaskantha, Gujarat  58 h (3,110 km)
Surat, Gujarat  61 h (3,228 km)


Eating facilities in Roing

Hudsons Coffee

Hudsons Coffee1

Phone: 02 6262 8953

Hudsons Coffee is proud of its premium mix of Arabica coffee with the microprotective signs of coco and vanilla. The right accompaniments are also available for any time of the day, including cookies, and gourmet pre-made sandwiches and rolls.

Specialty for Roing

Mishmi Hill Camp

Mishmi Hill Camp

Looking at the two rivers along with the backdrop of this mountain, there is a very atmospheric residence in the authentic style lodge made of bamboos and itching in a wonderful setting. The owner welcomes and has a font of knowledge about the culture and culture of this region. The issues of conservation are an interesting gallery of pictures of their trek in the hills surrounding them, in which he showed us the patience with patience. The food was simple but delicious.


Attraction around the Roing


Hunli hd image

It is actually a small town situated on the way to Anini. The road from Hunli to Rooney is good and exciting in all. Hunli is famous for trekking and after two hours of travel you can reach the main attraction. Here are the temples and the caves to see.

Rukmini Nati

Rukmini Nati roing

In addition to this, Chimiri Fort is also known as this village located in the heart of Chimri village, which is about 10 km away from the roing. Visitors believed to be built in the 14th century, at that time the ruins of baked bricks made progress in technology.

Kampona Pond

Kampona Pond roing

There is a place for ‘looking good’ in the composite ‘id bid’. It is believed that the beautiful pond is considered to be Nagraj’s place of residence.


Roing Geography

Climate is hot and roing is temperate. In winter, there is much less rainfall in Roing than in summer. Climate is classified. The average annual temperature is 21.7 degrees Celsius. The average annual rainfall is 3256 mm. The difference between rainfall between the driest month and the dry month is 695 mm. The average temperature the year is 12.9 degrees Celsius.


The dry month of roing is December with the rain of 17 mm. The fastest precipitation is 712 mm, which falls in July. The warmest month of August is the lowest average temperature in January with average temperatures of 27.0 degrees Celsius. It is 14.1 degree Celsius.


People from Roing

Roing photos


People from Roing

Roing images

roing images


Mehao Lake


Roing River


Roing Arunachal Pradesh


Roing tourism

Places to visit in Lower


roing city


gellar roing


market of Roing


roing Durga Mandir


Hotels in Roing

Lhasa Hotel

Hotel Lhasa

Address: Roing – 792110
Phone: 03803, 222622


Restaurants in Roing

Family Restaurant

Family Restaurant

Address: Arcade, Roing, ArunachalPradesh 792,110


Shopping place in Roing

Jumili Miuli Store

Jumili Miuli Store

Address: Roing ArunachalPradesh 792 110

Phone: 08794630846

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