Saputara – Most Popular Hill Station of Gujarat

Saputara – Most Popular Hill Station of Gujarat

Do you ever visit Saputara?

If your answer is no, first add new name in your travel destination list. Yes, Saputara is the most popular and beautiful hill station in Gujarat, India.

After reading this article, you will get all details about

  • History of Saputara
  • Climate of Saputara
  • How to reach at the Saputara hill station
  • Which Places to See in Saputara
  • Different Distance of Saputara
  • Where to Stay at Saputara (hotels in saputara)
  • Popular Festival in Saputara

Saputara is situated in the Dang district of Gujarat. This beautiful hill station is situated at an elevation of about 1000m above sea level. It is located on a plateau in the Dang forest area. Saputara is included in the most well- organized hill stations in India. Saputara is a best and most popular Hill station of Gujarat. It’s a one of the largest any Beautiful Hill Station.


Let’s start to discuss more about Saputara – the most popular hill station of gujarat.

History of Saputara


Saputara is a historic and religious place and it is known in the state of Gujarat. Saputara has mythological significance because It is believed that Lord  Ram spent 11 years here during their exile. The name literally means to Saputara is ‘Home to snakes’. Here is the biggest snake in the garden and the building made of stone and cement.

Geography of Saputara

Geography of Saputara

Saputara is a hill station with the most beautiful and natural environment.The climate here is beautiful and good for health. The Saputara Hill Station is situated in the Dang district of Gujarat. It’s  situated at an elevation of about 1000m above sea level. The Saputara Hill station is located in the Dang forest area of the district. Adding to its beauty Sarpganga there is a river which flows through the town.Here is a summer temperature of 32 ° C when in winter to 27 ° C is maximized.And if there’s no good time to go here in the rainy season. If you want to enjoy a holiday with your children and your family so, Saputara is a great option for you. 

Climate of Saputara

Climate of Saputara

Saputara is surrounded with a pleasant atmosphere.The climate here is beautiful , clean and also the benefits you. So many people come here to take in the beautiful air.The air here is very good for the patient to breathe.Grishm Festival is celebrated here in May and it is a cultural program.Many people enjoy the fun of the festival to come here and enjoy. The Saputara Climate is Very Beautiful  and lovely  So read the article carefully and enjoy your Best journey of Saputara.

How to Reach in Saputara Hill Station?

ropeway saputara

We Give you information about Saputara but How one More Question is arriving is how to reach the Saputara Hill Station. So don’t worry, be happy we will discuss about how to reach the Saputara hill station for easily. Saputara is the nearest airport to reach the city of Vadodara, which lies at a distance of 309kms from Saputara. So if you want to go by plane, this is an easy way and if you are not interested in plane other wise  railway train is also available for it even private buses with luxury coaches serve the commuting facilities.The city is also well connected with both the national and state highways. Thus one can reach faster and easier by traveling on the highway in the cityThis way you will reach Saputara Hill Station and You will also enjoy the  Natural envoroment.

Different Distance of Saputara

From Distance / Time
Ahmedabad 400 Kms – 8.00 hours
Lonavala 300 Kms – 6.50 hours
Vadodara 280 Kms – 5.50 hours
Mumbai 250 Kms –  5.30 hours
Surat 164 Kms  –  4.00 hours
Bilimora 114 Kms  –  3.00 hours
Nashik 85 Kms – 2.00 hours
Valsad 130 Kms – 3.00 hours
Jalgaon 240 Kms – 5.00 hours

Which Places to See in Saputara ?


Saputara is inside contained a variety of excursions. Which are The Pandava Caves is the most amazing place that is renowned for mythological stories. In Saputara You can see many Places. First of all you can see Hill Station of saputara. Then you can see Here one can enjoy visiting the beautiful gardens and museum, taking a ride in the cable car and a paddle boat. If you are interested in Trak so it’s also There is a great opportunity for you. if you are interested Those who wish to witness the nature’s beauty also have special points to visit.

golab garden

Sunset Point on Saputara Hill station. It’s a best and netural Point of Saputara Hill Station. The forest area around Saputara , Sunset Point in the far distance, dotted with tribal villages.There are three major gardens ie visit Saputara Rose Garden , Lake Garden and Garden of the step can be a great fun and You can see a variety of roses in the Rose Garden.

Where to Stay at Saputara?

saputara hotel

Saputara is a beautiful city and is considered as a small hill station. Accommodations are easily available in Saputara city. In This city you can find few Hotels, and guest house. For food lovers, the city provides the convenience of a number of food stalls and restaurants. So if you enjoy with your family for the best food and fun and  this city inhabits a hill resort that consists of various amenities such as swimming pool, parks, museum and theatres. So enjoy your journey  with Saputara Hill Station.

Some other places which are?

There are many places are included in the Saputara Hill Station. It’s all the Places are very Beautiful and natural. Saputara is a gorgeous and stunning place in Gujarat that contains various sightseeing sites.

We will discuss about some important and beautiful Places for nearest by Saputara Hill Stations

        1).  Gira Waterfalls

gira waterfalls

Gira Waterfalls are situated 49kms away from the road on Saputara.Gira Falls is a 75 ft fall that emerges from the      Kapri Tributary and drops into the Ambika River.Gira best time to see the falls between June and November.Gira Waterfalls is best and beautiful. Gira is very picturesque waterfalls to enjoy the spectacle of the waterfall is so people who have been here.

              2). Girmal Falls

girmal falls

Grimala Falls are amongst the best places around Saputara. It’s Situated about  85kms from Saputara. Grimala to see the beauty and grandeur of the falls it is a good time if any of the Rainy season. Girmal stands tall spawning tiny water particles infinitely.Grimala fall in Dang Districts.Its height is up to 100 feet.

Location: 50 km from Ahwa, 20 km from Subir

Water Flow: July – December

Food: Tea, Snacks – During Season

Tourist Rush: Low

Accessibility: Hard

   3). Popular Festival in Saputara

popular festival in saputara

Dance, music, colour and purchase and sell of tribal wares can all be seen in this festival. It is an annual tribal festival that is held prior to Holi.

Saputara Monsoon Festival organized a month-long event and encouraged by the tourism department. The festival season starts in August every year.  From what I recall of Gujarat Tourism TGCL – Monsoon Tourism Corporation organized the first festival in Gujarat Limited  in 2011, it was a big hit. Year after year, they kept adding more events and activities. Users are also growing in folds.

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