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General Information about Shimla Hill Station

shimla hill station

Shimla hill station is still the colonial summer capital (Sahara), where the British used to retreat when the heat of the Indo-Gangetic plains became unbearable. Keep the work of the Gray-Stone of the Viceregal Lodge or the Garythe Theater as the excellence of a neo-Gothic architecture, the beauty of the building survives and not only remains in the eye of the beholder, the Elizabethan style is mixed and mixed with various other forms. Like Ellesley, Christ Church, Gorton Castle, Wood Ville etc.
The spirits of that past appeal to India as well as enthusiasts from abroad when this hill city has been made the capital of Himachal Pradesh after getting independence in India. However, this is not the only reason for coming to Shimla. Snow Drapard Mountains

Shimla hill staceon

The sleek slopes of peaks offer full invitations to the soul or profession to the skiers. While traveling camping and trekking, yoga has to face the light rays of the sun’s waking, and there may be other reasons. And this list is very sure to go very far, when tourists know what they could do to make the best time in Shimla.
The way it is situated at an altitude of 2200 meters on the top of the Himalayas, the journey of Shimla is a perfect course to see this paradise in summer; And also brings a different glory completely in the winter.

In the name of Shyamala Devi, the incarnation of Goddess Kali, Shimla has emerged as a developed city. Nevertheless, the touch of nature can be realized everywhere, even the beauty of the hill can be understood as the name of this place. It is no wonder why the film industry took it to this city during shooting of any place abroad. Shimla is a full-fledged experience in tourism, where reminded of entertainment, culture, colonial era, temples and palaces, places like British architecture can be seen on each other on their landscape.


Places to see in Shimla Hill Station

Snowy mountains, breathtaking lakes, pleasant surroundings and attractive greenery-Shimla can ask for all. Known as the queen of popular hill stations, the city and surrounding places never stop to amaze with their lovely beauty. Shimla has this magic in the air which falls in love with everyone. With such a wide range of attractions and famous places, Shimla is definitely one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. Therefore, before coming to Shimla and with some places in Shimla, before enriching you, something is necessary

Summer Hills

Shimla Hill Station Tour

Location Type: Hail

The best place to go to Shimla is summer hill – a picturesque township is located 5 km from the famous Ridge of Shimla. This hill has been carpeted by rich greenery, which offers breathtaking views from the top. Summer hill is also a part of the 7 hills which make shimla, so you are sure to leave its beauty overwhelmed.

Time Travel: Sunrise for Sunset, Sun is Beautiful during Summer

Indian Institute of Advanced Studies

Indian Institute of Advanced Studies

Type of place: historic, grassland, educational and inspirational

Built by British, IIAS is mainly the summer of Indian President’s return. The President was passed by the then President – Dr. Radhakrishnan as an institution to promote the study of progress in humanities and art in India. The building is a classical architectural design with a proficient fire proofing system. One visit to the institute is actually going through modern Indian history.

Visiting Hours: 8:00 pm to 06:00 pm



Type of place: historic, grassland

Enandel should be in the list of places to come to Shimla. This place was home to many adventure games during racing including British rule. However, now, this place is perfect for all golf enthusiasts because the racecourse has been transformed into a mini golf course, which also serves as the helipad and provides incredible pictures of its grasslands is.

Visiting time: 9:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Jakhoo hill

Jakhoo hill

Type of place: Hilly, Religious, Trek

Considered the highest peak in Shimla, this hill is 8000 feet high and is a major tourist attraction in Shimla. This temple is a paradise for all nature lovers and pilgrims who visit the historic 108 feet tall Hanuman statue in Jakhu temple. This is almost a short trip to adventure adventurers

Visiting time: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm, the climb is safe during the day because the journey becomes dark till evening.

The Scandal Point, Ridge

The Scandal Point Ridge

Type of place: Ideal point for photographers, view of the valley, ideal

Known as the popular Scandal Point, this flat giant platform is one of the most popular places to go to Shimla. In addition to breathing, this place is also home to the famous Tudor Library, with all the fascinating views of the valley and the shadowy mountains of snow around Shimla. The stage provides wonderful spectacles of sunset and sunrise

Time tour: Sunrise from sunset

Shimla hil station Driving Directions From Mumbai

1,772 km approximately 1 day 5 hours
1. AH Wadia Marg on South East / CST Road / Tamasya Bundet Road / towards Kalina Kurla Road
Pass through Kurla Depot bus stop (left side)
0.2 km
A little right on logistics to remain on CST Road / Tamasya Bandt RD
31 meters
3. Bangalore – Mumbai High / CST Road / Mumbai – Pune HV / Santacruz – Walk directly to Chembur Link Road
Bangalore – Mumbai HV / Mumbai – Pune HV
Near by Amar Mahal (2.7km right on)
3.5 km
4. East Express HV / Mumbai – stay left to continue on Agra National Domination
3.1 km
5. Eastern Express HV / Mumbai – Continue to stay at Agra National Domination
3.4 km
6. Eastern Express HV / Mumbai – Agree stay on the National Domination
3. 9 km
7. Eastern Express HV / Mumbai – Keep Right to Live on Agra National Domination
partial toll road
7.4 km
8. Eastern Express HV / Majiwada Flyover / Mumbai – Keep Right On Agra National Domination
9. Keep left to continue on Kapoorvadi flyover

Shimla hill station Driving Direction

10. Merge to NH48
Near Orion Business Park (on the left)
0.3 kilometers
11. Proceed directly to stay on Sony Center – NAH 48
Go back to Petrol station (on left)
2.1 km
12. Stay straight for staying at NH48
Near by Mr. Sai Suzuki (at 750 meters right)
13. Keep the right to live on NH48
Nearby by Swastik High Point Gloria (2.9 km right)
8.2 km
14. Continue straight to stay at NH48
partial toll road
Close by Express Inn Mumbai (2.7 km left)
2.8 km
15. Turn right to stay at NH48
7.3 km
16. Keep the right to live on NH48
Close by Artemis Complex (9.2 in the right side)
18.5 km
17. Keep the right to live on NH48
partial toll road
Close by Bridge (Right at 51.6 km)
123 km
18. Continue straight to stay at the NH48
Close by Bridge (4.5 km left)
39.4 km
19. Continue straight to stay at NH48
partial toll road
Nearby by Bridge (at 47.8 km right)
112 km
20. Keep the right to live on NH48
Nearby by Bridge (5.3 km left)
6.1 km
21. Continue straight to stay on NH48
partial toll road

Shimla hill station Driving Direction

Near by Hanuman ji Auto Garage (52.2 km left)
80.2 km
22. Exit Vadodara-Halol High
0.5 km
23. Turn right at Vadodara-Halol HV
partial toll road
Near Ramdev Fastwire (on the left)
31.4 km
24. Slight left towards Hull Bypass RD / GJ SH5 / GJ SH 87
0.1 km
25. Merge by Hollol Bypass RD / GJ SH5 / GJ SH87
Continue to follow GJ SH 5 / GJ SH 87
partial toll road
Close by Anmol Transport (3.2 km to the left)
34.6 km
26. Turn right on Godhra bypass road
Stay behind the petrol station (left at 11.5 km)
16.6 km
27. Exit on behalf of JJ SH-154 / GJ SH5
0.5 km
28. Turn right on JJ SH154 / GJ SH5
Continue to follow GJ SH5
partial toll road
Close by Homeland Superstore (right at 91.2 km)
91.5 km
29. Turn right on Modasa bypass RD
Leva Patidar Samajwadi (right) from nearby
4.3 km
30. Turn right on JJ SH5 / GJ SH 57 / Gujarat State Highway 145
Continue following the JJ SH5 / Gujarat State Highway 145
partial toll road
Pass by Royal Auto Parts and Bike Point (15.1 km left)
24.6 km
31. Right right
0.5 km
32. Slight left at NH48
partial toll road
Mahalaxmi Dairy Farm (On Left)
122 km
33. Slight left

Shimla hill station Driving Direction

34. Continue on Goverdhan Villas Main Rd
Passed by the Hotel King Mansion (on the left)
35. Continue on RJ SH 32
Pass by bus stop (left side)
2.1 km
36. On the Udyipal serial, take the second exit in the City Station RD
Pass by human restaurant (left)
0.6 km
37. Turn right on college road on Surajpol Sir
Close by Jai Motors (near left) near Fateh Memorial
1.3 km
38. Turn left in MB college circle on Durga nursery road
Pass Multimedia Gallery (on the left side of 350 meters)
0.8 km
39. Turn on Ashoknagar Main Road / Shastri Marg / University Road
Continue to follow Shastri Marg / University Road
Rani Parekeshwar Complex (on the left)
0.5 km
40. Turn left at 100 feet RD
By Pandit Pav Bhaji (on the left)
2.2 km
41. On Shobhpura ser, take the third exit
Pass cup and GRSS cafe (left side)
42. Sukher left on RD
0.7 km
43. In Bhuvana bypass intersection, take third exit and stay on Sukheer road.
Near Swastik Marbles (on left)
3.6 km
44. Continue on NH58

Shimla hill station Driving Direction

partial toll road
Near by Mr. Ram Marble (left)
206 km
45. Have the right to live on the NH58
partial toll road
Close by bridge (right at 32.1 km)
45.0 km
46. ​​Have the right to live on the NH58
5.6 km
47. Continue on NH448
partial toll road
Go back to Petrol station (13.7 km to the left)
27.0 km
48. Keep left to stay on NH448
5.2 km
49. Continue on NH48
partial toll road
Pass by Patan Bus Stop (7.5 km left)
13.0 km
50. Have the right to live on NH48
partial toll road
64.1 km
51. Keep the right to live on NH48
partial toll road
ICICI Bank ATM Pass (8.2 km left)
60.5 km
52. left to live on NH48
5.6 km
53. NH 48 leaves little bit and becomes NH48
partial toll road
Public Service Tire Agencies (39.9 km in the right)
131 km
54. Keep left to continue on NH352

Shimla hill station Driving Direction

55. Take a slip road at NH352 / NH9
Dhabha by Abhinav Family (5.9 km left)
7.3 km
56. Take slip road for NH 352
0.9 km
57. Continue on NH352
Near by Dr. VV Malik Hospital (10.6 km left)
12.7 km
58. Keep the right to continue on the Gohana bypass / outer ring road
0.8 km
59. Gohana Rd / Gohana-Rohtak Rd / Continue in the Panipat-Rohtak Corridor
Continue to follow Gohana-Rohtak RD
partial toll road
Near LKM School Bhansan (19.0 km left)
24.1 km
60. Continue on NH709
partial toll road
Near by Mr. Balaji Automobile (10.6 km on the left)
42.7 km
61. Leave on the fork to move towards the NH44
0.4 km
62. Left at NH44
partial toll road
Judicial premises, near Panipat (8.2 km right)
97.3 km
63. A little bit right
0.7 km

Shimla hill station Driving Direction

Merge at 64 NH44
By Leo Dhaba (2.3 km to the left)
23.4 km
65. Somewhat left at Ambala Chandigarh XP
partial toll road
Near by Andhra Bank – Zirakpur Branch (32.0 km left)
32.7 km
66. A little left in Hotel Monorio on NH152
Nearby by Punjab State Cooperative Bank Limited – Cloud Colony (1.1 km left)
1.6 km
67. Go straight from main square on NH 5 / NH7
Behind the pharmacy (left)
0.4 km
68. J.S. Turn on the opticians to stay on NH 5 / NH7
Pass with Verka-Milk-Bar (450 meters left)
69. Continue the previous projector on rent on NH5
partial toll road
Behind the petrol station (13.0 in the right side)
51.2 km
70. Go directly before UCO Bank ATM on MDR 9
Waste pass corner (left side)
10.1 km
71. A little left on NH5
Dowarwadi bus station pass (right)
43.8 km
72. A little room on police assistance room at NH205
0.3 kilometers
73. Turn right on the cart RD / Old Bus Stand RD
Pass through CMP check post (on right)
2.7 km
74. Slight left on the cart RD at accessible public toilets
A.K. Pass by General Store (right)
0.7 km
75. On the eagle RD, left sharp in the pharmacy
0.1 km


How to reach Shimla?

By Air

Shimla can be easily reached by air, the place is at its place in the place named Zubarhati, which is located 23 kilometers from the main city center. Flights from New Delhi, Chandigarh and Kullu are operated on a daily basis. Jetsans Airways offer excellent services.

By Railway

Shimla is connected to Kalka (96 km) with a narrow gauge line, which in turn is linked to the major cities of India. The Toy Train journey from Kalaka to Shimla is attractive with 107 tunnels and high pebble bridges. The duration of the journey is approximately six hours. The frequency of trains running from Kala to Shimla is very good, as well as four less than four trains in Shimla.

By Road

Shimla is connected to many bus services, including the Himachal Road Transport Corporation buses and private operators from major cities of North India. From Delhi, you can take an air-conditioned luxury bus from ISBT Kashmiri Gate throughout the night. Buses are left in the night or later in the night Local bus services occur in Shimla city from 7 am to 9 pm and buses are available everywhere in the city.

Different distance For Shimla – Hill Station in Himachal Pradesh

From Distance / Time Vai
Bilaspur 1,534 km/27 h NH44
Chamba 341 km/9 h 55 min NH205
Hamirpur 144 km/4 h 24 min NH205
Kangra 221 km/6 h 37 min NH205
Kinnaur 272 km/8 h 37 min NH5
Kullu 208 km/5 h 57 min NH205
Mandi 126 km/3 h 47 min NH205


Eating facilities in Shimla Hill Station

hotel in simla

Cafe Sol

Cafe soul
Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean
11 o’clock-10.30 PM
INR 250- 300 for two
The hotel is located on the Cumber Mare roof on Café Seoul, Mall Road. This is an ideal place for those who like to explore new places. With a very comfortable atmosphere and authentic multi-dishes fare, Seoul is a great place to dine with family and friends.
The Mall, For the Tourist Lift, For the Tourist Lift, Shimla

Cecil Restaurant

Cecil Restaurant
Asian, European
10 AM-10mm
Two for Rs 700-1000
For a fantastic and comfortable dining experience, especially if you are not on the budget and there is nothing in mind, Cecil is a suitable place. Wood-paneling decor with Chandelier combines an old world charm throughout the atmosphere. The menu has a long variety of Indian cuisine as well as Thai curry. A bit more on the bill side, but there is a place worth the experience
Chaura Maidan RD, Shimla

Ashiana & Goofa

Ashes and gofa
US $ 300-350 for two
HPTDC is the place to run by Asian and Goafa, where you will get real taste of local (Himachal) dishes. The twin restaurant has a very relaxed and tranquil atmosphere that is surrounded by stunning views of the surrounding areas, which is great food and delightful drinks. Asia is in the basement and prices are 25% less than Gouf, they serve the same food from the same kitchen.
Ridge, Lower Bazar, Shimla

Wake & Bake Cafe

Wake up and bake cafe
9am-8:30 pm
Two for 200-250
The only place in Shimla is to wake up and bake where you can find panoramic pancakes and bacon. For a quick bite of seaming coffee and any multi-dishes dishes, try this place. The elegant interiors and maintenance environments are worth visiting. Mall RD, The Mall, Shimla


Specialty for this Hill Station

There are also Scenery in the following places near Shimla that appear in the form of vegetarian forests, hills, temples etc. Find them to find them.


13 kilometers away from Shimla, at an altitude of 2149 meters, is covered with dense forests in this suburb. It is easy to reach the nearby beach with pine trees. Religious twists can trace the old temples which are more popular for the annual fair in the month of April.


For the tilt of the Himalayas, Fagu, about 22 km from Shimla, should be another meditator and Shimla must be needed during the journey.


In 2501 meters, it is pleasant to enjoy the fun of snow and ice like ski and ice scooters. To enjoy living in nature’s lap, mahasu pickle in Kufri is to move to another place.
Tatipani is popular for hot water springs and their medicinal values, it has reached Shimla after reaching 51 kilometers. Only the presence of forests in the nearby forests is increased.


After being restricted from entering Patiala’s Maharaja’s capital Shimla, Chell is popular for the world’s highest cricketing pitch, which is sometimes used for polo matches.


This district is about 162 kilometers from Shimla and the state’s largest lake of Himachal Pradesh is famous for Lake Renakuka.
Other places nearby are Kasauli, Naldhara, Saran, Naakan, etc.


Attraction around the Dawn Hill Station

The Shimla State Museum

The Shimla State Museum

Type of place: educational, inspirational, historical

Shimla State Museum is also known as the Himachal State Museum and the library is located on Mount Pleasant. Large lawns and magnificent British architecture makes this place completely meaningful. The museum exhibits astonishing state’s glorious past with its rich culture and heritage. They have various artifacts, paintings, sculptures, handicrafts and many more collections which they are preserved from the age.

Visiting time: 7:00 am to 8:00 am

Naldehra and Shaily Peak

Naldehra and Shaily Peak

Type of place: issue of viewing, viewing the valley, ideal for photographers, courage

Nalderhera is one of the best places to go to Shimla because it offers views of the most beautiful sunrise and sunset. With dense pine trees and naturally rich flora and fauna, this place has wonderful forest cover to enjoy on a horse ride. Stunning scene, peace and fresh air is sure to leave anyone mesmerized

Time tour: Sunrise from sunset

Chadwick falls

chadwick falls shimla


Type of place: Ideal for waterfall, point of view, photographers and peace seekers

One of the major tourist attractions of Shimla, Chadwick Falls comes from the height of 1586 meters. Around the thick forest, lush fir and pine trees, the scene is completely enticing. The monsoon grows to increase the level of water falling and makes the place more beautiful with its splendid water. Chadwick Falls is definitely an eye treatment with the beauty and ambience of your eyes.

Time tour: Sunrise at sunset, do not go when dark



Type of place: Adventure, should travel for photographers

Kufri, which is known as the winter capital of sports, is located 2622 meters above sea level. In the foothills of the powerful Himalayas, this hill station once belonged to the state of Nepal. It offers some exciting winter skiing and ice skating. With its picturesque location, this place is sure to be on the list of many travelers.

Hours trip: Sunrise from sunset



Type of place: highly recommended for peace seekers, photographers

Chell has got the highest cricket pitch in the world and it offers a calm and quiet atmosphere by powerful cedar and pine trees. This place is also home to the famous architecture Chil Palace where its architecture is known for its talent. Since it is more than Shimla, it can enjoy the view of the illuminated city lights, while looking at the star from the night sky, beautifully illuminated.

Friends, you are wasting a few god years of life if you are not at these amazing places to come to Shimla. So, pack and leave!


Photography: How to Get Great Photos of Shimla hil station

Toy train

The tour from Kalka to Shimla is just amazing. The toy carriage slowly moves from the mountains to Alpine, the Himalayas are approaching fears. The way in which some horrifying scenes of the landscape can be 1,240 meters higher than the sea level in Kushal river, Koti, Barug, Cano, Jabli.

Posted by Raple (VJ): Shimla to go to the city Main place: Kalka Shimla Toy Train has approximately 7 coaches, which can accommodate at least 200 passengers in a single trip. The railroad is in fact near 107 tunnels, but the train passes through 103 tunnels, in the big and small toy trains Baru crosses the longest tunnel in three minutes. In addition to Barung tunnel, on this route, in the other 3 major tunnels, 2 crore, 2,76 feet, Taradevi-615 feet and tunnel no. 103 – 1,135 feet

Shimla-Kalka toy train waiting for a long time gives enough time for the beauty of Himachal Pradesh: V.J. on photo tour. VJ, Wave, Vijay Kumar Sharma, Rip 44 photoography, frozen moments, photograph, photography, wave (VJ), VJ, rf (VJ) photography, VJ-photography, captive capture for the future, stop for the future, Wave photo, VJ photo, wave (VJ) photography: the longest wait time at Sonawar station: its a beautiful place .. train closed here for 40 minutes and I went to the hill and saw the surrounding areas The area … was beautiful fields of yellow mustard flowers … I train station to come back after 25 minutes and activates 15 minutes people ..

Shimla hill staceon

There are about 7 coaches in Kalka Shimla Toy Train which can accommodate at least 200 passengers in the same trip. Actually there are 107 tunnels in the railways, but the train passes through 103 tunnels, in the big and small toy trains Baru crosses the longest tunnel in three minutes. In addition to Barung tunnel, on this route, in the other 3 major tunnels, 2 crore, 2,76 feet, Taradevi-615 feet and tunnel no. 103 – 1,135 feet

Posted by Raple (VJ): To go to main places in Shimla Town: Kalaka-Shimla Railway was included in the Guinness Book on rail facts and feet as the biggest gauge engineering achievement in India. If you do not have time to travel full time from Kalka to Shimla, then I recommend to travel from Shimla to Taradevi … ** Train passing by train in Samarhiil **

The Kalka-Shimla Railway was included in the Guinness Book on the Rail Facts and Feet as the achievement of the biggest gauge engineering in India.

Shimla hill staceon

If you do not have the time to travel to Kalma from Shimla, then I recommend to travel from Shimla to Taradevi …

Posted by Ripple (VJ): To go to main places in Shimla Town: Toy-train for passengers at Toyota Station, Shimlotoy-Taitu station waiting for travelers to travel, Shimla

Ridge The Ridge Road is a large open place, which is located in the center of Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh is India. It runs from east to west along the mall road, and connects it to the scandal point west. On the east side, the Ridge Road leads to the market, a wooden craft market. The ridge houses a large water reservoir which acts as the main supply of the city of Shimla
Posted by Ravi (VJ): The main place to go to Shimla city: The Ridge Road is a large open place, which is situated in the center of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh’s capital, India. It runs from east to west along the mall road, and connects it to the scandal point west. On the east side, the Ridge Road leads to the market, a wooden craft market. Ridge is a large water reservoir that acts as the main supply of Shimla city ** see the ridge **

Posted by Ripple (VJ): Main place in Shimla: Church @ ridge, Shimla ** church @ ridge, Shimla **

Mall Road:

Mall road in Shimla is a place which can not be left untouched by any visitor. Shimla, the lifeline of Mall Road, is the main tourist attraction in the city. Mall Shimla’s hustle is the center of social life.

Posted by Raple (VJ): Shimla to go to town Main place: Mall road view in the morning ** Mall road view in the morning **

Posted by Ripple (VJ): The main spot to go to Shimla city: View from Sunset Point @ Mall Road ** View from Sunset Point @ Mall Road **

Lakshman Bazar:

There is a market with ridge in Shimla in India. The shops present mainly targeted wooden articles towards tourists, there is also a roller skating ring in the Luxor market. The state hospital, known as Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital, is near Lakkar Bazar.

Posted by Ripple (VJ): The main place to go to Shimla Town: Lakhchar Market starts in the morning in the morning in the morning on Lakshman market **

Victorian Lodge:

The building that created the institute was originally built as a house for Lord Dufarin of Viceroy of India from 1884-1888 and it was called the Vice President’s Lodge. It was after all India’s Viceroy and Governor General. One of the seven hills, situated on Shimla, captured the Observatory Hill.


Shimla Geography

Geographically, Shimla Springs is located at the height of the native Himalaya of the prehistoric ocean. Shimla from a village village rose above the turmoil of the 19th century Gorkha war, a military checkpoint and sanitation eventually became the summer capital of British India.

If someone keeps a map above the Shimla side, then a Shimla looks like a dancing girl. Hence Shimla is known as Dance Queen of Hills. His face and the hair in his hair is the area adjacent to Sanjauli, the hand is Kashuppy pointing towards the south and there are Longwood, Caliston and Bharari in the north.

This woman dances on a boundary of the central Himalayan mountains which joins the last holes of the middle Himalayas near the river Sutlej. The height of the dance area is 2397.59 meters above sea level. Her dance began when Captain Charles Pratt Kennedy, who recently elected the Hill State Political Official, created the first permanent home and named it Kennedy House. The total area of ​​19.55 square meters of old Shimla falls in the seismic belt.

The hills dance of the hills is the seven hills and this is the reason, in the earlier days, it was also called the City of Seven Hills. These hills are:

Shimla hill staceon

1. Jakhu Hill (2454m)
2. Elisim Hill (2257m)
3. Observatory Hill (2157m)
4. Bantani / Museum Hill (2201 m)
5. Prospect Hill (2177m)
6. Potter Hill (2073m)
7. Summer Hill (2104m)

Shimla Geography

The famous Jakhu Hill (2454 meters) in Shimla is located on the last side of the map. Here is the very famous and old temple of Lord Hanuman, which is known as Jaaku Temple.

Christiana Hill (2257m) in Shimla is situated north of the map, this is the area where the Auckland House School is located and this hill extends to tallwood, Kelston and fir.

Prospect Hill (2177 meters) in Shimla is a hill where the famous Kamana Devi temple is located.

The museum / Bantoni Hill (2201 meters) in Shimla spreads to the mound in the square grounds. The Museum Hill starts from where the famous Peterhoff Hotel is located. The original building was burnt up and replaced with a new building. Today it is the site of the Himachal Pradesh State Government Guest House.

The Observatory Hill (2157 meters) area is located in Shimla, where the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, or the old subordinate lodge is located.

Summer Hill (2104 meters) in Shimla is located in the area where the University of Himachal Pradesh is located.

Potter Hill (2073 m) is located next to the Summer Hill area.


Climate of Shimla Hill


Summers in Shimla are moderate and the weather is very pleasant March-May are the months of summer and peak seasons. The temperature is 15 degrees to 27 degrees Celsius and the best time to enjoy beautiful beauty. During summer, there is a crowd with tourists in Shimla because the temperature in the plains becomes very high. People can enjoy a relaxing summer and they can escape from the heat. Shimla season is hot during the day and cooler is required at night. Thus, it is necessary to take some light warm clothes for the night.


The months of monsoon from July to September are the monsoon temperatures ranging from 15 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius. Even in a hilly station, there is heavy rainfall and there is a possibility of landslides. Therefore, do not travel to Shimla during the monsoon season. Apart from this, the climate is very humid during monsoon.


It was the time from November to mid-February in winter. In winter, the average temperature is 8 degrees Celsius and the low -7 degree C Can be dropped as. Snow is the main attraction for tourists that Shimla receives around Christmas time in December. Cold and chilly reduces the temperature to zero by zero, so it is advisable to take the winter season.


People from Shimla

People from Shimla images People from Shimla


Shimla Hill station images

shimla hill stations images

shimla hill stations images2

Hotels in Shimla hill station

Shimla hill staceon

A visit to Shimla Hill station can be linked to other tourist attractions around the city. With the opportunities to explore your panoramic dishes and surrounding areas, Shimla is fully prepared to provide an experience which is both authentic and unique! There are many ideal places …

Hotel Surya

The hotel is located at 0.500 km from Surya Railway Station and bus stand. The famous Christ Church Hotel is 1 km away from the Sun. This hotel offers ample free parking in Shimla. It provides free Wi-Fi connectivity to the patrons. The Hotel Surya has 60 spacious rooms, each room offers complimentary bottled water, room heater, phone unit, wake-up call service, tea-coffee maker, reading lamps and an attached bathroom with free toiletries.

Educational food and beverages are served in chilli masala in a home restaurant in regional cuisine from North India, Mughlai, Chinese, South Indian, Gujarati and Jain. There is a conference room with 90-100 pax in the theater style. Banquet facility is also provided with outdoor catering service, the hotel also arranges dry cleaning and laundry facilities on the same day.

There is also a tour desk and luggage storage space, Jubbar Elephant Airport is 20 km, Shogi bus stand 13 km, Shogi Railway Station 15 km and Bhantar Airport is 200 km. Tourist attractions are Mall Road (2.5 km), Kali Bari Temple (0.550 km), Jakhu Temple (10 km) and State Museum (1.5 km)

Hotel Chaman Palace

Hotel Chaman Palace is situated near Mall road, 6 km from Jakhu Temple in Shimla. This provides a spectacular view of beautiful valleys: Shimla has 16 rooms in the hotel, with beds, tables, satellite TVs, a telephone, ceiling fan and hot / cold running water. There is also a balcony to enjoy the scene. Hotel Chaman Palace offers room service and offers parking.

It offers a front desk, travel counter, laundry services, doctor-on-call, taxi service and an in-house restaurant to enjoy delicious food. The hotel offers airport / railway transfers on the surcharge, the tourist attractions like The Ridge (0.8 km) are nearby. Hotel Shimla is 1 km from Bus Stand and Railway Station, while Shimla Airport is 19 km away. There is also a business center, a tour desk and a front desk, which work for 16 o’clock. Other room amenities include: luggage storage, laundry service, Wi-Fi connectivity, doctor and parking on the phone are offered to the hotel.

Victory Hotel

Hotel Vijay Center’s ‘Queen of Hills’ is located in Shimla. The hotel has a multi-cuisine restaurant, which serves Indian, Continental and Chinese cuisine. The rooms are well-equipped, which include cable TV, telephone, comfortable bed and safe deposit locker. Each room has an en suite bathroom with hot and cold water facilities.

Many amenities that include a room service, laundry facilities and a doctor on call facility. I Hotel has a lift, DVD is offered at the request facility. The victory of the hotel is a 2-minute drive from Shimla Railway Station. Some of the valuable places nearby are Jakhu Temple, 2.5 km away, the state museum is located 3 km away, 7 km from Chadwick Falls 7 km from the hotel and the Sanket Mukchan Temple is located.

Hotel Sheel

In the hotel Shell is located about 2 km from Anadell Ground and 20 km from Shimla Airport. This hotel offers Wi-Fi access to its guests in Shimla. It accommodates comfortable and spacious rooms and is equipped with features like direct dialing phones, wake-up call, television, safe deposit locker, makeup mirror and bottled water, on request, has an attached bathroom with toiletries.

This hotel in Shimla offers doctor-on-call, laundry, front desk and room service. This property has a tour desk and business room. Hotel Shell is running 24 hours hot and cold water. This property can reach the Indian Institute of Advanced Study (3 km), Kalka Shimla Railway (19 km), Jakhu Temple (6 km) and Gayati Heritage cultural complex (1 km).

Shimla British Resort

Shimla British Resort is located at an altitude of 7250 feet above sea level. This resort has been conferred by the splendid cedar and pine forests of 2000 corms and the breathtaking views of the Greater Himalayas have been enjoyed. The resort is 1 km from Old Shimla Railway Station. It has a leather library bar with a unique collection of old English pipes and has a rare collection of 800 books. There are a total of 12 rooms in this resort. Each room has furniture, television, wardrobe and en-suite bathroom.

Other services include front desk, parking, travel counter, safety, business center, conference room, bar, spa and banquet facilities. There is a multi-cuisine restaurant which offers delicious food. It also serves hot drinks with delicious breakfast in the open air restaurant, made of pine wood. The resort works many activities such as rifle shooting, X-box gaming, nature walks, bird watching, trekking and golf. The attractions are The Ridge (3 km), Christ Church (3 km), Jakhu Temple (7 km) and Summer Hill (4 km). Sanjauli bus stop is 6 km and Shimla Airport is 22 km away from the resort.


Shopping place in Shimla hill

Shopping in Shimla is about buying a DVD, and the primary shopping range in Shimla is with malls, Sabzi Mandi, and Lakkar Bazar. The opportunity to check Mall Street is the affection of the customers, because there are some shops, including woolen items, hard work and handcrafted antiques. Kullu and Kinnauri shawl, suppressive and scarf, Pashmina shawl and Tibbati floor cover are a part of the procurement from Shimla.

Lakkar Bazaar in Shimla

Between the magnificent view, the Luxor market is a place in Shimla, shophole can shop throughout the day. The shops here offer timber articles which are extraordinarily well known among travelers. You can get a lot of things from this market. Wood Stroller Sticks are seen here, which are of the best quality.

Dockers San Francisco In Shimla

Dockers San Francisco, Shimla is an innocent destination for your extraordinary time with your loved ones. This prevailing visitor appreciates the attraction of the place. With so much money for the temptation of your faculties and you are offered entertainment to do this, be submerged in the spirit of the enterprise, you get an opportunity to check in the Dockers San Francisco, Shimla.

Lower Bazaar in Shimla

Otherwise, there is a place to go to Lower Market shopping in Shimla, called ‘Sabzi Mandi’. Winter clothing and books from vegetables, everyone in the market is required in regular life. The confusion filled with the life business area is well known for timber rods and various hard work which you can buy without opening one in your pocket. Just below the lower end of Mall Street in Shimla,

Himachal Emporium In Shimla

Shimla Hill Stations Himachal Emporium works happily in the painstaking work done privately, which is also at a generous cost. Emporium is organized in the mall for tourists other than shopping. At that point you can see Kinnauri shawls, woolen, ornaments and ceramics here.

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