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sidi bashir mosque

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Sidi Bashir Mosque

  • General Information about Sidi Bashir Mosque
  • Places to see in Sidi Bashir Mosque
  • How to reach Sidi Bashir Mosque?
  • Different distance For Sidi Bashir Mosque
  • Dining facilities in the Sidi Bashir Mosque
  • Speciality of Sidi Bashir Mosque
  • Attraction around Sidi Bashir Mosque
  • Geography of Sidi Bashir Mosque
  • Climate of Sidi Bashir Mosque
  • People from Sidi Bashir Mosque
  • Pictures of Sidi Bashir Mosque
  • Shopping place in Sidi Bashir Mosque
  • Sidi Bashir Mosque Weather
  • Map of Sidi Bashir Mosque
  • Sidi Bashir Mosque Video

General Information about Sidi Bashir Mosque

sidi bashir mosque
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Sidi Bashir Mosque

Sidi Bashir Mosque located in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat state. Due to its unique construction, the minerallet of the mosque is also called the Jhulta Minara or Shaking Minarates.

Each tower is about 21 meters high and it is 3-storey, in which delicate balconies are made. Mosque and towers were constructed in 1461, but the reason for this design is uncertain. It is believed that such a design was adopted to avoid damage during the earthquake.

Masjid is situated in front of Ahmedabad railway station and is one of Ahmedabad’s most popular tourist destinations.

Places to see in Sidi Bashir Mosque

Amritavarshini Vav

Amritavarshini Vav
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Amritavarshini Wav is situated in Ahmedabad. It is also called Panchkuwa Stepwell or Kathakun Vow. This is a simple original structure built in the 18th century, it is three-storey and was built for charitable reasons.

It is about 50 feet deep and it was declared a state-preserved monument in 1969 and since then, several measures have been adopted to restore the original glory of this place. This step well is located at a distance of 1.2 km from Sidi Bashir Majdid.

Tomb of Ahmed Shah

tomb of ahmed shah
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Tomb Ahmed Shah’s grave was built in 1442 after his death and it is located near Ahmed Masjid mosque Jama Masjid and Manek Chowk. Ahmed Shah’s grave attracts many tourists because of his architecture. Ahmed Shah’s grave is locally known as Hazira of the King or Hazira of the King.

Bhadra Fort

bhadra fort
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Built during the reign of Marathas in the year 1411, it was established by the founder of Ahmedabad city Sultan Ahmed Shah. The fort of Bhadra in Ahmedabad is a royal fort, which is the top spot in Ahmedabad’s sightseeing.

The magnificent palace and beautiful green garden, the charm of the Bhadra fort is invincible, the fort is famous for the Bhadrakali temple, which was made in a different form of Hindu Goddess Kali in the dedication of the Bhadrakali Devi. At present, the fort often serves as a venue for organizing flag hoisting on the occasion of Independence Day and Republic Day.

About Bhadra Fort

In the eastern part of the fort, there is the famous Kishore Door, which is another important tourist attraction in Ahmedabad. The Bhadra Fort, which is made using the beautiful red stones, is still standing grand. People believe that Goddess Lakshmi once visited Bhadra Fort and blessed Sultan that his city will always be rich.

How to reach Sidi Bashir Mosque?

By road

Ahmedabad is a place where all types of transport systems are planned in a well-connected and strategic manner. Ahmedabad is connected to the major Indian cities of Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Shirdi, Gandhinagar and Udaipur via Ahmedabad city transport service and interstate bus service.

Regular bus services are available to state’s state transport buses and private operators for all major destinations of the state.

By train

Ahmedabad railway station is located in Kalpur area, 6 km away from the city center. Kalpur is connected to many cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru. Rickshaws, buses and cabs are available to reach the city. You can get buses, taxis and rickshaw services from the passenger station to reach any part of the city from here.

By air

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Airport is an international airport in Ahmedabad, which provides services to domestic and international flights from Ahmedabad and Ahmedabad. There are direct flights from Ahmedabad, Dubai, USA, UK, Singapore and other international centers. The airport is considered to be one of the busiest airports in Gujarat. The airport is about 12 km from the city center and there are many options for reaching Ahmedabad, such as cabs, buses and private vehicles.

Different distance For Sidi Bashir Mosque

From Distance / Time Vai
Ahmedabad, Gujrat  3.3 km/10 min   Gandhi road
Kankariya Lake, Gujrat 3.0 km/10 min Diwan Ballubhai Rd
Gandhinagar, Gujrat 25.1 km/ 41 min Ahm-Gandhinagar Rd
Kadi, Gujrat  50.8km/1 hr 26 min  Palanpur – Ahm hw road

Dining facilities in the Sidi Bashir Mosque

Sunrise Hotel

sunrise hotel
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This is the best place for vegetarians. The Southendian and Punjabi plates are very tasty and the staff here is also good. Sunrise Hotel is close to the railway station and it is 350 meters from Sidi Madjid.

Sagar Restaurant

sagar restarunt
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Ahmedabad has many facilities to eat, such as hotels, restaurants, clubs, cafes, tea stalls, breakfast houses and so on. Here you can find your favorite food. Hear from the best restaurants in the Sagar restaurant Ahmedabad. The food here is very nice and delicious.

Specialty of Sidi Bashir Mosque

The towers of this mosque are said to shake up the minarets or shrinking minarets because of their unique construction. Due to its unique design, when 1 tower moves, the second tower also shakes.

It is a miracle of a unique historical architecture associated with Gujarat. Every tower has three storeys, which make a balanced natural stone balconies, which cover these towers of each floor. The tower is about 34 meters high and is 600 years old.

Attraction around Sidi Bashir Mosque

Hathee Singh Temple

hathee sing temple
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Built in 1850, the Hathī Lion Temple is a very famous Jain temple. It is named after the name of Seth Hathhe Singh, founder of a prosperous Jain trader. Hathi Singh Jain temple of Ahmedabad was constructed in the name of the 15th Jain Trinantak Dharmanath.

This temple is known for its magnificent architectural style and design, with complex carvings.

This is a marvel of architecture which is built using beautiful white stone. The total cost was approximately Rs 8 lakh. Hothi Singh Jain Temple is a double-storey building with a dome on the front. The magnificent gallery is shown in the other two sides of the temple.

There are 52 holy places in the temple. Every temple has an image of Tirthankara, the Hathi Singh Jain Temple is definitely worth a visit. This temple is located about a distance of 3.2 km from Sidi Bashir Madjid.

Rani Roopmati Mosque

rani rupmati mosque
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Located on the northern edge of the city of Ahmedabad, Rani was founded by the capitalist Mahmud Begara of the Mosque. The mosque was built during 1430-1440 AD after the name of Sultan’s wife, Rani Ruptimti. The features of impressive domes, carved galleries and tall minaret rani ramti mosque are the features.

There are three domes in the mosque, which are duly supported by the columns. In the central position, the dome highlights the mosque with natural light. The Rani of Ahmadabad is a mixture of Hindu and Muslim architecture in the structural design of the Masjid and this is what it raises from all other people.

Due to the natural disaster, which affected Ahmedabad city in 1818, the mosque lost one of its towers. The roof of the dome is decorated with a Hindu style pattern. The prayer hall of the mosque is a great beauty value, which has very beautiful carvings.

Kankariya lake

Kankariya Lake
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Lake Kancheria, formerly known as Hauz e Qutb, is the second largest lake in Ahmedabad. It was built in 1451 by Sultan Qutb-ud-Din. It is a 34-sided polygon with a 1.25 km circuit and is moving towards level below the water level. This is located in Maninagar area in the south-eastern part of the city.

A lakefront has been developed around it, with many public attractions such as zoos, toy trains, children’s cities, spreading balloon rides, water rides, water parks, food stalls and entertainment facilities.

The lakefront was revamped in 2008. Kaikaria Carnival is a one-week festival held in the last week of December. During Carnival many cultural, art and social activities are organized.

Dada Harir Stepwell

dada harir vav
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He is located in Dadar Harir Wav near Asrwa Gov in Ahmedabad. About 500 years ago, Sultan was created by Haier. For many years such a wave provided people most of the water for the city during the dry season for a long time.

Here you will find all kinds of carvings on the walls, some of which will be in Sanskrit as well as in Arabic script.

Calico Museum of Textiles

Calico Museum of Textiles
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The Calico Museum of Textile is one of the world’s leading clothing museums and is a famous institution in Indian textiles and is the most famous of its kind in the world for its distinctive and comprehensive collection of textiles and artifacts.India’s vast and deep cloth legacy To maintain, to create awareness and empowerment, the garments were collected in one way.

Over the years collections of colors, patterns, weaving and decoration have been grown in an outstanding repository and an accredited center providing Indian and international scholars an opportunity to study and study deeply on this extraordinary range of India. has been made.

With the collection of outstanding Bronze, Pichavas, Jain art objects and Indian miniatures of Sarabhai Foundation, the collection of Calico is located in the Retreat Complex of Sarabhai Foundation in Shahibag area of ​the city.

Geography of Sidi Bashir Mosque

Sidi Bashir Mosque is located in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat state in India. It was named after the unique building of this mosque and outside – Jhula Miner or Shaking Minervets. In fact, this is the tower of this mosque called Shaking Meinarates.

The precise location of this mosque is close to the Sarangpur gate, and about one kilometer and one half of the southern part of the Ahmedabad railway station.


It is believed that Malik Sarang constructed this mosque. He was a great man from the court of Sultan Mahmud Shah Begada. Born as a Rajput Hindu, Malik Sarang converted to Islam because he was inspired by his sultan.

Later, he was crowned as governor of Ahmedabad under the rule of Muzaffar Shah II. Therefore, the minarets are also known as Siddi Bashir Minar.

Climate of Sidi Bashir Mosque

Summer Season

The summer season lasts from March to June, the summer season is very hot, the average summer temperature ranges between 41 ° C to 27 ° C. The highest recorded recorded in this area is 48.5 degree Celsius.

Monsoon season

Monthly heavy rainfall is from June to October. After hot and dry summers, the monsoon season is considered to be quite relieved. There is an annual rainfall of approximately 800 millimeters in this area.

Winter Season

Ahmedabad experiences a very dry climate in the winter months. Here the winters usually start from the month of November and continue till February. The average temperature range is 30. The best time to visit Ahmedabad is the winter session.

With average temperature of 15 degree Celsius and maximum 30 degree Celsius, the Ahmedabad climate is pleasant and comfortable at this time. During the winter, the lowest temperature in Ahmedabad was recorded at 5 degrees Celsius.

People from Sidi Bashir Mosque

Ahmedabad people
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People from ahmedabad
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People from Sidi Bashir Mosque
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Pictures of Sidi Bashir Mosque

images of shidi bashir mosque
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shidi bashir mosque photo
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Shopping place in Sidi Bashir Mosque

Manek Chowk

manek chowk
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Manek Chowk Ahmedabad is the oldest popular class. It is surrounded by some famous historical structures, Mane Chakra is a vegetable market in the morning, a bullion market in the afternoon and a street food market at night. It is named after the popular market man named Maneknath, who forced Ahmad Shah to build Bhadra fort in 1411.

This market is located in the cleanest city center, which serves as a jewelry market in the morning vegetable market and afternoon. Manech Chowk’s largest jewelery market comes second in India and he does well. It is called the most famous street market and food stalls emerged around 9:30 am around Mane Chowk and continued till late night.

Manek Chok Sidi Bashir is about 1 to 1.8 km from Madjid.

Lal Darwaja

lal darwaja images

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The red door is one of the most popular and busy shopping markets in Ahmedabad. You can buy saris, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, shoes, chania brasses, purses, old books, belts and more from here. The red door is a favorite market for many people living in Ahmedabad city. You can make a lot of deal with vendors and shopkeepers in the red door market.

The red door is very popular for street food in Ahmedabad. If you like street food like water puri, samosas, dhokla, pan, dosa etc, then you should go to this market.

Sidi Bashir Mosque Weather

sidi bashir mosque
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Sidi Bashir Mosque Map

Sidi Bashir Mosque Video

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