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General Information about Spiti Valley Hill Station Dang

Spiti Valley

Popularly known as Little Tibet, Spiti is inhabited in Himachal Pradesh mountain range in Himachal PradeshAccessed only during the summer, it is as far away as SpitiStrong comparisons with Tibet surrounded by mountains and glaciers, mountain climbing, strange old monasteries, villages sitting on clear rivers and springs, prayer flags wind and fluttering in monks in their apparel, and mesmerized leave tourists for this remote region is.

Spiti is literally ‘Madhya Bhumi’ as it is in the east of Tibet, Ladakh north, Kinnaur South East and south of Lahoul and KulluAround 12,500 feet above average sea level is situated at an average elevation, lies in Spiti with the Himalayan river of the same nameIts isolation, due to Spiti, is cut from the map of tourism, along with the double valley of Lahoul, its ancient charm has been maintainedSpiti and Lahaul are subdivisioning in Lahaul and Spiti districts of Himachal Pradesh.

It is not just culture and natural beauty that provides spitiTrekking and Jeep Safari activities that you can do hereTrekkers Spiti to attract its beautiful mountains, herds, landscapes, glaciers and the ancient surroundings are amazingPin-Parvati, Parang-La and Pin-Bhaba are some of the popular trails.


Places to see in Spiti Valley Hill Station

Kunzum Pass

Kunzum Pass

It passes on a high mountain east Kunzum rangeConnecting nearby Kullu and Spiti Valley.It can be reached with the Lahaul Valley KazaFrom here, the journey of 9 km is not for visitors to Chandratal’s Moon LakeThe valley offers a picturesque landscape with amazing views of the top chandraigh that ranges from the north sides climbing along the ice to peaksChandrad Lake Kunzum is 7 km away from it, surrounded by surroundings.

Kunzum Pass, that is called as Kunzum La in ChineseIt stands at an elevation of 4,590 metersThe distance is around 122 kilometers from ManaliIt passes on a high mountain east Kunzum rangeConnecting nearby Kullu and Spiti Valley.It can be reached with the Lahaul Valley KazaFrom here, the journey of 9 km is not for visitors to Chandratal’s Moon LakeThe valley offers a picturesque landscape ranges with a wonderful view of the top chandrabhaga that surrounds the surrounding sides with the peaks, with ice clapping, it surrounds itAfter watching a pass, can cancel the night to cancel the drive and rest house.

Key Monastery

Key Monastery

It is one of the oldest and oldest monasteries in Spiti and is therefore the most important tourist destination in the region. It enshrines statues of Buddha in the state of meditation and also has collection of ancient books and murals.

Located at a height of 4112 meters, this monastery was built in the 14th century and its architecture is influenced by the Chinese style.

Chandratal Lake

Chandratal Lake

Chandratal, literally translated into Moon Lake, gets its name from its increasing size. Located at 7-8 km from Kunzum nearby, lake is a major attraction for photographers and adventure seekers. In the middle of a meadow is the view of the crystal blue lake, surrounded by hills and valleys.

Chandra Tala means the lake of the moon which is at a distance of 4300 meters and the small loose stone is placed at the height of the public, on one side of the mountain and on a steep side hollow presents a grand view on the other overlooking the lake. Its name is in its crescent shape, located in the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Chandra Lane is a popular destination for trekkers and camper. The lake is accessible from the end of May to early October and a 14 km and 8 km road can be reached and cancellation and passing Kunzum are also available respectively.

Dhankar Monastery

Dhankar Monastery

This monastery is situated on a rock between Kaza and Tabo. A wonderful view of the Spiti River can be seen from here. This Math Buddha’s four statues are sitting in 4 directions, along with ancient paintings, murals and texts as well as an idol of ‘Vairocharan’ exhibited.

A true insight into Buddhism and culture can be achieved by a visit to this monastery. This can be accessed by a vehicle qualified by road.


Spiti Valley hill station Driving Directions From Mumbai

1. Head Ah Wadia Marg / Kalyan towards Kurla Road on the CST Road / South-East on Tamasi Bandat Road
Near Kurla Depot bus stop (to the left) 0.2 km
On CST Road / Tamasi Bandat Road To Be On The Format Logistics

2. A little right 31 meters
Mumbai Highway / CST Road / Mumbai – – Pune Highway / Santacruz – Chembur Road Link 3. Continue moving on to Bangalore
Mumbai Highway / Mumbai – – Pune Highway continue to follow Bangalore
(2.7 km to the right) near Amar Mahal
3. 5 km Agra National Highway –

4. Keep Eastern Express Highway / 3.1 km to continue on the Mumbai

5. Keep moving straight to the East Express Highway / Mumbai – Agra National Highway 3.4 km Agra National Highway –

6. Keep the right to stay on Eastern Express Highway / Mumbai 3.9 Kms. Agra National Highway

7. Keep the right to stay on Eastern Express Highway / Mumbai
Partial Paid Road 7.4 km Agra National Highway

8. Keep the right to continue on Eastern Express Highway / Majiwada Flyover / Mumbai 0.3 km

Driving Directions From Mumbai

9. Keep Kapurbawdi left to continue on the flyover

NH48 merge on 10
From the Orion Business Park (to the left)
0.3 km

11. Keep Sony Center Moving Ahead – Nancy Electronics to Stay on NH48
Get to the past petrol station (left)
2.1 km

12. Keep moving straight to stay at NH48
(750 meters right side) from Mr. Sai Suzuki

13. Keep right on NH48
(2.9 km to the right) cross the Swastik High Point Gloria
8.2 km

14. Keep moving straight to stay at NH48
Partial Paid Road (2.7 km to the left) Express Inn near Mumbai
2.8 km

15. The right 7.3 km to stay on the NH48

16. Keep right on NH48
(9.2 km right) 18.5 km from Artemis campus

17. Keep right on NH48
Cross over bridge partially paid road (right at 51.6 km)
123 km
18. Keep Moving To Stay On NH48
(4.5 km to the left) Cross the bridge 39.4 km

Driving Directions From Mumbai

19. Keep moving straight to stay at NH48
Cross the bridge to the partially paid street (right at 47.8 km)
112 km

20. Keep right on NH48
(5.3 km to the left) cross the bridge
6.1 km

21. Keep moving straight to stay at NH48
Partial Paid Road (52.2 km in left side) with Hanumanji Auto Garage
80.2 km

22. Exit from the Vadodara-Halol Highway
0.5 km

23. Turn right on the Vadodara-Halol Highway, partly paid road Ramdev passes through the shoes (left side) 31.4 km slightly towards Halol bypass road / GJSH5 / GJH 87

24. 0.1 km to Halol bypass road / GJSH continue to follow 25 merge 5 / GJSH 87GJSH5 / GJSH 87 Partial Paid Road (3.2 km in left side) Precious Transports Go through 34.6 km

Driving Directions From Mumbai

26. Bari road Bypass right on Godhra (11.5 km to the left) Get past gasoline station 16.6 km

27. G. J. H. H. 154 / GJ H H 5 out of 0.5 km

28. Continue to follow Bari GJSH5 on the correct GJSH154 / GJSH5
Partial Paid Road (91.2 km right) Go through Homeland Superstore 91.5 km

29. Bari Road Bypass Right on the Modasa, the Patidars 4.3 km from the samajavadi (right side)

30. Continue to follow Right JJH-5 / GJSH 57 / Gujarat State Highway 145 GJSH5 / Gujarat State Highway 145 Partial Paid Road (15.1 km in the left side) Royal Auto Beyond Parts and Bike Point
24.6 km

31. Turn right 0.5 km

32. But NH48 slightly left partial paid road crosses the Mahalaxmi Dairy Farm (to the left) 122 kilometers

33. Little left 2.0 km

34. Continue on the Govardhana Villa Main Road Continue with the Hotel King Haveli (on the left side) Continue on 2.3 km RJ 35 SH 32 near the bus stop (left side) 2.1 km

36. With 2nd exit on City Station Road in Udaipole Circle, near the human restaurant (left side) 0.6 km

37. Bari Road is located 1.3 km near Jai Motors (left side) near Fateh Memorial on College in Surajpole Circle.

Driving Directions From Mumbai

38. Left at MB College College Circle on Bari Durga Nursery Road (350 meters in left side) Multimedia gallery passes 0.8 km

39. Continue to follow the correct Ashok Nagar main road / Shastri road route / university on the Bar Shastri road route / University
Near the Rani Parekeswar complex (to the left) 0.5 km

40. Go to the left road, pass 100 grams of Pandit Pav Bhaji (left side) 2.2 kms.

41. Exit at 3pm in Shobhagpura Circle and 2.0 km from the grsss café (left side)

42 left Road on Sukher 0.7 km

On the 43 Bhuwana bypass intersection, exit 3 and stay on the Sukher Road cross the Orthodox stone (left side)
3.6 km in

Continue to 44 NH58 Partially paid road passes through Shri Ram Marble (left) 206 km

45 Staying Right on NH58 Partial Paid Road (crossing 32.1 km right) Cross the bridge 45.0 km

46. ​​Keep right to stay at NH58 5.6 km

Driving Directions From Mumbai

47. Continue on NH448
Partial Paid Road
(13.7 km to the left) Get to the past petrol station
27.0 km
48. Keep left to live on NH448
5.2 km
Continue to NH48 49
Partial Paid Road
(7.5 km to the left) near Patan bus stop
13.0 km
50. Keep right on NH48
Partial Paid Road
64.1 km
51. Keep right on NH48
Partial Paid Road
(8.2 km to the left) go through ICICI Bank ATM
60.5 km
52. Turn left to live on NH48
5.6 km
53. NH48 turns slightly left and turns NH48
Partial Paid Road
(56.7 km to the left) Rawat from the HP Gas Agency
131 km
54. Keep left to continue on NH352
Partial Paid Road
Surpass Karan Publi



How to reach Spiti Valley?

Spiti is located in the state of Himachal Pradesh and is surrounded by great mountains, forests and rivers. It does not need to make a remote place to travel it to an airport or railway station. However, it is connected by road to major cities like Kullu ans Shimla. Here’s how to reach Spiti:

By Air

Kullu Kullu Airport was then the neresta of this airport. Cannes Airport then made a reyaca rikasava destination to ride in a taxi.

By railway

Neresta was the Shimla railway station. Ken cabs hire and so much reyaca spiti gips. Ray Brusesa ALS Availabale were from the destination station.

By Road

There is no access to airport and railway in Spiti, it can be reached only through the streets. The roads in Spiti are almost open all year round. In any case, a travel program can be checked as some of the roads are closed for 6 months.

Different distance For Spiti Valley – Hill Station in Himachal Pradesh

From Distance / Time Vai
Bilaspur 389 km/9 h 13 min NH3
Chamba 549 km/13 h 53 min NH154
Hamirpur 388 km/9 h 9 min NH3
Kangra 431 km/10 h 13 min NH154
Kinnaur 161 km/3 h 37 min NH505
Kullu 236 km/5 h 11 min NH505
Mandi 319 km/7 h 10 min NH3

Eating facilities in Spiti Valley Hill Station

Dragon Restaurant

Dragon Restaurant

Indian, Tibetan
US $ 300-400 for two
This restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants Kaza. The food here is good and the auite comes at an inexpensive rate. All tourists should visit!

Old Kaja, Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India

Sachin Kunga Restaurant

$ 250 for two
Located in the heart of the right local market, this place food is the best among other restaurants in the surrounding area.

Old Kaja, Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India

Cafe Kunzum Top

Café, Tibetan
07: 00-09: 00
$ 200 for two
With comfortable and good interiors, this place has a very quiet and pleasant atmosphere. This local Spiti and Tibetan food is served. Outdoor dining is also available in the garden. This cheerful Spitian café, operated by Cooch Sonam, energetically and widely works with delicious Momos, espresso coffee and marmalade local apples.

Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India

Hotel Dupchen

Indian, Tibetan
9:30 – 6: 30pm
$ 250 for two
A popular, local restaurant which is known for its Tibetan and Indian dishes.

Kelangi Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India


Specialty for Spiti Valley Hill Station

Leisure Summer Tour Package Himachal Himachal Pradesh’s tribal circuit takes a tour of the Sunder Sangla valley tour, the Kelapa tour, the Kinnner Kailash tour and the Spiti tour to the Kinner Kailash tour and Spiti valley. Most of the covered areas during the tour are still out of reach for a regular tourists and as favorites are considered to be a tour green in the tribal circuit of India. Enjoy one and feel the unharmed beauty of the mountains here and the rest in nature. Mount Kinnar Kailash (6,050 meters) is considered as a mythological abode of Lord Shiva, and you can have a spectacular view of the peak from Kallpa village of Kinnaur Valley tour.

Buddhist circuit tour Himachal year passes through monasteries, high mountains, remote valleys, clear blue water lakes, warm hearts, as a draw for artists, faces and body more than those of Tibet in comparison to the India Act, with rich cultural heritage The experience you provide and explorers from all over the world The Valley is like a gold mine for a devotee, a student of art and history, and a seeker-temple from divine explorer and spiritual vibrations and explorer of high altitude desert scenes, from the beautiful valleys, beautiful mountain tracks Himalaya is full of wild life, glaciers, high passes, beautiful lakes, rich traditions, a beautiful relaxing experience, never after a trip to a Sangla and Spiti valley tour Will forget.

On the tour we also have the last experience of the camp in Himachal Pradesh, where you will be staying in the evening with a couple of nights in tanned accommodation in a certain luxury, along with a memorable experience of camping in the Sangla Valley and NACO camping …. !


Attraction around the Spiti Valley Hill Station

Suraj tal Lake

Suraj tal Lake

Just below Barrail’s bottom, there is a lake, here and there should not be Kai, especially if they are doing photography. Suraj Tal, one of the most dream-like and photogenic lakes.

The sheer beauty of this place seems to be worth the effort to drive the drive. Lake Baralacha is fed up with the glaciers of La and makes for a great travel and biking tour for the surrounding area. The lake is around 65 kilometers away. From kelong

Dhankar Lake

Dhankar Lake

On the other side of the mountain, Dhakhar Lake is situated, at a distance of 5 km from the Dhankhad Math that sits dangerously on a rock. After following a well marked mark from the monastery takes about an hour to reach the lake.

If you spend enough time in the lake, you can see the change in the sky and reflected on the lake like a crystal, to make it more magic, each time the bond can be done within a period of just a few hours.

Pin Valley National Park

Pin Valley National Park

Set among semi-frozen rivers in the Pin Valley, this National Park is home to the famous Himalayan ice leopards and its victims, rare species of Ibex.
Visit this national park to see species and sceneries you do not get to see everyday. With an accurate picture background from the snow-covered mountain ranges, a trip to Pin Valley National Park is a pleasure for all its visitors.

Located in Lahoul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh, Pin Valley National Park is within the Cold Desert Biosphere Reserve. The park receives different districts of Lahoul Spiti. Upgradation of the park ranges at a distance of more than 6,000 meters on its peak from the distance of 3500 meters near Ka Dogri. On the Tibetan border at Pin Valley Park, Dhankar starts with Gompa.

Shashur Monastery

Shashur Monastery

Shashur Math, the blue pines that got its name from around it. It is a three-storied structure located 35-40 km from Manali.

The panoramic view of the city of Keeliang by river, mountains and monastery is wonderful. Prayer rooms are bedecked with large paintings and wall painting, making this place even more worth the trip.

Kardang Monastery

Kardang Monastery

The Kardang monastery is located in the green landscape, between the mountains and across the river in the natural landscape. This Kelangang is close to a small town in Himachal. You can see luxurious white building adorned with prayer flags from a distance


Photography: How to Get Great Photos of  Spiti Valley hil station


The Lahaul-Spiti district is rarely rained in as a cold desert region. Here mountain ranges are bare, away from any vegetation. As you drive and down the Trans-Himalayan mountain range, you see the magnificent landscape of this area. There is a common feature of snow here and some peaks have to go, no matter what the weather is it is never. Rivers flow faster on the basis of these mountains, the water melt formed formed by the ice.

The sky is a special shade of blue here that you do not get to see elsewhere, especially in cities. In the blue sky, well complemented small, beautiful grasslands of the valley. Colorful Buddhist flags can be seen fluttering in the air, indicating the culture of the land. Large prayer wheels and stone carved with Buddhist mantras ‘Manipadme am’ can be seen at the entrance of many villages. When you reach a village, you can be wondering how these communities live in such isolation. Even then, there are many places to travel to Lahoul-Spiti.

  • Copper monastery
  • Tabo caves
  • Tabo rock art
  • Giu Mommy
  • Kiber
  • Key monastery
  • Kaza
  • Dhanakar Math
  • Colorful
  • Langja
  • Chandratal Lake
  • Spiti River
  • Kunjam pass
  • Rohtang Pass
  • Naco


Spiti Valley Geography

Spiti is surrounded by high mountains on all sides, located in the lower side of the Trans-Himalayas. Its immediate neighbors are Ladakh, Tibet, Kinnaur and Kullu. Himalaya is the youngest mountain range on the planet and after millions of years there is a fascinating geological past. Sphysia Himalaya The geological past of the Himalayas provide a fascinating insight into the past.

The Spiti River, which comes from the top of a glacial-topped peak on the old map, reaching to its confluence with the mercury of Parma Chu in Sumdo (district border between Spiti and Kinnaur) at a distance of 160 km in the southeast direction. It merges into the bottom of Satluj.

The river has built a unique reservoir of Sheela. Rock faces in this area are the real stores of the geological history of the Himalayas, which are 500 million years ago. Precabrian / Cambrian age fossils have a wonderful propagation in Spiti Valley Lingti and Pin rivers have been frequented by long time fossil research scientists. A recent study from the Geological Society of America reveals that many unique and rare fossils (Sphinx of the Pelozoic era, trilobites, some oldest footed organisms, crabs relatives, centipedes and spiders)


Climate of Spiti Valley Hill


It is best to visit this destination, rarely drops below 15 degrees Celsius in temperature. The day is hot and pleasant. If you are looking for the months of May and June this is the best time for trekkers and camper, and That is why this journey becomes a peak season for travel.


Although there is moderate to heavy rain during the monsoon season, due to rain and dangerous landslides, this is not the best time to visit Spiti.


Beginning from October, the winter season is the least suitable time for the trip to Spiti, due to very cold temperatures and inaccessible roads. In the rest of India, the roads connecting Spiti Valley are blocked most of the season this season


People from Spiti Valley Village

People from Spiti Valley Village1

People from Spiti Valley Village

Spiti Valley Hill station images

Spiti Valley Hill station images

Spiti Valley Hill station photos


Hotels in Spiti Valley hill station

Speedy Cage (HPTDC)

Recently started. The Hotel serves as an excellent accommodation for the discoveries of artistic and culturally rich monasteries around Causa. The hotel offers excellent accommodation for visitors.

Hotel Decid

Decid, Lahoull and Spitti allow leisure travelers to reduce their spirits in an illiterate environment and to have a quiet environment nearby. This hotel offers personal care to guardians with heart-warming hospitality, in addition to this, many amenities, recreational dishes and comfortable rooms make a memorable holiday in these beautiful highlands.

Nomads Cottage

The Nomad Cottage is a traditional house, which is converted into a premium cottage in the picturesque village of Loder (13400 feet). It is a one-of-a-kind and the most luxurious house in the entire Spiti Valley. This property arranges for adventure camps, trekking for Chandra lock on chargeable basis.

Grand Dive Earth

Hotel Grand Ducachan in Kaza is a royal luxury hotel made of local ceramic walls and has a terrace to transform the Spitiian tradition. Grand Divcan is designed to integrate traditional and contemporary. Traditional forms and materials such as Ride Earth, Stone, Recycled Wood and Patio Typography have been used in this building which completely meets the demands of modern lifestyle. The use of local materials provides thermal comfort and reduces carbon emissions. The hotel is a peaceful return which is located in the desert, but the biggest village of Spiti, the Rangirik which is a tourist paradise and sees the desolate desert mountains of Kazakhstan. The retreat is ideally located and accessible from the road.

Hotel New Gcepa

Hotel New Jega is a new establishment in the beautiful Himalayan valley in Lahoul and Spiti. This relaxing space offers essential amenities, delicious food and neatly arranged rooms. Travelers visiting this beautiful hill station can enjoy a peaceful holiday in the lap of Mother Nature while staying at this hotel.

Hotel Dazor

Offering complimentary services, Hotel Dager, Lahoull and Spiti are prepared to meet the needs of each traveler. Surrounded by scenic mountains, this hotel offers warm hospitality and comfortable rooms with lovely views.


Shopping place in Spiti Valley hill

shopping images

Luxury market

Lakshman Bazaar is a major market in Shimla except for the ridge. Visitors to this market, famous for their wooden crafts, you will also find a skating rink which usually fills in most days. Wood accessories can be attributed to the people of Hoshiarpur, which used to reach Shimla’s house almost a century ago. This market is a reminder of Indian breeds. The famous restaurant here – Sita Ram is famous for its ‘Kole Byte’ and ‘Alo Tikki’. The Luckker market is also famous for Regal Building, which includes a cinema hall, skating rink and Mina Market.

The mall

Like many other hill stations in India, Shimla also has its own Mall Road. This road is parked with banks, restaurants and shops, and is crowded in most parts of the day. The Mall is famous for its Gaiti theater which exhibits cultural events on a regular basis. Number of tourists on the ridge and scandal point on the brain

Lower market

You will find a lower market on the western side of the mall. This market starts with a bus stand in Shimla, which is close to the railway station, and if you prefer to walk then it is ideal. There are shops selling handicrafts and eateries with traditional food items in the market.


Spiti Valley hil station Weather

spiti vally

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