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General Information about Srinagar Hill Station


An Ancient Teaching Center Arts & Culture

The city has been a center of art and education – it has a university or center for hundreds of years and Sanskrit studies. ‘Shree’ means the beauty or wealth of knowledge and ‘city’ means the city. Visit a city to discover its historical background founded by the original Buddhist monarch Ashoka – its old town is marked by the present village Pandathan. The establishment of the present city was done by Prasaran II (79-139 AD), who named it “Praapapura” and made it almost adjacent with old capital, which was called “Srinagari”.
Plan your trip Prapurapura is recorded in Chinese history by Huaiyan Tsang who visited the city in approximately 630 AD and it is about 4 kilometers from north to south and about 2 kilometers from east to west of Yalm. Told in King Anant was the first person to move his royal residence on the left bank of the river.

Great man

The legend is that when Preveresen decided to make himself a new capital, he had started to walk on midnight to select the place and a demon had faced him on the other side of the Mahasarit river. Demon spread out his legs, spreading his legs and daring to cross the king on the other side. The king cut the leg with a stroke of his sword and crossed peacefully

Srinagar was pleased with the courage of the monster king and asked him to build that city, where he would get the start of the plan for him. The next morning, the king found the boundary lines drawn on the foot of the green mountain and made his city there. To date, the water of Dal Lake is separated from Sattu-e-Kul with Sathu or Bandh, which is shaped like a bent leg.

Tours of Houseboats

If a houseboat is longing for the happiness of the holiday, then try to make an effort to check the lakes of Srinagar. Srinagar is a unique city due to its lakes’ attractions – Dal, Nagin and Ankhar. Jhelum River also flows through a part of the city.

Most houseboats on the Nagin and Jhelum are situated on the banks of the lake, tourists can be reached directly from the land without the help of Shiksha. Whereas all the people of the party need a shikar to go to them. Most houseboats on the parties are located in long-running rows; Some people face the exciting address of Bulverwar, Srinagar, while others are located alone or in groups of two and three. There are many home boat tours of Lake organized by Kashmir Tourism.

Lakes city tour

Not only home boats, Srinagar has many blue lakes, so there are so many tourists in the city. Not only the expansion of the water, the houseboats in the lakes, the villages, the narrow canals, the lotus and the botanical gardens and the houses and shops are full of.

Life on the lakes, as seen from the boundary of a Shakira, is unique. It is possible to book a child tour for the whole day and sightseeing, Nishat Garden, Naseem Bagh, Hazratbal Mosque, Pathar Masjid and Shah Hamdan’s Pilgrimage Tour, in which there is a picnic afternoon in the boat.

While the serpent is quiet, the party is full of local color, as well as tourists to Shikra in the market to sell every intelligence handicraft – all within the lake.

Let’s ride the lake!

A Shikar Ride is one of the most comfortable, comfortable aspects of holidays in Kashmir. It can be an hour-long ride to see the place of the team; Shopping of Shakraara campaign for the visit of handicraft shops within the periphery of the lake; Or visiting important city destinations for a full day trip.

Since the party is such a center for Srinagar scenario, because in many places of tourist interest, it has been built in the vicinity.

Mughal Gardens

The art of designing formal gardens, which Mughals (also written as Mughal) emperors, spent such time and energy, reached their peak in Kashmir. Mughal gardens in Agra or Lahore can be very good but only in Kashmir, the natural beauty of the garden that matches the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside. The gardens follow a standard pattern, which take water through the roofs descending with a central channel, in which the luxurious casserades fall and pools.


Places to see in Srinagar Hill Station



The head of the birds, the gentle tilt of the wind, the sky of sapphire, and all the ocean floor up to 2408 meters – this is Aura. Far from the everyday life of urban life, the most famous tourist destination is Aru – there is a meadow on the one side of the river Lidar. A small stream also flows past the green-green grass.



This temple situated on the edge of a herd of mountain architecture sees Jhelum, which gradually runs along the Jammu-Srinagar Highway in its annoying manner.

Dal Lake


Dal Lake, initially, is one of the most deleterious parts of Srinagar, because it is not really a lake, but more than three it is difficult to see how the lake is expected – it is a fascinating attraction, the complex waterway And the channels, the floating islands of the vegetation, the houseboats that are so strongly watched, they can see almost the islands and the hotels which are seen on the islands as they can just float away.

Gulmarg Biosphere Reserves


The reserve area is located in the southwest, 48 kilometers from Srinagar. It is famous for maintaining many rare and endangered species such as musk deer, and a rich and varied avifauna.

Hari Parbat Fort


The 18th century fort is at the top of Sharaika Hill, which clearly shows, Dal is growing in the west of the lake, another major tourist destination to come to Srinagar. The fort was built by Atta Mohammad Khan in 1776, but the wall surrounding it is very old, it was built between 1592 and 1598 during Akbar’s reign.

Hazratbal Mosque


Kashmir’s most important Muslim shrine, which is commanded to honor the people, is undoubtedly Hazratbal shrine, which is situated on the left bank of the well-known lake of Srinagar. This unmatched devotion is indulged in love and respect for the Prophet.

Khir Bhawani Temple


It is an important Hindu temple situated in Tullamulla in Srinagar district. Temple is associated with Hindu Goddess, Rajnani Devi. An annual festival is organized by Kashmir tourism on the Yashah Ashtami (May-June) when a large number of Hindus go to this place to pray for receiving God’s blessing. Could.

Kokernag Springs


The great Mughal historian, Abul Faji, told the benefit of the freshwater spring of Koknag for future generation. This gorgeous gift of nature is still considered as extraordinary medical powers.

Mughal Gardens


Travel some distance from the lake, you will reach a small canal; Shalimar was built in 1616 by Emperor Jahangir for his wife, Noor Jahan, ‘The Light of the World’. Nishat Bagh is another lovely tourist attraction, in which 12 roofs represent 12 signs of the zodiac, which gradually descend and almost merge into the lake. The smallest of the Srinagar Mughal gardens, 108 meters away, 38 meters away, the Shyamshahi Shahi, or ‘Royal Spring’, is good for the hill above the Nehru Memorial Park.


Srinagar hil station Driving Directions From Jammu

Arrive at the Taj Bridge on Southwest Side on Jammu Flyover
550 meters
Merge on Tavi Bridge
Near by Shiva Parvati Temple (400 meters left)
500 meters
make a U-turn
550 meters
Right to continue on Jammu flyover
Little left
1.6 km

At the roundabout, exit for the first time on NH144A
64 meters
Continue straight
100 meters
Continue to NH144A
5.5 km

Merge to NH44
partial toll road
National Cafeteria Pass (left at 23.3 km)
42.1 km

A little bit bye-by-side chowk
Nearby by Grill Inn (11.1 km left)
12.5 km

At the roundabout, take the first exit on NH44
By Sharma Dhaba (3.1 km left)
22.1 km

Turn left
1.2 km

Srinagar hil station Driving Directions From Jammu

Continue on Chenani-Nashari Tunnel
partial toll road
9.6 km

Turn left onto NH44
Passed by Banihal Fire Station (57.7 km right)
108 km

Turn right to stay at the NH44
Close by bus stop (1.7 km right)
2.7 km

At the roundabout, exit 1 and stay on NH44
Pass gas station (on right)
43.2 km

Continue to NH1
Pass gas station (on right)
6.1 km

Turn left at gas station on MA Road
Pass by the park (left side)
2.2 km

Take a ramp for Karan Nagar Jahangir Chowk
140 meters
Turn Jahangir Chowk to Karan Nagar Jahangir Chowk
Close by Hamdan Plaza (900m in the left side)

At the roundabout, go straight to Karan Nagar Goals Market RD
Bhat Son Solars and Trading Center (on the left)
550 meters
At the intersection, take the 5th exit and stay at Karan Nagar Goals Market RD
220 meters

How to reach  Srinagar?

By Air-Airplane

Srinagar Domestic Airport (Sheikh Al-Alam Airport) is well connected to airports of all the major cities of India.

By railway- by railway

There is no operational railway station in Srinagar. Jammu is the nearest railway station, it is 290 kilometers away. Jammu railway station is well connected to the Indian rail network.

By Road – By the way

Srinagar can be reached only through the road through the Srinagar-Leh highway, in early May through the Manali-Leh highway between mid-November and April to June. Drive for Srinagar is famous for its fascinating ideas and is strategically important for keeping close to the Line of Control.


Different distance For Srinagar  Hill Station in jammu and kashmirt

From Distance / Time Vai
Kishtwar 208.6 km/3 h 37 min NH244
Poonch 171.0 km/4 h 2 min Mughal Road
Rajouri 178 km/4 h 12 min NH144A
Ramban  145.5 km/3 h 5 min NH44
Reasi 259.2 km/5 h 54 min NH44
Anantnag 56.1 km/1 h 1 min NH44
Bandipora 66.1 km/1 h 47 min Srinagar Rd

Eating facilities in Srinagar Hill Station


Restaurant description

Food indian, asian, vegetarian friend, halal
Eating food, dinner, brunch, after hours
Restaurant Facilities, Takeout, Reservation, Seating, Waiting Staff, Parking Available, Valid Parking
Good food for special occasion, local food, children, children friendly, group
Location and contact information
Address: Hotel of Ahudhu, Residency Road, Srinagar 190001, India
Location: Asia> India> Jammu and Kashmir> Kashmir> Srinagar district> Srinagar
Phone Number: +91 194 247 25 9 3

Krishna Vaishno Dhaba

Recipes Indian, Vegetarian Friends, Vegan Choice
Food, glass, snacks, lunch, dinner, after hours
Takeout, seating, waiting staft in the restaurant
Good for children, child friendly

Location and contact information
Address: Near Ram Munshi Bagh, Poloviv. Near Barnhall School, Srinagar 190001, India
Location: Asia> India> Jammu and Kashmir> Kashmir> Srinagar district> Srinagar
Phone number: +91 98 933 81444

Stream Restaurant

Average Prices ₹ 12 9 – ₹ 386
Food Chinese, Indian, Cuisine Options
Lunch brunch, lunch, dinner
Free WiFi in the restaurant, takeout, seating, waiting staff, parking is available, accepts mastercard, accepts visas, cash only, reservations, valid parking
Good for groups, business meetings, special occasion meals, local dishes, kids, children friendly

Location and contact information

Address: Boulevard Road. In contrast number: 2, Srinagar 190001, India
Location: Asia> India> Jammu and Kashmir> Kashmir> Srinagar district> Srinagar
Phone Number: +91 1194 250 0244

Mughal Darbar

Food Indian, Asian, Halal, Vegetarian Friendly
Lunch lunch, brunch, dinner, after-hours
Restaurant includes delivery, takeout, seating, waiting staft
Good for group, children, local dishes, kids friendly
Location and contact information
Address: Residency RD, Srinagar, India
Location: Asia> India> Jammu and Kashmir> Kashmir> Srinagar district> Srinagar
Phone number: 2480007

Lacima cafe and pizzeria

Food Italian, Pizza, Cafe, Fast Food, Vegetarian Friends, Wife Option
Lunch breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch
In the restaurant, takeout, reservation, seating, delivery, waitstaff
Good for children, child friendly
Location and contact information
Address: Gole Market, Karan Nagar, Srinagar 190010, India
Location: Asia> India> Jammu and Kashmir> Kashmir> Srinagar district> Srinagar
Phone number: +91 92052 22228

Jee Enn Bakery

Food fast food
Food snack
Takeout facility in the restaurant
Good for kids friendly
Location and contact information
Address: M Road, Srinagar, India
Location: Asia> India> Jammu and Kashmir> Kashmir> Srinagar district> Srinagar.

Specialty for Srinagar Hill Station

Kashmir’s Pashmina Shawl and Stall have captured the hearts of thousands of buyers but you can come back with so many carvings of walnut wood, Papier-matched fossils and attractive red cashmere chilli – the main shopping cart of every tourist Neither read for the main items that you should find in the city

Buy old maps of Kashmir

Become a Tea Shoda – Cashmere for ‘Addicted to Tea’; Due to the return of special green tea leaves, pink tea or nun chai is saline in special Kashmiri. You can easily get them at most grocery stores
Of course you want to buy carpet carpet or a nandada with a cashmere hand, but cashmere crawl- your eyesight on the walls and carpets of the work

Buy antique copper ware such as samosers and trays (you need to find a strong guide that can take you to the old city, do not go by yourself in this area)

Take back some willow baskets; Definitely not your shopping shopping bag
You have seen them in every handicraft expo, but this time, get the real thing – go live wild with cashmere lacquer necklaces, bracelets and hairpins

Attraction around the Srinagar Hill Station

Nagin Lake


Known as ‘jewel in the ring’, the serpent is usually the most beautiful of the lakes, its name comes from many trees, which surround the small, deep blue lake. The Nagin has separated from the lair dal lakes only with a narrow sewage, and many of its complexes have many houseboats.



Pandrethan, 5 km south-east of Srinagar is now within the municipal limits of Srinagar. The modern name has been taken from the ancient designation Pandrethan, which literally means ‘old capital’. Thus Pandrethan, represents the site of the ancient capital of Srinagar, which Maurya Emperor Ashoka has established.

Shankaracharya Hill


The hill moving behind the Boulevard beside the Dal Lake was once known as Takht-e-Suleman, which was the throne of Solomon. Philosopher Shankaracharya stayed in this place when he visited Kashmir ten centuries ago to revive the “Sanatan Dharma”.

Tomb of Zain Ul Abidin


There is a small tomb of King Jain-ul-Abidin, which is taking place between Zaina Kadal and Ali Qadal, on the east coast of the Jhelum river, which is the most respected son of Sultan Sikandar, who built the Jami Masjid.

Verinag Springs


Varnag, one of the largest springs in India, is located in Kothar district, 78 kilometers south-east of Srinagar through Anantnag and can be reached easily through a bypass from the Jammu-Srinagar highway.



In the opposite direction of Shalimar Bagh, a journey of 5 km is carried from north to west, here can also be the excavation of Burjjom. Here archaeological excavation has provided evidence of people living in the village till 5000 years ago. Tourist attractions are the major tourist attractions, old excavation has detected tools, utensils, animal skeletons, arrows and tools from the Neolithic era. Most of the materials taken from this site are now in the museum in Srinagar



There are three main islands in the lake, each flattened excursion site Silver Island Dal is located on the northern end of the lake and after four poplar trees it is also known as “four poplar”, which grow on it. There is a small snack bar on the island as it is also on the Gold Island at the southern end of the lake. It is also called “four poplar” because it has four poplar trees. The third island is at the end of main section of Nehru Park, Bullevaray and only a short distance from the coast.

It is also a restaurant, although it has gone too far, it is a sad case. Here the children’s playground has also seen a better day. Special trips are held in Kashmir by summer tourism, because evening shows, dances and festivals held at Nehru Park. A long way has come to the north of Nehru Island, which comes out from Lake Boulevard in a lake, “Coat Khan”, “Pigeon House”, which was once home in the royal summer.

Jami Masjid


One of the most visited mosques is an impressive wood structure, which is remarkable for pillars in support of more than 300 flyer roofs; Each one is made from the stem of a pine tree, the main entrance is towards the south and the outer cloisters are around a large, green and peaceful inner courtyard.

Mansabal Lake


Located via Jhelum Valley on the route of Walar Lake via Safpur, the lake can be reached from Srinagar via Shadipur or Nasim and Gandharbel. The name of the holy lake of Mansour was named the solitary, crystal clear sheet of green water, which used to have the same holy mount skirt. Kailash.


Srinagar Geography

The city is located on the banks of the Jhelum river, which is called Vyath in Kashmir. The river passes through the city and is moving forward through the valley and making it strong in Dul Lake. This city is famous for its nine year bridges, connecting the two parts of the city.

There are a number of lakes and swamps in and around the city. These include the party, Nigeen, Anchar, Khushalal Sir, Gill Sar and Hokersar.


A wetland located near Srinagar. Thousands of migratory birds come from Siberia and other areas in the winter season to Hokersar. Migratory birds from Siberia and Central Asia and between September and October again use lakes in Kashmir as their temporary camps around spring. These lakes play an important role in maintaining a large population of winter, scaffolding and breeding birds.

Hokersar is 14 km north of Srinagar, and 13.75 km 2 includes a world-class wetland spread lake and swamp area. It is well-known and well known of the lakes of Kashmir which include Hygam, Shalibug and Mirgund. A record number of migratory birds has visited Hokersar in recent years.

Hokersar-migratory ducks and geese which include the Brahmini duck, clustered duck, Gadwall, garganey, gralag swan, Mallard, common mergerser, northern pintal, common pochard, rust pochard, red crest pochard, skylark, northern shovel; Teal, and Eurasian wigeon.

Climate of Srinagar Hill

in summer

The summer season is from April to September. The temperature stays at between 30 ° C to 14 ° C. However, the day may be slightly higher on the hot side, but during the evening, the climate becomes quite pleasant.

In the monsoon season

Due to its natural condition, Srinagar is not a witness to a fair monsoon season. But people enjoy the color of autumn which usually comes in the month of October. During the evening the cold air makes the weather a bit cold. Travelers love to delight the scene of the fall season.

Winter season

This magnificent city offers a calm and pleasant winter. The minimum and maximum temperature range between 0 ° C and 15 ° C respectively during this period. Winter starts in October and continues through the month of March.


People from Srinagar









Srinagar Hill station images






Hotels in Srinagar hill station


HotelCrown Plaza Residency BY PI Hotels

Standard check-in time: 12:00 PM and standard check-out time: 12:00 pm Check-in or late check-out is strictly subject to availability and may be chargeable from the hotel. Any early check-in or late checkout request should be directed and confirmed with the hotel directlyNote for the offer: stay 3 nights and only 2 nights All cancellations will result in arrival after 1200 noon A night retention chargecancellation policy for the Winter Special Package – March 2011 by seeing the sight half-day sight and Shikara ride. Local made within 14 days of March 2016 – after the cancellation of the 7th of March Within 1200 noon a night retention will result in chargeFor package

Hotels in Srinagar hill station

Travel made sightseeing include

Travel to the half-day journey of the world famous Mughal Gardens of Nishat Bagh (Garden of Happiness) and visit in Shalimar Bagh (Home of Love). Shikara riding beauty at Dul Lake enjoys the beauty that God has this city which is often compared to Venice.

You will receive a view of some very interesting places around the Lake. Note: stay 3 nights and pay only 2 nights (free nights only-in-room only)

Hotel Asian Park

Standard check-in time is at 02:00 PM and standard check-out time: 12:00 pm Check-in or late check-out is strictly subject to availability and may be chargeable from the hotel. Directed any quick checkin or late checkout request and

Unless the unmarried/unrelated joints are not allowed for the checkin confirmed with the hotel directWe. The hotel is at the discretion of management. In any refund case, checkin is denied in such circumstances will be implemented.

Batra Hotel

Standard check-in time is at 01:00 PM and standard check-out time is 11:00 AM. Check-in or late check-out is strictly subject to availability and may be chargeable from the hotel.

Any early check-in or late checkout request should be directed and confirmed with the hotel directlyStandard check-in time is 1.00 pmStandard check-out time at 11.30 hrs .love to provide early check-in or late Check out on availability and it may be chargeable. Unregistered visitors are not allowed inside the room.

The Grand Mamta

Standard check-in time: 12:00 PM and standard check-out time: 12:00 pm Check-in or late check-out is strictly subject to availability and may be chargeable from the hotel.

Any early check-in or late check-out requests should be directed and the hotel is verified with all children directly. Additional fees are calculated automatically in total cost and are issued by your stay. Government during the detection, payments will be made separately and a credit card or cash deposit is required on the check-in for the relevant fee.


Shopping place in Srinagar hill


Lal Chowk Ghantaghar

Lal Chowk is one of the most popular shopping sites in Srinagar. The streets are dotted with shops and vendors and customers busy bargaining for the best prices. Carving of walnut wood, pashminas, jewelry made out of boxes, small trinkets are sold here hot cakes.
Walnut wood is considered the best case found in the case of quality and outside trays, walnuts, photo frames, salad bowls and furniture included items. There are a wide range of traditional Kashmiri paintings for art lovers to choose from.

Residency road

Located just near Lal Chowk, the famous Residency Road in Srinagar is a terrific place to shop for cashmere handicrafts, dried fruits and ethnic dongra ornaments. Exceptionally fresh dry fruits are found here that one should buy from here.

Badshah Chowk

Badshah Chowk, from where you can buy the world’s famous Kashmir carpet. Various racks of complex patterns and designs are sold here at reasonable prices. Chaukh sells Pashmina shawls from shops and a wide variety of embroidered cloth including Indian salwar suits. The best part is that you also place an order for rugs here You can.

Polo View Market

The Polo View Market is the best place for you and your loved ones to go out to buy some exciting souvenirs. In Srinagar, instead of the Polo View Market, there are shops with shops, jamwar, wooden jewelry boxes and walnut carved items. Various types of paper-pickers are found in various shapes, colors and forms such as outfit pieces, statues, habitats and Christmas decorations.


Srinagar hil station Weather


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