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Tourist places to visit in Tamil Nadu

Area of Tamil Nadu region is 1,30,058 sq. Km. Is there. Tamil Nadu city capital is Chennai. There are a total of 30 districts divided. The population of the city of Tamil Nadu is 6,21,10,839, in which the number of men is 3,12,68,654 and the number of females is 3,08,42,185. There are sex ratio 986, population wealth 478, growth rate (91-01) 11.19%; Literacy is 73.4% (male 82.3%; female 64.5%); Mithal is the main language here.

1 Madras tamil nadu


The name of this place was Madras in the name of the head of a Portuguese trade team, which is currently known as Chennai. The residents here are straight and easy and are also hospitable as well. Visitors can complete their shopping on Paris Corner, Subhash Road, etc. on the site. Here, the impression of the culture here is clearly seen in the ornaments and textiles.

2 Vellore tamil nadu


This place is famous for the silent witness of the historical transformation. This fort was constructed by Vijayanagara’s Samant Sinna Bommi. The Jalakanteshwar Shiva Temple, built in the artwork and amazing architectural style, should also be seen near the same month. Not only this, in 1900 AD, the grand hospital built by the American missionary is also the reason for the attraction of this region. Here incurable diseases can be treated. The temple of Kartikeya built in the company Ratnagiri is devoutly visible.

3 Kanchipuram tamil nadu


This town is famous as the Moksha Pradayi Nagar. Where does the last person taking the last cocoon in Kanchipuram like Mathura, Ujjain, Haridwar, Dwarka, Varanasi, Ayodhya do not fall into the cycle of birth and death, then salvation is attained. Devasav Devata etc. Dev Shiva and Palakdar is Lord Vishnu. The entire Kanchipuram is covered in temples and it seems to be beautiful Avadhut from every first temple. Due to complimentary architectural architectural beauty, the beauty and beauty of the temples has been leveled.

4Kailashnath mandir tamil nadu


In the year 700 AD, Pallava King Raisingh had constructed this temple on the Queen’s command.

5 kamakshi mandir tamil nadu

kamakshi mandir tamil nadu

Here is the devoted mother Kamakshyaniya Lord Shiva’s Ardagini mother Parvati.

6 Chidambaram tamil nadu

Knowledge is also one of Natraj’s form of Lord Shiva. This form of God is particularly revered by artists who dance. Shiva’s orgy is dancing to the world. To say that the main attraction of Chidambaram is Natraj Mandir and Correspondence Annamalai University.

The Natraj Temple is made of granite stone. The idol of Lord Dev Lord Lord Shiva is manufactured by punch metal. Holy Hindu pilgrim Mayuram is also in Chidambaram. Also, the Muslim pilgrimage site Nagaur is also on the holy land.

7 Devarajaswami tamil nadu


Lord Vishnu is installed in the temple. The city of temples is not far behind commercially. Here Kanjiwaram silk saris are also very good in country and abroad.

8 Thanjavur tamil nadu


Here mainly the Shri Vriddeshwar temple is the main center of attraction of visitors. The Goddess of the temple is Lord Shiva. Nandi, riding the Bhola Bhandari, is also in front of the temple entrance. Nandiji has been constructed by carving black stone. This unmatched workmanship is produced by the 11th century Chola kings. The nearby center of the fort and the Schuurt Church are also visible.

9 Tiruchirappalli tamil nadu


It is the main attraction of the city of Tiruchirapalli. Cave Temple, Golden Rock, Rock Fort, Museum Sri Ranganath Temple, Jambukeshwar Temple etc. are the places to visit.

10 Madurai tamil nadu


The foundation stone of the city of Tamil Nadu was laid by 600 BC Pundu Raja Kulashekar. This city is 133 m. Located at the height of. The main attractions of the city are Tirumalai Nayak Mahal, Bharisamand Tempakulam Meenakshi Temple etc.

11 Rameshwaram tamil nadu


The holy Hindu pilgrimage Rameswaram is a huge grand temple. Construction of this temple was completed in the 12th century. This temple is a beautiful example of the Dravidian architectural style. The paintings have been painted on the roofs, the pillars are decorated with artisans. In the holy courtyard located in the courtyard of the temple, bathing in holy troughs is the practice of earning virtue. Well the sea bath is also sacred.

12 Suchindram tamil nadu


The cursed Indra was curved at this place by Lord Shiva. The temple is situated in the middle of the water.

13 Kanyakumari tamil nadu


Lord Vishnu Commanded Devraj Indra received have appeared Kanyakumari from the holy fire of the sacrifice made by | The idol of Goddess Kanyakumari is beautiful in the temple built here. Shiva Ardagini Parvati is prohibited as Kanyakumari here | Like the Meenakshi Temple, there are also four musical pillars. The worship of the mother is done several times a day. The mother of each pooja is equipped with different garments and ornaments.

14 Dhanushkoti tamil nadu


To relieve his wife Sita from the clutches of Ravana, Shri Ram had to fight with Ravana, and on this sea to reach Sri Lanka on this sea, Sri Ram had destroyed Lakshapati Ravana and Sri Lanka by constructing a bridge from the sand on the sea. |

15 Vivekanand shila tamil nadu


At the place of pleasure, Swami Vivekananda had achieved accomplishment by doing penance. Today there is Vivekananda Temple. Vivekanand ji’s idol idol is installed in the temple.

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