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  • Characteristic of Tawang
  • Tevang Aas
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  • Geography of Tawang
  • Tevang Weather
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General Information about tawang Hill Station


At Tawang, at a height of 10,000 feet above sea level, the district of Arunachal Pradesh is a land of the Monpsis. It is believed that, in the 17th century, my lama was named Tawang. Tawang is famous for its natural beauty, which attracts and attracts the traveler. This place has a beautiful natural scene in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in the northeast of India. The Galukas sect are found mainly in this area, which are close to other Tibetan sects.
Tawang is located at an altitude of 3500 meters above sea level in Arunachal Pradesh. It covers an area of ​​2085 square kilometers and is separate from Tibet in the north, Bhutan in the south-west, Kameng in the east and Selah Mountain in the west.
In the months of December and January, Tawang’s landscape views a completely new form during the snowfall. Tawang is also known for Buddhist influences and is one of the largest monasteries in India

Places to see in Don Tawang Hill Station

Sela Pass

Sela Pass images

Sela Pass is the most frequent tourist destination in entire Arunachal Pradesh. It is the credit for being the only high altitude mountain in the world, which is motorable. This is the only way to reach Tawang from the road. The idea at Sela rate is wonderful if you undertake this place in winter, then there will be a spectacular view of the glacier Seela Pass in front of you. You will find a paradise lake on the path to Sela Pass, the lake will be frozen during the winter for the most part. Sunrise kissing the mountain beak gives you a different version of the mountain. Summer or winter, you are sure to love the experience. Sela Pass is correctly called ‘Paradise on Earth’

tawang Monastery

Tawang Monastery

Asia’s second largest monastery and the largest Tawang monastery in India. It was established during the 17th century by my Lama Lodre Gyasto. It is situated between the picturesque landscape. Followers of Buddhism give importance to the Tawang monastery because it is a center where young Buddhist monks learn about the essence of Buddhist culture. The monumental collection of manuscripts, books and other art works enhances its multivariate.

Taktsang Gompa

Taktsang Gompa

It is believed that 45 kilometers away from Tawang Township, Tektsgom Gompa was awarded the visit of Guru Padamshaan during the 8th century. Your eyes can not feed enough on spectacular views from here. The thick coniferous forest and the high mountains surrounding the monastery, which are located on the hill of a hill, present magic to the wind. You are certain to be overwhelmed with a pleasant atmosphere, from which you can feel a feeling with nature.

Gorichen Peak

Gorichen Peak

Tawang not only makes you feel like one with nature but it stimulates the challenger in you. The Gorishhen Peak is the right place for you in the adventure. Goricen peak is not the highest with 22,500 feet in Arunachal Pradesh, but it is also a big challenge for the trekkers. The grand gorishhen peak presents fantastic views. Whether you scale the heights or not, you will enjoy the incomparable beauty of the grand peak.

Nuranang Waterfalls

Nuranang Waterfalls

Tawang has to give everything to nature the best for its eyes. Navarang Waterfalls is such an amazing attraction that offers Tawang. This magnificent 100 meter high spring is located 40 km from Tawang and it is called Zhang Falls because it is close to a city war between Tang and Bamdila. Origin from the northern slopes of the famous Sela Pass, Nuranang river forms the spring and then falls into the Tawang river. Nearby Hydel Power Stations are open for visits.


Tawang hil station Driving Directions From Tezpur

Distance: 319 km took (approximately): 5 hours 57 minutes
Direction of conduction:

West side head for NH 37A for Uday Path
Isum Motors Passed
(on the right)
Turn 2.1 km right NHS Chariali over NH 52
B.J. Hospital pass
(Right at 500 meters)
69.5 kmSAL left NH 22 9
Pass by MH
(At 51.3 km right)
Right to live at 62.6 km National Highway 22 9
Passed by tea / coffee PL
(118 km left)
154 km, NH 22 9 7.2 km to move right to stay NH 22 9 15.0 km left to stay, NH left to remain at 2298.1 km, NH 229500 mslight left to live on the right550 meters


How to reach Tawang?

Tourists have drawn up the question of how to reach Tawang for preparing their program, while scouting for a solution, they need to identify different sights in Tawang. In the Tawang, the pre- With the effort of booking houses, these are two important factors for the holiday, which is a group of friends or family for the beautiful place of Tawang. Promises to be a new hotel.

By bus

Passengers, who have demanded to go on a Tawang tour by bus, are the only option for government buses run under the Arunachal Pradesh State Transport Services (APTS) student. Tawang Bus Stand is the bus station with buses and buses with buses and buses facilitating the trip to Tawang. To encourage tourists to take advantage of early bird offers, Tawang travel holiday packages are made affordable through concessional bus tickets.

By Trein

The absence of a railway station in Tawang helped passengers get off from the Guwahati railway station. Tezpur Railway Station is another important railway station which connects various cities with Tawang. A train is a comfortable option for Tawang, which can be availed by keeping in mind the latest changes in the timetable of Tawang Train to avoid disappointment. To make travelers able to pre-book their seats in the Tawang train, there is a great response to the question of the journey by train by Tawang.

By Air

There are no direct flights to Tawang with the absence of Tawang airport. However, the nearest airport is Tezpur airport in Assam, about 143 km from Tawang.

By Road

Is not it an exciting opportunity to enjoy a stopover for Tawang by car? People who love to drive, they have the option of reaching Tawang on the road in their own vehicle. In addition, a host of private taxis offering the Taawang car rental packages reduce many tourists’ inconveniences with ease and affordability guarantee.


Different distance For Tawang

From Distance / Time Vai
West Kameng  136 km/4 h 38 min  NH13
East Kameng  391 km/11 h 12 min  NH13
Papum Pare  462 km/13 h 14 min  NH13
Lower Subansiri  570 km/16 h 21 min  NH15 and NH13
Upper Subansiri
West Siang  811 km/19 h 42 min  NH15 and NH13
Upper Siang

Eating facilities in Tawang Hill Station

restorant in tawang

The dishes here are a mix of traditional north-eastern food and have a colorful and spicy effect of monps, making it a little extra-extravagant. Apart from this, Tawang’s food is found on the richest, most colorful and delicious road, a vibrant street food produces culture.
One should come to the water of Paratha-Sabzi, Zain, a local version of a pancake, as well as a rich biryani, named Gyaapa Khazi. Apart from these, do not remember Staple Momo and Thukpa

Orange Bar & Restaurant

10 o’clock-9 o’clock
300 rupees for two
In this beautiful district of Arunachal Pradesh, this place comes as a relief for food lovers. This service is quick and can indulge in a good meal, while good music fills the air with ease and fun

Near Market, Tawang, India

Dragon restaurant

Chinese, Tibetan
10 o’clock-9 o’clock
350 rupees for two
Dragon Restaurant is called the only place in Tawang, which serves local cuisine with that local regional flavor. His most famous local dish is called Churpi and it is recommended for those who do not have difficulty in experimenting with local dishes.

Extras, Old Market, Lulla, Tawang, Indiaa should come in the mouth of a rich locality of Paratha-Sabzi, Zain, a pancake, as well as a rich biryani, named Gyaapa Khazi. Apart from these, do not remember Staple Momo and Thukpa


Specialty for Tawang Hill Station

Tawang Monastery:

‘Dramatically outline’ against the evergreen landscape is 400-year-old Galden Namgyal Latsas, popular in the tourist-tongue form of Tawang Monastery. It is said that the entire structure was brought from Tibet to pieces on horseback and was assembled here. In addition to its famous convention, besides Buddhist scriptures, paintings, tapestries and rare hand-written and block-painted thanks or manuscripts of reputable books (in Parkahig Hall), it is important for a height of 26 feet in the Mahayana Buddhist world.

The raised Buddha was kept in the inner sanctuary, which was under the leadership of a magnificent rich roof. The name of Tawang means “horse picked up”, in the manner in which the horses of Meera Lama used to roam in their own way and the place where the monastery came, the place was discovered.

Undiscovered brain:

6th Dalai Lama was born in this monastery from a Monpa mother, 5 km from Tawang.
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Tawang’s Nunneri:

Brahma Dungchung Anori Gompa, Gyanganga Anori Gompa and Sinsur Ani Gompa are important in the herds of Nunneri near Tawang, whose nuns are known to follow the strict norms compared to their male counterparts.


Your very route for Tawang will be 13,714 feet high (world’s third highest highest) rival. Vista is called the best ‘encryption’ – increase your head to 45 degrees and see C La peak; Next time to find the magnificent curves of La Lake from 90 degrees Celsius.

Zimmthong and Lakes:

The impressive Gorshom Stupa, Tatsang Gompa, Khneeme Monastery and Singhur Nannari attract visitors to Tawang tourists here. As your vehicle sprouts your way over “heaps of heaps”, LAC with China appears in lakes according to the mood of the sky – bright turquoise or brooding gray. After the Bollywood actress, which was carved in a film song (Cola), the more popular Sangamesar lake, in the form of Madhuri Lake, is a very beautiful and graceful beauty. In the winter the lake gets accumulated

Tawang for adventure:

There are Tawang-Chu and Najang-Chu rivers for river-rafting activities. There is also an option for rock climbing, paragliding, skating and other winter sports activities.


Attraction around the Tawang Hill Station

Pankang Teng Tso Lake

Pankang Teng Tso Lake

Pankang Teng Tso Lake, also known as Peto lake, is 17 km away from Tawang. The lake frozen during the winter and the area surrounding the lake supports skiing. To enjoy cool water, to move slowly in an environment where you can not remember even the smallest whisper in nature, you need to travel in this place in summer. Flowers of flowers of bright trees and birds in various colors could not be judged by the best photographers.

Bumla Pass

Bumla Pass

Bumla Pass is located 37 kilometers from Tawang. India-China border is located at 16,000 feet high, if you like adventure, then your fitness level is the right place to assess. As you go higher, you will lack oxygen and your vehicle will not be your best partner to take you beyond a certain point.

Maybe you are ready for trekking but the lack of oxygen and the depth of ice that enters the deep inside can not happen. Since the road to Bamla can not be in the best conditions of the whole year, hence the ideal time to visit the place to enjoy the unlimited beauty of this time will be from May to October. Bamla Pass was the route used by the Dalai Lama to escape from Tibet and enter India.

Bap Teng Kang Waterfalls

Bap Teng Kang Tawang

Bap Teng Kang Waterfall is located 82 km away from Tawang. This 100 feet high waterfall is one of the most visited tourist places in Tawang. Set in the middle of a green green color, the waterfall provides a great sight to nature lovers. Popularly referred to as BTK waterfall, the peace of father Teng Kang raises your spirits, crystal clear water encourages you to get involved in swimming.

Jaswant Garh

Jaswant Garh

Many natural wonders have been mentioned so far as tourist destinations, because their charming beauty is unique. Now, a ‘stupid man’ should be visited because his bravery is compelled, ‘A wonderful man’ is no longer present, but what his memories do is, Jaswant Singh Rawat of the Indian Army during the Indo-China war in 1962 The attacker fought only against the Chinese army.

He stood up till his last breath without standing at a height of 10000 feet in 3 days. Located 21 kilometers away from Sela Pass in Taiyang direction, the post held by him to fight the Chinese army has been kept in honor of his memory as Jaswant Garh.

Tourism sites in Tawang are never ending. While everywhere in Tawang is attractive, the whole district makes you envelopes in your fold so that you want to be a part of life there. Nature lovers will love every moment of living here and love every moment through their life. To know more about Arunachal Pradesh’s tourist spots, please visit: Places to Arunachal Pradesh


Photography: How to Get Great Photos of  Tawang hil station


Tourism, tourism, history, religion and architecture have been offered in Tawang. Tawang has innumerable monasteries and Nannar; Up Temi lakes, many waterfalls and hot water springs, this place is perfect for religious as well as adventurous tours, which is among the uneven beautiful beauty. Tawang Gandes named Namgyal Lahti, known as Taavang or Gompa Mutt, is a 400-year-old Mahayana Buddhist monastery.

It was built during the 17th century by my lama contemporary of 5th Lama.located at an altitude of 3500 meters above the Buddhist border. It is a place to pay for travel due to the collection of large sacred texts, books, gold Buddhist scriptures, paintings and tapestries.


The monastery’s Park Haing Hall has a library with rare hand-written and block-painted thanksgiving or manuscripts of prestigious books such as Tangun, Kangyur and Sungabhum. The 108-gold-embossed manuscript of ‘Teaching of Lord Buddha’ and 225 volumes of Buddha’s teachings have been depicted in specially designed kite-proof silk, in which there are other rare works of Buddhist literature. Buddha’s 18 feet high blue idol in the monastery complex is also worth seeing.

The festival of Targai is held in the eleventh month of Mona, which is called as a giggle in the Tawang monastery. Here a Kraft Center produces fine woolly carpets in various colorful designs.

Urclelling Math 6 is the birthplace of the Dalai Lama which is the only Indian who has grown in such a high position in the Galupka sect of Buddhism. Many monasteries and tourists are visited with these monasteries, visited by many tourists all over the world. Tawang is a popular place for many adventure sports. There are Tawang-Chu and Najang-Chu rivers for river-rafting activities. There is also an option for rock climbing, paragliding, skating and other winter sports activities.


Tawang Math is one of the largest monasteries in India. It is also known as the Gilden Namgyal Lats. 18 feet high in the monastery, gold statue of Gautam Buddha statue The monastery was established in the middle of the 17th century by my lama. Pankang Teng Tso Lake: There are beautiful lakes around Tawang, the highest Pankang Teng Tso Lake is 17 km away from the dangerous crowd of townshipsMona tribe: The picturesque Tawang, built from high mountains, is home to the monps.

There are many such versions that how this land was known as ‘Tawang’? The Mongas are of Mongolian descent. Legends are that Mongas had gone on different times from Bhutan and Tibet.Tawang Library: The library is a collection of thousands of block-printed comments and is a treatise on Mahayana Buddhism. This is an important resource for Buddhist scholars in this area. Even the paper is used locally by the monpass, from the bark of Hong Seng tree.

Bamdila: Bomdila is 185 km from Tawang, which is a major connection between Tawnag and other parts of India.


Tawang Geography

Geography of Tawang District Geography of Tawang District involves some changes in climate conditions which occur within short distances, due to changes in local areas. Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh is located between 90 degrees and 15 minutes east and latitude 27 and 45 minutes north. West Kameng district in the south-eastern part, Tibet in the north-eastern part and Bhutan in south-western part are from around Tawang district.


 Climate of  Tawang Hill


Tawang experiences summer from the month of March and lasts till June. The temperature is comfortable between 5 degrees and 21 degrees Celsius and is suitable for experiencing the beauty of the place.


July and September are the months of monsoon and Tawang experiences moderate rainfall during this season.


The winter season in Tawang is from November to February, the climate is extremely quiet and ranging from temperature – 11 degree Celsius – 12 degree Celsius


People from Tawang

Tawang people

Tawang people1


Tawang Hill station images

tawang images1 tawang images5 tawang images6


Hotels in Tawang hill station

Hotel Tashi Ga Tsel

Hotel Tashi Ga Tsel

Hotel Tishi Ga Tasel is a budget property located 200 meters away from General Parade Ground.Offering Mountain View, it has Wi-Fi connectivity and room service facilities.This Tawang hotel has spacious rooms.An en suite bathroom with tea / coffee maker, mini bar, cable TV, telephone, separate seating area and hot and cold water are available.Enjoy delicious Indian and international cuisine at the famous home restaurant.

The bar offers a refreshing drink with a tasty breakfast. The tour desk helps with eye-care and car rental services. Additional amenities such as currency exchange, phone call, conference room, laundry and medical service and complimentary breakfast service. Facilities are also available. Famous nearby attractions from this property are Sela Pass, Tawang Monastery, Taktsang Gompa, Görshhen Peak and Shonga-Tser Lake.

Hotel Zax Star

Offering a 24-hour front desk, Hotel Zax Star is located 1 km from Tawang Monastery. This hotel in Tawang has 20 well appointed rooms with attached bathroom, cold and hot water supply, television and heating system. Enjoy a variety of dishes at the famous restaurant. Other amenities offered by the hotel are coffee shops and ample car parking spaces. The tour desk assists with the service of sight and car rental, the nearest airport (321 km) from the Salonibari Airport Hotel in Tezpur. The Tezpur station (323 km) is located from the hotel. Tourists can rent a bus, taxi or taxi to reach Tawang.


Tawang vacation is located in the main city of Tawang.It is about 3 km from the Tawang Math Museum.The hotel offers 24-hour front desk and free internet access. There are 12 non-air-conditioned rooms in the hotel in Tawang. Each room has a double / twin bed, television, telephone and en suite, with hot and cold running water.

Tawang Holiday offers 24-hour front desk and travel assistance. Property in Tawang is close to the cool lakes and reservoirs. The onsite multi-cuisine restaurant, coffee shop and a garden are also available at the hotel.The hotel has a wonderful view of the valleys from the terrace, the hotel is 0.5 km from Tawang District Hospital and 28 km from Jung Falls.It is also 1 km from Tawang Helipad.

Sambala Hotel

Sambala Hotel is 4 km from Tawang Monastery Museum. This hotel offers 24-hour front desk facilities. This hotel in Tawang has 13 rooms on 3 floors. These well-ventilated rooms provide facilities such as wardrobe, television and attached bathroom with hot / cold water facilities. The hotel also offers front desk support, medical assistance and room service for a limited time. This hotel offers power backup facility in Tawang, the interest location includes Seela Pass (69 km), Bomb La Pass (51 km) and Sugaster Lake (34 km). The official bus stand is 0.5 km away from the property.

Dolma Cottage

There is a restaurant in the food for guests at the Dolma Cottage, which is located 5 km from Tawang Taxi Stand and 8 km from Tawang Monastery. It has a total of 5 wood-based and well-appointed guest rooms. All rooms have facilities such as room heater, television, wake-up call, wardrobe, separate seating area and attached bathroom with hot / cold running water supply.

The Dolema Cottage offers 24-hour front desk. It provides medical service, laundry and 24-hour room service to all the patrons, in case of power failure, this property is supported by the generator. Places of interest are the Tawang Monastery Museum (8 km) and Peng Teg Tso Lake (19 km).

Buddha hotel

Featuring a restaurant, Buddha Hotel is located 0.2 km from Tawang Taxi Stand and 3 km from Tawang Math Museum.This budget accommodation in Tawang has 8 comfortable rooms.Each room is well-equipped, such as a wake-up call, wardrobe and en suite bathroom with hot / cold water.

This Tawang Hotel offers 24-hour front desk access to its guests.Other services include laundry, medical assistance and 24-hour room service.Buddha Hotel can also be reached via Tawang Helipad, which is 1 km away from the property.Guests can also visit Tawang Monastery (3 km) and Pengga Teng Tso Lake (14 km).


Shopping place

shoping place in taiwan

Shopping in Tawang will surely lead you to the prized product that the city has to offer to tourists – its carpets breathe life in colorful dragons, with rivers running in flowing rivers and backgrounds, with lush valleys. Not only the clothes used for that purpose, you can use it to make door mat, telephone pad and even mouse pad.The handicrafts emporium offers on sale, a variety of unique products for Arunachal Pradesh, shawls, chadars (wrapping skirts for women), hand-made and tribal clothes. In the objects of religious importance, Buddha’s sculptures, ropes, Prayer wheels, good luck charm and other things taken out of wood, which also make for some great souvenirs.

Shopping place

Do not forget to take back home for your friends and family.Bamboo bangles, waist bands, wrist bands, earrings and necklaces in locally made jewelry are available in very geometrical designs, they are other interesting items that you can buy in Tawang Are there.Look for the defeat of grass by Wangho women.In addition to the Handicrafts Emporia of the main market of Tawang, there are markets of the old market and various Tibetan settlements (Vihar).



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