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shri rangnath swami temple

Uttar Pradesh Tourism

Uttar Pradesh Tourism : In ancient times, the region of Uttar Pradesh was famous as the “Madhya Desh”. From the point of view of population, India is the fifth largest state in terms of area and area after Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra Andhra Pradesh.

Its area is 2,40,928 square kilometers. This region has been the main center of Indian freedom struggle. This region is not behind any state in the national movement. The history of entire Indian politics is an important part of Uttar Pradesh.

This province is also great with the idea of ​​diversity and problems. This province is also central to religious and historical terms. Transit receipt Ganga river is the lifeline of this region.

Places to see in Uttar Pradesh

Papanashini Ganga River is the holy river of the Hinduns, which has sheltered large cities on its wide beaches, where there is a large center of tourism, this town is mainly Haridwar and Rishikesh, where it is situated from the Ganges river, and from here it is flat It starts flowing in the ground.

Benaras is the holiest place in the coast. This city is also a famous Buddhist site, which exists in the vicinity of Banaras near Sarnath. At this place Lord Buddha gave his first religious discourse. Historically, the province has been the center of big events.


2000 years ago this place has been part of the emperor Ashoka’s Buddhist empire. It has also been a part of the Mughal empire in very ancient times. At that time its capital was Agra.

In modern times Agra is famous for its great Mughal monument Taj Mahal. In 1857 AD against the British rule this rebellion started. Whose original center was Meerut. At the same time, unprecedented and major unfortunate incidents were taking place in Lucknow and Kanpur.

This state has given India 7 great Prime Ministers, Shri Jawaharlal Nehru, Smt. Indira Gandhi, Shri Rajiv Gandhi, Vishwanath Pratap Singh, Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri and Chaudhary Charan Singh, Chandrasekhar Singh, for the year of independence.

If seen, this state has also received a lot of answers from geographically and socially. A large part of this state is the plain plain of the river Ganga. The large land of this kingdom is provided with the level of river Ganga.

The second and the vast mountain Raj Himachal has covered the north west part of this region. This land is very pleasant. The mind is formed by seeing the natural beauty here.

The most attractive part of this mountain garland is Badrinath, Sri Kedarnath Dham. Gangotri and Yamunotri are also the same as Himachal. Overall or province, unity is solved in diversity.

1. Lakhnau


Lucknow, which is the fat on the banks of the holy river Gomti, is the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh. There is a different opinion in the name of Lucknow. It can be said that in 1755 AD, Nawab Asaf Ude Ola settled the heart of Uttar Pradesh.

Arjuna Shri Lakshman of Ram had settled the city of money and prosperity and hence the city was known as Lakshmanpur. 1160 AD In this city town was developed by planning. It was one of the major cities of India during Mughal Emperor Akbar’s reign.

After the death of Aurangzeb in 1707 AD, the independent state of Oudh was established in 1724 AD by Saadat Ali Khan, from Faizabad, to Lucknow. During Nawab Asaf Ondola’s reign, many buildings were built in this city and cautious development was also done.

After the visit of Lord Dalhousie to Lucknow in 1851 AD, the last ruler of Awad, Wazid Ali Shah, was sent to Kolkata by a pension and it was merged in the British Empire in 1856 AD. Here the wind blows together a mixed scent of Hindu-Muslim culture.

2. Allahabad


Allahabad, which is known for its Sangam site since ancient times, according to the mythology here, the three river Ganges Yamuna and Saraswati meet together. Various rulers have been dominating this area from time to time. After this region was ruled by the most descendants, then the Mughal emperor Akbar and then in the possession of Pathan, then remained in the hands of the British.

The construction of the fort began in Allahabad in 1572 AD, which was completed in 11 years time. 1857 AD After the first rebellion of the East India Company, the city was overthrown and this area became under British rule. A pillar and minto park was constructed in memory of this incident. Anand Bhawan is very famous in Allahabad, where on 31 October 1917, Smt. Indira Gandhi was born.

3. bharadwaj ashram


India is a nation of sages, since the time of myriad times, these sages have given the message and education of the spiritual people by using the physical pleasures of the people in the name of spirituality and receiving spiritual peace and divine attainment. Even today, India is giving this message and education to the entire world. There was also a Rishi Bharadra in those Sage Munis and about 10000 disciples used to receive education and education in the ashram spread over their wide world. Allahabad University, established in today’s 1892 AD, is the only place on the site of the Ramayana, ie the Rishi Bharadraj.

4. Akbar ka kila  uttar pradesh tourism destination


It was built in 1526 AD by the great Mughal emperor Akbar, with three entrances, with strong turret and high proxies. Within the fort, 232 BC Has Ashoka Pillar. On which the stories of Ashoka’s disciplined love and the conquest of the sea secret are recorded. Due to lack of proper care, these very ancient scripts can not be read properly. The ancient temple is also visible on the banks of Yamuna.

5. Motilal nehru park


Chandrasekhar Azad wanted to liberate the country on the basis of ammunition. The promise of this great revolutionary was completed at that time. When he got the Veeragati with iron from the British. Tourists can visit everyday sports and museums.

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6. Vindhyachal uttar pradesh travel and tourism


The people of the earth who had settled in it were scared by the outbreak of Asuraj Mahishasura. Even the people were too worried about its atrocities. Around and obedient Asuro Mahishasura had created a nuisance general public, so what the sages were priests from their mischief .

The drunk through the non-receipt of the death by severe penance to Brahma’s boon items found Mahishasura force conquered by Hades to Earth, even when hunger MITI his ego he began to singe forward your ego svarga rotate the god of death can be defeated Mahishasura, were blessed because of the lack of paradise sacrifice wherever be hidden.

7. Varanasi


The holy river of India, situated on the Chandrakar coast of Ganga, is famous for the Hindu pilgrimage site. In ancient times this city was known as Kashiraj. But during the British rule this city was changed to Benaras and after independence this town was named after Varanasi.

This is a city which represents the Indian civilization civilization and culture. The history of this city is 5000 years old. There is also a mythological story about this town. Satyarthi Raja Harishchandra Joki was from Chandravanshi Kuli, to fulfill his endeavors, came Kashi Raj (present Varanasi) and sold at the hands of a Dome. Dome gave him as much as heaven exchange reserves as he left Vishwamitra as South. Thus, by selling a dome, he fulfilled his word. The city of these temples is also called.

8. ganga nadi  uttar pradesh famous places images


There are a total of 365 Ghats on the Ganga coast of Kashi, including Raja Ghat, Narad Ghat, Mansarovar Ghat, Someshwar Ghat, Harishchandra Ghat, Ahilyabai Ghat, Prayag Ghat, Mann Ghar Ghat, Mira Ghat, Jalseen Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, Ghansi Ghat, Chosathi Ghat, Pandey Ghat, Kedar Ghat, Ashi Ghat, Sidhiya Ghat, Chauki Ghat, Lalhi Ghat, etc are all filled with bathing on all the ghats.

The view of the sunrise on the ghat is very interesting, here devotees worship the lawful worship as soon as the sun rises in the morning, because according to Hindu religion this congratulations are special significance. On the waves of the Ganges, on the names and on the shores, the umbrellas on the banks of the Brahmins, wherever there is a child’s rituals, there are some who appear to be offering devotional worship for some of the deceased’s soul. Shraddhalujan Bhairavhari Harini, Bhav Tarani Pure Causes The holy water of mother Ganga brings home filled with fierce fill in bottles which are considered auspicious.

In addition to the ghats, there is Kashi Hindu University and Dev language Sanskrit University, which is the main center of tourist attraction.

9. taj mahal


Situated on the bank of river Yamuna, this city is world famous for tourism. The world’s first wonder Taj Mahal which was built by Shah Jahan, the fifth ruler of the Mughal dynasty, is located in this city. Estimated gross of the town can only be gauged from the fact that must come of State and other dignitaries Agra different countries that come to our country.

According to one legend, in the ancient times, the name of this region was “Agaravan”, which, in time, came to be known as the unfriendly form of Agra. The fame of this city is only from Mahabharata period but the present city was established in 1475 AD. 203 km from the national capital At a distance of 170 m from the sea Located on the height of this city, it is 65 square kilometers Spread over the area of. Agra city is a city of historical significance for visitors.

But the main reason for this city’s fame is the seventh world wonder Taj Mahal. Whose grandeur attracts devotees to the devotees. Indian poets and shayars can not remain untouched by its charm. He mentioned the Taj Mahal in poetry of his poems. Anyway, the Taj Mahal is the living sign of the love story of emperor Shah Jahan and his Begum Mumtaz. And poetry and poetry are directly related to love.

The Mughal Emperor Jahangir made his capital city of Delhi during his reign, but in Agra, he had constructed several kilos. Haram’s fame, with 5000 women, is famous here.

Agra city in 1761 AD. The Mughals was found in possession of out Jats and the city government is the Marathas hands until 1770 AD. | The British people came here in 1805 AD.

10. lal kila


The Mughal Emperor Akbar had constructed the Red Fort of Agra in 1568 AD. At that time the fort was invincible. It has a width of 10 meters wide after it is 2 km long and 20 meters north of the ridge in 3 directions.

Yamuna river water flowing rapidly in the ditch contributed to the protection of this fort and then 20 meters. High ramparts made this fort invincible according to the means of time.

Visitors can enter the fort from the south gate of the fort. His statue is also situated near the gate as a monument to the Maharaja of Jodhpur. Over time, changes were also made in the fort.

The grand Jahangir palace of 250 X 300 Fit was constructed by Akbar’s son Jahangir with great saving. There is a water tank in the palace, which was filled with pure rose water for Begum Nur Jahan’s bath, another vehicle nearby is the symbol of the political buffalo Sudh-Mercus of Emperor Akbar, this palace is his Rajput capital, Jodha Bai.

Diwan-i-Aam is established in the middle of the fort. While sitting here, Shahanshah used to listen to the problems and problems of the common people. It is manufactured with Diwan-i-Amal milky marble and red stones.

Diwan A. This was the place where Jahangir used to meet specially honored people and he used to keep this world famous Peacock Throne with him.

Underground site under Diwan-i-Khas is also used by the Mughal regime used to escape the rotten heat of ruler Agra. There are many rooms built here. Nearly the Sheesh Mahal, octagonal towers, Nagina Mosque, Moti Masjid etc. are also the sights.

11. Jama Masjid


Aurangzeb had imprisoned his father Jahangir and sister Jahan in this mosque. This mosque is made of red stone and it is made of marble. The railway station of Agra is in front of it. This is also the place to look for. The mosque is 130 feet long and 100 feet wide. Wood and brick have also been used in Jama Masjid. Shahjadi is dedicated to Jairah Begum.

12. mariam tomb


Built in 1611 AD, this monument was built by Emperor Akbar in the memory of his Christian begum. Roja of sugar is a tomb and its name is lying in the style used in its construction. Allama Afzal Khan is dedicated to Shakrawlah Shiraz and is visible for the bright blue dome of his Parsi sculptor. Shahrukh Khan had made such a tomb for himself, who was shocked by seeing Shahjahan.

13. Dayalbagh


This unfinished building is still incomplete. This Swami Bagh Mandal is made of milky and pink marble. Samadhi of Lord Swami Maharaj, the birthplace of Radhe Govind Satsanga Samradhi is also located in this temple.

14. Sikandra


The Afghan ruler Sikandar Lodhi came to Agra in 1492 and he constructed this palace. In time, Emperor Akbar built his mausoleum here but he could not complete this work in his lifetime. This unfinished task was accomplished by his son Jahangir. The samadhi samadhi is built on the tomb of underground Akbar.

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15. fatehpur sikri

Uttar Pradesh Tourismfatehpur-sikri-uttar-pradesh

According to a legend, Akbar’s happiness was denied. At the time of Mughal rule, this place was the village of Muslim Fakir Sheikh Chishti. Even after several intercourse, when he had no children, he went to the shelter of Shaikh Chishti from Fakir and he received the pleasure of the son of my family.

Akbar used to go to Fatehpur along with his capital to build his own ruku for fakir and also built a fort here. Akbar stayed in Fatehpur Sikri for 16 years but the water shortage forced him to return from returning.

This fort is surrounded by high rises in 3 directions and there is an unnatural lake in the fourth direction. The main attraction of tourists is the bulldog door built here.

Children from high altitude jumping in deep well also attract the attention of the audience. As soon as they enter the palace, respectively, the exhibition of music room, horseback, mint, treasury. On some steps, Diwan is a mango, sitting where Akbar used to listen to the general public on his complaint.

At the same time, there is also a garden where Akbar used to play chess by making a wanderer alive. On the eve of Ellaahi, the birthplace of the holy city is also to be sent. A huge 2 meter high tower is also visible in the junkyard. Eye-michoni, golden house, jodha bai’s palace |

Sultana Begum Kothi, Birbal’s house, Harmmahal, Golden Palace, Panch Mahal, special palace, together with 1000 Namazis, to pay a lot of prayers, such a huge Jama Masjid, the dargah of Salim Chishmi, Abul Fazal’s house, all these tourist attractions Is the center.

16. Vrundavan


Prem ki Dhari Vrindavan is the famous Hindu pilgrimage place. This land is Shri Krishna Radha He is the Gopis, who is seated with his love interest. According to Amar Ujala Kavdanti, one of the 16 names of Radha was Varda who used to visit this place on this place, probably because of this reason the place named Vrindavan.

This is a Hindu pilgrimage. Here is the prevalence of worshiping other gods after worshiping Govind ji from the very first place. In this Vishnu shrine, Lord Shri Krishna heard the sweet tone of his offspring and felt the gopis. Gopiya used to do all the work at home, but his mind was always disturbed by the philosophy of Krishna.

This is also the Leela terrain of Radha and Krishna. It was Radha and Shri Krishna’s purified love affair that Vrindavan counted Sri Krishna temples around one thousand.

In the series of ancient temples of Vrindavan, the banke Bihari ji and Radha Madhava temple are known. Shri Banke Bihari Temple was built by Swami Haridas, the originator of Sakhi sect.

Presently this temple is a private temple of his descendants. The old temple of Govind Dev ji, built in 1590 AD, is the old temple of Govind ji.

But that intellect was sent to Jaipur for fear of being harmed by Aurangzeb. Currently the statues of Govind Mahaprabhu Shri Radha and Nityanandaji are established here. Govindaji is worshiped in the Shri Radha Govind temple on the back of the temple.

17. shri rangnath swami temple

shri rangnath swami templeUttar Pradesh Tourism

Built in 1851 AD, this temple is made of south architectural style. Here the Lord Rama is famous on the birth of Lord Brahma and the Lord of Vishnu and Lord of Lakshmi and the throne of silver.

Which is decorated with gold ornaments. Visitors must also see Sheeshmahal, Museum and 16-meter palm tree palm tree. Daily hymns are sung in the nearby Ashram.

On the Haridas Jayanti in Madhuban, the song goes beyond music. At this place, Haridas ji got the fortune of Sri Krishna Darshan and this place is also Radha Shri Krishna Leela.

Radha ji’s gold statue, which is prestigious in Shahaji temple, is inaccessible. Her beauty can not be said in words. When the site is equipped with chandelier, on the starting and other religious occasions, the light of the bats gets awakened and the attractive environment of this place is created.

Located nearby, Nand Bhawan, Kaliya Nag Mardan Temple, Kadam Vriksh, Garh Harn Ghat, are also the main centers of tourism located here. Krishna Divani is a statue of devotee Shriramani Meerabai for doing a hand in the temple of Mira Bai.

In the Gopinathji temple, two special characters of Radha are the statue of Lalita and Vishakha. The Shri Shyam Ashram of Nikunj and Iskan is also reverentially visible. Interested visitors can stay in the Dharamshalas located here.

18. Mathura

Uttar Pradesh TourismUttar Pradesh Tourism

Mathura’s history is quite old. In ancient times it was called Madhuburi. According to another opinion, Mathura is named after Madhubani in Sanskrit.

In ancient times, it was also known as Madhuban, which, in time, came to be known as Mathura. Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna, is the main pilgrimage place of Hindus for thousands of years. This holy city is 141 km from Delhi in Uttar Pradesh. Located at a distance of. Here was the state of the arc.

The general public there was scared of the atrocities of Kansa. According to legend, Kans captured his sister Devaki and her husband Vasudeva because she feared that Akashwani would not be true and she would be killed by the eighth son of Devaki.

He devoted seven children of Devki to death, but he was born as Lord Vishnu himself as the eighth son, he, with the help of his might, made all the guards comfortably, and departed from there on the head of Vasudeva. The temples established in Mathura are reminiscent of those days.

In Mathura, the temple of Lord Krishna became many times and sometimes the demolition was achieved. The first temple was built during the reign of Shaky kings and the second temple was built by Raja Chandragupta Vikramaditya.

Which had been demolished by Muslim-Palestinian Mahmud Ghaznavi. In 1613 AD, King Vijaypal was the third temple built. Another Muslim who built the fourth temple in 1613 AD by Veer Singh.

Mughal emperor

Lodi was destroyed Which had been demolished by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb and the same built the Jama Masjid. The magnificent Sri Krishna temple was constructed in front of the Jama Masjid, the mythological stories have been described in the grand temple. Architectural style and carvings are amazing.

The Kans’ palace is also close by itself. The temple of Dwarkadhish is near the rest of the gorge. In addition to the temples, many ghats of Yamuna river flowing here are also famous.

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Gokul, Shri Nasideen Kesmi Ashram, Braj Darshan, Nandgaon, Sankh Van, Barsana, Prem Sarovar, Giri Gobardhan, Kusum Sarovar, Radha Kund Shyam Kund etc., near the adventures of Lord Shri Krishna and his elder brother Tau Balram. Specially visible.

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