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Benaulim Beach Goa

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Benaulim Beach Goa

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General Information about Benaulim Beach Goa

The Goa Benaulim Beach is a very quiet beach. The beach starts in Benaulim, where the colva beach ends. The best part about the Goa Benalim beach is that it is still not overlooked by domestic tourists, although it is a famous beach for fishing.

Goa Benalim can be closed on the beach, any day soaking in the sun. The Bayanulim beach in Goa gives you the pleasure and satisfaction of staying in Goa. This is the beach when you want to relax and relax. In addition to the beautiful beaches, St. John is a Baptist church, situated on a hill beyond the village and worth a visit.

On the arrival of Mars, the festival of St. John the Baptist, (São João) is celebrated as thanks. Youngsters wearing crowns and fruit crowns visited the field singing. To celebrate St. John’s celebration, when he was in his mother’s womb and visited Jesus’ mother, Mary, the youth of this village People used to jump in the well.



Places to see in Benaulim Beach Goa

Church of St. John the Baptist

Church of St. John the Baptist

Among the main attractions of the Bayoullim Beach Resort, we can first mention all the magnificent Catholic churches. For example, the beautiful beautiful church of St. John the Baptist, decorated in the Koroka architecture style, is one of the most famous Christian temples in Goa, which attracts visitors from all over the world.

You can find “Goa picture” near the church of St. John’s baptism church – one of the best ethnographic museums in India, which includes more than 4,000 exhibitions and exhibitions of traditional life and culture.

White walls, terracotta sculptures and carved Vedas are very special for local architecture. The village of Bonolim is very famous with the talented owner of Rosewood Furniture.

The tradition of bullfighting

The tradition of Bullfighting

The traditions of Bullflaming (Corrida de Taurus) in Bonolim are still very popular, they are held during the entire tourist season, beginning from the beginning of October and late in May.

The visits of such activities are not only due to people with weak nervous system but also for clumsy and especially tough people, but due to the fact that the Bulfite is done in the open area outside the village: in the event of this activity There are no obstacles and there is no safeguard, so you should be very careful during the whole show and see your back.

From the middle of April, three suites on one line are organized on the famous and famous The Beach Bonanza Mela Banuulm Beach. During this weird and very interesting event, many frenzied visitors are dancing in fun and other entertainment. So, without any doubt, this wonderful Fair should not be remembered!

Nossa Senhora de Merces Church snapshot

Nossa Senhora de Merces Church snapshot

Nosa Sainhoro de Merces Church, also called Our Lady of Mercy Church, is a famous church near Benaulim. Built in the colonial era, this ancient church was commissioned in 1581, but was later established in 1630.

The statue of the infant Jesus is the main feature of this church, this statue was appointed by Franto Ferrari in 1648 in the church. In the main event organized in this church, Menino is the Femma of Jesus (Child Jesus). This incident is held every year on the third Monday of October.

Benaulim Beach Goa Driving Directions From Mumbai

1. On the south side towards AH Wadia Marg / Kalina Kurla Road on CST Road / Tamsi Band Road
0.2 km
A little right to live on CST Road / Tamasya Bandt RD
31 meters
3. Bangalore – Mumbai High / CST Road / Mumbai – Pune HV / Santacruz – Walk directly to Chembur Link Road
Bangalore – Mumbai HV / Mumbai – Pune HV
3.5 km
4. Bengaluru – Turn on Mumbai Air / Ghatkopar – Mankhurd Link Road / Jijai Bhosale Road / Mumbai – Pune HV
0.5 km
5. Go straight on the Ghatkopar – Mankhurd Link Road / Jijai Bhosale Road
Hanuman Temple Park (1.3 km to the left)
1.8 km

Driving Directions

6. Keep right on Ghatkopar – Mankhurd Link Road / Jijai Bhosale Road
1.7 km
7. Bangalore – Mumbai HV / Mumbai HV / Mumbai – Exit Pune HV
partial toll road
Food passes by Carnival (106 km left)
117 km
8. Get to the right of NH48
0.4 km
9. Keep it accurate and merge with NH48
Near by Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering (4.9 km on the left)
27.1 km
10. Continue straight to stay on NH48
partial toll road
21 9 km

Driving Directions

11. Keep the right to live on NH48
partial toll road
Passed by Hindustan Steel (7.7 km right)
107 km
12. Turn left at Khanapur RD
11 meters
13. Turn right to stay at Khanapur RD
0.3 kilometers
14. Turn right
Go through 1 roundabout
1.9 km
15. At the intersection, take the third exit on NH748
Go through 1 roundabout
Near Sri Panchavati Soy Maruti temple (on right)
2.0 km

Driving Directions

16. At the crossroads, take another exit and stay on NH748
Near the Settleia Complex (at left)
27.3 km
Start on 17th of August
Close by Hotel Art Narayan (33.7 km left)
33.8 km
18. Turn right at NH748 in Hotel Jolly Goa
Near by State Bank of Mysore (42.0 km left)
45.0 km
19. Turn left NH566
Pass gas station (on right)
5.6 km
20. On the roundabout, exit for the first time on Madgao-Fonda highway / Panaji-Farajugudy-Moradoro High Bypass Road / NH 566
Continue to follow Margao – Fonda High / Panaji – Faragagudi-Margo High Bypass Road
Pass by Basquein Robbins (10.9 km on the left)
12.6 km

Driving Directions

21. At the intersection, take the second exit and stay at Margo-Fonda High / Panaji-Faragudi-Margo High Bypass Road.
Near Ravindra Bhawan, Madgao (on the left side)
0.8 km
22. At the crossroads, continue straight on the Colva Beach Road
Near Cola circle bus stand (left side)
1.4 km
23. Turn left onto Penda RD
Nayonon Residency pass (right)
24. Walk to PEDA – Colva RD
Alternative Living Pass (at right)
25. Turn left at the Pascal repair shop on Petokinoo Chapel Road.
0.4 km

Driving Directions

26. left in Amul
0.1 km
27. Release on Maria Hall – Don Bosco RD
0.1 km
28. Right (left) after the pawning corner
Vineeta by construction (on the right)
2.0 km
29. Left to left on Royal at Kolva RD / Varca-Fatrade Beach Rd
LV Education Center pass (right)
0.1 km
30. Turn left in paradise art
0.4 km
Benaulim, Goa, India


How to reach Benaulim Beach Goa?

By Air

The nearest airport is Dabolim, which is 27 km from Bonolim.

By Railway

The nearest railway is Madgaon, which is 5 km from Bonolim. The other railway station is Karmali (41 km).

By Road

Regular buses are available from Colva, which is 2 km away from Benaulim Beach. It is well connected to the other cities of Goa and hence it is easily accessible by bus or rental car.


Different distance For Benaulim Beach Goa

From Distance / Time Vai
North Goa 43 km /1 h 14 min NH748
South Goa 38 km/1 h 1 min MDR47


Eating facilities in Benaulim Beach Goa

Johncy Bar & Restaurant

A place which is always alive and nervous with activity, the restaurant between Johnny is known for its entire food and drink menu, and for the fact that it may have been the longest. Every dish is practiced on the menu and it is proven, and the food here is an experience that you will remember for more than anything else.

Spring Roll, Chicken Biryani and Garlic Chicken deserve a special mention, try to make some space for at least one of them. The service is quick and effective and yet there is no haste about the restaurant environment.

Allegria Restaurant

In Alegrea, guests can fall prey to the charm of the old world architecture and incredibly fresh flavors of Goa dishes. This elegant restaurant offers an eclectic mix of traditional Goa food with emphasis on sea food and Portuguese wines. Signature recipes include Kullnes Mass, Nistiachi Cody, and Caldin de Verdura. Goa also says this? Home?


Specialty for this Benaulim Beach Goa

Things To See And Do

Things To See And Do

The best thing about Benalim Beach is that it is an undiscovered beach, unlike other beaches, commercialization has not set its feet yet. The beach is close to Covelva, so if you need to catch up with some nightlife then closer to it.

On fishing, you can try your hand because it is mainly fishing beach. Or maybe you are one of them, just request a few villagers and you can go to sea from them

Apart from sunbathing and having a good tone of yourself, as you look at the beach, go for swimming. It’s really safer than Colva

Beach Shacks and Boat Rides

Beach Shacks and Boat Rides

Like the colva, even here, though some in the numbers you can find some great seafood in the beach shacks. Apart from seafood, you can also catch up with some water activity. The main attraction of this beach is dolphin opening trips.

Trips are quite valuable and the chances of opening dolphins are quite high. Bonolim is also a village of talented artisans, his work likes not just church but villas too. Carved Rosewood Furniture is featured in Benaulim for some serious shopping in the village.

Water sports

Water sports

In addition to boat ride, parasailing options, jet skiing and wind surfing are available. Windsurfing, although relatively cheap, is a difficult activity, only skilled should try their hands.


Attraction around the Benaulim Beach Goa

Betul beach

Betul is an important fishing harbor where all the mechanized boats and deep sea trawlers come in their hold. Here, from the slopes of the Western Ghats, Headlands go out on the shore, provide a grand backdrop.

Majorda Beach

This small stretch, about 5 km north of Colva Beach, is very beautiful in the form of a picture, it is embedded with many hotels, the most prominent star star is the Marjoda beach resort, Maajorda is a village where the Jesuits, which That were fond of the good things of life, discovered the best Goa toddy (a coconut palm), from which they had eaten the bread.

Naturally, then, Marjora is a place where Goa was trained for the first time in the delicate arts of making European bread. Margarines are still the best bakers in Goa. The joy of the beach, however, was discovered long ago in the mythical era.

Colva beach

This is the most important beach in the South Circuit, which includes all the modern amenities such as the air-conditioned resort complex, tourist cottage, disco, many stalls, restaurants and guest houses – all of which have expanded considerably in the village.

Cola is the most beloved beach in Goa, with 20 kilometers of virgin white sand, along the side of the palm, along with sun-drenched beaches. Contrary to Anjuna or Kalangut, Kolva has recently gained popularity. Located just 39km from the capital Panaji, it was relatively less disturbed and life quietly went away.


Photography: How to Get Great Photos of Benaulim Beach Goa


Benaulim Beach is a popular South Goa resort, which has all the benefits of beaches in the middle of the Arabian Sea coast.

The beach is clean and wide, it attracts tourists from around the world with the huge variety of options for the unforgettable holidays, various entertainment and fantastic baiting temptations. This place is absolutely safe and secure, mostly populated, beautiful, breathtaking, beautiful and exotic.

Benaulim is a small but very beautiful city, which opens its doors for every tourist and guest who is planning to go to this great place. The Bainolim Resort offers all the visitors the necessary amenities for relaxing and relaxing holidays.

Housing prices in the resort are represented by two groups: the average income people and average bungalow for people with higher incomes, guest house and various hotel complex – these are the kinds of types and housing, which Benulim Beach Resort you Can offer.


Benaulim Beach Goa Geography

Benaulim is situated at 15.25 degree N 73.92 degree E. Its average height is 1 meter (3 feet). Benaulim’s main market is located in Maria Hall, about 2 km from the beach. There are 2 beaches in Benaulim – Benaulim Beach, which is the main beach, and Wadadi beach, which is less condensed and developed more than the Benolim beach.

This place is located in southern Goa, Goa, India, its geographical coordinates is 15 ° 15 ‘0 “north, 73 ° 55’ 0” east and its original name (with dietitics) is Benaulim. Explore benolim photos and pictures from the satellite below, find airborne photographs of Benolim in India. Map of Benaulim Hotel is available on the target page of the above link.

The state of Goa is situated between 15 degree, 48’00 “N and 14 degrees, 53’54” N and Regents 74 degrees, 20’13 “E and 73 degrees 40” 33 “between the latitude of 1,022 meters Is up-lit

Goa is located in the north of Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra state, on the west side of the Arabian Sea, in the Karwar district of Karnataka state in the south and east of Belgaum district of Karnataka state.
In the Sahyadri series of Western Ghats, the highest mountain of the Sanjogor is 3,827 feet.


Climate of Benaulim Beach Goa


The summer season in Goa starts from March and lasts till late May. It is very hot and moist between the temperature of 25 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius during the summer. The month of May is the warmest when the temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius. Sun shines throughout 9 to 10 hours throughout the day.

Beaches along the coast are particularly hot, but people with chilling effects in soft sea air are greatly relieved. Thus, the journey of this state during the summer season is generally avoided due to excessive heat due to the excessive moisture by tourists.


Goa is located in the coastal region of Western Ghats. Therefore, the monsoon season has received heavy rains in the state. Monsoon season starts very early in Goa compared to other Indian states. It starts from the beginning of June and lasts till September. Rainfall here is approximately 325 centimeters in average. It brings heavy rain and storms especially on coastal areas and beaches.

Therefore, in the monsoon season less crowds can be seen in Goa. But the good part of the state’s monsoon is that it gives great relief to people in hot and humid summers. After the end of monsoon season, the weather has been very favorable throughout the year. Therefore, tourists around the world have traveled to Goa to explore their beautiful charm.


Goa enjoys a very short period of winter season. The winter season starts from December to mid February, during this season the temperature ranges from 18 degree -30 degrees Celsius, which contains moderate amounts of humidity. Night temperature may be below 15 degrees Celsius. But the weather remains calm and very favorable during the winter period.

Therefore, nightlife and water sports can be enjoyed for beautiful beaches and other sightseeing during this season, it is also the peak tourist season, because it is also a festive season in Goa. Christmas, New Year and Goa Carnival are the main festivals that fall in the winter season. Therefore, during this winter, there has been an increase in the number of innumerable tourists from this extraordinary destination.


People from Benaulim Beach Goa

people of benaulim beach goa

people of benaulim goa

people of benaulim


Benaulim Beach Goa images

Benaulim Beach Goa 5

Benaulim Beach Goa 2

Benaulim Beach Goa 3

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Hotels in Benaulim Beach Goa

Season Hotels & Resorts

Season Hotels Resorts

Season Hotel & Resorts is located in Goa, which offers a full holiday experience for every traveler. Goa is often visited by a large number of international and national tourists. The property offers luxurious accommodation that are specially prepared to stay comfortable. To stay comfortable in this hotel, Wi-Fi, laundry, parking, front desk, housekeeping, room service, safety and many modern amenities are available.

The call facility is also available to guests in the case of a medical emergency doctor. There is a present within the premises, which includes drinks, panoramic wines and branded souls. To satisfy the delights of a foodstuff, the hotel offers multi-cuisine restaurants, which admire the variety of vegetarian, authentic Goa and seafood dishes in the mouth.

Hotels & Resorts

The hotel has a comprehensive conference and banqueting facility, which can be used to organize business conventions and social celebrations. For accommodation, the property offers spacious, central air-conditioned and well-lit rooms, which offer a refined and welcoming atmosphere in the warmth and comfort of the house.

Each room is elegantly furnished, which enhances the pleasure of living in the hotel, peaceful elegant and exclusive property, comfortable beds, clean lacon, mini bar, wake-up call on request, iron / ironing board on request, coffee maker, Provides work desks, television, tables, chairs and many more amenities.

Decorated with stylish fittings, all rooms are equipped with bathrooms, equipped with warm / cold water with the necessary toiletries.

Major popular attractions of Kaloa Beach (7 km), Benaulim Beach (8.5 km) and many others can be traced. Shoppers are happy to shop in nearby shopping spots. This hotel is situated easily accessible from Goa International Airport and the nearest rail is Mast Madgaon Railway Station, which is 5.8 km away and is only 2 km away from Margo Bus Terminal. Season Hotels and Resorts have a great stay!

Lotus Beach Resort

Lotus Beach Resort

Located 1 km from Sarnabatim Beach, 5.5 kilometers from Saraulim Railway Station, a conference room, multi-cuisine restaurant and a unit of Bar Kamat Hotel India Limited (KHIL), Lotus Beach Resort is situated near the beautiful Sarnabatim Beach in Benaulim. Other popular beaches are located near the resort.

Again in the Colva Beach, Benaulim Beach and Cavelosim Beach, there are 16 rooms in total, including 16 standard rooms, 16 deluxe rooms and 16 suite rooms. Housing units have modern facilities such as air conditioners, work desks, 2 telephones, cable TVs, DVD players and tea / coffee makers. The suites rooms have en suite kitchens that are equipped with the latest equipment.


For business travelers, Sahara maintains a well-equipped conference room which can be limited to 50 people. In the conference room, informal events such as parties and similar programs can also be organized. Children are important features of the sports area, outdoor swimming pool, gift shop and indoor game room resort.

Guests can enjoy the finest, Goa, coastal and international dishes at the on-site restaurant. There is also a bar in this resort, which has a generous mix of cocktails and mockettes. Located within a short distance from Goa’s popular beach resort such as Cola Beach, Verka Beach and Sunset Beach.


Shopping place in Benaulim Beach Goa

Anjuna Flea Market

Anjuna Flea Market

Situated on the edge of Anjuna Fali Market Road, Arjuna has an attractive garden property, which is located in Al Fresco Café, which is located in the middle of tropical flowers, and reminds of a typical Mediterranean café. The menu offers generous plates and nabules with a focus on fresh organic production and health food.

There is also a nominated children’s area with a playground for children at the Kaljuna Café, and for all of us children. The popular fashion and lifestyle boutique of Erjuna was set up in a strange Portuguese house on the back of the property. is.

Artjuna has hosted regular yoga and Pilates classes in the garden, from which sight hidden café classes are open to all those who are interested in participating. Since the classes are not regularly, guests are requested to call the management to check the current schedule.

Cheshire Cat Gallery

Cheshire Cat Gallery

The world-class prestigious, Cheshire Cat Gallery, for its exquisite original designs, offers a truly unique jewelery shopping experience. The rhinoceros is situated in a beautiful resting Portuguese villa on an attractive tree-line Avenue in the picturesque village of Esaga, which is the creation of husband and wife design team, Kiss van Endel and Karen Peace.

In each season, new refined van edges and peace collections have been designed in the studios behind the gallery, and hand crafted with the help of their team of master craftsmen. Van Adel & Peace also provides personalized design consultation by appointment. The selection of other major international jewelery designers in the Cheshire Cat Gallery, by artisanal art exhibitions are also performed by select international designers, along with accessory lines and guest artists.


Benaulim Beach Goa Weather

goa weather


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