Cavelossim Beach Goa

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Cavelossim Beach Goa

Cavelossim Beach Goa

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General information about Cavelossim Beach Goa


Location: 16 kilometers south of Colva, on the southern end of the Salisit Coast
Address: Goa

Cavelossim Beach

Best time to travel: October to May
Beach Activities: Fishing Trips, River Cruises, Biking, Jet Skiing, Speed ​​Boat Rides, Beach Walking, Sightseeing, Nightlife

And its attractions nearby: Verka-Fatta Beach, Liquid Long, Sri Chandreshwar Bhutanath Temple, Cabo de Ram
Resorts and Hotels: Donna Sylvia Beach Resort, Donna Sa Maria, The Holiday Inn, Leela Palace, Gaffinos Beach Resort

Cavelossim is located 11 km south of Colva, one of the last major settlements in South West Salcete. The beach is the southern coast of the Salcate subdivision, which is located 7 km south of Verka.

Cavelossim Beach Goa

The Goa Nilosim Beach is full of soft white sand and in some places black lava is filled with rocks. This beach is quite big and clean and quiet compared to Goa’s most famous beaches, due to which it is able to attract many tourists, the variety of beach lid at reasonable prices for Goa’s dishes and seafood. Are there.

Cavelossim Beach Goa

There are many luxurious resorts on both sides of the main road and the river runs behind it. Some places play water sports on the Sal river, along with sea fishing, dolphin watching or bird watching. During a very low tide near the mouth of the river, men can collect oysters, mice and clams from river cheeks.

Cavelossim Beach Goa viewable place

The Cavelossim Beach in Goa offers a beautiful view of nature, river sal, and soft sandy beach. Cavelossim is surrounded by many scenic spots, which should be searched by visitors because they collect crowds of travelers from all over the world.
Some famous attractions include:

Church of Cavalosim – Church of Cavalosim

Dedicated to Santa Seas or Holy Cross, this church has a simple and cool excuse, this is the perfect blend of the pattern of its original church

Goa Cabo de Ram – Goa Cabo de Ram

Asanga is located very close to the coastline, this fort also makes a beautiful understanding of history and drama. This is a very old fort which was named after Ram, in which the Hindu epic was the hero of the ‘Ramayana’. It is believed that during the 12 years of exile, Ram was here with his wife Sita.

Varca-Fatrade Beach

It is a twin beach surrounded by a clutch of shock and resorts. One of the main attractions of the beach is the Church of Our Lady of Glorious, which attracts many travelers from India and abroad.

Leela Kempinski Goa Spa Center – Leela Kempinski Goa Spa Center-

This is a popular hotel with its spa, which helps relieve all kinds of stress. After coming from a long journey, it is important for travelers to spend a few hours and enjoy the massage in this spa center.

Sri Shantagurg Devasthan – Sri Shantagurg Devasthan

This is a sacred place which is considered to be a mediator between Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, which is dedicated to peace. This temple is situated in the foothills of Kavalam village in Fonda taluk, 33 km from Panaji. This visit is seen as a popular tourist destination for junkies or devotees going towards that direction.

Naval Aviation Museum – Naval Aviation Museum

One of the most attractive and captivating museums, which shows the history of Indian Navy aviation, sensors, security equipment, many aircraft, artifacts and rare photographs of Goa’s liberation. There is a multimedia games section which has become a great attraction for tourists. It is located in the beautiful backdrop of Bogmalo Beach

Mabar – Maabar

This is another major attraction which is the end point of the Cola Beach. This beach is known for shopping activities because there are many shops which offer many Indian handicrafts, trinkets and other accessories at reasonable prices.
Therefore, a person can discover the beautiful places around Cavelossim and make their day enjoyable with their family or friends.


Cavalosim Beach Goa Driving Directions

From Distance / Time Vai
Gujrat 1295 km /21 h 00 min NH 48
Mumbai 595 km/11 h 58 min NH 66
 New Delhi 1900 km/32 h 00 min NH 48
Hyderabad  671 km/13 h 43 min SH 30
 Bengaluru  589 km/9 h 54 min NH 48
 Indor 1081 km /20 h 49 min NH 48
 Kolkata  2152 km/38 h 00 min NH 16
 Kerala  657 km/14 h 30 min NH 66

How did Cavalosim Beach reach Goa?


Goa Civil Airport, a civilian enclave in INS Hansa, a naval airspace located in Dabolim, near Vasco da Gama. Scheduled domestic and international air services scheduled from the airport can be completed. Goa has set up international connections from airports such as Air Bank, Air India, GoAir, Indigo, Oman Air, SpiceJet, Jet Airways, Jet Connect and Qatar Airways from Doha, Dubai, Muscat, Sharjah and Kuwait in Central Asia. The proposed Greenfield Mopa Airport will be constructed in Mope from Parnell.


Public transport of Goa includes large-scale buses connected to private cities which connect key cities with rural areas. Government-run buses, Kandambans are kept by Transport Corporation, connect the major routes (like Panaji-Margao route) and some remote areas of the state. The corporation has 15 bus stand, 4 depots and one central workshop, Porvorim and a headquarters in Porvorim. [75] In major cities such as Panjind Margo, Intra-City buses work. However, public transport in Goa is less developed, and residents have a huge impact on their own transport, usually two-wheeler vehicles and small family cars are motorbikeed.


There are two railway lines in Goa – one part of South Western Railway and the other by Konkan Railway. The line run by the South Western Railway was constructed during the colonial era through the port city Vasco da Gama, Goa via Bellgam, Hubli, Karnataka routes. The Konkan Railway line built during the 1920s runs parallel to the coast connecting big cities on the west coast.

Street cruise

Mormugao port near Vasco city handles mineral ores, petroleum, coal and international containers. Most shipments include mineral and ore from the shores of Goa. Panaji, which is on the edge of Mandovi, has a small harbor, which was to handle the passenger steamboar between Goa and Mumbai till the 1980s. In the 1990s, there was also a short cut shop to connect Mumbai and Panaji operated by Damania Shipment.


Parking and facilities in Cavalosim Beach Goa

There are lots of hotels and restaurants on the Goa Erososim Bach. You can find stunning parking and other amenities on every hotel and restaurant.

hotel car park


Convenience of eating Cavalosim Beach in Goa

Cavelossim Beach Goa Hotel Vijayashree

Hotel Vijayashree Restaurant in Goa View Pure Wage Restaurant with Address, Contact Number, Photo, Maps Hotel Vijayashree Restaurant, Goa on Justdial

Making a way for a hearty meal is the Hotel Vijayashree Restaurant in Goa. Founded in 2000, this place is synonymous with delicious food, which can satisfy all the food items. This is the home of some of the most admired recipes, which include North Indian, Pure Veggie, Indian, being able to serve a large number of people, it is in a favorable place in Fatord.

Near Fastorda Stadium, G8 is Castello Plaza, Fatford-403602, where one can go to the venue. Fortunately for this strategic place, it can easily go to this dining house without facing any problems related to the neighborhood surrounding the neighborhood and coming into this part of the city. This is one of the most sought after restaurants after Fast Velocity in Fault, it is one of Goa’s famous Pure Vege Restaurant

Cavelossim Beach Goa Rancho Restaurant

Restaurants in Rancho Restaurant address, contact numbers, photos, maps with in Goa. See Rancho Restaurant, Goa on Justice
Making a way for a hearty meal at the Rancho Restaurant in Goa, established in 2010, this place is a synonym for delicious food that can satisfy all the food items.

The Rancho Restaurant in Cavelossim ensures that there is a great dining experience by offering a very tasty meal. Various services available at the site include candle light dinner, distance (km) 38km from the airport, good location for children, pure vegetarians, valet parking, average cost for two meals 700, banquet party facilities, dance floor, lounge bar , Large group friendly, parking information 25 cars,

Party areas, use buffets, consumes alcohol, specialty Indian food, take, table booking reservation, wifi, ac, alcohol, dinner, smoking area, pure vegetable, live music, bar, buffet, Wheel chair seating services, two 900 for the price, wheel chair seating services, live music, valet parking, smoking area, WiFi, buffet. The restaurant welcomes guests from 22: 30- – allows the eaters to enjoy a wonderful meal between functional hours. The cost of food in the restaurant is from the limit of 2.

Krishna Veg Restaurant

Krishna vegetarian restaurant with address, contact number, photos, maps, medium pure veggie restaurant (Rs. 400 to 800 rupees), look at the Krishna Veg restaurant, Goa on Goa. Making a way for a hearty meal is the Krishna Veg restaurant in Goa, the year 2012 Set in, this place is synonymous with delicious food which can satisfy all the food items. This is home to some of the most acclaimed dishes. Being able to complete a large number of diner, it is in a friendly place in Margao.

Near Googol circle, Phoenix Estate, Bordeaux By Pass Road, Madagao -403601, where one can go to the venue. Fortunately for this strategic place, it can easily go to this dining house without facing any problems related to the neighborhood surrounding the neighborhood and coming into this part of the city. It is the most sought after after the Moderate Pure Vege restaurant (500 rupees to 1000 rupees) in Margao.


Cavalosim Beach Goa Specialty

Cavelossim beach is known for contrasting black rocks and white sand. It is ranked 19th in Asia and is located in the south of the 5th Cavelossim Beach Margao in India, 15 km south of South Goa district headquarters. Other neighboring beaches include Carmona Beach in the north and Mober Beach in the south. Cavelossim Beach is a beach with white sands and black lava rocks. The beach is located between the river year in the east and the Arab sea in its west. Being a peaceful beach, Cavelossim attracts many tourists. In addition to rest or swimming on the beach, dolphins seen in the sea can go for boat trips.


Attractions nearby Cavalosim Beach Goa

Mobor Beach

Mobor Beach

Mobor Beach is located approximately 16 km from the southern part of Colva Beach, at the end of the Salsat coast line. This beach is an issue where the river flows from the river in the Arabian Sea, it is located near the Morbor beach, passengers can reach the place by taxi, auto rickshaw or buses from Dabolim airport. Trains are also available from various places to reach Madgaon railway station, which is the closest railway station from Mober Beach.

Ferry services are also available from North Goa to tour this beach located in South Goa district. The ideal season to visit the Morbor Beach is from September to March, when the weather is pleasant. Monder Beach is very famous for enjoying many watersports, such as windsurfing, jet skiing, speedboat rides and biking. There is a wide range of beach piles, liquor, discotheque, small restaurants and shops around this crowd.

Adventure Water Sports

Adventure Water Sports

This beach is very popular for its water activities. You are involved in windsurfing, jet skiing, speed boat racing, diving, swimming, bananas and collision rides, parasailing, and many others. These have become a major attraction for all courageous devils.

Cavelossim Beach Goa Dolphin Spotting

Dolphin Spotting

Apart from water sports, this beach is also famous for its dolphin opening tourism and experiences. One can easily rent the boat and go on the sunset cruises on the Sal river. Actually, Dolphin Cruises in the sea is part of a very fun part because you can see dolphins or two tripping with your boat.
Biking – one of the most thrilling experiences that needs to be done by everyone

Cavelossim Beach Goa Biking Beach

biking Beach

Lovers on Cavelossim can rent bicycles and bike bikes to hire the Morbor Beach Resort and travel near the edges of water. On the top of everything, guided cycle travels for the Cabo de Ram Fort, Mobor Village, and Shri Chandrasekhar Bhutanath Temple are also organized for sightseeing activities.

Ayurvedic Massages

Ayurvedic Massages

There are many resorts, hotels and health centers in Cavalosim offering Ayurvedic massage. This is an ancient remedial remedy which removes all kinds of stress and body pain. It offers full relaxation and makes the body alive again.


Cavalosim Beach Goa How to Get Great Photos

take a photo

One of the most beautiful places to come into the world, Cavalosim Beach is a foreign Indian holiday destination. Blue water, clean beach, green hills and amazing people make it the most attractive destination for tourists and honeymooners. Check out these pictures of Cavalosim Beach how beautiful they are.

Geography of Cavalosim Beach Goa

Twenty-fifth states in Goa, India also known as “Pearl of the Oriental”, is a tourist paradise for its beautiful beauty of beaches, temples and churches.

The state is situated between 15 ° 48 ‘and 14 ° 53’ north latitudes and 74 ° 20 ‘and 73 ° 40’ northeast longitude and is situated at an altitude of about 1022 meters above sea level. There are about 3702 square kilometers of coastline in the state, in which the Arabian Sea has a border of about 104 km. The state is rich in mineral resources and the literacy rate is approximately 77%. We want to know about the geography of Goa in tourist

Indian state of Goa

In the north Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, the Arabian Sea in the west, Karwar district of Karnataka in the south and Belgaum district of eastern Karnataka. The western part of the state is on the edge of the Western Ghats, the Praveer mountain range. These mountain ranges have the highest peak sensor with a height of 3827 feet. The state is rich in forests and wildlife with a variety of species of flora and fauna living in forests.

About 1424 square kilometers Goa has come under forests which is one third of the total land area under forest. The two main rivers which spoil the topography of Goa are Zuari, which is about 39 miles away and Mandovi which is about 38.5 miles away; Removing these two rivers in the Arabian Sea are the other rivers that originate from the Sahyadri mountain and the drains in the Arabian Sea are the Tiranl, Chapora, Sal and Talpona. Due to the influence of southwest monsoon winds, there is rains between the months of June and September in the state of Goa and hence, it is not advisable to travel to Goa during this period. People of the state speak English, Portuguese, Konkani, Hindi and Marathi


Cavalosim Beach Weather of Goa

Cavalosim Beach Weather of Goa


People of Cavalosim Beach, Goa

People of Cavalosim Beach, Goa 2

People of Cavalosim Beach Goa


Cavalosim Beach Goa Images

Cavalosim Beach Goa3

cavelossim beach goa

cavelossim head


Cavalosim Beach Shopping In Goa

Cavelossim Beach Goa Mapusa Market


A good way to absorb the true taste of Goa is to walk through the bustling Mapusa Market. This market attracts local sellers and traders from all parts of Goa, local people here hinder clothing and everyday items. If you are in luck then you can give chance to take home unique clothes, antiques and souvenirs to take home. Antiques, textiles, traditional handicrafts, Goa utensils, spices, fruits, homemade pickles, sauces and come here for more.

While shopping here you will be spoiled for choices, you will be offered for local spices, handicrafts and everything that is known in Goa all over the world.

The market closes from the sunset to ensure that you plan your day accordingly.

The market is spread over a large area, so be sure to find your time for all the goods.

There are several hotels in Mapusa that can reach the market easily.

Cavelossim Beach GoaAnjuna Fali Market

Anjuna Flea Market


The most vibrant of all the markets of Goa, it is organized every Wednesday in Anjuna of the coast of northern Goa.

Anjuna Fali Market experiences maximum views due to the location located near Goa’s famous Anjuna beach.  Along with the Indians, foreign handicrafts, local handicrafts, spices, clothes, shoes, beach wear, artificial ornaments and accessories are available in foreign markets.

Test your bargaining skills at different stalls here and you can make a good deal! There are also small leopards and clothes available in the market, which are the specialty of Goa VB which are available at very affordable prices. If you want, some hotels in the Anjuna area offer easy access to the market.

Calangute Market Square – Kalangut Market Square

Calangute Market Square

buy saragas and trinkets made of sea shells by making a memorable one with a perfect beach holiday or treating fried shrimp and beer in one of these stalls. other than this.

while looking for hotels in Goa, you may want to choose a hotel in Calgon so that the market is easily accessible at any time of the day, for metal, leather and clay goods, accessories, textiles and carpets in Kalangut Market Square.

The proximity of Calangute’s hotels ensures that you are near the tourist center.


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