Top 5 Things you must do in Thailand

Top 5 Things Thailand

Thailand – The land of smiles is one of the most dramatic destinations to visit in Asia. The country has an eclectic mix of culture, cuisine, grandeur, posh cities and natural splendours.

This beautiful destination is also a preferred Asian holiday spot as it goes easy on your wallet and offers an assortment of budget-friendly ways to explore the city. If you are a first-timer planning your trip to Thailand,take a look at these points so that you know exactly what to include in your Thai holiday plan.

Visit the Grand Temples


Thailand is known for its majestic temples. For instance, Bangkok has more than 400 temples and Buddhist shrines scattered all over the city.

Some of these are famous iconic landmarks of Thailand are included in most Thailand travel guides.

Adorned in ornate intrinsic motifs and sculptures, dominated by gleaming domes and pagodas, these temples are simply breathtaking to view.

Some of the temples that you should include in your Thailand vacation are WatArun, Wat Pho, WatPhraKaew in Bangkok, Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi, The White Temple in Chiang Rai, SirindhornWararamPhuPrao in UbonRatchathani, and WatChaiwatthanaram at Ayutthaya.

Dive, soak or simply relax on Thailand’s gorgeous beaches and islands

Railay Beach

Another image that Thailand conjures up is of blissful, idyllic beaches. Thailand is blessed with a tranquil stretch of coastline and some pristine islands. So once you have visited the dynamic cities and its sights, head to a serene beach or island of Thailand to unwind.

The powdery white beaches flanked by swaying palm trees and lush rainforests tapering into the emerald sea are incredible to witness. You can either enjoy a relaxing, laid back beach holiday or explore some water adventures.

Though Phi Phiisland, Phuket and KohSamui are well-known beach destinations to visit in Thailand, they are also some of the most crowded spots and can get little congested for a leisure holiday experience.

You can checkout off-beat, less crowded beaches and islands of KohLipe, KohKood, and Railay Beach to name a few for a stunning serene beach experience.

Take in the city vistas on Bangkok rooftop dining experience


Undoubtedly, the first city you most probably will visit if you are on a typical Thailand itinerary is Bangkok. And while you are here, the city will make sure you don’t have a single dull moment on your holiday.

Among its many attractions and experiences, an elegant roof-top dining experience overlooking the scintillating city views is a must-do activity on your Thailand trip.

A dinner with a view over casual conversations and sumptuous assortment of cuisine is a great way to unwind your day in this fascinating city.

Some of the restaurants to check out in Bangkok for a sundowner and roof-top fine dining experience are Above Eleven, Vertigo and Moon Bar, Mahanakhon Bangkok Sky Bar, Spectrum Lounge & Bar to name a few.

Explore the Thai street food scene

The food scene in Thailand is quite famous for its assortment of flavours and textures. The street food experience is way different than that you find in exquisite restaurants and cafes of Thailand. Thai food is also famous for its exotic flavours.

The ingredients mainly used are Thai ginger, lemongrass, kaffir limes, palm sugar, coconut milk, Pandan leaves – produces that are homegrown and mainly available in Thailand.

You get to experiment with a range of delicious dishes,including fresh exotic fruit salads, freshly prepared noodles, satays, stir-fry dishes, local desserts and a variety of seafood treats. The food scene is affordable and extravagant – another reason why most globetrotters love Thailand.

Venture out on verdant nature trails

As popular Thailand is for its beaches, its verdant forests and highlands are equally breathtaking to visit. The cool mountain breeze, off-beaten trails and sounds of trickling rushing waterfalls and wildlife are sensory experiences worth enjoying in Thailand.

Get in touch with nature’s beauty with a hiking trip away from the maddening cities of Thailand. A visit to DoiInthanon National Park, KhaoChong Conservation Park, andPhuKradueng National Park is every nature lover’s dream come true.


These 5 things would make your Thailand holiday a memorable one? So, do not dally anymore! Apply for Thailand visa and get ready for a holiday of a lifetime.

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