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Panaji Beach Goa

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General Information about Panaji Beach Goa

The name of this place is called once Paula Amal Antonio DE urban center, a historical figure in Portuguese Republic Asian country. He reached state Thynkvh female offspring of Portuguese viceroy of Jafnapattnm in Ceylon and his family in 1644 and that they married Fidlgo from Spain in 1656.

His husband was Dom Antonio Sado civil authority. He was a awfully prosperous family, and today’s Cabo rule Niwas was the South civil authority of all the thanks to Karanjalam. He died on Dec twenty one, 1682.

Dona Paula was a lady of charity and it’s proverbial that he helped villagers to figure for his or her own smart, therefore once his death, the villagers modified the name of the village selected as Dona Paula. at first the village was known as Odewel.

Dona Paula Beach is also a major tourist attraction. According to a local myth, Donna licked residence Goa governor entered in Cabo Chapel and should only be seen emerging from the moonlit waves wearing a pearl necklace. For a glimpse of Dona Paula, many tourists, along with local tourists guided by this myth, also go to the beach.

Cabo Raj Bhawan is located at a scenic spot of Donna Paula. It is also the home of a historic British war-grave graveyard, after the end of Portuguese rule in Goa in 1961, Donna Pala became a trendy residential area and address.


Places to see in Panaji Beach Goa

Donau Paula is situated on the beautiful and famous beach, which is spread from Panjim, Miramar and Donna Paula, is often a very famous area by tourists. Dona Paula is transformed into a crowded section during the tourism season, which is otherwise a quiet beautiful place during the monsoon.

A large part of the famous Hindi film Ek Duja was shot here and made the place more popular. An action sequence was shot here by Rohit Shetty’s film Singham here. Pleasant lifestyle tourist attractions are located in a location from which the Mandovi and Gambar Rivers are very similar to the Arabian Sea at a distance of 1 km from this point.

One of the most curious attractions in Donna Paula is a white statue situated on the rocks near the popular Ghat Jetti. According to the website of the Goa Tourism Board, it has been named “Image of India” and the figures of Mother India and Young India are given in 1969 by the Baroness Yves von Leistner, the sculpture for the original purpose of the original. , Which is going to look east and west towards the west.

Ashoka’s wheel is in the middle half, is buried in stone, to represent ancient culture, which develops this mixture of thoughts and feelings. In the book ‘Walking in Goa’ published by Hita Pandit, it is said that Baroness actually embody the idols of philosopher Robert Knox and his wife because he praised them.

Panaji Beach Goa Driving Directions From Mumbai

South towards Kudal-Vengurla road towards Namaswadi road
Suktanwadi passed by Holy Cross
(2.0 km at right)
9.2 km Right MH SH Go to 1234.0 km. MH SH Go directly to 1237.3 km, go to Satara Bridge 9.5 km. Directly on Sadaruda Bridge 350 mslite directly Adeppeli – Panvel HV / Mumbai Goa HV
Follow Adly – Panvel HV
Go through 3 roundabouts
Pass by Malpe Petrol Pump
(4.2 km on the left)
Take the first exit at the NAA 4A 450 MAT roundabout, at 31.4 km roundabout, take a second exit on Avenida Dom Joao de Castro
Pass by PUC test
(600 meters left)
1.1 km at the customs museum, on Dayanand Bandodkar road
Near State Bank of India
(left side).


How to reach Panaji Beach Goa?

By Air

If you want to come from Bombay to any part of Goa or any part of India, here is a small list of almost all the flights of India. You can easily get the availability of tickets while booking for months, but even if it’s like a sudden plan for a trip to Goa, just feel free and just give me an e- Write a mail and I’ll help you to confirm the tickets and when you want me to count as my friend and I promise to make my Goa trip special and memorable

By Railway

Okay, if you already exist in India, it makes your work simple and fast because it is easy to travel in any part of India through the railway. Choosing yourself for a railway package is a very cheap and affordable package for every tourist.

By Road

There are many private transit services in the bus by Goa which regularly runs from all major regional destinations to Goa. After this you can easily and definitely leave the public transport service in the capital city of Penzim, Goa.

Once Kadambi reached the bus stand, which is just 10 minutes away from Madgaon railway station, you can catch a bus every half hour, which will make your work easy and simple because it is the main bus stand of South Goa.

Different distance For Panaji Beach Goa

From Distance / Time Vai
North goa 23.2 km /39 min NH748
South Goa 66.5 km/1 h 48 min via NH66


Eating facilities in Panaji Beach Goa

Black Sheep Bistro

Black Sheep Bistro

In the fast-growing boutique restaurant of Panaji, the impressive yellow-yellow mask of black sheath shows a sexy dark-wood bar and lounge dining room path. The austerity consonants are ready to prepare the light, fresh and efficiently with their farm-to-table vision. Ladders such as salads, pasta, seafood and dishes osso bucco grace menu, while an internationally trained sommelier matches the food for alcohol.

Viva Panjim

Viva Panjim

Well known for tourists, this small side-street banquet, in an old Portuguese home and on the lane, with some tables, still offers delicious Goa classics at reasonable prices, delicious tasty squirrel and caffe-style dishes. , Piggish dishes along with bibinca (egg yolk and coconut dessert) as well as Kingfish Windoo and crab XACACE and Dancert There is a complete page devoted to them.

Hotel Venite

Hotel Venite

With its lovely spacing balcony tables on the cobbled street, Vanite is one of the most atmospheric of the Goa restaurant of Panaji for a while. The menu is spicy with sausage, fish curry rice, black pepper steak and bibinca, but Venete is popular with tourists and prices are inflated as a result. Before deciding to drop beer or feni (Goian sentiment) shot

Vihar Restaurant

Vihar Restaurant

This clean, simple canteen makes a popular place for locals and visitors from a vast menu of ‘pure vegetarian’ food, great big Thai, South Indian dosa and fresh juice. One of the few places in this area is still busy till late evening.


Specialty for this Panaji Beach Goa

Dona Paula Beach is located just 7 km from Panjim. It is also a meeting point of the Zuari and Mandovi rivers. Its name came from Donna Powda de Menezes, the daughter of the then Vasariy, who did not allow Gaspar Dias to marry, who loved a local fisherman. Cabo Raj Bhawan, official residence of the governor of Goa, is also located in Dona Paula on Western tip

Bundle with the hammer-shaped headland, which separates Zuari and Mandovi rivers, it is one of the most terrific beaches in Goa. There can be a good view of Mormugao from here. According to the range of Cashewan trees and palm trees, this beach is lovely by both local and international travelers. Any spice can be purchased from local sellers for straw straps for different products.

It has a large number of water sports activities, which can be included in the adventurous lovers. It includes motorboat rides, kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing, para sailing, ski-bob, hapon fishing, sport fishing and more.

One of the famous tourist attractions in Dona Paula is the National Marine Science Institute. It includes a marine biology museum, classification reference center and all major branches of coastal and marine science.


Attraction around the Panaji Beach Goa

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar waterfalls

Dudhasagar Waterfalls is another attraction in the city, which is located near Panaji in Panjim’s Sondu district. These beautiful waterfalls are located 60 km from Madgaon. It has a number of buses and cabs that provide its direct services to the waterfalls.

Dona Paula

Dona Paula

The first one village, Donna Paula beach is now one of Goa’s most popular areas. It is home to three important institutions: National Institute of Ocean Science, International Center Goa and Goa University. Originally known as Odewell, this village was named as Donna Paula as a tribute to Paola Amar Antonio de São Maier, a Portuguese woman who worked for the well-being of the villagers. Currently, it has become a posh residential area in the state and is located in most of the prevailing hotels and resorts, including the popular popular Cidade de Goa

Basilica of Bom Jesus

Basilica of Bom Jesus

One of the most famous churches in Goa, Basilica of Bamicia is a fine example of architecture. Although partly in ruins, it is highly respected by Christians from all over the country and from all over the world. Dedicated to Jesus, it is properly named Bom Jesus, which means ‘good Jesus’ or ‘infant Jesus’

Located in old Goa, 10 km east of Panjim, its foundation stone was laid on 24 November 1594. It features beautiful images depicting scenes from St. Francis Xavier’s life.

Photography: How to Get Great Photos of Panaji Beach Goa

take camera

Dona Paula Beach is found seven klick west of Panjim in northern state district. enclosed by several Caesurine trees and palm trees, the beach is known for numerous legends related to it. In such a story, the female offspring of Portuguese Viceroy of Jaffnapattanam, Pala Amar Antonio Delaware Sato Maier is enclosed. He married Fadelgo in Espana in 1656. His grave is found within the governor’s palace within the traypate of Chapel, wherever a section of his history is inscribed on his mind.

Apart from this, the beach has gained popularity to be a major shooting spot for many Indian films. Jet skiing and parasailing can also be done here. Shops, straw hat, fenny, lace handkerchief, harbor wine and spices sold around the beach. Sunbathing is also popular on the beach under an umbrella.


Panaji Beach Goa Geography

Goa is very similar to geographically in neighboring states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Geographical geography divides the state into three geographical divisions. These mountainous areas are situated by Sahyadri mountain in the east, plateau region in the center and below the rivers and under the lakes and coastal plains.

With an average height of 800 meters, the Sahyadri range is spread over an area of ​about 600 sq. Km. Some of the major peaks in the ranges include Suneesagar, Vaigurem, Morlakkogar and Catalachimauli. Almost all the rivers of Goa have emerged from this region. In the central region of Goa, the plateau between the height of 30 meters to 100 meters in the central area of ​​the state is spread.

Among the rivers of the Mandovi and Zuari are the main part of the plains. The rivers containing incubation basins include Chapora in the north and the year and Kushavali in the south. Due to having alluvial flats near the coastal areas, these valleys make prosperous agricultural fields.

Some other major rivers that come out of the state include Baga, Tiranlal, Talpona, Mandovi, Gambler and Galgbaug.


Climate of Panaji Beach Goa


Generally, this season continues in Panaji for a long time (from March to early July). The temperature with high humidity in May could reach 35 degrees Celsius. The average temperature during this season is around 31 degrees Celsius


Normally, the monsoon continues in Panaji from late June to September in Panaji. Due to the proximity of the Arabian Sea, this city receives heavy rains and some thunderstorms during this season. Panaji has an average annual rainfall of about 295 cm


Generally, the winter session of Panaji remains a short term (December to February) with a pleasant period. During this season the average temperature ranges from 18 degree Celsius to 28 degree Celsius.

People from Panaji Beach Goa

People of Goa

People of Goa 2

goa people


Panaji Beach Goa images

Panaji Beach Goa 3

Panaji Beach Goa 4

Panaji beach goa 5


Hotels in Panaji Beach Goa

Hotel Royal Punjab

Hotel Royal Punjab

Hotel Royal is the property of Goa, Goa budget and is 31 km from Goa airport, 20 km from Madgaon railway station and 1.3 km from the bus stand. The property has an advantage because it offers various tourist destinations like Tropical Spice Plant (80 meters), Mahalaxmi Te,Including parking facilities, rental car / bike laundry service, electricity back up and newspaper, salt (180 meters), cooperative masala farm (1.8 km), Sri Ramnathi temple (4.6 km) and Sri Lakshminarasinh temple (8.6 km).

Are there. Apart from the facility of airport transfers, the facility is available on the basis of amenities such as air conditioner, cupboard, television and attached bathroom facilities. Foods are for gastrointestinal treatment in restaurant restaurant, which breaks mouth-watering dishes. Flavorsome drinks and lip-skaking snacks can be located in the bar, it features well-equipped conferencing and banqueting places, making it an ideal base for business travelers. Hotel Royal is good in Punjab, Goa!

Hotel Aroma

Hotel Aroma

Panaji is located in front of the Nagar Garden in Goa and just 2 km from Interstate Bus Terminal, Hotel Aroma is a budget property. Interstate bus terminal is easy to reach the hotel from nearby neighboring cities and on the contrary it is easy. Mandovi river promessed (100M), Panaji Church (400 meters) and Mahalaxmi Temple (650 meters) are situated within walking distance from the property.

The modern services offered at this hotel include front desk, Wi-Fi connectivity, room service, laundry, doctor on the phone, and elevator service. Business travelers also like this hotel because it offers facilities such as fax, Wi-Fi and photocopying. This hotel also has a tour desk that offers leisure travelers the opportunity to make sightseeing trips. Apart from fine drinks, guests can go to restaurant-less-to-taste, along with North Indian, Goa and seafood dishes.

For accommodation, the property offers clean, simply decorated and well-maintained rooms, which are equipped with amenities such as rooms, rooms, air conditioners, safety deposit and premium beds. With modern fittings, basic toiletries and hot / cold water supply in the attached bathrooms. Guests can also visit the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary (6 km) and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Barmilia of Bom Jesus (10 km). Carmelie Railway Station is 13 km away from the property, while Dabolim International Airport is 27 km away. Nice time in Hotel Aroma!


Shopping place in Panaji Beach Goa

Panjim Municipal Market

Panjim Municipal Market

The photographers will love the bright, vibrant colors of the capital city’s municipal market located next to Innox Cinema. This well organized, covered place has built stalls and shops in which traders sell groceries, knee bags, handbags, clothes and expectations of your local shop around every conceivable product corner. The rich fragrance of stiff masala is enticing, as is the attractive seductive to choose local sweets. Open daily from 7.30am in the morning

Gandhi Bazar

Gandhi Market

This was once at the value of the discount marketplace for recent fruits and vegetables in situ of South state, and this was wherever you’ll get low-cost garments, purses and even shoes at cheaper rates. Now, with the new town market, this previous half has grownup alittle bit, however still a posh maze of retailers and stalls to supply serious shopkeepers. decide cashews or trinkets for youths from here. throughout Christmas time, you’ll be able to get countless stalls, that sell several paper stars to hold in your gallery. Open from ten a.m. to 8 p.m.


Panaji Beach Goa Weather



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