Tripura Tourism Place : Tourist places to see in Tripura


Tripura Tourism Place : Tourist places to see in Tripura

Tripura Tourism Place : The Indian state of Tripura is located in the northeast of South Asia. It is bound in north, west and south Bangladesh, Mizoram in the east and Assam state in the northeast. Area of ​​Tripura is only 10,486 sq. Km. And it is India’s third smallest state after Goa and Sikkim.

In Tripura due to mountainous terrain and tribal population, separation from the rest of the country and problems of Northeast areas of India are also present. Agartala is the capital of Tripura.

When the British East India Company got Bengal Civil or Financial Administration in 1765, the area under Tripura under the Mughal rule came under the control of the British. Since 1808, each ruler had to get the installation from the British Government. Tripura was included in the new province of East Bengal and Assam in 1905 and it was called Hill Tipra.


Veer Vikram Kishore Manikya, the last Maharaja who ruled Tripura, sat on the throne of the throne in 1923 and before his death from 1947, he decided that Tripura should join the newly independent India. On October 15, 1949 Tripura became a part of India’s official form and it became a Union Territory on September 1, 1956. It was given the status of the Union of India on 21 January 1972.

In the 1980s, there was a large number of racial violence in the state, mainly due to demand of tribal areas in Tripura. Tribal rebels abandoned hostilities in 1988 and abandoned demand for autonomy instead of more participation in the state government.

Tripura is predominantly rural area. The state’s highest concentration of population is found in the western plains and most fertile agricultural land situated in Gumti, Dharmanagar and Khowai valleys.

1. Agartala Tripura

Tripura Tourism PlaceTripura Tourism Place

This city is the capital of Tripura, which is a city with white houses and shops located on three highways. However, bus service is available for different areas from Mukesh Agartala. But long travel, fatigue, freight, expenditure of time does not seem to be less than the wages of women, traveling by air, you can reach your destination safely, avoiding all the hassle in the road.

2. Sepahijala Tripura

Tripura Tourism Placesepahijala-tripura

In ancient times, this water was supplied by Maharajavir Vikram, because of which the name of the district falls in the district. Built here in 1972, the deer aroma is also visible. Government bus leaves for the district from morning to evening on Separation day. 3 km from Vishalgarh The distance from which to decide by rickshaw can be easily reached.

3. Dambur Tripura


In this waterfall, the water of the Gomti river falls from the hill, thus making noise of tomorrow and tomorrow, as if many knees are playing together. The origin of this river is a virtuous pilgrimage. Bathing here is considered sacramental. 40 square kilometers The first water project implemented in the area is constructed on the river Gomti. 40 sq. Km for the actual installation of this hydro project. Kritim Lake has been constructed in the vast area of. This lake attracts tourists for itself.

Enjoying a tour of the lake by riding on a motor boat in the moonlight night is just another. You can return by visiting. There is also a bus to the bus stop.

4. Kamalasagar kali temple Tripura


This place is 15 km south of the hospital. Located at a distance of. Here, Maharaja Dana Manikya had constructed a lake named Kamala. There is also a temple of Kali near it. This lake 15th Century and temple has been built in the 16th century.

5. Udaipur sundari maa Tripura

Tripura Tourism Placeudaipur-sundari-maa-tripura

In the city of Udaipur, a large number of temples are found, so this city can be known as the city of temples. The special temple here is of Tripura beautiful mother. Maharaja Dahan Mandirya constructed this temple in 1501 AD.

This temple was rebuilt in 1618, the mother of Kali is 5 km from the city of Udaipur. Located on the far adjacent hill. It is Shaktipeeth, says Sati’s right foot was thrown here. It is also named in 51 Shakti Peethas. Visitors visiting the Kalyan Sagar near the bus stand benefit from the holy bath. Regular bus services are available for the convenience of travelers.

6. Unakoti Tripura


This shrine has been reduced to 45 meter high mountain. Here the adorable God is Shiva. Other Goddess statues of idols are also worshipable. The famous 12-meter-high Shiva statue, called Kal Bhairav, built here, is an orthological, 3 meter long jata, what is the real and precise texture cheats the eyes. It can be reached by bus by going to Dharmanagar by bus.

7. Neermahal Tripura


Maharaja Veer Vikram constructed this building on the drip of Rudrasagar Lake. It can be visited and excursed by boat. You have to pay the darhamahal see also.

8. Devta munda Tripura

Tripura Tourism Placedevta-munda-tripura

The unique artwork of the 15-16th century is carved on the side of Gomti by cutting chapatis from the hills and sculpting images of Hindu Goddesses.

The artists have also carved the then social system on the stones. Trimurti on the 40 feet high hill stone is also the orthodox. In the form of trinity, Shiva, Buddha and Narasimha Dev are engraved. Visions of Devtamunda should also be done.

9. Devta badi Tripura


14 This goddess of gods is located 10 km away from the city. Shukla Saptami is organized here in the month of July.

10. Ujjayanta prasad Tripura

Tripura Tourism Placeujjayanta-prasad-tripura

It was constructed by Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya in 1901 at a cost of Rs 10 lakh. This palace is the main center of tourism attraction due to its magnificence.

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